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Paragon Paths were a game mechanic introduced into the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, replacing the concept of Prestige classes used in the previous edition. Whereas PrCs were optional sub-classes that you could take to make your character more powerful, Paragon Paths are effectively mandatory. You take a Paragon path at level 11, and it bolsters you from there to level 20 -- its next tier equivalent is the Epic Destiny.

Paragon Paths follow pretty standard motifs; they give two abilities at level 11, one passive and one triggered by spending an action point, and gain a third passive ability at level 16. They also gain an Encounter power at level 11, a Utility power at level 12, and a Daily power at level 20. There are exceptions, of course, but it's fairly standardized, easy-to-follow stuff.

Paragon Paths are generally sorted by class, but there are also a bevvy of racial paragon paths, and a few that are more open in membership.


Arcane Paragon Paths[edit]


Battle Engineer[edit]

Most artificers are content sitting away from the action and just giving boosts and potions. Some find that shit weaksauce. Battlesmiths are those that do. For starters, Aggressive Action gives slight boosts to the accuracy and damage of weapon attacks whenever an AP is spent on a new action. Brutal Enhancement grants any weapon improved by the engineer's powers the Brutal property, though this cannot stack. Accurate Enhancement is another rider to all boosts, as boosts to allied weapons is raised by 2. Greater Magic Weapon makes for a pretty basic but effective attack, boosting the hit and damage rolls of all allies by either Con or Wis, Fleeting Dweomer grants one ally's weapon or implement some bonus typed damage equal to Int and also inflicts ongoing damage when that weapon crits. Persistent Spheres is an excellent lockdown tool. See, it starts off as just damage, then the enemy gets an AOE locked in around it which they will only hurt them if they move less than two squares, and then any nearby enemies who end up in that zone get an unfortunate little zap. Even missing is a pretty hefty effect, as the enemy still has that curse on it, though the damage from not moving is halved.

If you have an artificer that's dedicated to staying at the front and boosting allies, then there's not much that can go wrong with this path. Keep boosting allies and making things hurt.

Clockwork Engineer[edit]

Yep, that's right. You got clockwork powers. Sadly, you yourself aren't clockwork, go use Self-Forged for something of that type. Clockwork Coordinated Action makes for a hefty start as it allows an AP to grant two bonus minor actions to command summons with. Durable Artifice gives a summons +2 to all defenses, and then Superior Minions boosts their speed by +2 and attacks by +1. Despite sounding like a kickass summon power, Clockwork Soldiers just brings up a turn-long blast that slows all targets and turns the area into difficult terrain that attacks anyone within it. Aid Artifice is basically a boosted heal to any summon. Clockwork Companion is the only real summon, but it doesn't disappoint; it's fast as hell and has a vastly improved AC and Reflex, plus it grants THP to nearby allies and can mark allies or do bonus damage to those it marked.

Truth be told, this is one path that focuses on getting the right tools ready and making the best of your summons.

Spell Commander[edit]

Spell Commanders sound like they'd compete with Battle Engineers, what with being up-front with boosting allies, but the execution is what matters. The Spell Commander's gig is giving allies another shot at attacking. These guys are also not dedicated to melee. For starters, Arcane Weaponmaster turns any bow or crossbow into an implement for ranged powers and boosts the range of those powers by 5. Spell Commander's Action uses an AP spent on an attack to grant an ally a bonus basic or at-will attack against the commander's target. Unleash Spell Power is an incredible benefit, allowing adjacent allies to consider ANY at-will as a basic attack rather than just specific ones. While not immediately notable, this can make for some fun interactions with Opportunity attacks or a charge into an attack. Spell Tracer is a simple shoot-and-ally-shoots power, but the attack deals Force damage and the ally gains +2 to hit if the attack has the Arcane tag (Which pretty much means if the ally sits next to the commander). Alter Spell Power turns an adjacent ally's attack into any sort off typed damage, which kicks ass, and it deals bonus Int damage of that type. Living Gate is a pure mobility spell, with an initial attack made from an ally's position to making an entire zone around that ally made for teleporting.

The best benefits of this path are the ways it can set up allies to use their best attacks when possible. Though this also requires a specific setup to make the best of those setups, the rewards can be quite enjoyable.

Familiar Bloodsmith[edit]

Restricted to any artificer with a familiar feat, and thus is really useful if you focused a lot on them like with feats. Bloodsmith Action is a neat little trick by allowing an active familiar be used as the starting point of any arcane attack for the cost of an AP. Familiar Blood Bond boosts any healing surge by Con whenever the familiar is in passive mode. Second Familiar is pretty simple, it grants a second familiar so long as one of them is always a Heroic-tier one - however, only one familiar can provide any benefit, and a minor action can switch them around. Bloodbound Rebuke is a starting security policy, making an attack that deals Con and Int damage while also shoving back anyone who attacks a familiar. Rescue Familiar then acts as an immediate rescue, instantly turning familiar into passive mode before it gets killed. Bloodbond Swarm is the only active attack this path offers, turning an active familiar into a zone full of tinier copies that deal constant damage and slows anyone inside the zone.

Arcane Armorer[edit]

Only available to artificers with the shielding elixir. Rather than granting new and stronger ways to hurt people, this path focuses more upon finding ways to boost allied durability. Arcane Armorer's Action certainly does so when an AP used on an action also grants an ally Resist 10 to one type for a turn. Protective Spell Shield makes any ally subject to a healing infusion immune to Combat Advantage for the turn. Practiced Armorer then just adds Wis to any resist values. Defense Siphon is a rather curious attack by not only dealing necrotic damage, but also stealing from one defense and granting what was lost to one ally for a turn. Protective Recall acts as an escape button, teleporting an ally just as they get hit and granting them Resist 20 all. Armor of Force is the landmark power, granting Resist 5 all to an ally while also making them a vector to a burst attack that knocks back all enemies.

This path locks you into a very support-based role, though if you were looking for anything more direct in hurting things, you might be interested elsewhere.


Restricted to any artificer so long as they aren't warforged. This path instead turns the artificer into a sorta faux-warforged, though it does have its issues. For starters, the self-forged gains a brand-new Battlefist (a Mace with +3 proficiency and the ability to hold things too), Fortifying Action grants THP whenever an AP is used for an action, and Supporting Construction grants +2 to saves against ongoing damage. As you can guess, all of these are effectively identical to the Warforged's racial powers. More Metal Than Flesh then makes them more like the bots by granting the ability to use implanted components like them. Battlefist Smash is a pretty tough attack that also pushes the target Con squares back and grants Combat Advantage to all allies. Self-Repair grants a free double-dose of a surge and Flailing Gauntlet is a ranged punch that knocks the target prone as well as granting that fist reach.

In a way, this path demands that getting right in business, though it doesn't really offer much besides some ways to survive that. This would be one of those paths you pick because becoming a robot sounds kickass.


Blessed Psalmist[edit]

Restricted to bards with any divine multiclass feats, you seek to blend together music, arcane magic, and divine faith to create a truly powerful song. Heaven's Favor grants you the Channel Divinity feature from one divine multiclass while also allowing you to use your bardic implements for divine powers, which is a handy trimming on your wallet. Righteous Action has an AP-powered attack either recharge Majestic Word if it hits or heal an ally and shift them if it misses. Radiant Song lets you burn Words of Friendship when you use a Bard Power, granting the Radiant keyword and inflicting radiant damage; hitting adds a little topper of Cha to that radiant damage. Song of Radiant Dawn makes for a simple setup, pushing the target and then making them eat additional radiant damage for every hit they take until your next turn. Psalm of Succor gives an AoE of heals while also granting a sustainable zone of Resist 10 necrotic and +2 to all saves vs ongoing damage. Brilliant Symphony is a mondo-mindfucky spell, dealing either a turn-long dominate or a save-ends stunning while also giving an ally THP. Missing halves the THP and does either save-ends dazing or a forced MBA against one enemy.

Since this whole path keys off Cha, it pretty much locks you off to either Paladin or Cleric for multiclass options since Avenger and Invoker are too dependent on Wis (though Prescient Bards might find lesser uses).

Cunning Prevaricator[edit]

Cunning Prevaricators seek to emulate the distinctive bardic traditions of fey creatures, combining esoteric lore from the Feywild with the willingness to lie with shameless abandon. Masters of deception, illusion and trickery, these bards relish playing with the minds of their foes, giving them a dash of the Controller. Virtue of Deceit allows an ally within 5 squares to gain combat advantage on their next attack when this bard uses their Bardic Virtue. Shrouding Action allows the bard (and an ally within 5 squares) to become invisible until the end of their next turn after spending an action point. Trickster's Mercy means that when the bard employs their innate healing power, Majestic Word, to a bloodied ally, that ally gains a turn of invisibility in addition to healing. For powers, they have Lying Lights (radiant damage and allies can gain temporary invisibility by attacking that target), the encounter Utility of Trickery's Reward (boost an ally's defenses and potentially grant them some healing), and Nimbus of Falsehood (psychic damage, you can redirect the target's missed melee attacks against other targets of your choice).

Daring Blade[edit]

This path requires that a bard multiclass in a martial class and for it you get some new tools to last in up-front combat. Daring Action lets you mark all the enemies while also granting you 10 THP. Daring Improvisation is the ever-welcome feature, letting you use Cha to hit with any martial powers. Blade Feint is a twofer: it lets you use Bluff to feint an enemy as a Minor and it makes an enemy you hit grant Combat Advantage to you until you miss. Weapon Display is a very neat power, either making the target grant Combat Advantage to everyone or just marking the enemy and getting another use if you miss, but either way you still have Combat Advantage. Defensive Posture is your big boost, ading +2 to your AC and Ref, getting a shift,and giving allies +2 to hit. Offensive Spin Slash is a bit less stellar, but no less terrifying with Reliable and Rattling while also sliding the target and then letting one nearby ally mark the enemy.

Obviously, Valor Bards are the best fit for this class, as they're the ones with the best durability to fit in up-front combat.

Euphonic Bow[edit]

These bards seek to combine their musical talent with a flair for archery, turning the string of their bow into a musical instrument and sending arrows charged with melodious magic hurtling through the air, singing a literal song of death through the attacks of themselves and their allies. Bow Implement lets a Euphonic Bow use a bow as an implement for their bard powers. Harmonic Action allows an ally within 10 squars to gain a basic attack for free when you spend an action point. Volley Fire lets you make a free basic attack with a bow if you score a critical hit with your bard powers.... speaking of which: Arrow of Cacophony does Thunder damage, dazes and deafens the target. Song of Sonic Striking is a Stance that lets your bow shots ignore cover and concealment. Finally, the Anthem of Antagonism is a Thunder damage attack that causes the victim to be surrounded by an aura of flesh-ripping music, which harms its nearby allies and makes your own shots more likely to hit.

Grave Caller[edit]

Despite what you might think, these aren't bardic necromancers... they're bardic assassins, seeking to purify the world by removing "undesirables". The central feature of these Strike-subbers is their Dirge of Inescapable Doom, which lets them place a "deathmark" on a single victim within 10 squares. Until the rest of the encounter, that victim takes damage even from missed attacks by the Grave Caller, and becomes a viable target for the path's three powers; Visions of Doom (psychic damage, an ally gains a temporary bonus to attacking the target), Cloak of Sound (become invisible to the deathmarked target) and Inevitability of the Grave (strong damage + ongoing damage, even on a miss). Its Gravecall Action lets the Grave Caller gain a +4 to damage rolls by spending an action point, and its Path to the Grave lets it roll 2 D20s when using Encounter or Daily attacks against a deathmarked victim and keep the higher result.

Karmic Shaper[edit]

Available only to bards who follow the Virtue of Prescience, Karmic Shapers, as their name implies, immerse themselves in the great stream of destiny, seeking to guide the inevitable flow of action and consequence to aid their allies and punish their enemies.Karmic Action lets you gain a free D20 reroll if you spend an action point. Karmic Virtue means an ally under your Virtue of Prescience can spend a healing surge for free if they get hit. Karmic Strike allows the target of your Virtue of Prescience to make a free basic attack as part of its benefits. For powers, it has Karmic Wound (attack that causes the target to take more damage if they successfully attack somebody before the end of your next turn), Warp Karma (1/day, when an ally misses, roll 2D20; the ally can replace its attack roll with your choice from the two results, and the second result can replace the attacked enemy's next attack roll), and End of Luck (psychic damage, target treats either all its attack rolls until it makes a save or just its next one as automatic 1s).

Life Singer[edit]

A tradition born out of the Feywild, the Life Singers are an order of bards who favor pacifism and healing, having learned to harness gentleness and non-hostility through their magic in order to counter the fury of the Scourge Wind, an evil, sentient ice-storm that comes roaring out of the Scourge Mountains once every 20 years. Whilst they will get violent if they must, they prefer to avoid a fight first, and to help somebody else do the fighting second. Their Find Another Way feature grants allies a +2 bonus to skill and ability checks. Peaceful Action means that allies within 5 squares gain some free healing when they spend an action point for any reason other than to make an attack. Finally, Serene Will increases the Life Singer's ability to hit with attacks that target Will. Their powers are Pacifying Voice (1/encounter, inflict dazing & weakness on a target as well as an attack roll penalty until the end of your next turn), Inspired Solutions (grant yourself and all allies within close burst 5 an extra standard action 1/day) and Soothing Song (1/day, target a close burst 3; enemies are rendered unconscious (though not vulnerable to coup de grace) and allies can spend a healing surge).

Resourceful Magician[edit]

This path doubles down on your arcane fundamentals, requiring a bard to multiclass in any other arcane class. Greater Study acts as the improvement to any of your multiclass feats (Wizards now get all their cantrips, Sorcerers gain Resist 5 to one element whenever their bloodied and can use wands for their powers, Swordmages gain Swordbond and can use light and heavy blades as wands and vice versa, Warlock gains Eldritch Blast as an at-will), Undaunted Action uses an AP to attack one extra target with a power that misses all other targets, and Diverse Study cuts your feat bloat by allowing you to swap out bard powers with multiclass powers whenever you get new powers. Twinned Spell is your saving throw, allowing you to use a missed attack once more. Spontaneous Action gives everyone a free move. Resourceful Trick is a versatile move, hitting one or two damage (with the power scaling being rather minor), variable typed damage, and a multitude of effects: sliding 2, pushing/pulling 4, dazing, or swapping places.

Considering that all the other arcane classes either use Cha or Int as main stats, you'd probably have a good shot with any of them as lead-ins, with cunning bards getting the most from wizards and swordmages.

Student of the Seven[edit]

A rather broad path, all you need for this is a bard with any multiclass feat, giving you the chance to run practically anything you want. Daily Mastery allows any multiclass Dailies (requiring Adept Power for a feat) to switch out for equal or lower-leveled dailies per extended rest. Versatile Action uses an AP to recharge a multiclass Encounter power (Requiring Novice Power for a feat). Compensatory Insight just adds Int to damage when you use a multiclass power. Anyspell is a very versatile power, targeting any NAD and also granting an ally either +2 defenses or +1 to attack. Versatile Glamor is another broad perk spell: +2 speed, +2 to hit and damage with an Opportunity Attack, a doubled Combat Advantage bonus, concealment, or Resist 10 to any one type. Voice of the Seven is also a power that hits any NAD, but it's more focused on either dazing or shoving and immobilizing, both with save-ends. Missing just dazes or immobilizes for a turn.

Summer Rhymer[edit]

Restricted to Cunning bards, this path is filled with the fey power of the summer courts, gifting all sorts of benefits to allies. Feypath uses an AP to teleport yourself or one ally at any point before or after your new action. The Queen's Grace adds Cha to any heals made using your healing powers. Judgment of the Summer Court adds +2 to hit any enemies that triggers your Virtue of Cunning abilities. Song of the Queen's Protection grants concealment against the target of this attack to any nearby allies. Song of Spiral Paths raises a sustainable AoE which allows allies to teleport 2 squares as a move. Song of the High Court is a sustainable AoE burst that gives any allies Resist 5 all.

Voice of Thunder[edit]

Sometimes a bard just wants to shout really really loud. Sometimes, a bard wants to shout so much that they emulate the sound of thunder. This path is the result. The eponymous Voice of Thunder uses and AP to boost the range of burst attacks by 1 and blast attacks by 2. Voice to Wake the Dead allows allies to get a +2 to death saves whenever you're around. Booming Words just adds +2 to Thunder powers. Rolling Echo makes for a unique double-burst, shoving the enemy once after the first hit before repeating it against any enemies still within range. Doom Echo is your single recharge of one bard Thunder power you need again. Song of Thunder is a very wild attack, knocking anyone in range prone and then letting allies deal 5 thunder damage to all nearby enemies.

Taking this path means working to increase your control and attack repertoire, and you should also make sure to keep as many Thunder powers as you can.

War Chanter[edit]

Available only to Valor bards, this path acts as an up-front support path, though not necessarily a full-out combatant. Inspire by Example uses an AP to add your Con as a bonus to the hit and damage rolls of any allies within range. In addition, Inspire by Word gives you THP any time you give an ally THP via Virtue of Valor as well as the power to grant THP to an ally any time you kill an enemy. Inspire By Deed also allows the usage of two APs during an encounter, though the means to gain a second AP or regain an AP is alarmingly slim. Vicious Smite isn't much of an attack, but it does allow an ally a 3-square-shift and a free MBA adding Con to their hit and damage rolls. Battle Chant targets an enemy by adding +2 to hit them for all allies. Visions of Victory is another support-power, with a hit giving an adjacent ally an auto-hit with an Encounter power while a miss just gives a free MBA.


