Panty Explosion

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Panty Explosion
Panty Explosion card.jpg
RPG published by
Atarashi Games
Rule System Panty Explosion
Authors Jake Richmond, Matt Schlotte
First Publication 2007

Play Panty Explosion and take the role of a Psychic Japanese schoolgirl! With the help of your friends you will endure high school, battle nightmarish demons, best rivals, achieve goals and explore the mysterious and terrifying world of modern Tokyo. You may be cursed with Psychic powers, or you may be left defenseless as a normal girl. It’s up to you to see that your Student survives both the supernatural and mundane horrors of the Japanese educational system!

The title is supposed to be a joke about Engrish; put that dick back in your pants.

All player characters are girls in middle- or high-school; most or all are have psychic powers. The psychic powers come in two flavors: "Levitate," and "Make Heads Explode." Psychic girls attract the attention of Demons, which can be supernatural or mundane, but they're definitely out to get you.

The game is very character/narrative driven. The most often used characters stats are "traits," which are narrative things like 'tall for her age' or 'captain of the kendo team.' Among the traits are hobbies, friends/family, godai, horoscope animal, and blood type. (If you don't know why blood types is significant, consult your local Japfag). Character attributes are the five elements ("Godai") Air, Earth, Fire, Water & Void. Each are rated uniquely with ranks 1-5, which is how many dice in your dice pool for challenges. Each element represents a type of action or reaction as per Musashi’s "Book of Five Rings", so being stubborn with Fortitude checks would use Earth dice, but being aggressive for kicking-in-the-balls checks would be Fire dice. Which shape of dice you roll in challenges is determined at the beginning of the session by voting for who's the most popular girl in school: everyone's favorite girl gets to roll d10s, the least popular girl rolls d6s, and everyone else rolls d8s. The target number for dice is always 5+ , so being popular at school has a mechanical benefit (and so's you know: psychic girls can't be the most popular at school with d10s, because there's always something creepy about them).

Every player also chooses another player's character to be the "best friend," and another player's character to be their "rival" (can still be friends, but someone your char dislikes or envies). These don't have to match; your best friend could consider you a rival. If you win a challenge, the best friend's player describes the outcome. If you lose, your rival's player narrates the failure.

Characters must have a special trait called their agenda: something the character can attain, but she will have to work/fight for it (eg.: "prove to the class that I'm not the bimbo I look like," "lead my rhythmic gymnastics team to the championship"). This helps give the GM ("the Superintendent") plot hooks, and every unresolved agenda gives the BBEG more dice in the final showdown. Oh, and did we forget to mention that every time a psychic girl uses her powers, the BBEG also gets more dice for the showdown?