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Triangle divided into three sections, containing (clockwise): balance, a book, and a sword
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Matter)
Portfolio Justice, law, order
Domains Matter, Law, Good, Justice
Worshippers Paladins, judges, officers of law
Favoured Weapon Broadsword

Paarkum is the Immortal associated with law and justice.


Paarkum's road to Immortality started with his point of view, that Immortality was a duty for him, and a way to continue woking for the forces of Law. His patron, presumably Maat, was impressed by his devotion to the cause and sponsored him to the Path of the Polymath. In his first new life, he was a cleric, and he found himself enjoying working for his church, and eventually grew in power and status. He eventually left to seek the Ivory Plume of Maat and found it after two years of searching. In his next life he was a thief, though exposed to a new way of life and a differing point of view, he didn't like his duties as much. After four years, and a resurrected party member, he found the plume again. In his last life, he was a wizard, and while impressed by their powers, he didn't much like the academic side troubled him. He eventually found the plume one last time and returned to his home country. There he erected an obelisk which conainde scenes from his battles, and a list of his deeds. From there he left to complete his final task, whilst musing on the order of things and the balance of the multiverse, and ascended to the Sphere of Matter.


Paarkum appears as a tanned, tall man in his 60's, with jet black hair and eyes.


Paarkum has difficulties understanding how people could live without any form of laws or regulations, or how one could be indifferent to them. He posesses a strong sense of justice, being compelled to right any wrongs.

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