Master Binder[edit]

The Binder's exclusive path, granting the next step for your pacts. While the format for each pact is identical, they all have very different developments. All apcts have a Binder's Action for their feature that uses an AP, and Binder's Favor adds a special rider to one of the pact's special at-wills while Binder's Boon adds one to the other at level 16. Level 12 gives Pact Binder's Pledge, a daily utility power that either gives you an escape button, an immediate end to one save-ends effect, or the ability to negate damage for a turn. Offering of Magic is the universal daily power, dealing a good deal of damage and immediately triggering pact boon, while killing the target grants you a free standard action.

The Fey Pact Binder's Action lets you use an AP to daze the target of an attack, while Binder's Favor and Binder's Boon give allies partial concealment from the target of Fascinating Shadows and Combat Advantage over the target of Cloud Sight respectively. The exclusive power is Nightmare Vines, a ranged burst that restrains enemies while making them unable to take Opportunity Attacks.

The Gloom Pact Binder's Action uses an AP to gain Combat Advantage over anyone you attack. Binder's Favor and Binder's Boon makes Echoing Dirge deal +Dex damage to one more enemy and makes Shadow Warp ignore terrain and other enemies. The encounter power is Tides of Night, a ranged burst that leaves a zone that's heavily obscured and hurts anyone inside it.

The Star Pact Binder's Action uses an AP to add +4 to the damage of any cold, psychic, or necrotic damage, while Binder's Favor gives +2 to damage when you hit someone you have Combat Advantage over with Mind Shadows, and Binder's Boon renders you insubstantial when you use Hidden Lore. Banish to Darkness is the exclusive power, a ranged attack that dazes and forces the target to attack the nearest enemy next turn.


Sorcerous Sword[edit]

The exclusive path for bladesingers, this path gives you little in the terms of actual powers, but it offers extra benefits to your bladesong and spell repertoire. Boon Spell grants you a 7th level or lower encounter power, but lets you treat it like a daily - which plays well with the new daily prep slot you now have available for any level. Choir of Swords lets you use an AP whenever you're in Bladesong so you can make an MBA to anyone within reach as a standard action, while Bladesong Ballet gives you a full-speed shift whenever you use Bladesong and Bladespell Step lets you teleport 5 spaces once per encounter. Signature Spell just offers you a new daily of 19th level or lower.


Elemental Savant[edit]

This is the exclusive path for elementalists. This path adds a few extra things to your build, but it's nothing that fixes the underlying deals to the class. Elementalist Action adds +1/2xlevel damage to your next attack when you spend an AP, Savant Focus adds +1 to hit with powers granted by your elemental focus, Savant Power adds a new at-will, Confer Protection gives your elemental resistance to nearby allies, and Elemental Nature adds +2 ot saves vs ongoing damage, dazes, and stuns while also granting you an extra use of Elemental Form for the day.

Elemental Form is actually a daily utility power that renders you insubstantial, independent of breathing, and able to fit in tight spaces at the cost of being able to do anything else; on top of this is a certain benefit based on your elemental focus: air elementals have partial concealment and flight speed 6, earth elementals have tremorsense and a burrow speed of 5, fire elementals have an aura that deals 10 damage to anyone inside it, and water elementals have regen 5 when bloodied as well as a swim speed of 6.


Legendary Hexblade[edit]

This path is the more generalized Paragon Path for hexblades of any pact. Each of them establishes an incredibly different path, with Hexblade's Action adding a rider to spending an AP, Pact Aspect adding some minor benefits, and Improved Pact Boon adding another feature to the Pact Boon.

Elemental hexblades grant THP and gain a turn-long +1 reach upon using an AP with Hexblade's Action, Elemental Aspect gives you +2 to endurance and resistance 10 (15 on Epic) to one type of your choosing each short rest, and Improved Elemental Pact Boon has the next attack made after using Warding Chaos be one that deals +Con extra damage of one type. Chaotic Mind Curse is a ranged attack that forces the target to attack anyone that provokes Opportunity Attacks, be they friend or foe. Elemental Invocation gives you a 50-50 chance to reduce typed damage you take by 15, but rolling a 1 or 2 makes you take 10 extra damage. Elemental Transformation gives you Resist 5 to all elements (stacking on what you have), +2 to AC and Fortitude, and a special power that's a close burst 1 dealing 10 damage of a random type with a rider depending on type.

Hexblade's Action makes Fey hexblades turn invisible and teleport +Dex spaces when they use an AP, Fey Aspect adds +2 to bluff and +1 to speed, and Improved Fey Pact Boon makes you invisible when you use Soul Step. Curse of Shattered Armor is a short-ranged attack that gives Combat Advantage over the target. Fey Invocation gives you a 50-50 chance to halve any damage you take, with a 1 or 2 doubling the damage instead. Feywild Transformation gives you a teleport 3 speed, +2 to Will and Reflex, and a special power that attacks close burst 1 and renders you invisible on a hit.

Gloom hexblades have Hexblade's Action turn them insubstantial when they use an AP, Gloom Aspect adds +2 to bluff and resist 10 necrotic (increase by +5 if you have prior resistance), and Improved Gloom Pact Boon gives you Combat Advantage over a target after using Convocation of Shadows. Curse of Age is a short-range attack that slows and weakens the target. Dark Invocation gives you a 50-50 chance to be totally concealed against an attack, with a 1 or 2 making you take +10 additional damage and weakening you. Shadow Transformation loads you with features (fly speed 3, darkvision, aura of darkness, insubstantial, immunity to disease or fear) as well as a special power that weakens anyone you punch with it.

Infernal hexblades use Hexblade's Action to make the next attack deal a guaranteed 5+con fire damage upon using an AP, Infernal Aspect gives resist 10 fire (upped to 20 on Epic, add +5 to pre-existing resistance) and +2 to intimidate, and Improved Infernal Pact Boon makes Soul Feast push nearby enemies 1 space. Curse of the Fiery Soul is a short-range attack that makes anyone within 2 spaces of the target take fire damage. Infernal Invocation lets you either use 2 surges to heal (but bans you from any further healing that fight) or gain +10 to your next save (but make all future saves take a -2 penalty until the fight ends). Infernal Transformation makes you immune to fire and adds +4 fire damage to melee attacks while also having a special melee attack that deals 10 flat damage and shoves the target back 3 spaces.

Star hexblades have Hexblade's Action daze the next enemy you attack after using an AP, Star Aspect adds +2 to arcana and resist 10 psychic (Up to 20 in Epic, add +5 to pre-existing resistances), and Improved Star Pact Boon has you slide a target within 2 spaces by 1 space after using Dire Fate. Curse of Forbidden Knowledge is a short-range attack that makes the target attack the first friend that touches them. Star Invocation makes you insubstantial and weakened until you dismiss it. Starry Transformation makes you into a sun with immunity to radiant damage, a fly speed of 8, and a special melee attack that blinds its target.

Valiant Hexblade[edit]

For whatever reason, Dragon Magazine #393 produced a second path available to any Fey Pact hexblade, though the power specialize on the White Well. Valiant Hexblade's Action starts you with a double-whammy of +Cha HP and teleporting +Dex spaces when you spend an AP, while White Well Visage only grants +2 to diplomacy and initiative and Moonlit Soul Step makes Soul Step render you insubstantial for the turn.

Curse of Blinding Radiance blinds the target and makes your next attack deal +5 radiant damage. White Well Invocation is an aura that gives you a 50% chance of teleporting away from harm and becoming insubstantial, but a 10% chance of being dazed from any damage. White Well Transformation gives +2 to Reflex, Will, and speed, but also gives an exclusive power that deals a fixed 10 radiant damage to anyone it punches and gains Combat Advantage over them.


Enigmatic Mage[edit]

The exclusive path of mages, this path is focused on which school you chose to be a Master Mage of. In fact, the only consistent features that all classes are two powers: Enigmatic Spellcaster (allowing you to replace an unspent daily power with an equivalent-level power) and Enigmatic Spell Lore (the same, but with encounter powers).

Enchanters get Enchantment Action, which uses an AP to push enemies within 2 spaces away Cha spaces. Otto's Twisting Tune lets you slide a target and make them hit another enemy with a guaranteed daze. Otto's Song of Fidelity is a non-combat utility power that makes everyone make a saving throw with a bonus if they're of higher level and a penalty if not; passing just lets them know you did it, failing makes them treat you as a friend and won't lie as well as offer a +5 to bluff checks. Otto's Inevitable Command lets you dominate (without wasting it if it misses) and only requires a standard action to sustain it, but it instantly breaks the moment it's hurt, an ally gets hurt, or anyone attacks - this limits its uses in combat, but not outside.

Evokers get Evocation Action to add +Con to an evocation power's damage when you spend an AP. Kelgore's Undeniable fire is a ranged attack that...only does fixed damage. Kelgore's Well of Power lets you spend a surge to add +2d10 damage to one attack. Kelgore's Rain of Fire places a ranged burst that deals constant fire damage and can be used as a sort of summon that always deals damage.

Illusionists get Illusion Action to add +Wis to AC and Reflex whenever you use an AP. Nolzur's Shade Spell lets you use any encounter power below level 7 and makes it attack will and gain the illusion keyword. Nolzur's Phantom Vigor lets one ally spend a surge for an equivalent amount of THP instead of real HP. Nolzur's Phantom Spell is similar to Shade Spell in that it lets you replicate any daily power (up to level 19) and makes it target will and gain the illusion keyword.

Necromancers get Necromancy Action to grant nearby enemies a vulnerable condition to necrotic damage equal to wis and pushes enemies with necrotic resistance when you spend an AP. Nulathoe's Concussive Demise is an immediate reaction that lays a ranged burst centered around someone dying and throws anyone nearby back. Nulathoe's Death Ward is a burst that gives your team either resist 10 necrotic, +2 to saves against slow or weaken effects, or the inability to be raised as undead. Nulathoe's Dread Army is a big burst that spends a surge to raise up to 5 skeletal lackeys whom you then have to control with the benefit of not risking another surge if they all die.

Nethermancers get Nethermancy Action to use an AP and gain a zone of obscuring darkness. Evard's Wrenching Darkness gives you a ranged attack that slides and immobilizes the target while also shoving back anyone close to the target and gaining Combat Advantage over them. Evard's All-Seeing Worm deals necrotic damage to an ally, but doing so allows you to use any powers as if you were in their space. Evard's Black Gate summons a small wall that dazes anyone inside the wall and forces them to attack anyone inside; the exclusive power is a burst centered on the wall and shoves anyone within burst 5 closer until they're inside the wall while also save-ends restraining them.

Pyromancers get Pyromancy Action, which uses an AP to mark a target that, when hit by an at-will or encounter power, is hit for the max damage (critting maxes out any extra crit die). Kelwyn's Devouring Fire is a large blast that can slide anyone it misses and deals extra damage if it kills anyone. Kelwyn's Fiery Form turns you into an elemental immune to fire with a bonus to fire attacks based on the number of targets (adding +4 if an ally's in there) and an aura of constant damage. Kelwyn's Final Devastation deals tremendous damage, but it also deals some damage on you as well.


Master Skald[edit]

The skald's exclusive path, you select this in order to further your support from the front lines, especially with preference to your Skald's Aura. Cling to Your Words lets you use Skald's Aura's healing power the instant someone drops to 0 HP, Skald's Action has you spend an AP to let someone inside your Skald's Aura make an attack, and Expert Rejuvenation adds a flat +4 HP to any healing you provide.

Inspiring Success adds +2d10 damage to an MBA/RBA, letting everyone within Skald's Aura take +5+Cha THP and roll a save - a decent deal on a simple attack. Assured Skill is an out-of-combat deal that lets one ally either add +5 to a skill check or re-roll the check. Death March lets one ally within Skald's Aura re-roll an attack each round, which sounds more useful than it really is.


Arcane Wellspring[edit]

Taking this path allows for you to specialize in two different sorts of damage for your spells. Double Resistance lets you gain resistance to two different sorts of energy (selected for Dragon Sorcerers, randomized for Wild Sorcerers. Cosmics, Storms, and Elementalists, you're SOL) while ignoring any resistances to your two types that are lesser than your own. Split Spell Action meanwhile lets you target one more target with a non-area power for the cost of an AP, while Antagonistic Transposition lets you swap the places of two different enemies in a burst or blast's area in the situational instance where this matters. Twin Bolt's a basic attack that hits with both types of damage, though you can sacrifice your resistance for the battle so you can hit two targets for extra damage. Sorcerous Wings gives you a temporary fly speed which hits anyone who tries an Opportunity Attack on you. Sorcerous Metamorphosis is your big transformation, turning you insubstantial and phasing while dealing damage whenever you get attacked or when you go through someone...but it's only for a turn.

Blizzard Mage[edit]

As the name suggests, these sorcerers focus on ice elementalism, conjuring personalized blizzards to shatter their foes with icy gale-force winds and utter cold. This gives them a certain Controllery slant. Icy Action empowers any Action Point-fueled attack so that it automatically slows all target. The feature Walk Through Winter means a Blizzard Mage can shift 1 square when immobilized and their speed is reduced to 3 when slowed, instead of the normal 2. Finally, Chill Winds let them slide a single creature within 10 squares of them for a distance of 1 square whenever they score a critical hit with a sorcerer spell. For powers, they get Winter's Clutch to hit one target and immobilize them, whilst all allies within 20 squares can shift 2 squares. Cloak of Freezing Wind gives you an encounter-long ability ato hurt and shove back anyone attacking you. Blizzard drops a close burst 10 of cold damage that knocks its victims prone and grants allies Cold Resistance 10 for the rest of the encounter, as well as granting you a personal blizzard for the same, which chills and pushes all enemies in the area.

Celestial Scholar[edit]

These master Cosmic Magic sorcerers have taken to studying the powers of the heavens with almost wizard-like diligence, honing their powers to a greater level and developing both a particularly strong affinity for one celestial object and a greater ability to manipulate which celestial object they are attuned to. Celestial Action allows you to spend an AP to add to your cold, psychic, and radiant powers (all powers Cosmic Sorcs can key to based on phase), Cosmic Concordance allows you to change to any phase when you're forced to (by using a daily or getting bloodied) instead of going to the next step, Phase Focus lets you improve one of your phases, which also adds +2 to all defenses when using Celestial Defense. Celestial Sigil is a basic attack that keys itself to a phase with special effects. Celestial Resistance lets you either improve the resistance a phase gives you or swap the resistance to that of another phase. Celestial Seal is another ranged attakc that does dual-typed damage, save-ends immobilizes, and deals another perk based on the phase.

Demonskin Adept[edit]

This power suggests that you've ripped your power from the forces of the Abyss, and for what it offers that may be right - it's really damn good. Demon Fury spends an AP to grant everyone +3 to hit (though enemies only get it on attacking you), Variable Resistance lets you swap around your resistance for a fight, and Glimpse of the Abyss blinds both you and your target if you crit, which would suck if you have no means to fix it. Demon-Soul Bolts doesn't look too impresive at first, but that's before reading that you get to do this up to three times, enabling you to stack up the damage or split your fire. Demonic Wrath requires you to be bloodied so you can add extra damage, which stacks well with a Dragonborn. Swords of the Marilith gives you an AoE of pain that can be lowered to give allies an AC bonus, which is really killer.

Dragon Guardian[edit]

Arcane Power's revisit of the Dragon Sorcerer path, these Dragon Magic sorcerers seek to harness the raw vitality and physical potency of the dragons they feel a connection to, granting them far greater durability and offensive capabilities than others of their ilk. Dragon Breath Action spends an AP to make your blasts crit on a 16+ (holy shit), Guardian's Resistance grants you a second type to resist, and Indomitable Breath lets your blasts ignore resistances. Guardian's Breath is a blast that marks everyone in it and grants vulnerability while also hurting anyone who doesn't hit you. Shield of Dragon Might rocks not only because of it's bonus to all defenses, but because it can give resistance to a third type. Lasting Breath is a big blast that save-ends marks and deals ongoing damage as well as also hitting enemies not facing you.

Dragonsoul Heir[edit]

The PHB path for Dragon Sorcerers, which strangely went more for being defensive and durable on a Striker class meant for range. Draconic Durability grants two extra healing surges, which is a bit strange, Draconic Resilience Action only gives THP for an AP, and Dragon Soul Resistance improves your elemental resistance. Breath of the Dragon Soul is a basic blast. Dragon's Revenge lets you strike back against anyone targeting your AC, though not against your NADs. Veil of the Dragon is a pretty fierce attack, not only doing damage, but also giving a sustained ability to hit any attackers and a unique melee power which would be cooler if not for being an Encounter power.

Essence Mage[edit]

All sorcerers draw their power from an innate wellspring, but the Essence Mage seeks to truly become one with its magic, drawing forth greater power than any normal sorcerer can hope to wield. With how basic these features are, it makes it welcome for any subclass. You get Energy Essence to add extra damage whenever you deal two types of damage, Essential Action gives a big flat boost to attacks when you spend an AP, and Essential Resistance gives a minor bump to your resistances. Essence of Arcane Blood is a basic attack that does two types of damage and gives Combat Advantage towards all targets. Essence Form makes you immaterial and allows you to heal when you hit with an attack. Protective Burst is a burst that grants Resist 5 all and lets you hurt anyone next to you for the rest of the fight.

