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Daemon Weapons are a kind of enchanted weapon present in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and Warhammer 40,000. As their name suggests, they are weapons that have been granted magical powers by the process of sealing up a daemon inside of them. Obviously, the daemon tends to be rather pissed off about this, which means these weapons are usually as much of a danger to their wielder as they are to their wielder's enemies.

Since they were introduced in the Realms of Darkness duology, sourcebooks for 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Daemon Weapons have had different powers in different editions and sourcebooks.

The very first draft of Daemon Weapons portrayed them as soul-sucking blades. They could instantly kill anything they wounded and "ate" the Strength of the casualty model; 1/3rd of this went to weapon's inhabitant daemon, 1/3rd to the bearer, and the last third was lost. This was important to track for several reasons: firstly, your Chaos Champion would essentially faint if their Strength was raised to thrice its initial value, and secondly, the Daemon Weapon could only hold 5D10 points of stolen Strength in total (generated when the blade was found). At half this total, the blade could send its bearer into an indiscriminate killing frenzy. When this total was reached, the daemon was glutted and so the weapon lost all of its powers for the rest of the battle. Aside from this trait, they granted a bonus to the bearer's to hit rolls, were a magical weapon, dispelled auras, and could pass on some of the traits of the daemon bound within. For example, if the daemon itself could fly and regenerate, so could the chaos champion bearing it.

Later editions for Daemon Weapons would simplify these rules, at least for WHFB - in the Hordes of Chaos rulebook, for example, the Daemon Weapon was a 100 point magical weapon that granted its bearer the Weapon Skill, Initiative and Attacks of one of the four Greater Daemons.

In WH40K, Daemon Weapons evolved to fill the niche of the lost Chaos Blades - the generic magical weapons of Chaos Champions from Realms of Darkness. Daemon Weapons now came in various different forms and names, each of which had their own unique special powers and attacks. 40K roleplaying games such as Black Crusade particularly exemplify this evolution.


Ranged Daemon Weapons[edit]

Some Daemon Weapons looks like a gun and shoots like a gun. But because its a Daemon Weapon, its ammunition must be as weird as humanly possible. Quite a number of these weapons also overlap with other weapon types due to the nature of these daemonic tools. An example is that all of the Nurgle Daemon weapons are found in the Chem Weapons page due to all of them being a form of biochemical weapons. So expect a lot of redirects in this section.

Chaos Undivided Weapons[edit]

Kai Gun[edit]

See main page:Kai Gun

Ether Lance[edit]

Ether Lance

No way in relation in terms of function to the Etherblade.

The Ether Lance is a gateway for warp power to surge into the materium and can be highly potent in both combat and at range. Bolts of deadly warp energy leap from the weapon over a wide area or lure enemies into the lance itself, utterly consuming them with warp energy. Basically, its a psychic staff for non Tzeentch aligned Space Marines.

A daemonic spear which serves as a conduit to the Warp itself, allowing the bearer to unleash gouts of empyrean energy. Functions as a Power Weapon in melee, can be fired in the Shooting Phrase as a Template Ranged S4 AP3 Assault 1 weapon.

There hasn't been a model for this weapon, so some modelers like to use the Chaos Lance from Age of Sigmar as a Count as.

Fleshmetal Guns[edit]

Fleshmetal Guns

Fleshmetal Guns are the catch-all term for any assortment of...well...GUNS that an Obliterator had absorbed, consumed and repurposed in his living embodiment of Dakka. These weapons can be anything and is not standardized; usually the most consistent feature is the amount of gun barrels it can fit one's daemonically enhanced hands as inhumanly possible. It is for all intents and purposes, the baby version of the much larger and standardized Harvester Cannon found on Soul Grinders.

Because of its variety, you can mount a combination of autocannons, plasma cannons, lascannons and heavy flamers all on one hand, and it would still be called a Fleshmetal Gun. This would, in theory, give the Fleshmetal Guns a lot of flexibility and adaptability, but at the same time it can be abused through the stratosphere. Seriously, imagine telling your opponent that your Fleshmetal Guns are all Lascannons on one playthrough, and than on another playthrough, immediately tell him/her that these Lascannons has been morphed into a column of Heavy Flamers. Is it cheap? Yes. Is it appropriate for the fluff? Yes. But is it fun to play against? Hell the fuck no! (Just look at the history of the Jokaero to understand.)

So for the sake of balancing, they have always been standardized. Now in 8th Edition, Fleshmetal Guns For all intents and purposes, are an Assault 6, S 6+D3, AP-D3, 24" ranged meatgrinder of a gun with D3 damage per hit. Or if you don't understand it yet, it is basically asking you that, when in the Shooting phase or in Overwatch, roll three D3, one after the other, to determine the characteristics of the unit's Fleshmetal Guns for that Shooting phase/Overwatch attack. The first roll is added to 6 to determine the Strength, the second roll is the AP, and the third roll is the Damage. Tl;dr, it is a slot machine for a gun that, on a good roll, can make Baneblades cry and on a bad roll, could only kill half a dozen Guardsmen.

In 9th they were changed again. You now have to choose one of three profiles each time they fire. Warp hail (Heavy D6+9, S5, AP -1 ,D1) is your infantry mulcher. Ruinous Salvo(Heavy D3+3, S7, AP -2, D2) is the anti MEQ Plasma like profile, no option for overcharging however. Focused Malice (Heavy D3, S9, -3, 4) is your vehicle killing Lascannon. Even better "Unrelenting Firepower" removes penalties for moving and allows Obilitartors to shoot within Engagement Range. With only a -1 for hit rolls for doing so. This makes them way more reliable and cuts down on the annoying time wasting rolls.

Magma Cutter[edit]

Magma Cutter

A Chaos blowtorch.

Magma Cutters are a type of melee weapon used by Maulerfiend Daemon Engines. These weapons burn with a blazing heat capable of melting through armored targets. Maulerfiends are known to use its giant claws to grab hold of prey before the Magma Cutter that protrude from its torso can focus the raw daemonic anger that burns inside it into a white-hot flame that can melt through rockcrete as thick as bastion walls.

Magma Cutters are considered Pistols with 4" of range now (S8, AP-3 D3 Pistols!), so the Fiend can start putting the hurt on a target right before they get into base to base contact and still shoot them in close quarters should they start the turn in combat.

Hades Autocannon[edit]

See main page:Hades Autocannon


See main page:Baleflamer

Excruciator Cannon[edit]

Excruciator Cannon

Excruciator Cannons are weapons that have no idea what it is trying to be. They are a potent Warp-based weapon used by the Chaos Daemon Engines known as Venomcrawlers.

Upon locking onto their target the Venomcrawlers emit an earsplitting screech. Pent-up Warp energy is channeled into their Excruciator Cannons, coalescing into hails of ear-splitting blasts that rip through entire ranks of armored foes with ease.

As you can imagine, this weapon has an identity crisis and is a complete mess. One one hand, it is a Warp weapon, on the other hand the 'projectiles' is being described as a Sonic weapon, yet the artwork showcase it firing gouts of flame like a fucking Flamer. Yeah, it is pretty fucking confusing even by the piss-poor standards of Chaos.

Tabletop-wise, these cannons have a decent range of 36", it is an Assault D3 gun that is S+2, AP-2 and D3 damage. Not bad all around when it comes to dispatching GEQs and MEQs, but there are much better options for vehicles and above.

Harvester Cannon[edit]

See main page"Harvester Cannon

Ectoplasma Cannon[edit]

See main page:Ectoplasma Cannon



Think of a Mawcannon like jamming a bunch of guns inside a mouth of a monster or giving the monster to become a hellish dragon. You basically get the gist of things.

