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Orks sneaking in your Hive Cities in their pimped out submarine.

Yes believe it or not. GeeDubs actually created a model for an Ork Submersible and possibly the only aquatic vehicle in WH40K to get a model. Why they thought it was a good idea to make a model of an aquatic vehicle where 90% of all tabletops are all land based while the 10% that do have water are either too shallow or too small for this to be locally practical. The Submersible is also fucking huge, at the very least it is roughly the size of a Stompa so have fun trying to find a body of water big enough for this thing.

  • Length: 28m
  • Mass: 300-400 tonnes; approx
  • Crew: 20-30 crew; approx


Anyways, the Ork Submersible is a thick hulled and crude submarine, heavy duty enough to negotiate even the harshest depths of oceans and storm-wrecked seas. They feature vast holds able to house large mobs of Ork infantry. The Ork Boyz who ride in bellies of Submersibles see them as huge aquatic Battlewagons, and embrace the new type of attack with a cheerful attitude typical of all Greenskins around the Galaxy. When the vehicle emerges from the depths, usually behind enemy lines, its great metal doors grind open and whole mobs of Orks pour forth, hooting and yelling as they splash through the shallows to engage the enemy from an unexpected quarter. Ork Submersibles are typically equipped with a bunch of torpedoes, artillery pieces known as Seacannons and sometimes a bunch of Big Shootas with which they support deploying troops once they're manoeuvred into position.

Ork Submersibles are first used during the Third War for Armageddon. Cannibalised and cobbled together from disused Imperial tankers, a whole flotilla of them were constructed in the Fire Wastes. This region was judged useless by Imperial Strategos, but Ghazghkull Thraka and Orghamek proved this a mistake when the Submersibles crossed the ocean to get to Armageddon Prime, revealing themselves around Hive Tempestora. This manoeuvre allowed Orks to conquer the Hive in mere hours of bloody and violent fighting. How the Imperium somehow missed an entire shipyard being constructed in one of the most heavily armed and populated planets despite having orbital ships to overlook the planet is a mystery. Although it can be said that the Imperium were too busy with the fuck huge Ork fleet above, it is nevertheless filled with more problems than answers. Knowing that these things are the size of Stompas and its shipyards would be just as proportionately big to construct/house these in the first place, the only logical way the Imperium is gonna lose sight of this is if the Orks paint their entire shipyard purple. Logically, the Orks all believed the shipyard was hidden, so it was. Literally.


No official miniature ever existed for the Submersible, even the one on the data sheet is a custom job by GeeDubs. Despite this, the rules can still be used in any games of Apocalypse, though we're pretty sure that anyone playing Apocalypse with an Ork player won't mind the use of custom miniatures, so don't sweat it.

The full datasheet and a higher quality crop of the important bitz can be found below:

Fanmade Rules[edit]

8th Edition[edit]

An Ork Submersible is a single model, it is armed with 5 Twin Linked Big Shootas, 5 Twin Linked Flakk Big Shootas, a Torpedo Launch Tube, an ICGGM (Inter Continential Grot Guided Missile) and a Sea Cannon. It may also attempt to bludgeon, impale and drown its foes using its Propeller Blades and Spiked Metal.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts
Ork Submersible * * * 8 8 60 3 8 3+ 1500
Remaining W M WS BS
45-60+ 10” 5+ 4+
20-44 8” 5+ 4+
10-19 6” 6+ 5+
1-9 4” 7+ 6+
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Twin Big Shootas 36” Assault 6 5 0 1 -
Twin Flakk Big Shootas 36” Assault 6 5 0 1 Add 1 to the hit rolls for this weapon against units with the FLY keyword, subtract 1 against all other targets.
Torpedo Launch Tube 72” Macro D3 10 -4 6 This weapon has a range of 12” if the bearer is not wholly within water. If the target unit is also in water then this weapons type becomes Macro 2D3.
ICGGM (Inter Continential Grot Guided Missile) 24”-360” Heavy D6 8 -4 D6 You may re-roll failed hit rolls for this weapon, and roll two dice and discard the lowest value when determining the number of shots made by this weapon.
Sea Cannon 48” Heavy 2D6 8 -2 3 This weapon becomes 4D6 when targeting INFANTRY, against units with the VEHICLE, MONSTER or TITANIC keywords this weapon has an ap value of -3 instead of -2.
Propeller Blades and Spiked Metal Melee Melee User -1 1 Make 3 hit rolls for each attack made by this weapon. This weapon adds 2 to its hit tolls if the model is wholly within water.