Lightning Fury[edit]

The epitome of power for the Storm Magic Sorcerer, these destructive mages focus on mastering their innate affinity for lightning, enhancing their ability to bring foes to their knees with cascades of crackling electrical energy. Electric Action lets you shock enemies whenever you spend an AP, Unstoppable Lightning ignores resistance to lightning while treating those immune to to just having resistance, and Lightning Field makes anyone near you after making an attack take more shocks. Furious Bolts starts as a basic attack, but it can cause a massive chain reaction of damage if you hit everything and then gain a bonus to your next attack based on your tally. Lightning in the Blood just makes your attacks deal even more damage. Bolt of Power is your jumbo attack that deals ongoing damage and then lets you be dazed for a turn (easily undone if you got a way to make free saves) so you can deal ongoing damage to the target's closest mates.


Another Wild Magic path, though this one works by countering the randomness with more rolls rather than working with it. Chaos Soul lets you re-roll your resistance, Luckbender's Action lets you use an AP to gain a 50% to recover your lowest-level Encounter power, and Lucky Number always lets you crit on a 19+. Fortunate Turn of Events makes a missed shot at you turn into an attack that either pushes or knocks the attacker and anyone they're near prone. Even the Odds lets you influence the rolls of one person by adding or subtracting 1d6 from a roll. You get another random chance shows up in Just Not Their Day, giving you a 50% to deal guaranteed extra damage while also sliding and knocking the enemy prone on a hit.

Primordial Channeler[edit]

These Wild Magic Sorcerers look beyond the mere randomness of Wild Magic and tease out its connection to the Elemental Chaos, imbuing them with an affinity for a unique form of chaotic elementalism that may or may not be connected to the ancient Primordials. Primordial Manifestation gives use to your randomized element and adds a perk to your attacks based on it, Primordial Action uses an AP to deal damage to nearby enemies, and Overwhelming Resistance lets you cut down resistances if you hit an enemy. Primordial Rage is a ranged attacks that adds something for whatever type you're using. Primordial Boon gives you Resist 15 to fire, cold, lightning, and thunder, which is neat. Primordial Wrath if a variable sized blast that dazes and gives you a temporary second element to benefit from.

Wild Mage[edit]

The PHB path for Wild Sorcerers, with all the rolls that entails. Chaos Action spends an AP for a random perk from a d6, Wild Surge gives a d6 if you roll a 1 on an attack if you don't like Unfettered Power (pushing things back), and Critical Surge deals extra damage on a crit. Tempest Surge is a ranged burst with a variable radius that can at least omit allies. Torrent of Power is pretty cool, giving you the ability to add another damage die if you roll max with one. Prismatic Surge is essentially a souped-up Chromatic Orb that can inflict one of a bundle of save-ends effects that happen even when you miss.


Anarch of Shyr[edit]

Exclusive to swordmages with the Aegis of Assault. This particular style hails from a sect of genasi who merged their swordplay with the power of Elemental Chaos. You get Blade Flurry Action, which lets you use an AP to do an action and make an MBA at the same time, Empowered Aegis to add +2 to your Aegis of Assault reaction, and Extended Aegis to double the range of your aegis. Lightning Clutch is a double-strike of sorts, hitting once before triggering Aegis of Assault as a free action and possibly letting two targets be marked if you hit someone you didn't mark. Stance of Chaos is a bit dicey, hitting your AC by -2 but giving 1d12 extra typed damage. Shyran Cataclysm does your big blast that deals multiple flavors of damage, just in case you needed to hit someone with something but forgot what they're weak to, though missing only makes them eat damage of just one type.

Arcane Hunter[edit]

Exclusive to swordmages with the Aegis of Ensarement. Using this means you seek to master the Aegis of Ensnarement, honing your ability to set up and exploit weaknesses in enemies to the point of possible overspecialization. For this end, you get Knowing Strike to negate resistances and insubstantial when you spend an AP, Perfect Strike to add extra damage equal to the biggest vulnerability in an enemy you crit, and Exploitive Eye to reduce any resistance you face by 10. Your powers aren't much different - Exploit Weakness just adds Perfect Strike's benefit on a single attack, Elemental Stance adds a Vulnerable 5 to one type whenever you hit someone, and Flaw-Seeking Strike deals ongoing damage of a type the enemy is vulnerable to (Or just any type if they lack a weakness).

Coronal Guard[edit]

Though not explicitly demanding the Aegis of Shielding, this path does have a feature that requires it on top of your other mega-defensive features. Improved Silver Shield gifts you THP whenever you use the Aegis of Shielding that scales by tier, Swordshield Action gives you +2 to your defenses when you spend an AP, and Improved Swordmage Armor adds +1 to your AC whenever you have a hand free, making one-handed Swordmages get +4 AC out of the deal. Countering Thunderclap is a new interrupt you can rely upon without using the aegis, shoving an enemy out of the way and potentially even foiling an attack when the enemy's out of reach. Dragon Scales is a rather basic +2 to AC. Avaunt Foe gives you the power to slap a foe so hard they teleport to a new location that's away from you, though this can't send them off a cliff or into a bottomless pit.

Ghost Blade[edit]

The closest thing amongst the ranks of the swordmage to a Conjurer, this path specializes in using your unique mix of wizardry and swordplay to literally cut through reality and swipe at things thought unreachable or untouchable. To accomplish this, you have Here nor There to give you Combat Advantage on your next attack after teleporting, Slip the Weave to become insubstantal once you spend an AP, and Stalker of the In-between, a +2 boost to teleport distances and the ability to gain Combat Advantage to enemies while insubstantial or phasing. Ghost Sword is a prety basic attack that negates insubstantial, though this power does have the benefit of being usable as part of the Aegis of Assault instead of an MBA. Phase Evasion counters an attack by gaining +2 to AC and Reflex against the attack and then getting insubstantial and phasing for the rest of the turn. Omnipresent Assault then springs off this insubstantiality by teleporting to ALL enemies and slapping them once before going to the next.

This path gives some interesting options through teleportation and insubstantial, but it offers rather minimal in the way of becoming a defender - rather, all these powers make it more of a flighty striker of a rogue's like.

Malec-Keth Janissary[edit]

As Janissaries are elite bodyguards, so too does this path specialize in protecting your allies and delivering just retribution. You have Chant of War, which more than doubles the range of your initial marking for the Aegis of Shielding/Assault, Devshirme Training to gain training in another class skill or training in two languages, Malec-Keth Training to ignore resistances when you spend an AP, and Primordial Blade, which lets you add +1d4 elemental damage whenever you take a long rest. Loyal Unto Death lets you swap places with an ally while giving both of you Combat Advantage over any nearby enemies and you can also smack someone. Ever-Present Escort lets you teleport to an ally whenever someone slaps their AC and boost the ally's AC by +4. Elemental Scourge is a bit multi-type burst that lets your allies teleport while inside the area.

Sage of Fate's Bonds[edit]

Restricted to swordmages with Aegis of Ensnarement. Through extensive studies, you learn how to manipulate the unseen bonds connecting creatures to the world around them. Bond of Fury is an extra penalty to your aegis-marked foe, dealing damage if they don't attack you. Bond of Transport lets you spend an AP to teleport away a nearby enemy or an aegis-marked foe, while Bond of Escape lets you teleport away an enemy who hits your ally. Foe Binder lets you mark two different enemies (and only two) with the aegis while not overwriting the current target. Protective Bond lets you teleport away a single foe whenever they get hit during the fight. Deadly Ensnarement also interrupts an enemy's attack on an ally by teleporting the enemy to you so you can fight them.

Sigil Carver[edit]

Exclusive to swordmages with the Aegis of Shielding. Heirs to an eladrin tradition called bereg-arnadh, these swordmages have learned to combine the art of blade calligraphy and the warding sigils mastered by those who practice the Aegis of Shielding to literally write enchanted glyphs with their blades, magical sigils which conjure, focus and enhance their protective spells to new heights of durability and potency. How this is accomplished is through hunkering down on the controlling aspects of this style. Your features are Bolstering Sigil, which adds +2 to the defenses of nearby allies, Energizing Sigil, which spends an AP to make an ally roll a save, and Punishing Sigil, a reaction that permits you to make an Opportunity Attack whenever a marked enemy hits a nearby ally. Aegis Sigil lets you mark a second enemy if you didn't attack your marked enemy. Sigil of Safety lets you teleport an ally that got hurt while also letting them get a +4 to defenses on that attack. Your big hitter is Sigil of Emnity, not because of its damage (which is crap), but the part where it permanently curses an enemy to take additional damage when an ally hits them with no means of removing it.

Sword of Assault[edit]

The Aegis of Assault is sometimes regarded as a simple branch of the swordmage's art. The exclusive Sword of Assault path does nothing to dispel these preconceptions, but instead focuses magic and strength to the point of attacking things. All of your features involve adding flexibility on your attacks, from Assaulting Charge letting you spend an AP to use any at-will on a charge and Battlemage Readiness letting you exchange your Aegis of Assault attack for an at-will to Double Spell Assault letting you attack twice for a single turn. Spell Strike acts as a typical attack with typed damage. Aegis Reserve lets you mark two enemies with Aegis of Assault. Fire and Thunder slams an enemy with fire and thunder damage while also adding save-ends deafened and ongoing fire damage.


Because of course, you need to have a darkness-themed class. The issue is that this particular path was built with a style in mind over some mechanical purpose. You have Shadow Action to conceal everyone near you for a turn, Shadow Defense to give resistance to necrotic damage (which increases when you use an Aegis power and also adds some necrotic damage on your attack), and Shadow Shroud, which gives Combat Advantage over an enemy if you're concealed...which is only possible by spending that AP. Assassin Shadow lets you set up a duplicate after the attack, which can do flanking or take Opportunity Attacks if needed. Concealing Umbra renders an ally invisible. Shadowed Psyche requires Combat Advantage to dominate the target and command it to do something that won't directly harm it. The issue with this is that this effect lasts for only one turn, which is a laughing stock for a daily attack when most others would have a save-ends effect on this sort of thing.

Wandering Swordmage[edit]

This path represents the swordmage as a world traveler, blending a style for themselves out of other schools they encounter. Its first and primary major benefit works with both the aegis of assault and the aegis of shielding, offering a substantial increase to the size of the burst, albeit one tied to a tertiary ability score, as well as a substantial array of abilities that improve mobility via teleportation and punish enemies for attacking with ripostes and parries.

Ward Guardian[edit]

All swordmages rely upon their magical wards to shield themselves from harm and free themselves of the need for mundane armor, but this path gives you a new means to improve your protection and even impart this protection to allies. This is emphasized in Spellshield, which lets you add the Swordmage Warding bonus to a single NAD whenever you get bloodied, while Guardian's Action lets you spend an AP to give all allies this benefit for a turn and Reactive Spellshield adds this to an ally subject to an Opportunity Attack. Ward Force Assault has a decent utility, permitting you to either deal +Con+Warding Bonus in bonus damage or knocking the target prone. Sheltering Ward is a sustainable AoE gives nearby allies the Swordmage Warding, which does limit how you can support your allies. Unseen Entanglement impressively adds +Int and +Con to the attack's damage while also slapping a save-ends -3 penalty to the NAD you picked for Spellshield.

While the concept is rather impressive, the means of spreading this to allies is quite lacking and limited in ways to prevent any attacks from happening.


Astral Ascendant[edit]

Exclusive to Vestige Pact warlocks dependent on Con, the main claim of this path is your ability to deal radiant damage. Preparing Action uses an AP to give allies THP and a free shift, Radiant Curse makes Warlock's Curse deal radiant damage on top of being able to trigger on any ally's attack, and Celestial Resistance gives you resist necrotic equal to half your level while also giving it to allies within range.

Overwhelming Radiance is a ranged attack that gives anyone Combat Advantage over the target. Angelic Aura gives you a hover speed while letting bloodied allies heal +Int HP. Vestige of the Ascendant Commander is a ranged burst that save-ends dazes enemies while also letting at least one ally in the burst use a surge (hitting lets all allies spend it) which unlocks the Vestige of the Ascendant Commander. This Vestige has a boon giving +2 AC (+4 when bloodied) and an augment for Eyes of the Vestige that lets allies attacking the target deal +5 radiant damage.

Dark Reckoner[edit]

All warlocks of the Dark Pact have a certain affinity for spite and vengeance, but none are as dedicated to the magical arts of delivering punitive corrections and retribution as the Dark Reckoners. Selecting this path requires a good Cha score and a need for single-target elimination, as none of your powers are area attacks. You start with Dark Shadow Action using an AP to grant everyone within 5 spaces concealment, Shadow and Threat lets you turn invisible when you crit with a necrotic power, and Death Curse adds +1d6 necrotic damage to Warlock's Curse.

Deadly Judgment is a ranged attack that deals necrotic splash damage to those near the target. Shadow Slip lets you become invisible to those you curse for a turn. Cursing Vengeance is another ranged attack inflicts ongoing necrotic damage that's halved on a miss and triggers any time the target tries to hit you.


The Forgotten Realms Player's Guide's exclusive path for Dark Pact warlocks, this one differentiates itself from the Dark Reckoner by a massive focus on insubstantial beings and how to combat them. This however comes at a cost on your damage focus when not cheesing off insusbstantial. You start with Darkwalker Action granting Insubstantial for an AP and Deadly Absence adds +Int to damage while insubstantial, then Ghostken negates the damage-halving benefit insubstantial provides others.

Ghostly Bane is a long-ranged attack that turns you insubstantial on a hit. Fading Spiral turns you insubstantial whenever you use Darkspiral Aura. Wraithform Blast is a ranged attack that deals ongoing psychic+necrotic damage on top of gaining insubstantial+phasing until you become bloodied.

Disciple of Razaundra[edit]

Exclusive to Heroes of Shadow's Gloom Pact (Something not even available for PHB warlocks, but for binders and hexblades), this path has you learn the lessons of a very pissed-off shadow demon. These lessons lead to warlocks learning ow to control the rage of others. You start with Curse of Crimson Darkness adding +2 (+4 if bloodied) to any encounter/daily's bloodied value, while Maelstrom of Rage uses an AP to add +5+Cha cold+necrotic damage to one target of your next attack, while Redirected Anger lets you use an at-will as a minor action (free if bloodied) the moment you kill someone once per encounter.

Razaundra's Lash is a short-ranged attack that can whack and weaken two foes, gaining +5 damage if you're bloodied. Cascade of Fury lets you gain Combat Advantage over everyone for a turn. Open the Floodgates is a big attack, dazing you while inflicting save-ends stunning and then save-ends dazing while forcing them to attack the nearest targets and giving you a bonus to attack and damage.


The core's Star Pact exclusive path, the Doomsayer is a creepy SOB with a focus on ill-fortune and evil fate. For features, it grants Doomsayer's Action, making all enemies cursed by you take damage when you spend an action point, Doomsayer's Proclamation, so enemies within 10 squares roll twice and take the lower result when making saving throws vs. fear effects, and Doomsayer's Oath, adding +2 to attack rolls with Fear spells when Bloodied.

On the powers scale, it gives you Fates Entwined (psychic damage, and until your next turn ends, target takes damage when you get hurt), Accursed Shroud (once per day you can curse a target and force them to reroll successful attacks), and Long Fall Into Darkness (psychic damage and stun + knock prone on a hit, or daze on a miss).

Dragonbane Pactmaker[edit]

Here be yet another anti-dragon Paragon Path, same as the others for the PHB1 classes. The only real need for this path is a Cha focus. Dragon-Slayer's Action has an AP give you a re-roll to hit a dragon or re-roll a save against a dragon's effect, Dragonbane Boon adds +1 to reflex when you kill a cursed foe (+3 if that was a dragon), and Dragonbane Curse deals 1 damage if a cursed foe misses you (+Cha damage if it's a dragon).

Breath-Disrupting Blast is a ranged attack that deals -1 to the target's next close/area attack roll (-4 if the target's a dragon). Ride the Burning Wind is an immediate reaction that has you targeted by a close attack and then lets you move out of the way, halving any damage taken. Fearsome Gaze is another ranged attack, dealing save-ends dazing (stunning if the target's a dragon).

Entrancing Mystic[edit]

Eerily charming and possessed of a sinister magnetism, the Entrancing Mystic is a warlock dedicated to total domination over the power of the minds of others, making it ideal for Fey warlocks with Cha-focus. You start with Maddening Action, which inflicts 5 ongoing damage on one enemy when you spend an AP, and Mystic Rapture, which deals penalties to saves while around you (-5 vs charms, -2 vs anything else), while you eventually net Mystery Given Form, which gives +1 to hit with charm powers and lets you use an encounter charm power if it misses everyone.

Hekiah's Trance is a short-ranged attack that slows and slides the target +Cha spaces at the cost of damage. Shroud of Adeptus capitalizes on a failed attempt to hit you by dazing them. Ultimatum of the Third Order is a hardcore burst with a save-ends that forces everyone to pick between either stunned or 20 ongoing damage each turn, reduced to dazed or 10 ongoing on a miss.

Evermeet Warlock[edit]

A Forgotten Realms exclusive, this path allows you to make a side pact with the fey spirits of Evermeet, allowing for some extra controlling tricks. You have Feywild Wake to turn you invisible near where you were when you teleport and Mercurial Action to gain a free move and +1 speed when you spend an AP, while you eventually gain Mastery of Passage, which lets you teleport and take an ally with you provided the distance is less than 10 spaces.

Blinding Beacon is a long-range attack that blinds the target while making them a light source. Feylights is a sustainable aura whose size changes depending on what action is spent to sustain it (standard grows it, while minor shrinks it until it's a burst 1) and strips insubstantial and concealment from anyone inside it. Moonflower Inspiration is a long-range burst power that can target any NAD and inflicts a save-ends condition (weakened, immobilized, or dazed) while also healing any allies inside for +Int HP and lets them heal again whenever near an enemy affected by this power.