In a more detailed note, the Mawcannon is a Warp-based energy weapon that is used by Soul Grinders, Plague Hulks, and Blight Drone Daemon Engines. Mawcannon is so named due to the fact that these listed daemon engines basically 'vomit' a bunch of damaging warp energy on the faces of the enemy. Each of these daemon engines have a special trait befitting their Mawcannons. For example, the weapon-mouth of a Soul Grinder can vomit forth a torrent of burning Warpfire known as a Baleful Torrent which is capable of engulfing entire structures in blazing ethereal energy. The Soul Grinder's Mawcannon can also spit out huge roiling masses of mutating phlegm at ridiculous distances, destroying entire enemy squads in one great blast. It can continue this form of attack throughout its time on the battlefield, which is hilariously known as a Phlegm Bombardment which sounds more ridiculous than awesome. There are some Soul Grinders that are also capable of using their Mawcannon to fire their whip-like tongues like searing energy rays, although by that point, it loses the 'cannon' part and becomes full on creepy-Slaaneshi-lickers. All Chaos Soul Grinders are capable of using the Mawcannon in conjunction with their other weapons, such as the Iron Claw and Harvester Cannon. Whilst the Soul Grinder 'vomits' out ethereal fire, the Plague Hulk on the other hand.....basically just vomits on his enemies....underwhelming but expected. The vomit of a Plague Hulk is similiar to that of a Imperial Guard's Chem Cannon and it is capable of rotting flesh and corrode even the strongest of metal.

The Mawcannon used by Blight Drone Daemon Engines on the other hand is smaller and takes the form of an actual weapon rather than a natural ability of the construct. The Blight Drone's Mawcannon is located on the front of the creature, just above its Reaper Autocannon. The Mawcannon of the Blight Drone differs from the Soul Grinder's in several ways, first of which is that it is smaller and less powerful. As a Daemon Engine of Nurgle, the Blight Drone's Mawcannon fires out gouts of corrosive toxic bile that is powerful enough to eat through metal and liquefy flesh in seconds as opposed to the Soul Grinder's radiant Warpfire. The Blight Drone's phlegm attack is similar to that of the Plague Hulk, yet is smaller in area of effect and deals less damage to its targets.

Butcher Cannon[edit]

See main page:Butcher Cannon

Soul Burner Petard[edit]

Soul Burner Petard

The Soul Burner Petard is essentially speaking, a Chaos Artillery Mortar.

Imperial records indicate that the Soul Burner Petard is known only to be used by the Chaos Decimator for some reason, although it is presumed that it may also be used by other Chaos vehicles and Daemon Engines as well. The weapon is similar to a medium-sized Mortar that fires large explosive rounds over short distances.

The shells fired by the this weapon are capable of easily demolishing enemy fortifications, vehicles, and causing sufficient damage and suppressive fire to groups of infantry. The Soul Burner Petard is usually used in conjunction with a Decimator Siege Claw to engage enemy units in close combat and to make the Decimator a more effective weapon in siege warfare and siege orientated factions.

Storm Laser[edit]

Storm Laser

The only laser weapon constructed by Chaos rather than being a bunch of hand-me-downs from the Imperium dating back to the Horus Heresy.

A Storm Laser, also known as the Decimator Storm Laser, is a multi-barreled laser weapon made up of several laser weapons duct taped together. As expected, this weapon is obviously used by the Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine, although it is presumed that it may also be used by other Chaos vehicles and Daemon Engines.

The Storm Laser is similar in function to the Multilaser used on several Imperial vehicles, such as the Chimera and the Sentinel combat walker. The weapon is highly effective against enemy infantry and lightly armored vehicles as such. The Storm laser is usually deployed on Decimators that will be expecting to face a obviously large numbers of enemy infantry, and is usually used either in conjunction with a Decimator Siege Claw or another Storm Laser more maximum pew pew. However, it can also be wielded in tandem with a Soul Burner Petard or a Butcher Cannon to provide supportive fire if these two weapons range becomes compromised.

Khornate Weapons[edit]

Skull Cannon[edit]

Skull Cannon

The Skull Cannon is the primary weapon of the...well...the Skull Cannon Chariot. Suffice to say, its mode of 'acquiring' ammunition is unique to say the least.

Those in its way of the Daemonic Chariot are fed into the Skull Cannon's gaping maw (Yes, the chariot NOT the weapon has a mouth), there to be roasted by daemonic fire and broken up into fragments. These remains are for the most part ejected from the Skull Cannon's rear, for only the skulls of its victims are retained. These are then fused with the Blood God's wrath, set alight, and blasted in a fiery wake from the daemon engines cannon.

The Skull Cannon is found on both the aforementioned Skull Cannon and the derpy Blood Reaper.

In 8th Edition, the Skull Cannon is now a cool 100 points. Their cannon is now 48 inch Heavy D6 shots flat and -2 AP. Still ignores cover and all fucks. Good competition for equal points of Havocs while still being Khorne.

Cauldron of Blood Cannon[edit]

Cauldron of Blood Cannon

The cannon of the Cauldron of Blood was basically the Brass Scorpion's Hellmaw Cannons on meth, or the Gorestorm Cannon's and Ichor Cannon's little brother, depending on who you ask.

Like the cannons from the Lord of Skulls, the Cauldron of Blood Cannon fires boiling hot blood that somehow transmutes into molten lava (Maybe they use the blood of Juggernauts?). The cannon itself is mounted and connected on a huge cauldron full of bubbling daemonic ichor. The cauldron is used to supply the vehicle's jutting cannon with red-hot daemonic blood which is fired through the cannon's nozzle.

Tl;dr, it was a Khornate flamer.

Skullshredder Cannon[edit]

See main page:Skullshredder Cannon

Skullreaper Cannon[edit]

See main page:Skullreaper Cannon

Doomfire Cannon[edit]

See main page:Doomfire Cannon


See main page:Impaler

Hellmaw Cannon[edit]

See main page:Hellmaw Cannon

Scorpion Cannon[edit]

See main page:Scorpion Cannon

Tower Gun[edit]

Tower Gun

More of a artillery than the average gun.

The lazily named Tower Gun is one of the primary weapons of the derpy looking Blood Reaper. The Daemon Engine host four of these oddly-placed weapons in front for maximum frontal carnage.

The battery of these Tower Guns mounted in its main tower launch constant salvos of fire, whilst its twin Skull Cannons blast apart armored targets. This ensures a constant rate of bombardment on enemy positions.

Still, it is a miracle that this this thing still stands upright from all that recoil being fired at once.

Skull Hurler[edit]

Skull Hurler

The Skull Hurler/Skullhurler aka the Pac-Man gun is a utterly hilarious and absurd weapon of Khorne. It is basically a weapon satirizing everything Khornate about the Big K (Or so we hope GeeDubs were satirizing...). This is a weapon that fires flaming skulls that chomps on enemy infantry. We can't make this shit up. Seriously what the literal Hell?

Seriously, not even WH40k Wikia and Lexicanum can save this weapon from sounding absolutely ridiculous. According to the description, this Daemonic Weapon is commonly used by the just as ridiculous Lord of Skulls Daemon Engine, typically mounted on its left arm. The weapon's barrel is shaped in the form of a large metal skull with the Mark of Khorne emblazoned upon its forehead. The large skull that serves as the Skull Hurler's barrel is filled with smaller skulls that are either fired out of the larger skull's open mouth or the over-sized skull itself can be fired out of the weapon, accounts for the weapon's potent explosive force. We are honestly not sure whether Lexicanum or WH40K Wikia's failure in describing this weapon as cool could be considered an act of FAIL or Awesome.

If that does not sound Stupid to you than you are in need for a medical checkup.

Hades Gatling Gun[edit]

Hades Gatling Gun

Should not be confused with the Hades Autocannon although they basically fire the same.

The Hades Gatling Gun is a massive Daemonic Weapon that is commonly used by the Lord of Skulls Daemon Engine, typically mounted on its left arm. The weapon is a large, multi-barrelled gatling weapon that is capable of shredding groups of enemy infantry with a hail of fire composed of its massive ballistic shells.

These shells are rune-graven ammo and the Gatling Gun is capable of firing several hundred rounds per second at maximum. These weapons are taken if you want to shred apart Horde armies as the Skull Hurler is aimed more towards heavily armored troops. As such, some may have considered calling it a form of Bolter, but the description of the weapon is vague which have let some other people to call it a form of Autoweapon. So far the only middle ground is that the Gatling Gun at best, is a projectile weapon of sorts, so it remains to be seen.

