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A strange Dark Eldar tool that is a sister to the equally weird Hexrifle.

The Ossefactor employs weaponized osteocytic impulsion-waves, normally used by the Haemonculi to craft bone structures and fashion spinal sumps. It projects a focused overdose of this energy at its victim, triggering uncontrolled osteocytic multiplication. It was originally derived from study of the mutations that allowed the Black Dragons to grow bone blades out of their arms and heads.

Bones twist and lengthen violently, shooting out dozens of spurs like the branches of some hideous tree. The luckless victim is rent apart by their own warped skeleton even as their horrified squad mates find themselves impaled on the calcific spears that burst from their body. Depending on the Haemonculi's mood, these victims are usually slain instantly... except when they are not.

The Ossefactor is a horrific weapon that has the ability to prolong the victim's suffering thanks in part to the medical skill and genetic mastery of the Haemonculi. Of all the DEldar weapons, the Ossefactor is an intentionally methodical weapon. Whilst Dark Eldar Laser Weapons provide a relatively quick and fast death, Splinter Weapons uses neurotoxins that create a fast but painful death and Liquifier Guns quickly burns off any pain receptors, the Ossefactor deliberately and sadistically make their victim suffer excruciating death as their body mutilates itself. Not even the Shredder comes close.

Most often then not, the victim dies from pure shock before the boneitis starts to act like biological spike bombs.

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