Palanquin of Nurgle

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Quickly to Chaos Burgers! I don't want to miss out on the limited edition Grandfather Nurgle's Gurgle Burgers!

The Palanquin of Nurgle are built exclusively for those fat fucks to sit upon and command into battle.


Essentially a mobile throne carried by numerous nurglings. The tiny creatures propel the Palanquin wherever the master wishes. From his elevated position their master is able to speak to his slaves, or strike at his foes. The Palanquin itself is decorated with moldered finery, while the rider sits casually upon a mound of decaying cushions. In these cases, the Nurglings will treat their new master much as they had treated the Great Unclean One from which they came.

The Palanquin is surrounded by a cloud of flies which buzz and swarm around it. If the Palanquin is carried into hand-to-hand fighting the cloud of flies will buzz into the eyes and ears of all engaged enemies. The cloud of flies has another effect, for each insect embodies a tiny fraction of protective magic. The cloud thus represents a considerable protective spell. The Palanquin and its rider cannot be affected by a magical spell of any kind. While the swarm of nurglings carrying the throne will crush any enemy foolish enough to get in the way in a tsunami of green and brown.

Palanquins of Nurgle act differently from other Daemon chariots due to the slower speed of the nurglings, Palanquins thus act more like a mobile command barge than assaulting the enemy in quick attacks.

Main users include Epidemius and Ku'Gath.

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