It is also far more sensible looking than the Skull Hurler which grants the weapon extra brownie points for appearance and weapons function. Although this is Chaos we are talking here, so it is a pretty low bar in the first place.

Kytan Gatling Cannon[edit]

Kytan Gatling Cannon

Basically like the Hades Gatling Gun but mounted on a motherfucking Kytan, the scariest Khornate Daemon Engine that is legit freaky, not a fucking joke. Not much is known about this weapon, but is most likely functions similiar to the above weapon.

Due to its similarities, it can be assume that the shells of the Kytan also use rune-graven ammo and is just as capable of firing several hundred rounds per second at maximum. Like the Hades, this weapon is used if you want to RIP AND TEAR hordes of enemies who are in the fucking way. Like the Hades, some may have considered calling it a form of Bolter, but the description of the weapon is vague which have let some other people to call it a form of Autoweapon. So far the only middle ground is that the Gatling Cannon at best, is a projectile weapon of sorts, so it remains to be seen.

On tabletop, the Kytan's Gatling Cannon puts out the pain in the Shooting phase as well like the Hades, but what you really want to be doing is CLEAVING LOYALIST FILTH.

Ichor Cannon[edit]

Ichor Cannon

Ahhhh...the first in a list of Khornate Dick Guns.

This is essentially the Lord of Skulls' take on a Inferno Cannon and Demolisher Cannon with its own Khornate twist. The Ichor Cannon is a large Daemonic Weapon that is commonly used by the Lord of Skulls Daemon Engine, mounted onto its front torso. The Ichor Cannon spits great goblets of burning blood upon the daemon machine's enemies. The enemys' skin would slough off and expose their muscles to the elements as they die screaming from the pain. The more fortunate ones get blasted into smithereens from the sheer shockwave and bone shrapnel of the Ichor Cannon, much alike a Demolisher Cannon.

The blood are boiled until superheated in the multiple tanks at the back of the Lord of Skulls. The daemon engine's pure Rage is enough to heat up the weapon's ammunition. So yes, Khorne does indeed take the term "Make my blood boil" to its more literal and retarded extreme. Only in Games Workshop can you come up with a more retarded idea than this.

The weapon takes the form of a large cannon with a spiked maw.

Gorestorm Cannon[edit]

Gorestorm Cannon

The Gorestorm Cannon is another large Daemonic Weapon that is commonly used by the Lord of Skulls Daemon Engine, mounted onto its front torso like that of the Ichor Cannon. The Gorestorm Cannon is believed to fire large gouts of boiling blood upon the daemon machine's foes, boiling them alive. In a sense, the Gorestorm Cannon is a variant of the Ichor Cannon.

Since this weapon uses basically the same retarded principle as the Ichor Cannon of boiling blood, what has been said about the Ichor Cannon could already be said to the Gorestorm Cannon. Of course their function is slightly different. The Ichor Cannon functions like a blood drenched shotgun, the Gorestorm Cannon functions more in line with a flamer as it sprays a torrent of highpressure boiling blood to a wide area. It is hot enough to melt units...for some reason. Unless the blood is acid like those of the Xenomorph Aliens, then the blood should simply boil the poor SOB instead. Gotta love attempts to apply science and logic to a daemon weapon of fuck reality.

This weapon along with the Ichor Cannon have taken into the nickname of Period Guns/Menstrual Cannons for obvious reasons.

The weapon takes the form of a large, yet short-barrelled cannon.

Daemongore Cannon[edit]

Daemongore Cannon

Yet another weapon exclusive to the Lord of Skulls. Sheesh, talk about hogging the spot light. The Daemongore Cannon is a large Daemonic Weapon that is commonly used by the aforementioned Lord of Skulls Daemon Engine, mounted again onto its front torso like the previous two weapons.

Unlike the previous two, the Daemongore Cannon unleashes a gout of burning filth at the Lord of Skulls' enemies. The enemies engulfed by the evil tide cannot survive, for their armor, flesh and bone are reduced to molten slurry in seconds by its hellish furnace heat.

Because of the way it functions, it could be safe to say that the Daemongore is like a Melta Shotgun, which is pretty damned Awesome when you think about it. The Daemongore Cannon is definitely more aimed towards large group of heavily armored infantry like Terminators and Centurions and could work well to even light and medium vehicles too.

The weapon takes the form of a large, multi-barrelled cannon.

Balemaw Cannon[edit]

Balemaw Cannon

The primary armament of the ridiculous Tower of Skulls Daemon Engine.

The great, forward-firing Balemaw Cannon is primarily a ballistic weapon of extreme power. Akin to a Imperial Guard's Demolisher Cannon, the Balemaw Cannon is used to break apart fortifications and shatter enemy tanks in a single shot. The cannon is powered by the raw hatred of the Daemon Engine and it fires shells filled with maximum FUCK at its enemies. Those who aren't blown up by the weapon would be killed by the shrapnel.

Unlike the Demolisher Cannon, the Balemaw has a ridiculous range and functions more like an artillery piece not unlike that of the Basilisk Artillery Gun. Still, despite the lack of Close Combat manliness, the sheer destruction from this weapon is enough to make Khorne proud.

Slaaneshi Weapons[edit]

Heartstring Lyre[edit]

See main page:Heartstring Lyre

Mirror of Absorption[edit]

Mirror of Absorption

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose ass is going to be fucked up worst of all?"

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Chaos Daemons(8E)

Less of a weapon and more of a tool to deliberately fuck with Psykers.

A bizarre contraption that acts as a psychic turret. The Mirror of Absorption is an an ornate semi-sentient relic taken from the Palace of Slaanesh by Daemonette Heralds known as the Contorted Epitome. These tools are anti-psyker weapons meant to make Psykers tripped the fuck out by absorbing the psychic energies before blasting it back at them.

This disturbing creation will make a formidable addition to any army of Slaanesh Daemons. It’s a psychic conduit, able to manifest and deny two powers a turn, all the while gaining a bonus from its Gift of Power ability whenever it does so (Which adds +1 to Psychic tests and Deny the Witch tests taken by the particular model).

On the off chance that an enemy Psyker does breach the Contorted Epitome’s psychic defenses, it will be all but immune to any mortal wounds it suffers. As its next special rule, Swallow Energy, allows the Epitome to roll one D6 each time it suffers a mortal wound, and on a 2+, that mortal wound is outright ignored.

It also has the means to prevent enemies from Falling Back. That rule is called Horrible Fascination and it forces any unit within 6" of the Epitome to roll a 3D6; the unit can only Fall Back if the total is less than the highest Leadership characteristic of the unit – that ability will be all the more effective if you supplement it with the Phantasmagoria power from the Slaanesh discipline first.

What really makes the Mirror powerful is its synergy with the Infernal Enrapturess and Fiends. It will be very hard for enemy Psykers to stay out of range on all those de-buffs given the mobility of those units. It also synergies well with Fiends providing an additional means of holding units including flyers in combat. The Epitome is an auto-include. Not only is it good on its own it can follow the initial engagement forces no matter their speed.

Tormentor Cannon[edit]

See main page:Tormentor Cannon

Nurglite Weapons[edit]

Pandemic Staff[edit]

Pandemic Staff

A staff that is used to conduct Father Nurgle's plagues from the Warp into the materium. The Pandemic Staffs are vessels for the diseases of Nurgle when they are carried from the Warp to the materium and can be released in battle to feast upon enemy units. These staves can discharge a torrent of noxious gas or disease-ridden swarm of flies (AKA one of the plagues of Egypt from biblical times) to sicken, weaken and slowly kill off the enemy in a long battle of attrition/endurance.

They are sometimes called the Corrupted Staff and is mostly used by the Malignant Plaguecaster.

Functions as a normal weapon in melee regardless if one calls it a Corrupted Staff or Pandemic Staff, can be discharged at an enemy unit within 12"; roll a D6 for each model in the unit, applying a normal S3 hit for each model that rolls a 4+.

