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Ostermark Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Wolfram Hertwig
Province capital Bechafen
Runefang Troll Cleaver
Specialties Chaos invasion defences
Commerce Alcohol and timber
Primary military colours Purple and Yellows

"Stuck next to Kislev and Sylvania, dreary land of fog and rain on the best of days... Why does anyone want to live there?"

– A Middenheimer

The League of Ostermark is a north-eastern province of Empire. This land is often referred to as one of the most fertile provinces in all the Empire, however, due to the horrible mismanagement and enemies everywhere it's ironically one of the most underdeveloped regions.


Before Sigmar appeared, the tribe of Ostagoths lived there. They were helplessly buttfucked by Greenskins all the time; in fact, it was so hard, that they literally begged Sigmar to rule over them and protect people of Ostermark from orcs. After that nothing out of ordinary happened & the tribe became a founding province, and so on.

However, it changed drastically in the year 2000, when a comet fucking obliterated Mordheim, the capital of Ostermark and the only somewhat big city there, so the Principality almost collapsed and was reorganized into a League of semi-independent small towns with elected Chaincellor. Since then, Ostermark turned into the smaller parody of Empire, but with much less competent management and even more enemies from Sylvania and Chaos Wastes.

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