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The Painboy, also known as the Dok, is one of the more common breeds of Oddboys in Ork society. Closely related to the Mekboy, the Painboy's instinctive understanding - and obsession - is with medicine, anatomy and surgery. They share a similar mad-scientist attitude to Mekz, it's simply that their interests lie in tinkering with flesh, organs and bones rather than tek 'n' gubbinz. Consequently, Mekboyz and Painboyz get on pretty well, cooperating to build and install cybernetic organs or create the orkoid/machine hybrids known as Killa Kanz and Deff Dredz. In fact, the two roles are so alike that Feral Orks are known to have a hybrid oddboy called a Pigdok, whose forte lies in both constructing primitive war-devices and enhancing the biological killers of the hordes (Boars and Squigs, mostly) through everything from surgery to selective breeding.

Even Orkz think Painboyz are dangerous and won't go anywhere near them unless they have to. This is because, like the Mekboyz, Painboyz are driven mostly by their urge to explore and experiment, and aren't very good at concentrating on what they're supposed to be doing. This is inconvenient when you ask for a Mekboy to fix the steering on your bike and he instead takes it apart to make it into a heavy weapon. It's a lot worse when you ask for a leg to get patched up and wake up to find the dok has worked on the wrong leg. Or done a lung transplant. Or grafted on an extra head. Or taken your brain out and replaced it with a Squig. Or grafted a jet engine to your skull. Or replaced all of your fingers with miniature flamethrowers. Or decided that you would look far better if you were made entirely out of springs. Or... well, you get the idea.

Painboys have access to a wide array of tools to help them with their work, including a good number of Squigs, such as Mendin' Squigs, Syringe Squigs, and Swab Squigs.

Dokz who have a particularly hard time controlling their crazier experimental urges soon either have to run away from a lynch mob or are outright chased off. Dubbed "Mad Dokz", these especially insane Painboyz find support as roving mercenaries, usually with a gaggle of brain-addled, mutated and/or mutilated experiment test subjects in their wake. Mad Dokz used to be a HQ choice, once upon a time, but unlike Big Mekz, they haven't stuck around (unless you count Dawn of War, where the Dokz get roles as apothecary-equivalents injecting Ork squads with a plethora of combat drugs referred to as "fightin' juice").

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