Bile Spurt[edit]

See main page:Bile Spurt


See main page:Plaguespitter

Entropy Cannon[edit]

Entropy Cannon

Entropy Cannons are the standard-issue secondary weapons for the Plagueburst Crawlers. Despite being a prominent secondary weapon for a Nurglite daemon engine, not a lot is known about this weapon. You would expect GW to put in some effort on their fluff eh?

Nevertheless, from what we gather from both its name and its rules, the Entropy Cannon is some kind of anti-tank weapon that shoots out some weird timey-whimey stuff that accelerates the aging process of the target by a factor of a billion. Seeing as how metals and other materials organic or otherwise, age/rust via accelerated temporal entropy, this creates credence to such a theory.

Crunchwise, these things are Heavy 1, 36", S8, AP-4, Dd6 weapons, effectively making it a short Lascannon. For one Command Point you could use Accelerated Entropy, which allows the Plagueburst Crawler to have a permanent aura, pre-battle. Entropy Cannons as well as those on other Plagueburst Crawlers within 7", gain the Plague weapon rule and treat damage rolls of 1 or 2 as a 3 instead.

Heavy Blight Launcher[edit]

See main page:Heavy Blight Launcher

Plagueburst Mortar[edit]

See main page:Plagueburst Mortar

Plague Catapult[edit]

Contagion Catapult

The Contagion Plague Catapult is more of a misnomer than anything else, as it functions more like a trebuchet than a conventional catapult.

The Catapult on the Contagion is the primary weapon of the Contagion Daemon Engine of Nurgle. These weapon chuck all sorts of junk such as chunks of Chaos-saturated stone, clusters of decaying corpses and other disease-infested filth. When these vile bombs impact they spray ichor and infected debris across a wide area.

The pestilential aura that surrounds the site of these bombardments fills the air with corruption and the malaise of Nurgle's Rot which quickly spreads across the battlefield. Those who survive the initial bombardment soon contract a variety of virulent diseases.

Likewise as a catapult, the Contagion isn't just limited to mere pestilent ammunition, for hard to hit critters like tanks, it could use explosives if needed. Although it is generally frowned upon due to the flames destroying some of Papa Nurgle's gifts.

As such, the Catapult whilst simple and primitive, still oddly Gets shit done.

Rot Cannon[edit]

See main page:Rot Cannon

Pus Cannon[edit]

See main page:Pus Cannon

Tzeentchian Weapons[edit]

Warpfire Flame Cannon[edit]

See main page:Warpfire Flame Cannon

Bolts of Change[edit]

Bolts of Change

The secondary weapons of the Silver Tower of Tzeentch Daemon Engines. The Bolts of Change is fueled by the powers of the Thrall Wizards aboard and take the form of sorcerous blasts of Warp power.

The tower is armed with several of these turret-mounted weapons. These weapons are not as powerful as the Beam of Power weapon, but instead feature a higher rate of fire than the tower's main weapon. The Bolt of Change are fired in volleys, and the number of shots fired from the tower's secondary weapons are always random, as befitting the Lord of Change.

The exact number of secondary cannons mounted on the construct are unknown to the Inquisition, though the number may simply be different from one Silver Tower to the next, as befitting the randomness and love of change for its own sake of Tzeentch.

Beam of Power[edit]

Beam of Power

Possibly the largest Daemon Weapon to date.

The primary weapon of the Silver Tower of Tzeentch Daemon Engines. The Beam of Power is fueled by the powers of the Thrall Wizards aboard and take the form of sorcerous blasts of Warp power.

Each Silver Tower is usually armed with at least a single turret-mounted Beam of Power weapon which serves as the tower's primary offensive weapon. It is powerful enough to engage and destroy enemy armored vehicles.

These Beams are powerful enough to even damage the hulls of Starships and crack open the crust of planets as seen during Magnus' invasion of the Fenris System. It would be same to assume that the weapon itself is located at the bottom of the Silver Tower; basically it is the pointy bit that seem to crash down on Fenris' surface.

Daemon Close Combat Weapons[edit]

The largest array of usable Daemon Weapons in 40K appeared in the 2002 Chaos Space Marine codex as close combat weapons, back in those heady days when Chaos Undivided had its own Mark. In that sourcebook were presented the following Daemon Weapons. These would pretty much all be removed in subsequent editions of the codex, though a few would come back as wargear for unique Chaos Marine characters, most notably the Lash of Torment for Lucius the Eternal and the Manreaper for Typhus.

In the 2002 edition, Daemon Weapons come with the trait "Daemonic Mastery"; in any turn in which the bearer of a Daemon Weapon inflicts at least one casualty with that weapon, at the end of the turn, the bearer must pass a Leadership test. If they fail, they suffer a Perils of the Warp attack. If they succeed, or survive the PotW attack, then they continue fighting until they next need to make a Mastery check.

Chaos Undivided Blades[edit]



A hilarious daemon weapon that is used more by the loyalists than actual heretics themselves.

Daemonblades are daemonic weapons used by the most Radical Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus. The ultimate representation of the Radical's credo to use the enemies' own weapons against them, a Daemonblade contains the bound essence of a Greater Daemon.

The blade itself is bound with wards and seals which are necessary to stop the user from being driven insane, but as a result the destructive power of these weapons are weaker than the Daemon Weapons used by the servants of Chaos.

Dark Blade[edit]

Dark Blade

A jet-black blade seemingly made of solid shadow, which consumes the souls of its victims with insatiable hunger and fuels its bearer with the strength to feed it. The blade has a perfect darkness although the hilt, pommel and grip are often adorned. The Dark Blade has never seen a model, thus most modelers would just grab a random chaos power sword and paint it black, thereby making the sword a Count as weapon.

Treat as a Power Weapon that grants +2 Strength when rolling To Wound or for Armor Penetration.



A soul-eating axe with a particular hunger for the essence of other warp-entities, although it would be more accurate to call it a pick axe in the shape of a pterodactyl's head (If we go by the original Warhammer comics as cannon).

A Dreadaxe contains the bound essence of an entrapped entity with a vampiric thirst for souls that is especially partial to destroying daemonic rivals. These bound daemons hate all others of their own kind, and a Dreadaxe is especially efficient when used in combat against other daemons. If that sounds familiar to you, it basically because it is.

This daemon weapon never requires worse than a 4+ to wound its target, regardless of the bearer's Strength vs. the target's Toughness, and ignores Invulnerable Saves. Unlike other Daemon Weapons, it is not a Power Weapon. This weapon is a shout-out to the original Malal Chaos Champion from early Warhammer comics.

Tl;dr, it is a Malal weapon in all but name.

Axe of Dismemberment[edit]

Axe of Dismemberment

Axes of Dismemberment are 8-foot, warp-forged battleaxes that are wielded by Chaos Space Marines and are known to be favoured by Masters of Execution. These gigantic fuck off axes are big enough to cleave fellow SPESS MEHREENS in two, let alone lobbing their heads off and serving them on a platter.

It is not known whether they are actually daemon weapons, but seeing as how they are forged into the very fabric of the Warp itself, there maybe a possibility that it really is one, or the other likely possibility is that it is a warp-based close combat weapon.

On tabletop, the Axe of Dismemberement is a Sx2 (8 Strength in total), AP-3 meatchopper of a weapon, dealing D3 damage that, on a successful wound roll on a 6, the target unit suffers 3 mortal wounds in addition to any other damage. Essentially speaking, his axe hits like a powerfist with no negatives to hit, in addition to multiple successful mortal wounds. Awesome.



Something like the Chaos answer to the C'tan Phase Weapons.

Etherblades are a type of Daemon Weapon. These blades flicker in and out of reality, rendering them able to pass through even the thickest armor with ease by rematerializing inside the victim's body. They can come in normal size to size only weldable by Daemon Princes and Greater Daemons.

Be'lakor wields a special Etherblade called the Blade of Shadows.

Lasher Tendril[edit]

Lasher Tendril

Not unlike the Power Scourge.