The PHB's Fey Pact exclusive path, the Feytouched apparently represents a warlock driven delightfully mad by exposure to the fey and capable of sharing their madness with others. For features, it grants Feytouched Action to +4 to attack rolls after spending an action point, Slashing Wake so you can damage adjacent enemies when you teleport, and Patron's Favor, which replaces the Misty Step feature; roll a D6 when you drop a cursed enemy and randomly gain Misty Step, a free saving throw, a long-range teleport, +2 Speed for the next turn, or do d8s with Warlock's Curse for the next turn.

Powers consist of Will of the Feywild (psychic damage, teleport the target, target makes a melee attack against a second target of your choice, target is dazed), Twilight Teleport (once per day, when a cursed creature dies, you can teleport yourself or another creature within a huge distance to the spot it occupied) and Whispers of the Fey (burst of maddening whispers; all enemies either melee attack their nearest ally or take psychic damage if that's impossible, then get dazed).

God Fragment[edit]

These Vestige Pact warlocks have claimed the ultimate prize; the ability to draw upon the power of a dead god, harnessing the titanic forces of decay and despair that emanate from such corpses. You gain Lifegiving Action to get HP equal to your level when you spend an AP and Road to Reawakening for a +3 on death saves, while eventually getting Dormant Power to add +2d10 damage on a crit.

Deific Decay is a basic ranged necrotic attack. Deific Doom is an aura 2 that deals -2 to saves and attacks for enemies. Vestige of Karmath is a ranged attack that can either deal save-ends dominated (with damage after saving) or dazed. The Vestige's Pact Boon deals -2 to all defenses on a cursed enemy, and when using Eyes of the Vestige, it makes the enemy deal 1d6 necrotic damage to anyone within 2 spaces of them.


Some Infernal Pact warlocks employ the sinister, subtle magics of their diabolic patrons, weaving webs of deceit and black magic. Then there are the Hellbringers, who embrace Hell's blunter, destructive side and wash away their foes with cascades of hellfire. This path starts you off with Flames of Empowerment, which uses an AP to empower a ranged attack and deal +2d6 fire damage to the target and anyone around them, and No Pity, No Mercy, which gives Combat Advantage over a target you crit as well as Vulnerable 5 Fire, while you eventually gain Prince of Hell to negate fire resistance on all of your arcane powers.

Pillar of Power is a ranged attack that deals splash damage to anyone next to the target. Gates of Hell summons two portals for anyone to walk through and burns enemies that enter the gates. Unleash the Inferno is a huge burst that knocks everyone prone.

Herald of Vezzuvu[edit]

While available to Elemental Pact warlocks, this is also open to anyone with the Earthforger, Firecrafter, or Primordial Adept themes. Taking this path is essentially a sign of pyromania with some uses. Volcanic Action uses an AP to add +1/2 level thunder or fire damage to your next attack, Volcanic Resistance gives Resist 10 fire (Which even works on mixed-type attacks, though by half, but doesn't stack with other resistances like a tiefling's), and Volcanic Walk just...negates volcanic conditions and lets you walk on lava.

Lava Bomb just deals ongoing fire damage that spreads to others. Vezzuvu's Balm negates fire damage, giving you THP equal to what you would've taken and get a +2 to your next attack. Volcanic Wrath is a big blast that always deals ongoing fire damage, pushes those that get hit, and leaves a massive crater that's difficult terrain that burns anyone on it.

As fun as a fire path might be, the Firecrafter theme has a better-dedicated path, the Elementlock still suffers from its mixed stat-dependencies and now has powers that can't use implements, and Earthforger and Primordial Adept find little to benefit from.


On the lips of a warlock, a curse can be deadly. But none are as dedicated to the mastery of curses and their debilitating touch as the Hexer. All of these abilities rely on Warlock's Curse, so you'd want to go here only if you super-specialize in it. This path starts you off with Damning Curse adding a -2 to attack penalty to the effects Warlock's Curse when you use an AP and Greater Hex letting Warlock's Curse be put on any target and not just the closest, while Walking Curse slides a target your curse damages by a space.

Hexblast is a close blast 5 that places Warlock's Curse on anyone inside it while also harming. Vengeful Hex respondes to a ranged or area attack targeting you by cursing the attacker. Hex of Abandonment is a ranged attack that lets you damage and curse anyone who moves next to the target.


The PHB's Infernal Pact exclusive path, the Doomsayer is a necromancer-leaning path, as it's all about capturing and exploiting your enemies' souls. For features, you get Infernal Action (action point-fuelled bonus attacks do ongoing 5 fire damage), Collect Life Spark (when a cursed creature dies, you steal a spark of life, and can expend it as a minor action to gain a bonus determined by the original creature's type) and Sustain Life Spark (regain hit points as per a healing surge if you end a battle with more collected Life Sparks than healing surges). For powers, you get Soul Scorch (projectile of fire + necrotic damage and you can spend a life spark of the same creature type to boost the damage), Life Spark Summons (once per day, revive a collected life spark as a zombie/ghost like controllable minion), and Soultheft (blast 1-3 creatures for necrotic damage and collect the life spark of any that you kill with this attack).

Long Night Scion[edit]

Appearing in Dragon #374, the Long Night Scion is a Fey-sworn Warlock who has sworn fealty to the Prince of Frost, or another Archfey of the Winter Fey, being rewarded with an increased affinity for icy magic. Their position entitles them to attend the Court of Stars, but if they do, then they'd be better be up to date on their mastery of fey etiquette, or things could go poorly - though this is all flavor, rather than anything mechanical.

Their 11th level Action Point Feature is Deeper Chill, which lets them spend an action point to make an attack with the Cold keyword; if this attack hits, it either ignores the target's Cold Resistance (if it has that trait) or does bonus Cold damage equal to the warlock's Intelligence modifier (if it doesn't). Their 11th level feature is Frost's Favor, which grants them Resistance Cold 10 and lets them choose one Arcane encounter power at the end of each extended rest; this chosen power gains the Cold keyword and changes its damage type to (original damage type)/cold (so a Fireball would count as Fire/Cold for purposes of damage resistances & vulnerabilities). Their 16th level feature is Winter Winds; when they leave a square by teleporting, enemies adjacent to that square take Cold damage equal to the warlock's Intelligence modifier and are Slowed until the end of the warlock's next turn.

Its Encounter power is Wrath of the Pale Prince, a Ranged 10 standard action attack that targets Will and does 2d8 + Charisma modifier cold damage and afflicts the victim with Vulnerability Cold 5 until the end of the warlock's next turn. Its Utility power is Winter's Blood, which lets the warlock spend a standard action 1/day to regain the use of a warlock encounter power with the Cold keyword. Finally, its Daily power is Frozen heart, a Ranged 10 standard action attack that targets fortitude; on a hit, it does 3d8 + Charisma Cold damage and the target is both Dazed and Slowed (save ends both), which are replaced with being Stunned after it fails its first saving throw against this effect (save ends that). On a miss, it does half damage and the target is slowed (save ends).

Master of the Starry Night[edit]

Whilst some Star Pact warlocks may be slaves to horrible entities from the Far Realm, others take a more rational, naturalistic approach. These warlocks call upon the quieter powers of more mundane stars, imbuing them with cosmic magics and an affinity for the powers of fate. Whilst less destructive than their raving kin, they are also masters of their own destinies. This path gives you Star-Blessed Wanderer, which lets you keep your pact boon if you miss with an attack benefiting from it, and Starcrossed Action curses an enemy you cursed, with Fate of the Body allowing you to spend your pact boon on a bonus to speed or defenses.

Stellar Debris is a fire+radiant blast that forces enemies to count everyone as concealed for a turn. Minor Gift of Foresight lets you remove Warlock's Curse on any enemies and gain your pact boon as if you had killed them. Shooting Star is a ranged attack that always lets you deal extra damage whenever you hit them afterwards.

Nightmare Weaver[edit]

This path requires a Warlock trained in intimidation, as this centers on using the powers of fear and terror. Insidious Curse lets you curse another enemy right after your last one dies, though if you already cursed the target in question, you slide them 2 spaces and give them a -2 to hit for that turn, Nightmarish Action uses an AP to slide anyone cursed by you 1 space and gives them a -2 to hit as well, and Shaking Displays gives every encounter attack (including this path's) gain the Rattling Keyword.

Painful Delusion dazes the target it hits and allows anyone else who hits them to deal an additional 5 psychic damage. Dread Disappearance lets you turn invisible to those you curse when you gain concealment from Shadow Walk. Nightmare Stalker is a summoned copy of the target with an aura that deals -2 to hit on said target if they aren't subject to fear, and if they miss it can counter-attack and daze them.

Praetor Legate[edit]

A Dark Sun exclusive path requiring either a Warlock of the Sorcerer-King Pact or the Templar theme, both of whom work very well for leadership without being leaders. Praetor's Action gives an ally an AP whenever they hit an enemy you hit after spending your AP, Praetor's Censure gives you Combat Advantage over someone you bloody, and Chosen of Andropinis lets you slide an enemy who starts their turn next to you.

Obsidian Javelin is a flexible strike that pushes the target back and lets the next ally who hurts them gain Resist 10 all. Dustwalk gives you a flying speed for a turn as well as concealment. Dictator's Judgement is a huge power, save-ends immobilizing an enemy (or just slowing on a miss) and giving the next ally who hits them an unspeakably huge HP recovery as if they got THREE healing surges. That shit's just absurd.

Sea Tyrant Oracle[edit]

Those Vestige Pact warlocks who make contact with the enigmatic vestige of the Sea Tyrant are gifted - or perhaps cursed - with prophetic powers, and a vision of an apocalyptic future in which the aquatic Primordial shall wake to flood the very heavens themselves. Your first feature, Future Forseen, lets you re-roll one roll each encounter, while Visionary Action lets you gain a free action when you spend an AP on an at-will or encounter attack that misses everyone, and Future Evades lets you shift an enemy cursed by you for the first time back by 2 spaces.

Doomsday Portent is a ranged attack that dazes and weakens the enemy. Prepared by Fate lets you add +20 to your Initiative, practically guaranteeing that you'll be attacking very early in the turn. Vestige of the Sea Tyrant is a blast that pushes enemies back and knocks them prone; as a Vestige, it makes your Pact Boon slide one cursed creature a number of spaces equal to your Con Mod and your Eyes of the Vestige slide its target a number of spaces equal to your Int mod.

Storm Scourge[edit]

Many and varied are the Archfey that can serve as a warlock's patron. The Storm Scourge has sworn themselves to the service of Zebechial, Lord of Lightning, a faerie king of storms who imbues them with the power to command lightning in a way no other warlock can match. Your first feature is Eldritch Storm, which makes Eldritch Blast deal lightning damage, Lightning Quick lets you spend an AP so you can shift after making an attack that turn, Zebechial's Blessing gives resist lightning equal to half your level + Cha mod, and Servant of the Lord of Lightning makes anyone who takes damage from your lightning attacks spread extra damage equal to Int mod to anyone near the initial target.

Judgment of the Storm is a ranged attack that can pick up to two targets. Lightning Dance lets you electrocute anyone who touches you and then teleports you to another space near them. Wrath of the Clouds is a ranged attack that deals a save-ends curse that makes them take lightning damage every time they are hurt.

Student of Caiphon[edit]

Appearing in Dragon #366, the Student of Caiphon is a Star Warlock who has dared to form a pact with Caiphon, the treacherous Star Spawn known as the Guide Star. Their eyes aglow as opalescent purple orbs, the Student of Caiphon hears their master's whispers all the time, guiding them towards some inscrutable fate and certain doom - for their enemies, and perhaps for themselves.

Their 11th level feature, fittingly named Caiphon's Guidance, lets them critical hit on an 18-20 when attacking with powers with the Fear or Radiant keywords - and guess which keywords are most common in a Star Pact Warlock's arsenal? At the same level, they gain Star Bright; if they use an action point to make an attack, that attack gains the Radiant keyword and does ongoing 5 Radiant damage (save ends) if it hits. At level 16, they gain Caiphon's Intercession, an alternative option for their standard Pact Boon: when the Student of Caiphon gains the use of their Pact Boon feature, instead of taking their standard Fate of the Void benefit, they can choose to invoke Caiphon's Intercession. If they do this, then one ally within 10 squares can choose to immediately make a melee basic attack that also inflicts ongoing 5 Radiant damage (save ends) if it hits - at the cost of suffering 5 damage themselves. If the chosen ally refuses to attack, then the warlock takes 5 damage and receives their normal Fate of the Void benefit.

Their Encounter power is Trust in the Guide Star, a standard action ranged 10 vs. will attack that ignores cover, concealment, total concealment and invisibility, doing 2d10 + Charisma Radiant damage on a hit. Their Utility power is Steps on the Purple Stair, a minor action Encounter power which grants them a turn of invisibility and flight, but then causes them to take 3 points of ongoing psychic damage (save ends) afterwards. Finally, their Daily power is Caiphon's Hungry Mercy; as a minor action, the Student of Caiphon burns a Healing Surge, something which any allies within 10 squares can choose to do as well, to roll a d6; on a 1-5, they regain a spent Encounter power, and on a 6, they regain a spent Daily power.


Arcane Wayfarer[edit]

Heir to the lost arts of the Dimensionalist, the Arcane Wayfer forgoes the normal focus of the Conjurer to become a planar explorer, specializing in the ability to freely roam the multiverse. Blink Strike lets you teleport a target when you crit, Wayfarer's Action lets you teleport whenever you spend an AP, and Wayfarer's Step gives you teleport 2 as a new walk speed, replacing any need to shift.

Hammerfall Step is a big blast that harms enemies but teleports allies caught within. Wayfarer's Evasion gives you an immediate teleport as an escape button. Terrifying Journey is a small ranged burst that teleports any targets and removes them from play for a bit, which can help with management but does nothing else.

Bonded Summoner[edit]

The 4th edition equivalent to the Conjurer of old, this is a wizard specialized in the arts of summoning, mastering esoterica which imbues their summoned creatures with far greater might than normal. To start with, you get Summoner's Action to expend an AP so you can issue a minor command on all summons, Summoner's Slip permits you to teleport 2 spaces whenever you use a conjuration or summoning power, and Summoner's Might eventually gives summons regeneration 10 to ensure that they don't die.

Planar Gateway acts as a trap you set up and then slide away whoever gets close to it. Enduring Summons just heals a summoned creature by your surge value, which works well to save them and gives an incentive for amping up Con. Summon Bonded Protector gives you a big fella with a big reach and a nifty blast attack that can save-end dazes anyone and an Opportunity Attack that knocks a fool prone.

Battle Mage[edit]

The closest that early 4e wizard had to the old Evoker specialization, a Battle Mage focuses on blowing shit up. For features, you get Arcane Riposte so you can hit a foe with an opportunity attack that deals cold, fire, force or lightning damage, and Battle Mage Action for a huge bonus to attack rolls when you burn an action point at level 11, and Battle Edge that means the first time you get bloodied, you can use an At-Will power as an immediate reaction at level 16.

For powers, you get Forceful Retort (burst of damage that knocks your enemies back and to the ground), Arcane Rejuvenation (immediately heal yourself the first time you get dropped to zero HP) and Closing Spell (blast a sizable area for cold, fire, lightning or thunder damage; vanilla damage is 3D10, but it increases to 8D10 if this is the last daily spell you can cast).

Blood Mage[edit]

By tapping into the power of their own blood, a blood mage becomes a source of pain for their enemies. Your level 11 features are Blood Action, which causes an action point-fueled attack does ongoing damage, and Bolstering Blood, which lets you self-inflict up to 2D10 damage whilst using a spell to inflict that much extra psychic damage on the spell's targets, whilst at level 16 you get Burning Blood , which lets you inflict psychic damage and ongoing fire damage on any enemies within 10 squares when you use your second wind

Blood Pulse is an encounter power that splatters a burst across a distant area, causing damage and making the victims take more damage as they move. Soul Burn is a daily utility power that lets you spend a healing surge to restore a spent encounter power. Destructive Salutation is an extremely powerful ranged burst of psychic and ongoing psychic damage.

Draconic Antithesis[edit]

For whatever reason, you, a wizard, decided that dragons are the biggest menace to society. Now, normally you might need some trickery to stand a chance, but taking this path gives you the precise means to take them down with some tools that are equally useful against other foes. You start with Countering Thesis, which grants resist 5 to whatever typed damage you take for a turn, and Dragon-Slayer's Action allows you to spend an AP so you can either re-roll an attack aimed at a dragon or end a condition a dragon caused, while you later get Sky-Slayer for a piddly +1 to hit against flying creatures.

Energy Dispersal is an incredibly effective attack, since it not only slows the target, but it bars them from using any attacks tied to one energy type for the entire turn, which can piss off any attempts at using breath weapons. Earth-Binder gives you a massive aura to deny any flight, though this might also affect any allies with fly speeds. Energy Disruption is even more powerful by interrupting (and possibly negating) a close or area attack, and this still wastes the power if it isn't at-will.

Hermetic Saboteur[edit]

This is a rather trickster-like class, not unlike the Arcane Trickster. However, while the Arcane Trickster is a rogue who picks up some magic, the Hermetic Saboteur is all about traps and illusions. If one wants an ideal implement to work with, you'd probably want Orb of Imposition to ensure that your traps last a little longer.. Attune Target gives you a 1/encounter ability to cast a power from any point within 20 squares (with Adjust Attunement eventually giving Combat Advantage over any targets), and Saboteur's Action gives you Combat Advantage over anyone you hit with a close or area power after spending an AP.

