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He's Humongous!...and not much else

"Bah! We'll keep 'em more than busy. We'll keep dem dead!"

– Orkamungus in Dawn of War


– Stonetoss

Orkamungus AKA Humongous, AKA Hugh Mungus, was the Ork Warboss of the first Dawn of War (and ONLY the first one) who clashed his forces with those of the Bluhd Rehvehns under Gabriel Angelos on the planet Tartarus. Unlike his eventual replacements, he not only wasn't that impressive, but he also lacked any awesome or memorable lines (apart from the one stated above), and wasn't very kunnin'. Predictably, this led to him getting krumped by Gabe and his Blood Ravens.

Well, eventually, that is. At first, he was just fine fighting the average humies and looting their tanks. In fact, it wasn't until about halfway through the story before he even makes an appearance, and in that appearance, he's forced to play distraction to the oncoming Blood Ravens by the kowtowing of SINDRIIIIIIIII (to Lord Bale's displeasure) since the two gave Orkamungus the idea of going to Tartarus in the first place so that he could go fight. Of course, Orks don't like taking orders, and the big bad boss wanted to go krump both the rest of the humies and Chaos forces as soon as possible (ASAP). This meant throwing everything they got, meaning a predictable mob of Boyz, some Killa Kans, Wartrakks, Looted Tanks, and a Squiggoth or two. However, being nothing more than second-string mooks, this was all for naught and Orkamungus got flattened by the SPESS MEHREENS, who then proceeded to reclaim some "gifts" of their own.

In Conclusion[edit]

A completely forgettable Ork Boss with a stupid cheesy name, overshadowed entirely in the only mission he appears in by that motherfucking Squiggoth and the massive numbers of fucking annoying distractions AKA Looted Tanks.

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