Lasher Tendrils are a type of melee weapon used by Maulerfiend Daemon Engines. These weapons are capable of entangling and dismembering enemy forces. The Maulerfiends typically defend themselves from counterattacks with their segmented tendrils that whip out from their thorax to crush, pierce, slice and confound those around them who would attempt to stall their advance.

Maulerfiends can also replace the pair of Magma Cutters with Lasher Tendrils for 1 less damage each and 1d6 or 6 extra melee attacks, (Phyiscal Codex Heretic Astartes: Chaos Space Marines - pg 145 states 6 extra attacks while Codex Heretic Astartes: Chaos Space marines digital enhanced edition lists Lasher tendrils as D6 extra attacks on pages 282 and 308, Nothing in FAQ or Chapter Approved as of Jan 2018) trading punch against heavy targets for more attacks to mulch through infantry a bit quicker.

Other Daemon Engines also have Lasher Tendrils, although renamed for....reasons. Some like the Venomcrawler have Lasher Tendrils at the front, but are called Soulflayer Tendrils instead, whilst the Helstalker's equivalent is a giant barbed stinger tail.

Techno-Virus Injector[edit]

Techno-Virus Injector

With a name and appearance looking straight out of Event Horizon, the Techno-Virus Injector is a giant needle/proboscis from the Helstalker Daemon Engine.

Like an overgrown mosquito, the Helstalker preys on its targets before sucking out the life force of its intended target. But instead of people, it preys on vehicles, and instead of sucking out blood, it sucks out the Motive Force (AKA electricity and data) of a machine. Also like a mosquito, it inadvertently spreads disease through its nasty ass proboscis, giving machines Scrapcode which is like the malaria/ebola of vehicles.

Like the Dark Eldar Medusae, the Helstalker functions this process very similarly; with its own metallic frame swelling with ingested code and subroutines. The Lord Discordant siphons off the pained spirit of the dying technology. This harvested energy is then used to reinvigorate other Daemon Engines, or is released as beams to infect the systems of other vehicles.

Tabletop-wise,the Techno-Virus Injector is a melee weapon that is S+6, AP-4 and deals D3 damage. A pretty nasty weapon for its intended target, vehicles. Furthermore, the Helstalker usually attacks after the Lord Discordant made his first move. Each time a wound roll for an attack made with this oversized needle is successful when targeting a vehicle unit, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds in addition to any normal damage.

This along with the Spirit Thief special rule, makes this Daemon Engine exceptionally dangerous. It is one thing dealing with a close combat monster like the Helstalker, it is another thing when said close combat monster can also heal friendly Daemon Engines within 3" of the model or seriously damage a targetable vehicle within 12"; dealing D3 mortal wounds on a 2+ roll of a D6.

Decimator Siege Claw[edit]

Decimator Siege Claw

The Decimator Siege Claw is a massive, four-bladed Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon that is used by the Forces of Chaos on their Decimator Daemon Engines. The Decimator is capable of being armed with either a single Siege Claw or it can use two of them in tandem, turning the Decimator into an extremely effective close combatant.

Decimator Siege Claws are equally effective against both "soft" targets such as enemy infantry and against hardened targets such as buildings and armored vehicles. The reason that these weapons are considered as "siege" armaments is that they feature built-in Heavy Flamers.

The Decimator Siege Claw is a +2S AP-3 D3 close assault weapon with an attatched Hellflamer doing Heavy D6 S5 AP-1 D2 Auto Hits. A overall great weapon that is flexible in handling tough opponents and tarpits. The flamer also makes it great at stopping a charge to a near full stop (Not as if anyone want to charge this rape and murder monster at close range anyways).

Iron Claw[edit]

Iron Claw

Not to be confused with Ironclaw.

You know those crab-like claws on the Defiler? Yeah imagine them on the Soul Grinder.

Iron Claws are enormous weapons utilized by Soul Grinders of Chaos. These huge piston-powered claws are each more than capable of crushing the life out of the toughest of victims, sundering tanks, or tearing through fortresses.

The Iron Claw for the Plague Hulk and Soul Grinder remains largely unchanged in 8th Edition, Sx2 AP-3 D6 (not -1 to hit rolls). Whilst the Strength may be impressive, be aware that hitting on 5s is not.



A giant fuck off sword for a giant fuck off Daemon Engine.

Warpswords are titanic Daemon Weapons used by Soul Grinders of Chaos. These ever-shifting blades are the physical manifestation of an imprisoned Daemon's hatred at being trapped within the machine-body of a Soul Grinder.

On tabletop, the Warpsword is a S:User, AP-3 & 3dmg sword with the ability to re-roll failed hits. The middle of the road weapon for when you want to puncture most metal boxes on 3s, do a consistent 3 damage and improve your very average chance to hit.

Khornate Blades[edit]



One of the most iconic and famous Daemon Weapons.

Hellblades are swords wielded by Bloodletters. These are great two-handed weapons given to them by Khorne, each said to be possessed by an angry daemon. They are powerful warp-forged blades of wicked sharpness that no mortal-made armor can withstand. Legend says the core of each Hellblade is formed of the souls of raging daemons and that pure hatred sharpens their edges. Over the millennia countless foes have had their wills broken by the carnage wrought by these evil weapons.

On tabletop, the Hellblade is the venerable Bloodletter standard issue weapon, they're basically better power swords doing an additional damage if you roll a 6 to wound.



Bloodfeeders are Daemon Weapons of Khorne, that often take the form of an axe and contain the bound essence of a raging Bloodthirster. Anyone struck by these ever-thirsting weapons are immediately exsanguinated and reduced to a desiccated husk; as their lifeblood is channeled into Khorne's realm as sustenance for his Juggernauts.

Woe betide anyone who wields a Bloodfeeder and dares not answer their call to feed – for if the weapons go without this grisly harvest for long, they will gladly siphon away their wielder's blood instead.

The most notable Bloodfeeder is the Axe of Blind Fury.

Berserker Glaive[edit]

Berserker Glaive

A long-handled sword-axe possessed by a Bloodletter, which imbues the bearer with its psychotic strength and fury. The Glaive transfers this rage to the wielder, who is automatically gripped with "blood frenzy," granting them great strength and resilience. However the weapon has no concern over whose life is taken, including any allies and even the wielders themselves, as long as the blood flows in the name of Khorne.

Functions as a 2-handed Power Weapon that grants its bearer a 4+ Invulnerable Save, doubles their base attacks, and ensures they are automatically gripped by Blood Frenzy (cannot shoot, must move normal move + d6" towards the nearest enemy unit in the movement phase) at the start of each turn. The bearer of a Berserker Glaive cannot join other units, be accompanied by followers, ride a Steed or take a transport. The Glaive's wielder must always make a Sweeping Advance when victorious in close combat.

Brass Scorpion Pincer Claw[edit]

See main page:Brass Scorpion Pincer Claw

Blade Claw[edit]

Blade Claw

Sometimes called the Slaughter Blade.

The Blade Claw is the primary Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon used by the Blood Slaughterer Daemon Engines of the Forces of Chaos. These massive weapons, usually unleashed in pairs, are incredibly sharp, with serrated edges capable of cutting apart both man and machine with ease.

Blade Claws are found permanently attached to these Daemon Engines, with some claiming that they are actually natural (Or what count as 'natural' in the Warp) extensions of the Blood Slaughterer's appendages.

Its Slaughter Blade is S+2, AP-3, 3 damage. Combine this with the Blood Slaughterer's profile of movement of 10" with an auto 6" Advance, WS3+, T7, W10, S8 and A6 at full strength, the Blood Slaughterer suddenly becomes one of THE best melee walker for the points Chaos has access to. With only a 180 points standard!

Axe of Khorne[edit]

Axe of Khorne

A fuck hueg axe.

The Axe of Khorne is a Chaos Daemon Weapon which has been imbued with the power and bloodlust of Khorne, driving the bearer to greater feats of death and destruction. It is the main weapon used by Bloodthirsters, but on occasion can be gifted to mortal Champions of Khorne who have proved themselves worthy. How the hell a mere mortal could carry an axe the size of an Ogryn, nobody knows (Maybe the axe just shrinks to size via Chaos HAX?)

