Pantheon Of Chaos

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Tony Ackland, one of the original Warhammer Fantasy artists, has paired with multiple people including Spanish sculptor Diego Serrate Pinilla to create the Pantheon Of Chaos miniature range - all based both on the original artwork of Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen, Chaos Mutants, Hobgoblins, his own Malal Daemon concepts, and various other early Warhammer Chaos critters he owns the rights to, due to the fact that Games Workshop originally only hired freelancers who retained the rights to their creations.

The project mission statement is to "-bring back the classic feeling of the best 80's and 90's miniature games."

It began as a Kickstarter project (found here) for the first run of models, which they intend to expand into a much wider range which includes a rulebook. Their setting is basically Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition with a not-Slaanesh (Ch'uul, god of water), not-Khorne (Izatum, god of fire), not-Nurgle (Aa'bboth, god of earth), and not-Tzeentch (Aethus, god of wind) who's strength is returning as magic across the world of Mourn is boosted and warriors from throughout the world seek to gain their favor. Meanwhile the god Malice opposes them.

The Kickstarter was fully funded within 2 hours of starting, and since then has blasted through so many stretch goals so quickly that there's a good chance Tony might have to come up with new ones well before all's said and done.