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Osprey games is a department of Osprey Publishing which makes historical, science fiction and fantasy games. They tend to focus on narrative games -- usually either setting-neutral, or tied to a specific genre instead of licensing a particular intellectual property. They also do publishing and distribution contracts for several indie designers.

War Game Catalogue[edit]

  • Dux Bellorum -
  • A World Aflame -
  • Heroes, Villains and Fiends -
  • In Her Majesty's Name -
  • Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun -
  • En Garde! - 16th through 18th Century swashbuckling Skirmish game. Focuses on sword fighting with a small amount of pistols.
  • Ronin - Dice-pool based skirmish samurai game. Leans historical. Forces are 5-15 models, usually a minor noble and his retinue or a small sohei/ninja/Yakuza clan. Shares some elements with "En Garde!".
  • Of Gods and Mortals -
  • A Fistful of Kung Fu - Wargame in the Hong Kong action flick genre. Yakuza, Police, Cyborgs, and Demons.
  • On the Seven Seas - Age of Piracy game focusing on boarding actions of ships and treasure hunting adventures on land.
  • Lion Rampant - Historical Medieval wargame with an extremely divisive activation mechanic.
  • Dragon Rampant - High Fantasy army scale wargame, based on Lion Rampant.
  • Fighting Sail -
  • Black Ops - Action-Thriller genre skimish game akin to James Bond and Jason Borne.
  • Honours of War -
  • Poseidon's Warriors (06/16) -
  • Broken Legions (08/16) -
  • The Men Who Would Be Kings (09/16) - Mid to Late 19th Century game.
  • Frostgrave - Skirmish between bands of looters in a frozen lost city, each led by a wizard and its apprentice. Second edition due in August of 2020.
  • Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago - Same as above but between a Captain (Superhero) and a Warden (crappy wizard) and their crew in islands seeking magical treasures a-la "Pirates of the Carribean."
  • Oathmark - Company-scale rank-and-flank fantasy game by the author of Frostgrave. Uses a Heroes of Might and Magic-style campaign system, where you pick territories for your kingdom that let you bring a mix of units into combat.
  • Gaslands - Hack up Hot Wheels and slam them together in a deathrace. Spiritual successor to Dark Future and Car Wars. Second edition, "Refuelled" is out.
  • Rogue Stars (10/16) - Setting-neutral science fiction skirmish game.
  • Chosen Men (11/16) -
  • Zona Alfa - A hilariously broken STALKER-like narrative game. Skirmish-level, might as well be pointsless, requires some moderate houseruling.
  • Reality's Edge - Cyberpunk skirmish wargame by the author of This is Not a Test. Similar engine with a bunch of added rules.
  • Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse - Post-apoc skirmisher. Notable for its focus on surviving zombie attacks in-between skirmishes and keeping your team supplied and fed, not just shooting everything that moves.