On tabletop, the Axe of Khorne is the Bloodthirster classic. It is a Strength 3, AP-4 weapon that deals D6 wounds. It is able to cleave most units up to Terminator equivalents as well as vehicles with frightening ease once this big red boi closes in for the charge.

Firestorm Blade[edit]

Firestorm Blade

Another fuck hueg sword fit for a Bloodthirster. This time its on fire!

Firestorm Blades are massive Daemon Weapons of Khorne sometimes seen in the hands of the Blood God's most favored Bloodthirsters. The blade is a massive straight sword engulfed in white fire. At the whim of its wielder, the blade can discharge great plumes of flame over considerable distances.

It seems that in terms of popularity, most Greater Daemons of Khorne choose the giant Axe of Khorne than the Firestorm Blade. This is not surprising given Khorne's blatant favoritism towards axes than swords.

Great Cleaver of Khorne[edit]

See main page:Great Cleaver of Khorne

Slaaneshi Blades[edit]

Lash of Torment[edit]

Lash of Torment

Used by everyone's favorite memetic molester, Lucius the Eternal.

A wickedly barbed daemonic whip that absorbs the pain and fear of its victims before broadcasting it to all nearby. While roaming the dreamscape of the Daemon world Moerpho, Lucius tracked down and killed a trio of Fiends of Slaanesh. Before their corpses faded into nothingness, he tore out the long and supple tongues of the daemonic beasts and fused them to his grip with a ritual of binding. From these loathsome organs, Lucius has fashioned a whip that writhes with a sentience of its own, ensnaring his foes and rasping their flesh from their bones as Lucius goes about his bloody work.

Functions as a Power Weapon that can make its full attacks from 2" away. A unit in close combat with the bearer of a Lash of Torment suffers a -1 penalty to their Leadership if forced to make a Morale check for losing the combat after suffering a casualty by the Lash of Torment.

Needle of Desire[edit]

Needle of Desire

A rune-etched, double-ended syringe; one end is buried in the bearer's flesh, absorbing their own drug-laced blood and concentrating it into a deadly toxin for delivery from the other end.

The venom will throw anyone into a state of delirium and many simply shut down the moment the toxins reach their blood stream, so potent is the poison. They will often then remain slumped over the needle.

Attacks with this weapon always wound on a 2+, and a model wounded but not killed must pass a Leadership test or lose a further D3 wounds. Because of the precision required to wield it, even a character with Daemonic Stature cannot ignore Armor Saves when using this weapon.

Because of its lack of models, some have modified lightning claws, lash of torments or both and counted it as a Needle of Desire. Of course its Slaanesh, so take some liberty if a person calls an odd looking whip-like tendril a 'Needle', and seeing how most Slaaneshi daemons inject their poison through their whip-like proboscis/tongues, it could be said that the needle itself resembles more like a Slaaneshi whip than a conventional syringe-like apparatus. Its Chaos, we ain't gonna explain shit.



Blissgivers are Daemon Weapons of Slaanesh.

A Blissgiver is a Daemon Weapon that takes the form of a slender blade or writhing whip whose merest touch can induce a pleasurable coma, allowing the victim to be more easily captured alive....for experiments....

It is not known what happens if the user of the weapon accidentally strike a vital area of the body, but most likely the victim would die from an overdose before it goes too far deep in the body. Like some Slaaneshi weapons, the Blissgiver has no cannon models, so some have taken liberty in customizing swords or whips and named it Blissgivers.

Piercing Claws[edit]

Piercing Claws

The Daemonettes' identifiable crab-like claws. Although they are shaped like claws, Daemonettes seem to make them function more like piercing weapons like swords, spears and lances rather than crushing weapons.

It is unknown whether a Daemonette could change her claws back into a hand and vice versa.

In 8th Edition, Piercing Claws are basically AP-1 or -4 if you roll a 6 to wound weapons. Pretty nifty Close Combat Weapons especially on a unit as fragile as the Daemonettes. Great for dispatching GEQs and even MEQs.

Ravaging Claws[edit]

Ravaging Claws

Like the Piercing Claws, but on Slaaneshi Heralds. Although they are shaped like claws, Daemonette Heralds seem to make them function more like piercing weapons like swords, spears and lances rather than crushing weapons. Ravaging Claws are even longer than Piercing Claws and has a third claw for backhanded attacks.

It is unknown whether a Daemonette Herald could change her claws back into a hand and vice versa.

In 8th Edition, Ravaging Claws are obviously Piercing Claws for Heralds, dealing 2 wounds instead of 1. Even greater in dispatching GEQs and MEQs and is a rather standard issue weapon for a Herald of Slaanesh.

Snapping Claws[edit]

Snapping Claws

The largest of the Slaaneshi Claws. Snapping Claws are the most powerful of the claws and is only used by the Greater Daemons of Slaanesh, the Keeper of Secrets. Like its smaller kin, Snapping Claws function more like piercing weapons like swords, spears and lances rather than crushing weapons.

It is unknown whether a Keeper of Secrets could change his/her claws back into a hand and vice versa.

In 8th Edition, Snapping Claws are obviously found on Keepers of Secrets, they do 3 damage in addition to their better AP. These claws can reliably chew and rip apart TEQs with relative efficiency.

Witstealer Sword[edit]

Witstealer Sword

The more bitchy version of Khorne's Firestorm Blade.

A Witstealer Sword is a Daemon Weapon utilised by the daemons of Slaanesh, particularly his/her/its Greater Daemons, the Keeper of Secrets. As this sword bites into flesh, it saps the foe's mind, stripping more away with every cut until nothing of their memories, personality or sanity remain.

On tabletop, the Witstealer Sword is a more reliable Slaaneshi weapon at AP-3 and +1 Strength plus wounded models are at -1 to hit for the game.

Hellslicer Battle Claw[edit]

Hellslicer Battle Claw

The largest of the Slaaneshi Claws that is not found on a daemon, but on a Daemon Engine the size of a Titan. The Hellslicer Battle Claw is the primary close combat weapon of the ludicrous Slaanesh Subjugator.

These claws are large and sharp enough to rip apart enemy Titans with grace not found on anything of its size save for Eldar Titans. As such the Subjugator relies on the sheer speed and efficiency of the claws when in close combat, to compensate for its rather shitty armor.

As you can imagine, these weapon look dumb. What has been said about the Subjugator has already been said in its own wiki page on how terribad the design is. Due to how fixed the claws are, you can guarantee that thing is useless to anything below its knee height, which is basically everything short of a Imperial Knight.

Nurglite Blades[edit]

Plague Knife[edit]

Plague Knife

The baby of the bunch.

The Plague Knife is a Chaos Space Marine weapon blessed by Nurgle. Its is capable of "blessing" anyone is touches with Nurgle's Rot. It drips with poisons and venom and is likely to kill anyone if the initial wound is insufficient. It is similar to the Plague Sword, but smaller.

In the Death Guard Codex, the Plague Knife is the basic CCW with the Plague Weapon special rule found on both Death Gaurds and Pox Walkers. It is free, so shut up and take it.



A sword that can either be a metaphor for STD's spread via 'penetration' or a phalic symbol. Either way it indirectly pleases Slaanesh.

Plague Swords are a type of Daemonic weapon used by followers of Nurgle such as Plague Bearers and Plague Marines and is by far the most common type of Nurglite weapon. These weapons are infused with foul infections and toxins that can make the merest scratch fatal.

On tabletop, these are your standard issue sword for Plaguebearers, rerolls every failed wound roll.

Mace of Contagion[edit]

Mace of Contagion

A mace laced with various pathogens and disease. The Mace of Contagion is a common bludgeoning weapon used by the Death Guard Plague Marines. Each of these weapons are blessed with the daemonic ichor of Papa Nurgle.

The Mace of Contagion is used to smash apart armor and crack open some skulls. The loyalist equivalent would be the Power Maul.

