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Panic: The game of little girls running is one of /tg/'s homebrews created for the one week micro-RPG contest. Ostensibly it is an RPG adaptation of the Clock Tower series, but the rulebook itself made little mention of clocks or towers. The creator made the game revolve around playing as a vulnerable loli being chased by a blood/rape thirsty stalker as he understood that Anonymous would either want to be the little girl or at very least want to chase her down and gut her where she stands.

As expected the game appealed to the casual pedophilia of 4chan, but had the added advantage of not containing anything sexual to upset the moralfags. This balance ended abruptly when Anonymous convinced the creator to come up with spot rules for masturbation which would be an added game mechanic to reduce a character's panic. The creator posted the masturbation rules, became very confused with himself, and supposedly cried in the fetal position while watching reruns of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

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