Psychic Detonations sets up three traps that attack anyone that gets close to them and knocks them prone. Sabotage Trap acts as a fix for any accidental triggerings (like if an ally sets off a trap), switching the original target's place with another target - your allies will especially appreciate the +4 to defenses against your traps if you saved them from one. Saboteur's Zone gives you a massive sustainable area that can strike and save-ends daze whoever tries to attack you.

Rimetongue Caller[edit]

This path is only open to wizards who can speak primordial. A strange combination of a frost elementalist and a conjurer, the Rimetongue Caller seeks to improve its summons by imbuing them with elemental cold, as well as enhancing itself in the same way. You start off with Blizzard's Action, which uses an AP to deal 5 (10 at epic) cold damage and slowing to anyone next to you, and Winter's Embrace, which grants summons Resist 5 cold (or ups their resistance by 5), while you eventually grab Frostbite Summoning to grant all your summons an aura of cold damage.

Wall of Winter summons a big wall that hits anyone near it and does even more damage and save-ends slowing to anyone inside the wall. Icy Calling gives your next summons immunity to cold and extra cold damage on their attacks. Summon Rimefrost Brute gives you a big motherfucker to smack things with with the ability to literally freeze shit and knock things on their ass.

Shadow Shaper[edit]

Open to any wizards with illusion powers, this particular path grants you the mastery over blending darkness and illusions and find way to turn shadows into very real threats. Mind and Body makes this the most obvious by making illusion powers that target Will instead target Fortitude while Nightmare Made Manifest expends an AP to maximize the damage on an illusion at-will and Spectral Dominance grants you Combat Advantage over anyone subject to your illusions.

Night Terror makes a rather nasty trick, dealing both necrotic and psychic damage and then turning the target into your origin for any close or melee implement powers you have for the rest of the turn. Never-Ending Nightmare lets you prolong the duration of an illusion power for a turn, which has uses whether or not you use Orb of Imposition. Nightscape gives you a huge zone of difficult terrain and partial cover(for your pals) after save-ends dazing every target.

Simbarch of Algarond[edit]

A Forgotten Realms-exclusive path, this path teaches you the secrets passed down from the legendary witch queen Simbul, ruler of Algarond. Though you most certainly have the right to join the ruling council, you have decided to go adventuring to perfect your magical craft, a powerful blend of destruction and self-sustenance. Arcane Healing cuts down on your AP economy as it enables you to take an action and spend a Healing Surge on one AP, Sorcerous Vitality grants you 2 additional surges, and Determined Mage grants you +1d10 HP on any Healing Surge you take while bloodied.

Silver Fire may seem like a basic attack, it also has the potent bonus of adding half your level to any damage you deal to that enemy afterwards. Synostodweomer is a strange and kinda wasteful sort of support, spending a Healing Surge just so an ally can then spend their own. Simbul's Tempest lands a ranged burst that can then grant you a saving throw for every enemy you hit.

Spellguard Wizard[edit]

A Forgotten Realms based path that focuses on being the magic protector of a city that has suffered the infamous spellplague. Spellguard Action uses an AP to both add Dex to the damage of any close bursts you make and add +2 AC vs melee, Spellguard Training lets you turn any ranged burst power into a close blast power of the same size (which can offer some decent utility), and Spellguard Combat Toughness also adds +2 healing surges.

Spellguard Force Lash is an immediate interrupt that slaps any asshole that approaches you on their ass. Mythal Splinter gives a sustainable AoE that denies any healing or teleportation while inside it. Mythal Spark is similar to Mythal Splinter in that it denies any healing or teleport powers while inside the area, only now it's a ranged burst with impressive size.

Spellstorm Mage[edit]

Trying to channel the power of raw magic, a Spellstorm Mage channels their power as if it were a raging storm. You get extra damage to its attacks after using an action point through Extra Damage Action, you can make a Wisdom check once per day to recover a random encounter or daily spell with Storm Spell, and the first time you get bloodied, you trigger Storm Fury and zap all enemies with lightning damage.

Storm Cage is a spell that blasts an area with thunder & lightning before forming a temporary cage that electrocutes anyone who tries to escape. Sudden Storm is a sustainable utility power that lets the wizard conjure up a violent storm to create difficult terrain, and Malestrom of Chaos is a huge burst of force damage and enemy teleportation.

Tome Adept[edit]

This path is exclusive to Tome wizards. These bookworms learn how to dig deeper and more effectively into books and are especially useful to wizards who spend a lot on rituals. Paper Secrets in particular stacks well by adding an additional new daily and utility power every time you level up thereafter (especially giving Binding wizards more options for summons), Secret Formularies halves the cost of copying rituals into your spellbook and gives +2 to ritual tests, Tome of Confusion uses an AP to daze anyone you hit, and Maze of Words then similarly dazes on crits.

Knowledge Blast is a rather stacked attack, not only harming but also pushing, dazing, and penalizing the next attack, plus you get to shoot words from a book. Ritual Master gives a +10 to rituals, which can guarantee the better results on them. Librus Phantasma is a reliable attack that can literally trap an enemy in your book, removing a particular nuisance for a bit while the rest get managed.

Unseen Mage[edit]

The 4th edition equivalent to the Illusionist of old, this is a wizard specialized in the arts of invisibility, capable of launching deadly ambushes and then vanishing before its foes can retaliate. Your first secrets come in Enhanced Invisibility, which gives you a chance to stay invisible for one turn after it's supposed to expire, and Unseen Action, which uses an AP to turn you invisible for a turn, while you eventually get Unseen Advantage to deal extra damage whenever you hit someone who can't see you.

Vanishing Act is a basic hit then disappear move. Gillaume's Veil gives a sustainable AoE around you that turns yourself and allies invisible until they attack. Vanishing Legion gives a small ranged burst that makes anyone it catches unable to see you or any of your allies until they make a save.

Wizard of the Spiral Tower[edit]

An attempt to do a gish class in PHB1, this would later be surpassed by the Swordmage class. For features, you get to use a Longsword as an implement of your choice with Corellon's Implement (which could later be invalidated by the Eladrin Sword Wizardry feat from Arcane Power), Spiral Tower Action lets you burn an action point to regain a spent encounter power, and Radiant Censure makes enemies take radiant damage if they try and attack your Will.

For spells, you get the One Sword (strike with your sword for double damage, and on a successful secondary attack you daze them and don't expend the spell), Shape the Dream (nullify an attack vs. Will once per day) and Corellon's Blade (strike all close-by enemies for triple sword damage and teleport them out of your way for a turn).

War Wizard of Cormyr[edit]

A Forgotten Realms exclusive path that's available to any wizards allied with the nation of Cormyr. This path is similar to the Academy Master path in that it bolsters your utility, but it doesn't amp your at-wills to silly levels. Arcane Fundamentals only lets you treat one at-will or encounter power that targets a single enemy as a basic attack, War Wizard's Training spends an AP to make all ranged and area attacks not trigger Opportunity Attacks, and War Wizard's Determination adds +5 damage whenever you crit.

Lightning Ripple gives a big blast that adds +2 to your next Int-based attack roll if you hit. One-Way Barrier erects a sustainable wall that protects you from ranged attacks while also letting you to hurt anyone beyond it. Storm of Victory is a ranged burst that grants your party Combat Advantage over anyone inside.

Weaver of Chance[edit]

Whilst sorcerers are the most naturally adept at wielding Wild Magic, some wizards also see things to admire in the chaotic flux of magic in its rawest form. The Weavers of Chance are those who embrace magic, worshipping a philosophy of chaos and chance which their powers seem perfectly suited to embody...if only the benefits gave you more. Channel Entropy gives you a pool that's filled by you rolling nat 20s and drained by nat 1s and can be used to add to d20 rolls, Entropic Action gives you a chance to either gain or lose entropy points while also teleporting an enemy, and Play the Odds gives you a +d6 to your attack roll that either adds to the entropy pool upon a hit (while dealing extra damage) or drains the pool on a miss (and hits you).

Entropic Reshuffling is a blast that either slides or pushes your foes. Agency of Chance can give you a chance to either add or subtract from the entropy pool based on your next d20 roll. Random Spell is quite obvious: it grants you one random wizard daily that you then have to use or waste it, though 2 entropy points could allow you to pick the spell you want.


Academy Master[edit]

This is your basic Universal path for any arcane class that's built to amp up your at-wills to silly heights. Arcane Underpinning adds +2 to Arcana and whenever you hit with an arcane at-will, you gain +1 to your next attack, Educated Action lets you spend an AP on a re-roll for an attack, and Fundamental Mastery adds extra flat damage to all at-wills.

Learned Boost adds another 2 dice to any at-will's damage. Refined Recall lets you save any wasted encounter power. Master's Surge gives you one free swing with an encounter power, adding +2 die to the damage and converting any effects to save-ends, which can prove to be devastating with the right powers.


This path is available to any Arcane class with at least two Illusion Encounter or At-Will powers and makes you even more potent an illusionist. Hindering Illusion slows anyone hit by an Illusion At-Will, Weaver's Action uses an AP to gain Combat Advantage over targets of an Illusion power and the ability to shift for every hit, and Pierce Illusion pins a -2 on any enemy rolling their first saves against your illusions.

Battleweave gives you a ranged bust that slows and grants Combat Advantage over the targets. Illusory Shelter gives a ranged burst AoE that partially conceals allies and lets you put difficult terrain that allies ignore and a big wall. Reshape Battlefield is a bigger ranged burst that offers a bevy of options to throw around in there and doesn't require you to sustain it.


The obligatory Arcane PP from the Book of Vile Darkness, the Demonologist is what happens when any member of an Arcane class gets a little too interested in demonic research. Which is to say, they end up corrupted by the infernal powers they court; taking this path means you've chosen to ignore the warning signs about evil shit going down. Your prime instrument in this path is the Demonic Companion, which summons a Quasit that's controlled like the Fey Beast Tamer's companion or the Ranger/Protector's pet and is only loyal to you whilst you still control it, Demonic Action deals 5 damage of either acid, cold, fire while gaining resistance 10 to that type, and Demonic Summons gives your Quasit and any summons a +2 to attack and resistance 5 to either acid, fire, lightning, or thunder.

Demonic Possession lets you control an enemy near your Quasit and have them slide over and slap someone, giving Combat Advantage and a +4 bonus to hurting it if you hit with both attacks and dazing if the second attack misses. Unnerving Gaze is an immediate interrupt that penalizes whoever hit you and gives you Combat Advantage. Demonic Hordes summons a blast that knocks enemies prone and will keep on knocking fuckers down as you spend standard actions.

Familiar Keeper[edit]

This arcane path is one that builds upon your familiar, which you spent at least one feat on. In fact, since this path demands your familiar be active to be useful, you'd best feed feats on making it last. At least you got Familiar Action to allow you to resurrect your familiar if it dies for an AP, you have Familiar Forms to let you shapeshift your familiar for different benefits, and Familiar Movement makes sure its movement doesn't provoke Opportunity Attacks.

Familiar Surge is a burst or blast coming from the familiar and grants Combat Advantage on the targets to all allies. Transpose Familiar lets you swap places with your active familiar and then have it move on. Familiar's Command lets your pet attack and then save-ends dominate the target, but this comes with the price of forcing the familiar to go passive until the condition breaks.

Master Defiler[edit]

A Dark Sun path that demands the Arcane Defiling power (sucking life from allies so you can re-roll an arcane daily power's hit roll) and demands that you use it with reckless abandon. You can use Arcane Defiling on any power with Defiling Action and an AP, Offensive Defiling lets you harm a non-minion enemy with Arcane Defiling, and Defilier's Addiction lets you use Arcane Defiling on one Encounter power per fight.

Defiling Alacrity adds necrotic damage to an at-will while also giving the chance to re-roll your attack next turn. Defiling Recovery is an Encounter-based save button if an encounter power hits nobody. Enemies to Ashes also rides off an at-will, dealing ongoing necrotic damage and allows you to leech off them for Arcane Defiling - with the bonus of not being wasted if you miss!

Master of Flame[edit]

This pyromanic path is pretty much the same as the psion's. That is, you become obsessed with burning things to the ground. You start with Combustive Action, which deals fire damage in a radius when you spend an AP, and Critical Conflagration, which deals ongoing fire damage when you crit with a fire attack, while Swath of Destruction increases the sizes of fire burst/blast attacks.

Fanning the Flames isn't a direct attack - it just lets you intensify ongoing fire damage with a bit of a spike and then share that damage with some neighboring enemies. Burning Transformation turns into a fire being with a ton of new benefits, including being insubstantial and a bonus to fire damage. Furious Immolation is a ranged burst that sets up a sustainable burning zone that flares up every turn for additional fire.

Master Preserver[edit]

The opposite of the Master Defiler, this Dark Sun path has you learn better ways to give life to the landscape and avoid the various stigmas wizards are known for. Blessing of the Land removes Arcane Defiling as a power, but gives a +2 to nature, endurance, and perception checks, Master Preserver's Action replaces the benefits of defiling by letting you spend an AP to re-roll a hit or damage roll from an attack, and Surging Vitality means that whenever you spend a healing surge, an ally gains some HP and you gain +1 to hit.

Vital Spell gives an at-will extra damage and lets you or an ally spend a surge. Life Shield is an immediate Interrupt that drops the damage an ally takes from one attack. Light of the Lost Sun gives you a burst that gives a save-ends -2 to attack and inability to recharge powers while also giving an aura that lets allies either deal extra damage or gain HP when they hit.


This is another familiar-focused path, open only to arcane classes worshiping the Raven Queen, but it does not offer a choice for familiars or any utility beyond it. Since its powers key off Wis or Cha, using it for is best suited by Warlocks with Cha-primary, or perhaps any of the classes with Wis as a secondary stat. You are now stuck with a Shadow Raven Familiar, Murderous Action to use an AP and make the next attack originate from the familiar, Sight of the Raven lets you get darkvision when your familiar is passive, and Bonded Raven gives telepathy with it as well as +2 to all the raven's defenses.

Winter's Raven is a counter against a ranged attack that summons the familiar next to them in active mode and deals -2 to the target's next attack. Raven Harrier gives you Combat Advantage over one enemy near your familiar. An Unkindness of Ravens gives a ranged burst centered on the familiar and deals save-ends immobilized, followed by save-ends slowed (which missing deals as well).


While this doesn't peg you as a shadow class (and honestly, why would you with the shit classes available), this is a way to give you the edgy darkstuffs thanks to Heroes of Shadow. You start with Shadow Feast letting you gain a stacking resource whenever you kill a guy that you can spend for a +1-+4 bonus on attack, damage, or saves, while Harvest of Shadows lets you spend an AP and net 2 shadow resources on a kill, Shadowcursed gives +2 to all defenses against shadow and undead creatures/powers, and Decisive Shadow grants a shadow whenever you bloody or crit someone.

Shadow Lance is a ranged attack and reliable shadow gainer (+1 for using it, +1 on hitting). Shadow Walk has you spend shadows in order to teleport. Shadowcurse Cataclysm is a ranged burst that hurts multiple folks based on how many shadows you burn and save-ends immobilizes them.

Divine Paragon Paths[edit]


Agent of the Unbroken Circle[edit]

Taking this path pretty much makes you an unofficial Inquisitor (Pathfinder) with enough features to practically mandate Censure of Unity. Incorruptible nets you training in insight and streetwise, Unity Unbroken has you spend an AP to grant allies a +5 to damage when they flank your Oath-foe (thereby negating Retribution Avengers), and Exorcise Corruption lets everyone roll a save with +Wis every time you crit your Oath-foe. Your first attack is the rather specific Carve Out Corruption, which penalizes any attacks your target has that attacks Will pretty heavily. Sanctity of the Ring is a stance that gives everyone near your Oath-foe a +2 to saves, upping to +4 if you and two buds gang up. Judgment of the True King has you and your friends shift up as much as possible so you can maximize the damage, which scales up if you have 2+ friends near the target.

Ardent Champion[edit]

A dedicated Pursuit Avenger path, all this focuses on is in getting you more ways to hurt your foes. Ardent Action has your AP give you two options: either a save or a free shift Dex spaces before or after your next attack. Holy Ardor makes rolling your two die because of Oath of Emnity score a crit only if both die roll the same number (except 1). Ardent Fury stacks onto this by letting you shift and MBA any time you crit. Fanatical Flurry is a basic burst that hits your Oath-foe and anyone around you at a -2 AC penalty in case you want them stuck there. Battle Rapture is...baffling; it demands that you are the only one who hurts your Oath-foe or else you take damage, but hitting personally nets you extra damage. Irresistible Ardor smashes and then gives you both a second use of an Encounter power and +2 to defenses vs your Oath-foe until you attack anyone else.

Dervish of Dawn[edit]

This particular path is a bit strange to work with, but it essentially gives you some means to shake off whatever you have and keep fighting. Celerity of Dawn lets you spend an AP and roll a saving throw with with +Wis. Radiant Blessing lets you add +2 to all defenses whenever you use a radiant encounter or daily attack. Dervish Ecstasy then lets you use Channel Divinity twice an encounter whenever you get bloodied. Whirling Assault is a basic move and hit that also lets you and an ally either break free from a grab or roll a save vs a stun/immobilize/daze/slow effect. Wild Hope is another sacrificial power, giving +Wis health for hitting and -3 HP for missing. Dance of Sunrise is another move-and-hit, though this time you now add +1d8 radiant damage on every at-will for the rest of the encounter.

