Orphaned Sons

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Orphaned Sons
Battle Cry No Gods, No Masters!
Founding Horus Heresy
Successors of Varies
Successor Chapters none
Primarch Varies
Homeworld Fleet Based
Strength Legion Battalion
Allegiance The warrior next to them

The Orphaned Sons are a Blackshield warband formed during the age of darkness by Felix "Airborne Doom" Kron. In 084.M31 they encounter and ally with a Rogue Trader named Jacqueline Blade. When she was lost to the warp in 136.M31 a terrible blow was struck to the chapter, it is said by those who remember this period that the only reason they survived is due to her remaining fleet and philosophical teachings.

Noted Orphaned Sons[edit]

  • Felix Kron: A heavily modified Contemptor Dreadnought and the founder of the Orphaned Sons, Felix Kron is known as the Airborne Doom due to his penchant for using flying mounts. Since being interred he has been searching for a useable mount, though it has been over nine-thousand years since he became a dreadnought, he persists in saying that he "just hasn't found one big enough yet".
  • Jacqueline Blade: Rogue Trader and De Facto commander of the Orphaned Sons. She and her ship the Darklight were presumed lost to the warp in 136.M31 only to reemerge in the middle of a naval engagement during 642.M41. Her sudden reappearance saved the Orphaned Sons from extermination at the hands of chaos.
  • Sarpedon: Little is known of his past before he appeared on the bridge of the Darklight, but ever since he has served as an exemplary field commander. He is also the first Orphaned Son to possess psychic powers since 232.M41.
  • Cold Fury: A close knit group that could almost be described as jovial, however this is only amongst themselves and the rare few who gain their implicit trust. In the presence of anyone else they show so little emotion that an observer could be forgiven in thinking that they had none at all, at least until they saw the fury unleashed during a charge. Since their formation a tradition of marking one segment of armor yellow has been universally observed.


  • "We are orphans, so we have built an orphanage." Felix Kron
  • "Trust those who would fight with you, not those who would have you to fight for them." Jacqueline Blade upon meeting the Orphaned Sons.

Chapter Appearance[edit]

Silver armor with a black helm denoting veterancy, on terminators this is flipped. Vehicles and support equipment (jump packs, bikes, rapiers etc.) have black paneling.

Deathwatch Rules[edit]

Chapter Purpose
Chapter History
Horus Heresy
Chapter Belief
Do what you want, for an Astartes is Free
Figure of Legend
Felix "Airborne Doom" Kron
Deed of Legend
Chapter Home World
Fleet Based
Chapter Friends
The Blade Dynasty
Chapter Strength
Legion Battalion (500 "line" marines, assorted support personnel, and assorted armor up to and including super-heavies)