The Mace of Contagion is a flat 3 damage, S and AP buffs and, since it comes paired with a Bubotic Axe, also bestows a second attack. The downside is the -1 To Hit, but when hit rolls are that important, you just use the Axe instead. A bit expensive to swing both around, though.

Plague Flail[edit]

Plague Flail

The baby Flail of Corruption.

The Plague Flail is a flail that is blessed by Papa Nurgle with all sorts of contagions and viruses. These flails often takes the shape of the sacred bell of doom instead of the more conventional steel balls and morning stars.

In 7th Edition, the Plague Flail was available to Daemons of Nurgle, +1 Strength, suckers must pass a Toughness test or suffer an additional wound. Not bad, but falls a bit short in an all-Space Marine metagame, that and the Balesword is way better.

Its big daddy is the Great Plague Flail that is welded by Great Unclean Ones.



A Plaguesword on steroids (Although it looks more like a giant shortsword).

Baleswords are Daemon Weapons of Nurgle. These foul plague-infected weapons are used by followers of Nurgle and the Death Guard such as the Heralds of Nurgle called Poxbringers and Blightlord Terminators.

In 8th Edition, they are essentially Plaguesword with AP-3.

Bubotic Axe[edit]

See main page:Bubotic Axe



Manreaper is a type of Power Scythe used by the Death Guard. They used to be normal Power Scythes before the Horus Heresy, after the Heresy however, they became weapon steeped in daemonic ichor.

For some added fun, certain Death Guards like to customize their Manreapers by adding a bit of chain teeths on to them. What they now have is a daemonic-chem-chain-power weapon, unfortunately, despite this, the fluff never really translate well onto the crunch.

It is a scythe that has been soaked in the filth dripping from Nurgle's throne. Manreapers are known to have been carried by both Mortarion and Typhus, Herald of Nurgle. The most famous of Manreapers is Mortarion's own scythe called Silence.

Functions as a 2-handed Power Weapon that grants its bearer +d6 Attacks if fighting a unit, or +1 Attack if fighting a single model.

Great Plague Cleaver[edit]

See main page:Great Plague Cleaver

Flail of Corruption[edit]

Flail of Corruption

A giant fuck off flail.

The Flail of Corruption is a type of heavy Power Weapon used by Death Guard Blightlord Terminators. Judging by the sheer size of this thing, the Blightlord Terminators use these Flails like portable wrecking balls and due to the fact that it spews out pestilent smoke, it would seem that the Flails are basically Mortarion's incense burners supersized and weaponized.

The Flail of Corruption is the new hot toy to play with. Up to 2 Plague Marines per squad and 1 in 5 Blightlord Terminators can take these babies. D3 hit rolls per attack, S+2, AP-2, D2, Plague Weapon, and any excess damage it causes rolls over between targets, a tasty morsel of crunch very few units can get, so it has the best of all worlds: Lots of attacks, high AP and damage, and it's not a waste to use against single-wound models. Practically auto-include on anything that wants into melee, really. Pretty sad that characters cannot take it but whatever, perfection is Slaanesh's thing anyway.

Essentially in a nutshell, this wrecking ball is designed for fucking over GEQs. S+2 means you're S6 (wounding on 2s), AP-2 means they don't get a Save and the Damage carrying over means that W1 doesn't mean shit.



AKA the Nurglite Lawnmower that RIPS AND TEARS until it even makes Khorne proud.

A Fleshmower is a type of vicious, disease-ridden close combat weapon usually deployed on the Foetid Bloat-drone Daemon Engines that are favorite forms of aerial support for the Death Guard Traitor Legion.

The Warp entities that possess Foetid Bloat-drones are more aggressive and spiteful than most daemons of Nurgle. Some are so wilful that they cannot be entrusted with ranged weaponry at all, their desire to smash themselves into the enemy ranks all too evident. These rebellious engines are instead fitted with the macabre devices known as Fleshmowers.

Heavy cylinders of rusted iron blades, Fleshmowers thrust out in front of the Bloat-drone on bulky arms and whir frenetically as it flies into battle. These weapons can be used in thrumming passes through the enemy ranks, or more deliberately pressed against resilient targets to rip them apart. Either way, the result is a hideous red spray and a mulched strew of body parts. The mashed remains of Fleshmower victims make excellent slop-fuel for those Bloat-drones armed instead with Plaguespitters, and so the two variants often form parasitic war packs.

Doomsday Bell[edit]

Doomsday Bell

The Doomsday Bell is a Daemon Weapon of Nurgle.

To hear the grim tolling of this great bell upon the winds is a death sentence, for its chime heralds the arrival of Nurgle’s plague hordes. Such is its dread power that a single tolling of the Doomsday Bell reverberates for long minutes, spreading dread and despair even over the clangor of battle. Although if push comes to shove, the Great Unclean One would just be capable as using this bell as a giant bludgeoning weapon akin to a giant club.

The Doomsday Bell is the other new toy for the big boy. Strength +1 AP-1 dealing D3 wounds, also the bearer now can roll on 4D6 when using Daemonic Ritual to summon Nurgle Daemons, and at the beginning of each phase you can roll a dice for every Nurgle Daemon unit within 7" from the bearer and for every 4+ roll you can resurrect a single model in a unit.

Great Plague Flail[edit]

Great Plague Flail

The Plague Flail's and Flail of Corruption's big grandaddy.

Sometimes confusingly called the Plague Flail. The Plague Flail is normally used by the Greater Daemons of Nurgle, the Great Unclean Ones are similiar to their smaller brethren but on a much larger scale.

Like the smaller Plague Flails and Flail of Corruption, the Great Plague Flail is blessed by Papa Nurgle with all sorts of corrupt life. These flails often takes the shape of unusually large human skulls (If we scale a normal human to a Great Unclean One, those skulls are indeed huge), instead of the more conventional steel balls and morning stars. These skulls are hollow enough to contain the vile influence of Nurgle to a much greater degree.

In 8th Edition, the Great Plague Flail is a Assault 2 weapon that is S6, AP-3 and deals 2 damage on a successful wound. Whilst its damage is pretty mediocre for the size of the weapon, if all 5 Attacks from the Great Unclean One successfully hits, than it would be ten wounds in total. Not bad especially when considering it has a pretty convenient range of 7". It is used when you really want to hit the enemy, although in terms or raw damage, it is best to just take the Bilesword instead.



The Balesword and Plaguesword's father. The Bilesword used to be called the Plague Sword before it was changed to the Bilesword to avoid confusion. Anyways, Bileswords are the symbolic might of Papa Nurgle's 'gifts'.

These massive, rusted blades are said to be dipped in the foul pus and contagion at the base of Nurgle's throne.

In 8th Edition, Bileswords are the default weapon for Great Unclean Ones, basically a Balesword with +1 Strength and dealing D6 wounds. An upgraded version is called the Bileblade, and it's a Balesword dealing D3 wounds, also the bearer can deal a mortal wound to himself (which can try to ignore via Disgustingly Resilient) before casting a psychic power to get a +1 to the casting roll.

Tzeentchian Blades[edit]

Ritual Dagger[edit]

Ritual Dagger

Ceremonial daggers used by the Heralds of Tzeentch as a conduit of psychic magicks. Despite its ceremonial and ritualistic uses, the Heralds of Tzeentch aren't afraid of using this as an actual dagger.

Of course, combined with its sorcerous nature, the Ritual Dagger is able to make even the slightest of cuts mutate into ever-growing flesh.

On tabletop, the Ritual Dagger is the stock weapon for Herald of Tzeentch, S+1 AP-1 D1 and unsaved wounds replenish the user's. Nice, but you would need to be desperate enough to send a HoT into combat for that.

Bedlam Staff[edit]

Bedlam Staff

An ancient Prosperan focusing staff, now steeped with so much concentrated madness that it can rattle the minds of those it touches. When they strike, Bedlam Staves remove all thoughts from the minds of the target, making them pause temporarily. In Dawn of War, the Bedlam Staff is Chaos Sorcerer Sindri Myr's melee weapon and it is extremely dangerous to infantry targets.