Dread Imperator[edit]

This Unity Avenger-centric path gives you means to manipulate enemies and allies in a way that might give a dip in leader. Deceptive Control gives your allies Combat Advantage whenever your Oath-foe misses you, Imperious Action lets you spend an AP and slide an ally or enemy around, and Templar Reaction gives you an Opportunity Attack with +Int damage whenever an ally crits your Oath-foe. Soul Stab is your key move, letting you hit an enemy, slide them around, and then have them attack a foe of your choosing. Crown of Souls is a stance that gives an ally a minor +1 to hit and defenses whenever you would hit with all of your dice from Oath of Emnity. Imperator's Judgment dominates allies while recharging your use of Soul Stab.

Favored Soul[edit]

Contrary to prior beliefs, this has nothing to do with Sorcerers. This path just gives you a flight speed and some neat attacks. Favored Action lets you spend an AP and let you or an ally spend a surge for free, Heaven's Shield gives a rather circumstantial +1 to defenses if you have max HP, and Heaven's Boon gives you a legit fly speed, though it bans the use of any medium+ armors. Radiant Rush is a charge-friendly attack that hits your Oath-foe, shoves them, and dazes them (though you gain concealment if you miss), which is quite a bit to throw. Wings of Angels gives you a hovering fly speed (Though it's only at 4 until level 16) as well as regen if you aren't bloodied. Celestial Skirmish makes for a rather cool image, darting about from foe to foe, belting them with your weapons: You gain +6 to AC from any Opportunity attacks you will inevitably provoke as part of your mandated move and you can attack three foes, though only the second will be dazed and the third will be stunned, both with save ends.

Hammer of Judgment[edit]

Selecting this path will guarantee you some tools to become a part-time controller with how you can shove things around, especially if you have an actual hammer. Avalanche Action shows as much when you spend an AP to attack and then push the target back Int squares. Bone Crusher has you penalize an enemy's AC by -2 every time you hit with a Daily. Bloodthirsty Hammer then improves your forced movement by adding +2 to any power's forced movement if you hit a bloodied foe. Thunder Hammer gives you an option to either prone an enemy or shove them back (ranging from 2 to 3+Int if you pick up a hammer). Resolve of Steel just gives you a turn's worth of Resist 10 all. Hammer of the Final Pronouncement smashes your target and then shoves them back with a case of immobilizing (Save-ends if it hits, one turn otherwise).


Considering how central the Oath of Emnity is to an Avenger, it would only make sense that there's a path that has you focus on this over other features. Every feature here either has you emulate features of the Oath in circumstances where they wouldn't show or give you ways to make the Oath slam harder on an enemy. Blood Oath bolsters your defenses by +1 against your Oath-foe. Sworn Action lets you spend an AP to gain your double-die feature vs all targets of a particular attack, making bursts and blasts more reliable. Enduring Oath lets you spend a surge when you kill your Oath-Foe, giving you a chance to wipe up any other big foes. Oath of Weakness sticks your Oath-foe with weakened, protecting your team a little. Sworn Crusade lets all allies copy your double-die feature vs your Oath-foe, which would make for some killer bursts of damage. Oath Bond also screws your Oath-foe by throwing a save-ends Vulnerable 5 to you on them, guaranteeing that they'll drop quickly.

Relentless Slayer[edit]

Relentless Slayer is similar to Oathsworn in that both give new ways to put the Oath of Emnity in use under unusual circumstances, but this path focuses on giving you more new ways to hurt an enemy over utility. Lethal Action in particular has you spend an AP so you can crit on an 18+ on your next attack against your Oath-foe. Slayer's Oath is a bit of a twofer: You can declare your Oath on one normal foe and one special foe (as decided by your GM), and when you attack your Oath-foe, you can give up your re-roll to add +2d6 damage. Relentless Determination gives all attack powers a +5 to damage when you're under a condition caused by an enemy, which is a bit neat. Your first power is Slayer's Gambit, which lets you move to your Oath-foe and then slam them, adding damage for any Opportunity Attack you provoked along the way. Relentless Fervor is a bit unusual for a stance in that it lets you roll your double die one at a time and if the first hits, the second can hit another nearby enemy. Slayer's Ascendancy is another stance with a more kickass effect: not only can you attack your Oath-foe normally, but you also gain the power to spend a minor to smack them with an MBA each turn.

Serene Initiate[edit]

To a class that already rolls twice to hit a target, needing a bit of a security net would normally sound a bit silly. This path is the attempt to contest that claim. Calm Eye is the one feature that doesn't involve missing, but it instead adds +2d10 damage if you use an AP to attack with an at-will. Serene Edge deals damage equal to Dex if you miss your Oath-foe with an Encounter power, and Certain Cut does the same if you miss with an At-Will. Quite frankly, the only reason you'd want this is if you pick fights with foes far tougher than you or you decided to focus your build on Power Attack. Defining Cut lets you whack up to two foes, treating both as Oath-foes if one of them is and making both take damage if they use a non-basic attack next turn. Deadly Calm lets you add 1/2-level to damage if you hit your Oath-foe with both die. Heaven's Edge acts as a bit of a desperation move since it gains Reliable if you used up all your Encounter powers, but in any case you gain the power to roll three die on your Oath-foe for the rest of the encounter...if you hit.

Unveiled Visage[edit]

This path is rather similar to Favored Soul in that both involved inheriting some measure of divine power. The unfortunate bit is that this path doesn't measure to having a constant fly speed and has a less clear idea on what it wants besides a dedication to Implements. Soaring Charge only lets you fly on a charge and boosts all defenses by +2 when you provoke an Opportunity Attack. Unveiled Action lets you spend an AP and regain your Channel Divinity usage. Bloodied Might has you recover Radiant Visage whenever you get bloodied. What Radiant Visage is amounts to a rather big blast. Divine Vigilance is just a full-speed shift that denies Combat Advantage. Divine Aspect is your only means of true flight and it requires a burst and stacks on a +2 to defenses for a fight.

Watcher of Vengeance[edit]

This a rather confused one, with some focus on being a counter-attacker. The first part of it is that it demands an Avenger trained in Insight or Perception. After that come the features, none of which really mesh together: Vengeful Action lets you spend an AP as an immediate reaction to an ally getting hit so you can make a basic attack towards the enemy who hurt them and add +2d6 damage to that hit. Watcher's Insight adds +2 to insight, perception, and stealth as well as saves vs charm, fear, and illusion effects. Witnessed Weakness is your assassin-foil, giving you Combat Advantage if an enemy fails to hit you while you're concealed. Hidden Danger, which lets you attack an enemy while remaining hidden, sounds decent, but is the one power that does so. Clarity of Purpose lets you use a minor or move if you get hit and if that target ever hits someone else, you get +2 to hit them. Just Punishment acts as your guaranteed 1/day counterattack that lets you smack back an enemy with extra damage and a teleport.

Watchful Shepherd[edit]

Avengers going this path work as part-leaders on top of their roles as strikers. While this offers some deals of healing, it's far from the amount of healing a Cleric or Paladin can offer. Shepherd's Guard lets everyone next to you heal HP up to Int, which makes for a pick-me-up. Stronger and Stronger also heals you 1d6+1/5 level HP whenever you spend an AP. Humble Determination demands that you be bloodied and if you get hit again by your Oath-foe, you gain a small bonus to damage. Shepherd's Aegis acts as a decent defense ability by not only harming them outright, but also threatening them with more damage if they ever try to attack you or an ally close to you. Hidden Strength gives you a decent boost of +1 to all attack and defenses, doubled if you hit a Milestone during the day. Quell the Hateful makes for a neat assist, not only inflicting a -4 to all the target's attacks until they make a save, but also allowing you and any allies to take a surge as well.

Weapon of Fortune[edit]

This path does it's own share of luck manipulation like Serene Initiate, but it should be noted that this path never tries to do any sort of assurance policy but instead enforce a very risky style to maximize returns. Fortune Favors the Fortunate, for example, gives you a 1/6 chance to score a second use of an AP for the fight after using it once. I'll Take That Bet is a reaction to your Oath-foe critting you: roll a 1 and you eat +2d6 additional damage, roll a 5 or 6 and the crit's negated. Luck is on My Side lets you end two conditions if your nat 20 a save. Luck, Not Skill is reminiscent of a Power Attack, what with the -4 to attack for a +2[W] payoff. Signs of Favor is another stance that hurts you if you miss, but it heals you +Wis HP with every hit so you can potentially even out. Gambler's Flourish is another risky attack: while it normally can daze the target (becoming save-ends on a hit), if you take a -5 to hit, you not only daze the target but you also stack a -2 to all saves. If you miss that big gamble, you get Combat Advantage for the turn.

Zealous Assassin[edit]

Selecting this path requires an avenger trained in stealth. This path is pretty much made to be some sort of holy ninja, so Retribution would be a fitting censure. Divine Shroud Action gives you both concealment and a free teleport whenever you spend an AP, Finishing Technique gives a piddly +1d6 extra damage when you hit an enemy that's bloodied and granting Combat Advantage, and Zealot's Veil gives you a chance to roll stealth when you charge to gain free Combat Advantage. Strike from Empty Air is a teleport and strike, gaining an extra +1[W] if you had Combat Advantage on the target. Avenging Shadow renders you invisible to one enemy, becoming save-ends if that enemy was your Oath-foe. Blade of the Zealot has you inflicting ongoing damage and gaining combat advantage over an enemy, both tied to one save, even if you miss.


Daring Cavalier[edit]

The exclusive Cavalier path is one that shares almost no features between the two virtues, but amplifies their focuses - Sacrifices get more support in exchange for martyrdom, Valors become more like leaders. The one thing they share is Enduring Champion so you can add Cha to your Surge value.

Sacrifice Cavaliers use Sacrificial Action to spend their AP and one surge to heal allies. Beacon of Sacrifice lets you burst with an option to inflict self-harm to grant allies resist 10 all. Banner of Sacrifice gives you an aura 2 that heals allies inside it whenever you get hit, but the payoff can be dismal without everyone grouped up by you. Burden of Sacrifice has you hit and spend a surge to heal an ally, but doing so at least lets you get resist 10 all for the fight.

Valor Cavaliers get Valorous Action, which gives +2 to attack when you spend an HP and doubles when an ally is bloodied. Beacon of Valor is a burst that immobilizes enemies and gives allies +2 to attack. Banner of Valor gives an aura 2 that lets you give allies +2 to attack and defenses whenever you hit. Burden of Valor gives you something of an uber-mark, gaining +2 to hit the target and making the target eat -5 to hit if they don't target you - and this only goes away when you don't attack them for a turn.


Angelic Avenger[edit]

You get to take on the aspect of angels, making you a much more deadly fighter. Angelic Action gives you a damage bonus when you spend an action point. Astral Vibrance lets you select Lightning, Radiant, or Thunder at level 11 and deal that kind of damage to any bloodied enemy who gets too close; Weapon Training gives you free proficiency with a Heavy Blade type weapon, and Blood & Radiance means that any enemy that bloodies you is made easier to hit until the next turn. For powers, you get Astral Wave (a blast of damage based on your Astral Vibrance), Angelic Presence (scare the shit out of enemies for the rest of the encounter or until you get bloodied) and Angel Ascendant (smack someone for quintuple your normal weapon damage and gain the ability to fly for the rest of the fight).

Anointed Champion[edit]

This particular path is interesting in that it grants you a particularly pimping set of specialized gear on top of your ranged support powers. Anointed Action is the only non-gear feature, using an AP to add Cha to your next attack and damage roll. Anointed Regalia is your main gig: One special piece of gear (with Extra Anointed Regalia giving the last two options) that gives a special benefit until you either use a path power or spend a short rest to sanctify a new piece: Armor (+1 AC), Weapon (Gain Resist equal to Cha to either radiant, necrotic, fire, or thunder damage), Amulet (+1 to NADs), Holy Symbol (Give THP equal to Cha to yourself or an ally when you hit with a divine power), or Helm (+2 to saves). Blessed Blade is an attack that gives your allies the benefit of your Regalia for a turn, Exaltation gives an ally the chance to either spend a surge or make a save while also gaining +2 to their next attack roll and all defenses. Anointed Army is your massive booster, not only hitting everyone in the burst, but also giving all allies within range +4 to all defenses and +2 to all attack and damage rolls for the encounter.

Astral Savant[edit]

Another supporting PP, only this time, you've become so adept at using the powers of the Astral Sea that it's kinda changed you as a result. Astral Mask turns you into an Immortal creature while Radiant Healing makes enemies near your target for Healing Word take Cha damage and Savant's Action lets an ally spend a surge when you spend an AP. Divine Resurgence just recharges your Channel Divinity power or give +2 to defenses at any point where you or an ally gets critted. Astral Flood is a unique power in that you can either make it radiant or cold damage and grant a bonus effect: Cold damage forces all enemies to eat a penalty to hit, Radiant makes them blind to anything beyond a certain distance. Swim the Astral Sea gives you and an ally a full-speed shift that ignores practically anything. Astral Terrain is a sustainable AoE that also has special effects depending on damage type: Cold reduces enemy defenses, Radiant gives +2d6 bonus HP to any allies who spend a surge.

Battle Chaplain[edit]

Another combat-based PP for the cleric, though this one focuses more upon support than straight-up face-smacking. Battle Chant marks an enemy who hurt a nearby ally for a turn, allowing you to shift an enemy if their next attack doesn't target you. Shielded Priest gives proficiency with all shields, while Stirring Action uses an AP to grant you or an ally next to either you or a target makes a free MBA with a bonus equal to Str. Deeds Not Words is a rather vast boost, requiring you to bloody an enemy, kill them, or crit with a melee attack in order to give an ally a damage bonus to their next attack equal to Str. Revelation of Battle is a basic hit that gives all allies +2 to hit and damage your target, which is a handy setup. Battle Hymn adds +1d8 to all friendlies' damage rolls whenever they charge this turn. Deny Defeat will only be used when shit goes south, as it's an attack that gets boosted for all dying allies you see and then you get to make all of them spend a surge to stop dying.

Compassionate Healer[edit]

Another healer-centric PP, this path also dedicates itself to your allies, but this one is also a very martyr-driven path with powers that siphon damage onto you, so make sure you got plenty of HP and surges to spare or else you just might die for the cause. Compassionate Blessing lets you take damage to boost an ally's surge healing by +2d6 while also granting you +2 to all defenses while Selfless Action lets an ally spend a surge when you spend an AP. Healer's Sacrifice is a last-resort issue by letting you give a healing surge to an ally you heal if they're out of surges themselves. So Others Might Live is a flat debuff that weakens one enemy, but if they attack someone, you eat the damage and that safe ally can blow a surge. Bear the Wounds allows you to take a massive amount of damage (up to your bloodied value) and any conditions and heals an ally you touch by that much. Martyr's Cry demands that you be bloodied or hurt while bloodied in order to immediately inflict a save-ends weakened condition on the perp.

Divine Oracle[edit]

Because of your divine connections, you're a prophet in the literal sense, making you capable of telling the future. In crunch, this means you can't be surprised (nor can any allies close by), you get to roll twice for your initiative, you get an extra move action when you burn an action point, and you get to roll twice when attacking against Will. For powers, you get Prophecy of Doom (bestow a free critical hit on a nearby target), Good Omens (you and any ally within 10 squares gets +5 to all D20 rolls for the next turn, but at the cost of being unable to inflict critical hits), and Hammer of Fate (big attack vs. Will, but if you miss, then you get to turn back time to before you used the power, at the cost of not being able to use this power again until the next encounter).

Luckbringer of Tymora[edit]

This path makes for a peculiar build in that it plays to getting re-rolls while also throwing you in dangerous situations. Luck Blade gives you proficiency with a single heavy blade which acts as an implement as well. Probability Control gives you a 1/encounter re-roll of a d20, which makes it worth more than an AP. This is doubled with Divine Fortune, which allows you to spend an AP any time you or an ally misses for a re-roll at +2. Divine Tilt acts as a setup for some reckless explosions as it gives anyone inside the burst +5 to defenses while also attacking enemies to shoot their defenses by -5. Luckbolt makes you or an ally make a save with a +4 bonus. Inauspicious Vulnerability is your only legit attack (and an Encounter one no less) that gives enemies a save-ends Vulnerable condition to several forms of typed damage.

Messenger of Peace[edit]

Only for clerics trained in diplomacy. They then use their gifted tongues in ways that can do more damage than swords ever could. Mechanically though, this path works by stacking penalties like a controller rather than dealing upfront damage, and thus benefits more to a moveset that deals more conditions than attacks. Peacemaker's Action exemplifies this by using an AP to grant the next non-damaging attack a +4 bonus to hit. Vow of Nonviolence adds to that by giving a +2 to all defenses whenever you hit with a nondamaging attack. Aura of Peace then deals -2 to all enemy attack rolls if they get within range of you. Pacify is pretty much a guaranteed stun so long as your target tries to hurt someone next turn. Peacemaker's Pronouncement allows you to prolong one penalty or bonus that might have ended this turn for a turn longer. End To Strife is a mack-daddy of this philosophy, as it literally makes all enemies incapable of fighting until someone else attacks them (or at least heavily penalizes future attacks if you miss).

Miracle Worker[edit]

This path requires clerics to be trained in heal, so this path obviously is meant for the healers and supporters rather than blasters or warpriests. Miracle Worker Healing Action starts by using an AP on a divine healing power to dish out d6+Wis (2d6+Wis in Epic) HP in additional heals to nearby allies while Word of Life makes Healing Word use d8s rather than d6s. Aura of Health is a big passive buff as that allows any ally using Second Wind to gain 3d6 additional HP. Reversal of Fortunes is a revenge power that hits an enemy attacking an ally while also letting them spend a surge to gain 2d10 additional HP. Miraculous Grace saves an ally from death by permitting an immediate free surge +2d6 additional HP as well as getting a saving throw against anything they're suffering. Reap What You Sow is another potentially vicious attack as it takes any save ends effects nearby allies are suffering and stack them (or at least one if you miss) onto one enemy.

