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During the age before history, war raged between the Old Ones and the Necrons. The Old Ones, pressed hard in their fight against their foes, raised up several races as soldier/slaves in their conflict.

Two of the most notable were the Eldar and the Orks. During the war they formed a team of power that complimented each other excellently; the Eldar were cunning tricksters, misdirecting their foes and striking as a scalpel, and the Orks were the implacable, strong and unstoppable foe.

Not all orks were satisfied with this life of eternal oppression and bloodlust, however, and wanted more - and two Orks changed the path of the universe.

The Orks were two brainboyz, leaders of the Orks, who combined the innate abilities of all the classes of the boyz; the powerful Warbosses' physical size, the Madboyz' incredible powers as psykers, and above all, the Mekboyz' capabilities with building and using powerful Kustom Meks and Gargants.

Even as the war was waged in the heavens above, the two Orks, starting as mere grots, started by hijacking the War Meks of their oppressor taskmasters, traitor orks.

Taking these Meks, Gork and Mork waged a campaign of unstoppable power and capability, drawing many others to their cause. Eventually their WAAAGH! covered the entire surface of their homeworld, and the climactic battle came between the great Warboss Krorkome.

Together, Gork and Mork faced their foe and won, channeling the spirit and belief of the entire planetary WAAAGH! behind them, they could not be stopped.

Upon their victory, the Old Ones attempted to stop the rebellion by throwing the planet's moon at the surface of their world, stopping them forever.

Undaunted, Gork and Mork called upon the power of the planetary WAAAGH! and built the greatest Gargant ever seen, and blew the moon up. Though their world was still battered, they did not hesitate in striking out and continuing their rebellion, taking world after world and constructing bigger and bigger Gargants, not satisfied until they won their freedom from the Old Ones.

The Eldar took the opportunity the weakening of the Old One's power presented, and used their intelligent and cunning schemes to now strike down the Old Ones, at their weakest. They threw their full might in with the Orks and Necrons, turning full-on the Old Ones.

Eventually, the sheer power of the Necrons, the Cunning schemes of the Eldar, and the unrelenting tenacity of the Orks led them to face the great armies of the Old Ones in a final climactic battle.

It was here the Orks showed their true power, for the Eldar cunningly maneuvered their forces so that the Orks could make a final and fatal strike against the Old Ones' most powerful champion, the Universal Destroyer, and with a single blow end the war.

In that conflict, the greatest Gargant ever to exist, piloted by Gork and Mork themselves, struck out and fought the leader of the Old Ones in a galaxy shaking battle.

In the end, Gork and Mork sacrificed themselves, sealing the Old Ones away and rising to godhood to become Lords of Order in the warp.

Orks today retain the fighting spirit of Gork and Mork, and although considered savages by many, Orks live for nothing less than facing great challenges, leading great WAAAGH!'s against the foes of all that is good in the galaxy, and building the biggest, shootiest, choppiest, orkiest Gargants there is.

To this day, no Ork has ever reached the power of Gork or Mork, but the time is soon coming when the Old Ones will awaken, and they must stand ready to face their old foes again.

Modern Ork WAAAGH!s tend to be a lot smaller, a lot more rag-tag and generally less awesome than the legendary one of Gork and Mork. However, they all abide by three hard and fast rules. They also expect you to abide by them as well.

  1. Don't touch da Civies! Orks are single gendered, and from birth to death are fit to fight and driven to combat. But they understand that most races don't have this exquisite biology working for them. This rule started out as a mere suggestion that little members of other species were less fun to fight and has evolved into a strict code that forbids targeting any non-combatant. Anyone who targets Civilians will be beaten to within an inch of death by Orks.
  2. Winna keeps da swag! Orks will wager their wargear and treasure on the outcome of a battle-defeating the orks typically leads to the WAAAGH! partially disarming and paying you a lot of 'treasure' although given the number of races they battle, Ork treasure ranges from their own exquisite jewelry and fine Eldar crafts to random rocks that someone thought looked nice. Players who lose to Orks will be expected to honor this rule, and doing so will let them walk away with their skins intact.
  3. Follow da boss-no matta who 'e is. Orks have a very complex code of honor -- even the Eldar don't fully understand it. In general however, you gain honor in Ork eyes by defeating your enemies with minimal force and assistance, by building tributes to Gork and Mork and by winning one of the hundreds of rough and tumble sporting events played by the Orks. Whoever accrues the most honor in a WAAAGH! is considered the strongest candidate for being the Boss, although when it's close the Orks go with the smaller, younger, more dynamic Ork. And sometimes, when you least expect it, someone who's not an Ork can become a Boss. Such is the case of Commissar Yarrick, legendary Hero of Armageddon who has gone on to become the leader of one of the greatest WAAAGH!s in the galaxy, along with his blood brother, Ghazghkull.