Overlord Armoured Airship

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The Overlord Armoured Airship was a Squat heavy flying machine. It was one of the few flying vehicles in early WH40K and the only vehicle in 40k classified as an airship. Developed by engineering guilds to originally mine liquid metals within gas giants, these huge dirigibles would cruise through the upper or lower atmosphere of planets and were made to be protected against extreme temperatures.

Oh the Squatmanity!

Realizing the military potential of these heavily armored craft, the Squats quickly put them to military use. It seems that the Squats have learned the fatal flaw of Zepplins (Weak hull and slow target) and has designed to get around this. Powered by several gas cells which provide lift, each cell is self-sealing and filled with inert gases to prevent explosions in case of damage. An armored gondola hangs underneath the hull, equipped with Melta bomb racks and Battle cannon turrets. Gravitic thrusters are positioned at the rear of the hull to supply forward power and extra lift. A select crew of Guild aeronauts operate the craft under the watchful eye of a captain, most often the engineer who oversaw the ships construction.


As previously mentioned. Overlords are armed with numerous Battle cannon turrets and a bunch of Melta bombs making it a really powerful bomber. Dwarfing the Imperial Marauder Bomber in both size and firepower. Overlords are a force to be reckoned with. While it is powerful, Overlords are also painfully slow and huge. We're talking about something that dwarfs the Manta in size alone. Due to this, Overlords are extremely vulnerable to enemy flyers, making it dependent on the Iron Eagles for protection.

Forces of the Squats
Command: Guildmaster - Living Ancestor - Squat Warlord
Troops: Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Team
Commissar - Hearthguard - Mole Mortar Team
Squat Berserkers - Squat Thunderers
Squat Trooper - Tech Priest
Vehicles: Cyclops War Machine - Colossus War Machine
Land Train - Leviathan - Rhino - Squat Bike
Squat Trike - Tunneling Transport Vehicles
Flyers &
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter
Overlord Armoured Airship
Artillery: Heavy Quad-Launcher
Thunder-Fire Cannon
Goliath Mega-Cannon