Paragon of Victory[edit]

The focus of this path is being support in any way with new ways to attack. Paragon's Action uses an AP to give you or one ally a +5 to either damage or a saving throw. Turning the Tide gives other perks if you drop a nonminion enemy, either shoving all closeby enemies or give yourself or an ally 10 THP. Relentless Rebuke triggers an Opportunity Attack from you any time an ally bloodies or kills an ally. Fanatic Energy lets you spend a minor to use another at-will, Battle Resolve is a ranged AoE that gives everyone hit a chance to use a surge as well as +1 to hit and to all defenses for the battle. Victory Prayer lets you and up to two nearby allies to spend a minor to use an at-will.

Radiant Servant[edit]

This is what you want if you're trying to play the Laser Cleric. You want to burn shit up with your beams of holy light, you take this fucker right here. Better chance of scoring critical hits with radiant powers, fry an enemy with ongoing radiant damage when you burn an action point, and undead & demons have a harder time shaking off your nasty mojo. For powers, you can disintegrate everybody around you with Solar Wrath, make a zone of holy light that heals your friends and fries undead & demons with Healing Sun, or shoot an enemy with a laser so strong that it then explodes into more lasers with Radiant Brilliance.

Scourge of Io[edit]

Similar to the Soul Guide, this path is another anti-X path, this time looking to working over dragons. Draconic Anathema is your new Channel Divinity power, immobilizing dragons while also granting your allies resistance to one damage type for a turn. Dragon-Slayer's Action burns your AP to re-roll an attack against a dragon or re-roll a save against an effect a dragon caused. Wyrm-Bane then inflicts a -2 to all saves dragons make against conditions you deal. Wrath Upon Dragons is a simple penalty to their attacks, doubling in magnitude if the foe's a dragon. On top of that, that doubled penalty always lands, even if you miss. Primal Bottle grants you +5 to all defenses against close attacks but also negates any damage if it misses. Fire With Fire not only deals almost any sort of damage but it also gives you a hovering fly speed that for the encounter.

Soul Guide[edit]

This path is a Blaster variant focused mostly on blowing up the undead through control rather than upfront damage. Top of this list is the Rebuke Soul Channel Divinity power to immobilize any undead or shadow-origin creatures, harming any with both keywords. Spiritual Guidance then burns an AP to recharge a radiant encounter power or Channel Divinity. Weighty Soul then strips a creature of insubstantial for a turn. Soul's Entrallment pulls your foe while also dazing anyone undead or shadow origin. Shadowbane Circle is a sustainable AoE that both becomes difficult terrain for those same creatures while also raising their vulnerability to radiant damage by 10. Soulbrand doesn't care about any typing, but it does deal ongoing damage and a save-ends condition of becoming a flashlight that disorients enemies.

Tactical Warpriest[edit]

The blunt instrument of the PHB Cleric paths, this is for Clerics who know what they want; to get up in somebody's face, crushing skulls and ripping off balls and generally kicking ass, like a fighter, but this guy's doing it FOR THE LAWD. You deal more damage after using an action point, you can call for a reroll of a missed melee/close attack once per encounter, you get +1 to AC when wearing heavy armor, and you get a pseudo-marking ability that lets you stand in as a Defender. For powers, you get Battle Cry (smack a foe and let you & your buddies use a healing surge), Battle Favor (1/day you can regain HP as per two healing surges or recover a spent daily power by landing a critical hit) and Battle Pyres (zap all the fuckers around you, and then keep on zapping them with super-lasers until they shake off the divine target lock).


Adept of Whispers[edit]

This path is one dedicated to the power of your voice. With a whisper you can grant miracles, while a shout only brings ruin. Adept's Action starts you off with a handy +2 to all attacks as well as the ability to increase the size of bursts and blasts by +1, Silent Presence adds +2 to stealth, insight, and intimidate while being invisible to tremorsense but deals -2 to diplomacy and bluff, and Raised Voice lets you make any attack crit on a 19+ and deal -2 to save rolls, but it dazes you for a turn in exchange.

Admonishing Whisper gives you a burst that deafens and shoves back enemies while also dazing those close to a bloodied ally. Restorative Word is a touch power that lets an ally spend two surges and roll a save. Whisper of Doom is another burst, this one dealing ongoing damage and save-ends weakened.

Angelic Aspect[edit]

This path is but the first step in your ascension into the vaunted halls of your deity. Now your divine nature peers through the veil of mortality. You start off with Angelic Resistance granting resistance 10 to both radiant and necrotic damage and Wings of Action gives you both a free fly move of 8 spaces and +2 to AC when you spend an AP, while Angelic Emanation gives everyone a flat -2 to attack you when you're not bloodied.

Angelic Blades gives you a burst that slows and gives a fly speed of 8 for the turn. Shielding Nimbus gives you resistance 10 to any one type or +5 to a pre-existing one. Coldfire Pillar is rather unimpressive, being just a burst that deals fire and cold damage while granting you immunity to both for one turn.

Arbiter of Forgotten Justice[edit]

Exclusive to those Invokers of Amoth's precepts, you dedicate yourself to the concept of retribution in the name of justice and those who have fallen in its name. Retributive Action lets you spend an AP as a reaction whenever an ally is bloodied or at 0 HP and grants +2 to attack and damage rolls, Sliver of Justice heals an ally by 5+Wis HP whenever you crit, and Beacon of Justice lets your powers crit on a 19+ (18+ on devils and demons).

Smiting Blades is a ranged burst that can slow and knock enemies prone if they dare attack a friendly after you hit. Favor the Faithful gives you an immediate interrupt that has you spend a surge to negate any damage one ally takes from an attack. Soulfire Mantle gives you a long-range attack that deals ongoing radiant damage that teleports an enemy if they fail the save.


This particular path is a rather strange one, not only thematically but also mechanically. You now take the roll of agent of the gods' anger with the use of necrotic powers, a lot of them being single-target in a class built on crowd management. You start with Blighting Action, which adds necrotic damage to your attacks while making enemis within 5 spaces get vulnerable 5 necrotic, and Dissolution's Call, which heals you 5+Wis HP whenever you crit, while Echoed Malediction makes anyone who fails a save from your attacks take 10 necrotic damage.

Chain of Death is a ranged attack that restrains a target, which is decent, but limiting. False Life gives you THP with the amount increasing if you hit someone last turn. Endbringer gives yet another ranged attack that deals save-ends blinding and ongoing necrotic damage.

Crimson Arbiter[edit]

Crimson Arbiters are the judge, jury, and executioner - they judge as dictated by their faith and declare their judgments with slips of paper marked with glyphs. You start with Arbiter's Action using an AP to inflict -2 to all attacks from a target of the next attack, Just Presence makes crits grant a +2 to attack anyone within 2 spaces for the rest of the fight, and Justice's Wrath lets you re-roll damage against the first person who hits you.

Sign of Guild forces a -5 on the target's next attack and forces them to hit a nearby foe if they miss. No Rest for the Wicked is a sustainable curse that deals a save-end -2 to all NADs for anyone who hurts you. Sign of Penance is an attack with a follow-up that gives splash damage to anyone that deals save-ends slowed and, if it kills the original target, makes the splash difficult terrain.

Devoted Orator[edit]

This path is an enhancement of the divine speech. Your words inch closer to the divinity you serve and proclaim. Your first features are Brilliant Rhetoric, which makes Diplomacy depend on Int rather than Cha, and Fearsome Oration, which uses an AP to let you push or pull one enemy +Int spaces, while Thundering Prayer makes a close attack deal +Int/2 thunder damage and push targets a space.

Legion Rebuke is a blast that forces enemies away from you. Chastisement makes any one enemy who attacks become vulnerable 10 thunder for a turn. Thunderous Oration is a big blast that dazes and deafens enemies and allows a repeat performance for the next turn.

Divine Hand[edit]

You have caught the attention of your deity and have been tasked with a great deed. You are now a divine soldier and bringer of fear to their enemies. However, if you face a lot of enemies immune to fear, prepare to be hosed. This begins with Inspire Terror, which uses an AP to end slow or immobilize conditions on you while also giving a fear-based immobilized condition to the target of your next attack, Undaunted adds +2 to saves against fear effects and +2 to defenses against fear powers, and Quell the Fearful makes anyone you hit with a fear power take -2 to hit you next turn.

Harvest the Craven is a ranged burst that slows the targets and forces -2 to all defenses while they're all separate - which can make for some fun setup for an ally. Tenor of Wrath gives a sustainable aura 5 that adds an extra space of movement for any enemies moving towards you. Cascade of Terror knocks enemies prone with a hit adding a save-ends daze with a penalty to the save equal to your Con mod.

Divine Philosopher[edit]

You have become aware of how the gods are the ultimate vessels for knowledge and thus seek to study their words in order to understand how to shape reality. As such, this path is suited for those Invokers with an Int-secondary and trained in plenty of Knowledge skills. You begin with Student of the Gods allowing you to claim another divine class' at-will as an encounter power and Insight of the Ancients allowing you to re-roll an attack for an AP, with level 16 giving Knowledge is Power lets you make a knowledge check once daily against a creature and gain a bonus to attack and damage that scales by tier.

Hit the Weak Spot is a ranged attack that reduces resistances while increasing any vulnerabilities. Uncanny Insight lets you take an action just as an enemy does as long as you are trained in the knowledge skill necessary for identifying this creature. Word of Anathema is a burst that targets any creatures identified by skills you're trained in and inflicts save-ends weakened and vulnerable to all damage.

Flame of Hope[edit]

You have been given the responsibility of guarding the fires of hope and learning how to stoke them into infernos of action and heroism. The two keys here are fire and radiant damage, and you've got ways to work with both. You begin with Enduring Hope, allowing allies within 5 spaces to add +1 to saves while you're not bloodied, and Inspiring Attack Action, which uses an AP to give you and allies within 5 spaces +Int to attack, while eventually getting Righteous Resurgence, which triggers upon using a Second Wind and deals 1d6+Int damage to enemies within range while granting allies THP of the same amount.

Numinous Cascade is a ranged attack that hits up to two enemies and lets allies gain +2 to hit either. Blinding Ward interrupts an enemy's attack and blinds them. Sunburst Bulwark immobilizes enemies inside it while letting allies spend healing surges and add +Int for their heals.

Hammer of Vengeance[edit]

During the Dawn War, there was a hammer forged by Moradin and Kord. This hammer was a mighty instrument of divine vengeance, as many gods who were wronged by the primordials swore revenge upon this hammer before striking out. You are now taking after the hammer, a weapon of the gods' vengeance. This starts you off with Enduring Castigation, which deals -2 to enemy saves while within 5 spaces of you, while Lingering Rebuke uses an AP to let you deal 1d6+Con thunder damage to anyone who attacks you or an ally within 5 spaces, and Penance dazes an enemy you crit.

Mark of Castigation is a ranged attack that deals silly amounts of damage if the enemy misses their next attack. Thundering Summons teleports up to two allies away from some issue and right to your side. Warding Thunder is a ranged burst that leaves a sustainable zone that lets you make an Opportunity Attack against anyone in there who attacks one designated ally - which is a bit of a hamstring.

Keeper of the Nine[edit]

Only available to Invokers trained in History, this class teaches you that there will be nine great catastrophes that will spell the end of all things. Though these catastrophes were sealed away as part of the formation of reality, that is no guarantee that they will remain so. As a Keeper of the Nine, your duty is to ensure that these seals are not broken and to silence those who attempt to control what they do not understand. Dooming Action starts you off by letting spend an AP as a follow-up to an attack that damages an enemy to render them Vulnerable 5 for the turn, Ruining Prayer adds onto any Close powers you have by making area around you turn into difficult terrain, giving you area denial, and Keeper's Vengeance adds +1 to the size of any burst power you use.

Glyph of Warning is a large burst that forces enemies to flee, while boosting any Opportunity Attacks they might provoke. Keeper's Mantle teleports you away if you are hurt while bloodied, and any enemies near you now grant Combat Advantage. The Tenth Seal places a glyph that attacks anyone within Burst 3, stunning on the first turn, and then dazing anyone else each subsequent turn should you sustain it.

Speaker of the Word[edit]

You are beholden to the Word, a word so utterly powerful that even uttering its syllables can cause disastrous you're essentially using the Thu'um. Influencing Syllable lets you add +2 to all Charisma skill checks, Speaker's Action lets you spend an AP so you can re-roll any one test you want, and Empowering Syllable grants a +2 power bonus to your next attack after using a Path power.

Symbol of Light is a close burst that temporarily deafens and blinds enemies while boosting ally defenses. Guiding Syllable slides each of your allies around and lets their next attack slide their target if they hit. The Spoken Word is a big burst that deals ongoing psychic damage and forces every target's next saving throw to fail.


You have become capable of bending the very earth beneath you with the power of your voice. While this has obvious ties to the Earth Domain feats, you could also make an excuse to use this if you have multiclassed with Druid as well for a more primal feel. Stonecaller's Action lets you spend an AP to make a close burst (the size of which you can pick between 2, 5, and 10) that becomes difficult terrain for the round and lets you knock anyone inside prone with your next attack, Strong Footing lets you roll a save against going prone and grants you immunity to difficult terrain caused by stone or earth, and Earthsight grants you tremorsense 5 while touching the ground - quite strong.

Earthbolt is a ranged burst that knocks enemies prone and also turns the area into difficult terrain for the rest of the round. Rooted to the Earth is short ranged, but it lets you or a nearby ally who gets bloodied and/or forcibly moved spend a Healing Surge and negate the movement. The Black Obelisk of Doom is a pesudo-summon that weakens anyone next to it and has its own attack that immobilizes (save ends) and pulls an unfortunate target closer.

Theurge of the Compact[edit]

Restricted to Invokers with the Covenant of Wrath. You have begun studying the Compact Infernal, a dangerous document that was written by the fiends of the Nine Hells. You now command the powers of hellfire and demons, but you must make sure you remain devoted to your faith - A perfect hook for Edgelords seeking some sort of attempt at inner conflict. Bringer of Despair is a rider on any attack you make that's a crit: you can take 5 damage to force the target to take -2 to all attacks (save ends), Incendiary Action uses an AP to make your targets gain Vulnerable 5 Fire, and Fiery Wrath turns your Covenant Manifestation to instead deal 2 Fire damage.

Hellfire Unleashed is a ranged attack that deals splash damage around your target and forces anyone in there to grant Combat Advantage. Infernal Guardian is a sustainable summons that, while useless in combat, does grant some nice advantages: Resist 10 Fire and immunity to charm and fear effects. Fiery Companions is another summon, though these ones can only attack those near them - including allies - and all their attacks (including opportunity attacks) deal ongoing fire damage.

Vessel of Ichor[edit]

Exclusive to Invokers with Covenant of Wrath. You have partaken in the ichor, the blood of the gods. This essence of divinity would normally be too much for a mortal to withstand, but you have somehow managed to pull through and now have divine blood in your veins. You begin with Invoker's Blood making Armor of Wrath deal +2d6 damage when bloodied, and Vessel's Action grants a free minor action whenever you spend an AP (upgraded to a move when you're bloodied), while Vessel's Resistance grants resist all 5 when bloodied.

Fiery Glance is a ranged attack with a follow-up burst on anyone around the first target. Holy Vigor is an immediate reaction against an ally being injured, giving you and that ally +2 to hit the triggering enemy, letting them spend a surge if they're bloodied. Silver Rain is a sustainable ranged burst with bonuses to hit based on how many members of your party are bloodied and deals ongoing damage to enemies while allies heal.


Astral Weapon[edit]

You swear yourself totally to your god, becoming their avatar of wrath and vengeance upon the battlefield. Astral Judgment makes your mark more effective by penalizing defenses, Astral Rejuvenation Action lets you burn an action point to restore a paladin encounter power, and Courage From On High gives you a +2 bonus to saving throws against fear. For powers, you get Carving A Path Of Light (double damage melee strike, enemies adjacent to you give combat advantage for a turn), Pray For More (you can reroll the damage of one of your attacks once per encounter), and Astral Whirlwind (slash every enemy around you for double damage and penalized defenses, 50% chance you don't expend the power if you succeed in killing someone with it).

Champion of Corellon[edit]

Exclusive to paladins of Corellon, this path focuses on being fast while also wearing heavy-ass armor. Thus, this path is better suited for those who focus more on the Cha side than the Str side. Restorative Action uses an AP to spend a surge without wasting an action, which is kickass. Superior Defense gives either a +1 or +2 to AC based on how high your Dex is while wearing heavy armor. Light Footed Warrior then negates any speed penalty heavy armor grants while also granting a free shift whenever you bloody or kill an enemy. Elegant Strike is a Cha-based strike that locks out shifting and uses Dex as a rider if you use a light or heavy blade. Graceful Step is a full-speed shift that ignores terrain and adds +5 to athletics and acrobatics checks. Corellon's Wrath slaps an enemy with save-ends blindness as well as adding 1d10 radiant damage to every opportunity attack.

Champion of Order[edit]

Attempting to emphasize the Lawful Good tradition of paladins without, you know, being a lawful stupid twat, your Champion's Action means you inflict a penalty on enemy defenses if you spend an action point, In Defense of Order lets you get opportunity attacks against marked targets that don't attack you and also means you do +2D6 radiant damage against demons and elementals, and Champion's Hammer lets you ignore the resistances of demons and elementals. For powers, you get Certain Justice (smack a target and, if it was marked, you make them weak and dazed until the mark is removed), None Shall Pass (once per day, you can mark 2 enemies with Divine Challenge until the encounter ends) and Rule of Order (quadruple damage, push and weaken the target on a hit, normal damage and weaken on a miss, +2 to attack roll and +2D10 radiant damage if target has dealt a critical hit to you or an ally during this encounter).


