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Paladine Symbol.jpeg
Silver Triangle, Platinum Dragon, Pine Tree, Anvil
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Greater Deity/Fallen Deity
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Light)
Portfolio Good, Law, Protection, Light, Good Dragons
Domains 3E: Good Law, Protection, Sun
5E: War
Home Plane 2E: The Dome of Creation (Celestia)
3E: The Dome of Creation
Worshippers All Goodly Individuals
Favoured Weapon Mighty Protector (Longsword)

Representing concepts such as Good, Honor and Justice, Paladine is the Chief God of Good from the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Dragonlance. Locked in an eternal struggle with his counterpart, Takhisis, he is the not!Bahamut to her not!Tiamat.

During the events of the first Dragonlance novel trilogy, Paladine took on a unique avatar; Fizban the Fabulous. In this guise as an elderly, forgetful, doddering and possibly insane human mage, he served as a living Dues ex Machina for the trilogy, subtly manipulating events to stymie Takhisis and help the novel's protagonists achieve what they needed to achieve. In this guise, he befriended Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and so Fizban has become the chosen avatar of worship for the Kender race - something that would be remarkable, given how indifferent kender generally are to gods, if not for the fact that, really, who gives a shit about kender?

Paladine is notable among incarnations of Bahamut for having the BALLS to put his money where his mouth is, and sacrifice his divinity to take his sister down PERMANENTLY on the cusp of making the entire world (read: her entire essence making it to the prime, NOT an Aspect/Avatar) her bitch.

The deities of Dragonlance
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