Wargear Options:

  • This model may take a Fighta Bomma Launcher, but if you do so the model's transport capacity is reduced by 30, 100 points.


  • Dakka Dakka Dakka:
  • Aquatic Surprise: Nobody expects da orky submersible! Our zoggin cheef ‘eapons ar suprize, suprize an a complete disregard for da laws of physics.
    • This model is not deployed as normal, instead, set it to one side during deployment. During any of your movement phases you may deploy this model in any body of water (or equivalent) on the map large enough to hold it, enemy units then suffer a -1 to their hit rolls when targeting this model until your next turn. If there is no water on the battlefield then use the “Who zoggin needs water anyway?!” Ability.
  • Who zoggin needs water anyway?!: You're an ork big mek, you’ve spent the last few months building a brilliant, new, ork submarine, but when it’s finally finished, a lowly ork informs you that “There’s no zoggin water.” After killing the stupid ork you decide that you didn’t want your submarine to go in the water anyway, so start building a catapult to get it to the battlefield instead.
    • During deployment (if you cannot use aquatic surprise) set this model up in reserve instead of deploying it normally. At the beginning of any of your turns you may have this model teleport/drop from the sky/explode out of the ground/materialise from the warp to the disbelief of everyone nearby, set this model up 9” or further from any enemy units. It then suffers 2D6 mortal wounds but all enemy units targeting it until your next turn suffer -2 to their hit rolls as “For the fucking love of the Man Emperor! What the fuck is that?!” And gains the FORTIFICATION keyword (so cannot move, cannot fight in melee, provides a cover save for units and embarked units may fire out of it). This overrides the Big ‘n’ Floaty ability with regards to being able to move.
  • Dive Ladz!: It’s not retreating if your hiding just below the water's surface like an (orky) crocodile waiting for an (imperial) gazelle to come and have a drink.
    • During your movement phase (but not during the same turn this model used its “Aquatic Surprise” ability) if this model is wholly within a water feature then you may remove it from the battlefield and set it up in reserve. During your next movement phase you may then deploy it again using the Aquatic Surprise ability (but not the Who zoggin needs water anyway?! ability).
  • Big ‘n’ Floaty: Disclaimer, your Ork Submarine may not actually float.
    • A model with this rule can Fall Back in the Movement phase and still shoot/or charge during its turn. A model with this rule may fall back over INFANTRY or SWARM models though at the end of its move it must be more than 1” away from all enemy units. A model with this rule may fire its weapons even if there are enemy models within 1” of it unless those models have the TITANIC keyword. In this case it can shoot at the enemy unit within 1” of it or at another enemy unit within range which is not within 1” of a friendly unit. In addition, a model with this rule can move and fire its heavy weapons without any penalty to its hit rolls. Finally, a model with this rule only gains a bonus to its save in cover if at least half of the model is obscured from the bearer.
  • Energetic Repair Crew: It’s amazing how good a motivator the idea of drowning can be even for the Orks.
    • At the beginning of the turn, this models Repair Gang may attempt to repair lost wounds. On a 2+ the model regains D3 previously lost wounds, on a 6+ the model instead regains D6 previously lost wounds.
  • Launch da sky dakka!:
    • At the beginning of your movement phase or after using Aquatic surprise or Who zoggin needs water anyway?! If this model has a Fighta Bomma in its transport then it may decide to launch its fighta bomma. If so then roll 4D6 and multiply the value by 2, this is the distance the fighta bomma must move in a straight line in inches. Once the model has been moved it may not shoot in the shooting phase, charge or fight in melee, however, it may then fire at each enemy unit in range of its weapons along the straight line on which it’s travelled, except that these shots only hit on a 6 (Dakka dakka dakka still applies).

An Ork Submersible can transport 50 ORK INFANTRY models. Each MEGA ARMOUR or JUMP PACK model takes up the space of two models. If this model has a Fighta Bomma Launcher then can instead transport 20 ORK INFANTRY models and 1 ORK FIGHTA BOMMA instead.

Faction Keywords: ORK, <KLAN>


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