Functions as a Power Weapon; models struck and not killed cannot attack until the end of the next Assault Phase, vehicles hit by it suffer an automatic Crew Shaken result on top of anything else.

Warp Blade[edit]

Warp Blade

Not to be confused with the Soul Grinder's Warpsword.

A Warp Blade is a protective sword used to violently dissipate enemy sorcery, shattering spells in such a fashion that lurking daemons are drawn to the disturbance.

Functions as a Power Weapon, but enemy pyskers attempting to use a psychic power when within 12" of the bearer must roll a 4+ on a D6 or suffer an immediate Perils of the Warp attack. Models killed by these daemonic attacks do not provoke Daemonic Mastery checks.

Staff of Tzeentch[edit]

Staff of Change, by MordorLegion

The primary staff of our Big Blue Birds.

A Staff of Tzeentch is a powerful Force Staff that can be wielded in battle by both Chaos Sorcerers in service to the Chaos God Tzeentch and the Greater Daemons of the Architect of Fate known as a Lord of Change.

When used by a Lord of Change, a Staff of Tzeentch can unleash rampant mutation in its target, transforming them into a they-who-shall-not-be-named.

The Staff is the default weapon for Lords of Change, AP-2, D3 and creates Spa-weird things from dead Characters.

Baleful Sword[edit]

Baleful Sword

The Ritual Dagger's uncle.

A Baleful Sword is a potent blade infused with the energy of the Warp that is sacred to the Chaos God Tzeentch. It is often wielded by his servants, including his Greater Daemons, the Lords of Change.

The Baleful Sword is the alternate weapon for the big bird. S+1 AP-3 D6 Damage but with a -1 to hit rolls.

Staff of Tomorrow[edit]

Staff of Tomorrow

The Staff of Tomorrow was made by Kairos Fateweaver himself and its core is said to be imbued with the essence of rival Lords of Change. The rod is wrought of changefire and is saturated with prophetic visions glimpsed in the Well of Eternity. Atop the staff rests the Tome of Destiny, a recording of what both of Kairos' heads proclaim, mixing both insights with possible futures. As Kairos speaks, new text scribes across the pages, morphing and rewriting itself even as time and events unfold. To look upon these pages induces madness, if Kairos doesn't fuck you up 10 ways before you can sneak a glance that is.

At some point, rebellious Daemon Prince managed to steal the staff away and plant it in the Garden of Nurgle. However during one of the many battles of the Great Game, Kairos Fateweaver managed to infiltrate the garden and retrieve the staff.

Notable Daemon Weapons of Warhammer Fantasy[edit]

The Slayer of Kings

The Slayer of Kings - Archaons beat stick of choice. The Daemon U'zuhl (not Skulltaker, a Bloodthirster with the same name, because GW can't keep track of its shit and/or they hate you) is bound within the sword. The sword was created by the second Everchosen of chaos and was kept warm in the hands of Krakanrok, the first of the Dragon Ogres. When Archaon grabbed the sword and pulled it out of Karkanroks hand it started screaming for blood, and to make sure it didn't wake up the mountain sized dragon ogre, Archaon shoved the sword through the nearest member of his entourages guts to keep the sword happy. The Sword is extremely powerful and only a champion of Sigmar with Ghal-Maraz is able to duel with it. In Age of Sigmar TSOK seems to be a bit closer to Abaddons sword Drach'nyen, as its new look makes it seem more like U'zuhl is taking the form of a burning sword, rather than being bound within one.

Notable Daemon Weapons of the 41st Millenium[edit]

The Black Blade - A huge Daemon Sword wielded by Angron during the First War for Armageddon. It was made by the Dark Mechanicum and it was capable of cutting through 5 Grey Knights in Terminator Armour with a single swing. Was broken and shattered by a Grey Knight called Hyperion during the First war.

The Black Blade of Antwyr - Though they share the same name, the Blade of Antwyr is a very different weapon and is likely several order of magnitudes more powerful than Angron's. It is capable of corrupting any wielder completely as well as all those who came in contact with it. At one point, it was responsible for enslaving three entire sectors of space and required the entire Grey Knights chapter to stop it. Upon capturing the blade, the Inquisition attempted to destroy it using every means at their disposal but were unable to even scratch the blade. Containment/Imprisonment was declared the only option and was given over to the Grey Knights, who are at least resistant to the Blade's insidious corruption. Castellan Crowe is the current warden of the blade.

Drach'nyen (The End of Empires, Echo of the First Murder) - Abaddon's weapon of choice. It is an extremely powerful Chaos Undivided daemon (as in, not a weapon with a daemon bound into it like a normal daemon weapon, but the daemon itself taking the form of a sword) said to be born from humanity's first act of murder (considering the name said to be a combination of an approximation of the scream of the first murderer and that of the brother he murdered, this is probably a Cain and Abel reference) and demonstrated the power to shapeshift at will, nearly killing the Emperor in the War within the Webway. It was taken into the webway by a Custodian to keep it away from the Emperor and anyone who meant him harm. Considering Abaddon now has it, we can pretty confidently say that he failed, although considering how powerful and corruptive the daemon was during the Horus Heresy, its being a sword is probably a blessing compared to what it might be capable of otherwise. Still even in sword form Drach'nyen is monstrously powerful, capable of cutting through reality itself (meaning it can slice through practically any conventional defense and ignore force fields) and devouring the souls of whatever it strucks, though the latter clearly doesn't apply to someone like Calgar. It's likely a match for the Emperor's Sword, perhaps even surpassing it.

Forgebreaker - A giant Thunder Hammer that was forged by Fulgrim and given to Ferrus Manus; when Fulgrim turned traitor he took back the Hammer and, after killing Ferrus, gave it to Perturabo. It was later returned to the Iron Hands... yeah, this Hammer got around a fair bit. Somewhere along the way, everyone's favorite kleptos got their grubby red gauntlets on it.

Silver Blade of the Laer - A sword infused with a daemon of Slaanesh; used by Fulgrim during the Great Crusade after he took it from the ruined homeworld of the Laer, a destroyed race of Slaanesh-worshipping xenos, it was integral to his corruption, being the ultimate cause for his joining the Horus Heresy and killing Ferrus Manus. The daemon inside the Silver Blade then managed to possess Fulgrim (or something, the lore gets more inconsistent than usual at this point) and later gave the now-empty Silver Blade to Lucius after the Dropsite Massacre. According to canon, Lucius still wields the Silver Blade to this day.

Axe of Morkai - A Khorne weapon used by Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and which may or may not be slowly corrupting him. It was taken from a Champion of Khorne and reforged into its current incarnation by the Wolf Priests of Fenrir, who swear that their methods have cleansed it of its taint. While these are the same chumps who insist that their "runecraft" is fundamentally different to the psychic "witchcraft" used by everyone else in the galaxy, the fact that Grimnar hasn't been corrupted by it has to count for something. Or you know, Logan is manly enough that deamons just shit their pants rather than face him.

Use of Daemon Weapons by Non-Chaos Worshippers[edit]

For obvious reasons, non-Chaos worshippers normally do their damndest to avoid having anything to do with a Daemon Weapon, or even a Chaos Blade, since they are like giant beacons for corruption. But, there are a few individuals who are stupid, crazy or desperate enough to try and fight fire with fire.

Firstly, renegade Inquisitors who come to believe some variant of the "Use Chaos to Fight Chaos!" creed (aka Xanthism) may well stoop to using Daemon Weapons themselves. This usually does not end well for anyone.

Secondly, the Relictors were a Space Marine chapter who were basically converted to Xanthism, for which they were excommunicated.

Thirdly, the Grey Knights special character Castellan Crowe is defined by his ability to successfully wield a Daemon Weapon without being corrupted by it. The Daemon Weapon he wields is literally the most overpowered and insanely corruptible example of its kind ever seen in 40K. Normally it would be extra Mary Sue points for him if it weren't for the fact that he has constantly resist it by sheer force of will, faith and purity of soul. Doesn't help the darn blade is constantly trying to kill Crowe, break his concentration and more.

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