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Yup, his eyes are below his eyestalks.

Osharus are humanoid slugs from Starfinder who believe that religion and science are one and the same. Pretty much every Osharu is a researcher of some sort, and their cities operate as massive universities, with neighborhoods organized based on which field of research you're in. They are very paranoid about being left alone with other races, and so always travel together in groups or pairs. Only rarely can an Osharu sum up the courage to travel alone and deal with other races without another Osharu accompanying them (*cough* PCs *cough*). They have no standard coloration, and children do not inherit their skin patterns and colors from their parents.

PC Stats[edit]

+2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Con

Hit Points: 2

Medium monstrous humanoid.

Darkvision 60 feet.

Land speed 25 feet. Swim speed 25 feet.

Pious Scientist: An osharu can use Life Science to identify creatures normally identified using Mysticism, and vice versa.

Polymath: Once per day, an osharu can automatically succeed at an attempt to aid another on an Intelligence-based skill check.

Slime: As a swift action, an osharu can excrete slime into an empty adjacent square, causing that square to become difficult terrain. An osharu can use this ability 1d4 times per day before she must rest for at least 8 hours to replenish her slime stores.

Susceptible to Salt: A handful or more of salt or a splash of salt water deals 1d6 damage to an osharu, and full immersion in salt water deals 4d6 damage per round. These effects are negated by the environmental protections built into most armor.

Alternate Ability Adjustments

Deepmarsh: +2 Con, +2 Str, −2 Cha

Gengen: +2 Str, +2 Int, –2 Dex

Mire Dweller: +2 Con, +2 Wis, −2 Int

Alternate Racial Traits

Monster Hunter: +2 racial bonus to Survival checks to follow tracks and a +1 racial bonus to Survival checks to handle animals. Replaces Pious Scientist.

Saltwater Affinity: Unlike inland osharus, saltwater osharus are deft swimmers and no longer carry the species’ general weakness to salt, but they also no longer produce defensive slime. Osharus with this racial trait gain a swim speed of 40 feet. Replaces Slime and Susceptible to Salt.


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