Divine Power's anti-demon path is a lot more up-front combat capable and also a lot less dependent on fighting demons, though fighting them does make things a lot more effective. Demonslayer's Action uses an AP to negate resistances for one attack and deal damage equal to half-your level for a bigger nova while Demonslayer's Presence damages any nearby demons while also denying them the ability to shift. Suppress Resistance allows you to also suppress variable resistances, though now only with a melee attack. Demonslayer's Smite is a direct strike that strips resistances with the added benefit of recharging whenever a demon crits or spends an AP. Demonslayer's Resistance grants Resist 5 (10 at Epic) to one attack, with that resistance doubling if the attacker's a demon and then inflicting said demon with a Sanction. Edict of Destruction traps the target with a save-ends effect that changes each round, with demons suffering two of the effects.


Despite the name, none of the effects listed actually require hitting dragons - they work as well on dragons as they do any other creature. Dragonslayer's Action just uses an AP to raise your AC by 2 against any marked foes, Dragonslayer's Challenge just gives +2 to damage a target (+4 in Epic) when you first mark them in a battle, and True Heart only grants +2 vs Fear. Challenging Smite just slaps an enemy and stacks extra damage to your challenge and Sanction for the turn, which might be handy if you can get someone to draw attention. Deflect the Blast uses a shield to halve the damage dealt to you and a nearby ally by a close or blast attack hitting AC or Reflex. Ground the Foe is pretty incredible, grounding a foe, immobilizing them, slowing them, and removing their flight, requiring two saves to end them all, while missing just slows the target and messes with their flight on a save-ends effect.

Faithful Shield[edit]

When you wanna go all-in on that Defender role, this path is your pick for making sure everyone makes it through. Balanced Paladins or Melee Cha-ladins would be the top options to use this path, since all powers use Cha to hit, but also one attack requires a weapon attack. Sheltering Hands gives a +2 to all defenses to whoever you use Lay on Hands on until their next turn, Shielding Action uses an AP to give all nearby allies +2 to AC and Reflex for a turn, and Defensive Presence deals automatic damage whenever an enemy hits an ally within range who just spent their second wind. Protecting Smite also deals +2 to all defenses to all allies within range. Constant Shield is a stance that adds +2 to AC and Reflex on top of your shield as well as reducing forced movement on you or a nearby ally by 1. Rampart of Strength is a burst that shield bashes folks and shoves them back, but you also gain an automatic +4 to all defenses every turn thereafter if you don't move at all.

Gray Guard[edit]

Perhaps you're tired of the "ALWAYS LAWFUL GOOD/NEUTRAL" spiel and you're a paladin trained in insight and intimidate. Well, this path decides to let you explore that gray morality, understand that the ends justify the means through a path full of mixed features. Gray Guard Action grants a 3-square-shift and a +2 to hit the next enemy while Gray Guard Vigilance gives training in perception and streetwise while also denying enemies you mark any concealment from you. Demoralizing Critical just makes a crit saddle the enemy closest to your target with a -2 to attack and all defenses for a turn. Debilitating Strike dazes and stuns the enemy, but it also has a means to prolong the daze a bit: if the target attacks again before your next turn, it gets a new daze that lasts until the next turn. Relentless Justice can restore an Encounter you just missed with, though it can also restore a bigger one if you feel like it's important enough to waste another Encounter on. Devastating Smite burns a use of Lay On Hands/Virtue's Touch/Ardent Vow to inflect extra damage equal to your Surge value while also making it give Combat Advantage to a nearby ally.

Holy Conqueror[edit]

A path exclusive to Ardent Vow paladins, this path acts more on assault than defending. Divine Fortification sanctions anyone in range when you use an AP, Holy Rebuke shifts an enemy hit by Ardent Vow, with the option to shift right afterwards, and Hold the Line considerably drops the forced movement of any nearby ally. Charge of the Conqueror is a reaction counter-charge that triggers once someone else is hit. Sacrificial Intervention starts off with swapping places with an ally just as they're getting hurt, but then you get to sanction the provoking baddie any time you're near them. Take the Keep pulls a bunch of enemies near you while allowing allies within that same range to shift around multiple squares as a free turn so long as they're no closer to you than before, which is a bit tricky and requires some smarter planning on using this power.


Dabbling in the Leader role, the Hospitaler is a paladin who develops a knack for healing. Hospitaler's Blessing means that marked enemies actually heal your allies if they try to attack them, Hospitaler's Action means that you heal allies close by whenever you burn an action point, and Hospitaler's Care boosts the health restored by your Lay On Hands ability. For powers, you get Warding Blow (attack a marked enemy for double damage and let your allies make a saving throw), Healing Font (once per day, bolster yourself for the encounter so that you can freely heal an ally whenever you hit an enemy), and Life-Giving Smite (strike a foe for quadruple your weapon's damage in radiant damage, then let an ally spend a healing surge).

Questing Knight[edit]

Questing Knights go on adventures in order to prove their worth in great journeys, overcoming any odds to get there. Questing Knight Resolute Action starts that off with giving you a free Saving Throw with a +2. Truth Sense grants +2 to Insight and +2 to Will vs charm, fear, and illusion powers. Knight's Resurgence can make a hefty save to the action budget by making a second wind a free action when bloodied. Strength of Ten is an impressive blast that pushes enemies back while also sanctioning each of them before letting you shift to any square inside the blast. Quester's Discipline is a daily ignore against any blind, daze, stun, dominate, or weaken condition. Virtuous Wrath is a hefty attack, shoving an enemy back 5 and inflicting a save-ends weakened condition on them.


Trying to live up to the "knight who crusades for justice" part of the paladin theme, the Justicar gets Just Action to weaken adjacent enemies when you spend an action point, Just Spirit so adjacent allies get a free saving throw re-roll each turn, and Just Shelter, which makes adjacent allies immune to fear and charm, while getting +1 to saving throws. For attacks, they can use Just Radiance (sear all marked enemies in a close burst for radiant damage and lock them into attacking you), Strike Me Instead (you can force an enemy's attack to miss a nearby ally, at the cost of being hit by it yourself, once per day) and Challenge The Unjust (huge burst of radiant damage and temporarily marking).

Knight of Celestia[edit]

This path is dedicated to upholding the tenets of the realm of Celestia, with paladins acting as defenders and support. You get Aura of Menace to make enemies who eat your Divine Challenge's damage light up the room for a bit and grant Combat Advantage, Aura of the Gods to use an AP and gain +2 to all defenses for the turn, and Dedicated Foe makes a crit against a foe you used Divine Challenge on take damage as if it invoked the challenge and can't use resistances. Celestia's Challenge is a double-hit that marks two different enemies with Divine Challenge for a turn. Brilliant Guardians summons two copies that act as defense nodes for your allies by granting those nearby +2 to AC and Will while also acting as flashlights. Purifying Radiance is a rather weak attack, but it not only inflicts ongoing damage, but every time the target takes that ongoing damage, nearby enemies also eat some splash damage as well.

Though this path is more dedicated to Str than Cha for support, it does rely a lot on special effects and using Divine Challenge.

Knight of the Chalice[edit]

Paladins of this path fight in the name of the god slain by Asmodeus's treachery and seek to protect the world from devils. To start, you gain the Channel Divinity power Censure Devils (Weakening all devils in the area for a turn). Saving Action uses an AP to grant a saving throw, adding a +2 if the condition was caused by a devil. Ensaring Smite is far from strong, but it ensnares for a turn, though a devil will not only take double damage, but now it cannot teleport until it makes a save. Heavenly Courage re-rolls a save vs a charm or fear effect and if they pass, they inflict Cha radiant damage on the one who caused the condition. Blessing of the Chalice adds a save-ends -2 penalty to all attacks, but if the target's a devil, they also take ongoing radiant damage.

This path is another Cha-centric path with the added need to specialize vs devils if you want the most out of it.

Knight of Unyielding Bastion[edit]

Unlike the Dragonslayer, which can work on any particular foe though everything works particularly for dragons, this path is considered a bit more dedicated to fighting dragons. This path is also a more defensive-oriented path, focused on protecting allies from dragons rather than crushing dragons. Dragon-Slayer's Action burns an AP to either re-roll an attack against a dragon or a save against a condition a dragon caused rather than an attack. Dragon's Challenge doubles the attack penalty whenever you mark a dragon with Divine Challenge and deals extra damage equal to Wis whenever they don't fight you. Partake of My Strength gives you the option to interrupt with a use of Lay on Hands whenever you and an ally are hit by a close or area attack. Divine Deflection is a reaction that whacks an enemy just as they hit an ally with a close attack and grants every ally within range a bonus to all defenses, though you aren't included. Dragon Flame Sacrifice lets you intercept a close burst about to hit an ally by swapping places and gaining a +2 to all defenses for that attack. Beast-Punishing Strike gives one rather dangerous skill if used properly: it bans any recharge power until it makes a save.

Scion of Sacrifice[edit]

One of the two paths exclusive to those paladins with Ardent Vow, this path is your dedicated damage-dealing path, sacrificing health for certain perks when using powers. Devastating Action makes for a fierce start, adding Cha to damage when using an AP, with Wis getting stacked on top when you're bloodied. Unflinching Persistence gives a second use of Ardent Vow. Martyr's Strike is a ferocity feature, granting the use of one at-will before dying. Scion's Sanction is a basic burst that sanctions anyone within range, though you can also sacrifice some HP to double the damage. Scion's Healing eats some of your health equal to your level, but gives an ally a free surge. Punishing Flame is an implement-based burst power that also deals fire damage any time a target hits someone that isn't you.

Slayer of the Dead[edit]

This path is your dedicated anti-undead corpse-killer path, really requiring a constant stream of undead enemies to make the most of its repertoire. Incandescent Action uses AP to deal bonus radiant damage on your next attack, Scorn the Dead gives you a scaling resistance to necrotic damage, and Slayer's Presence scares all undead enemies into a -2 to attack for a turn any time you bloody or kill another undead. Light of the Living smacks one foe while dealing decent splash damage to all nearby undead and also sanctioning them for the turn. Life and Death Entwined negates one undead enemy's attack and then lets you reflect half the damage you might have taken back with your next attack, which would kill it when used against a really tough boss attack. Bury the Dead is a burst that also slaps save-ends restrained condition on any undead in range.

Vengeful Crusader[edit]

For the paladin trained in insight or perception, this is a path that does away with the goody-goody image of a paladin and goes all-in on taking revenge against those who commit wrongs with prejudice. Vengenace's Imperative shifts an enemy that doesn't fight you, Vengeful Action uses an AP to use Divine Sanction on all nearby enemies for a turn, and Vengeful Shield forces enemies attacking nearby allies take damage equal to Str regardless of whether or not you sanction or use Divine Challenge. Your first attack is Driving Force, which hits a marked foe and shoves them backwards. If they attempt to hit anyone but you next turn, you can immediately charge their ass. Crusader Stance is an obvious power-up, gaining +1 to hit and damage every time you see an ally hurt, going up to +5. Crusader's Vengeance is another form of challenge, making the target take damage equal to Str every time they don't target you.


Hammer of Vengeance[edit]

This path is dedicated to taking revenge on anyone who hits your allies with prejudice. Avenging Action is a bonus burst of damage to anyone within range and attacking allies at any time you spend an AP. Bloody Vengeance grants the Rune of Vengeance as a new state, allowing for one MBA whenever an ally hits a nearby enemy before ending, with Inescapable Vengeance upping both the hit and damage rolls of this attack. Avenging Hammer looks easy enough to implement, but it also can be recharged once per encounter whenever an ally is hit before your next turn, not to mention the ability to either teleport an enemy or deal another attack based on the rune in use. Shield of Vengeance gives a boost to an ally so they can take revenge against the enemy who just hurt them. Vengeance's End is your desperation attack, requiring you to be bloodied but granting a massive 5[W] damage that re-rolls all 1s or 2s.

Light Bringer[edit]

This path is a very radiant-based path with multiple supporting ways that can blend together with combat. Holy Radiance is a rather simplistic Light cantrip, Invigorating Light allows an AP to grant a nearby ally a free action, and Twelve Runes of the Sun grants the new rune state of the Light Bringer, denying concealment to nearby enemies while Undeniable Light makes allies within range immune to blinding. Mote of the Sun is an attack that blinds rather than hurts, though depending on rune state it can either harm or grant allies concealment once the blinding ends. Anthem of the Dawn allows anyone to use a surge and also gain THP and a cure for blindness. Dawning Light not only shoves an enemy back, but also gives nearby allies THP and a chance to shift around.

Master of the Forge[edit]

This path is a very support-based one with every feature giving ways to either protect allies or make them hit harder. Forge Rune Action is one of the latter options, as an AP will give you and your close allies a bonus to damage. Runes of the Blade Smith is of a similar vein, but instead of an AP it instead just grants a +1 damage boost to one weapon until the next rest. Indomitable Steel is the same thing, except now adding +1 to any heavy armor's AC. Call of Iron is a potent attack that boosts either damage or AC depending on the rune state in use. Blessing of the Forge is just an instant boost to AC that can be exploited since it's a minor at-will, though it requires the target to be right next to you. Fury of the Forge is the most offensive of the abilities, dealing ongoing fire damage and giving allies the shot to deal bonus damage while on fire.

Rune Shield[edit]

Whereas Master of the Forge has to split between either being defensive or offensive, the Rune Shield dedicates itself entirely on being protection-first. Guardian Shield starts with a new rune state which boosts everyone's defenses by +2, but only if you don't move. Protective Action does the same thing for an AP, though it lacks the movement restriction. Mighty Guardian just doubles these defenses. Battering Rune is a rather strange power that emits a blast zone and shoves enemies, but what that zone does depends on the rune state: Destruction gives your party a bonus to hit enemies outside the zone, Protection turns it into difficult terrain for enemies while also giving protection to allies. Rune of Shielding is an instant sustainable deadzone that halts any movement towards it, useful in cornering enemies. Hounding Shield of Radiance is a permamarking ability with a special caveat: whenever that mark hits an ally, you get to hit the mark while also halving the damage taken.

Enlightened Word[edit]

This path is available to any non-evil runepriests, seeking to act as support through their powers. Cloud Step adds a new rune state that allows adjacent allies to shift 2 squares when they hit an enemy once per turn, while ending it with a minor gives you a fly speed for a turn. Shared Enlightenment Action uses an AP for you to use a class power originating from an ally's space, thus giving them THP. Radiant Step adds phasing and insubstantial to your flying. Celestial Lightning is a burst attack centered on an ally, who then can deal lightning/radiant damage with their attacks as well as either a damage or healing surge bonus based on rune state. Touch of Hope grants a free save against all effects as well as a free heal and a free stand if needed. Words of Celestial Heaven is rather odd in that it lacks a focus on allies, instead adding save-ends stunning on an enemy, who then attacks an enemy while also gaining extra damage every time thereafter when you hit this target with an at-will.


Devout Warpriest[edit]

This is the path exclusive to the Warpriest, pretty much building off of what you already have with each domain. Devout Action is the AP feature that has different effects based on what domain you started with, Transcendent Blessing trains you in Supernal and grants a domain-specific perk that keys off a single power, and Devout Warpriest Domain Feature adds yet another thing to your domain. Divine Resurgence is the only power universal to the warpriest and for good reason - it recovers the usage of Second Wind to anyone in range and recharges an Encounter power exclusive to your domain. The u12 and d20 powers, being exclusive to domain, will probably not be covered here because of how fucking many there are.


Arrow of the Moonbow[edit]

Exclusive to any class with Channel Divinity (read, all divine classes save runepriest or the Divine Channeler feat) and proficiency with a bow who worships Sehanine. As expected, this is a part of a cult dedicated to changing the flow of destiny when they see fit. You begin with Moonkissed Action using an AP to let you re-roll a bow attack, Walker in Twilight gives low-light vision and training in stealth (or the skill focus feat for stealth if you're already trained), and Break the Bonds is a Channel Divinity power that ends any dominated, immobilized, petrified, or restrained effects.

Three Moonbeams targets up to three enemies (though targeting one gives a bonus +1[W] damage) with cold+radiant damage and lets allies near them shift away. Moon Eye gives you darkvision and immunity to blindness. Moon Shot deals a generous amount of cold+radiant damage to one target and lets allies near the target use a surge.

Chromatic Bane[edit]

This is yet another anti-dragon path, though now this one is for any divine class. It also has you outright declare war on Tiamat and any of its followers. You start with Inspired Bravery, which lets an ally make a saving throw against a charm or fear effect each turn, Resilient Action has you spend an AP for resist 10 against an elemental type (upped to 15 in epic), and level 16 grants you Platinum Mantle, a new Channel Divinity power. This is an instant interrupt against a close or area attack and gives you and any closeby allies a +3 on all defenses.

Rolling Stab is a melee counterattack that has you shift around the target before doing at-will tier damage (doubled if fighting a dragon) and giving +2 to all defenses for the turn. Rousing Cry is a large burst that instantly ends one ally's stunned or dazed effect and gives them a free move. Heartstrike is a charge-friendly attack that has you strike, move both you and the target, and then perma-mark them.


This Forgotten Realms path is dedicated to any divine class in worship of Kelemvor. Though he usually dedicated to the end of life, he is also determined to destroy the undead wherever they reside and curtail their defiance of the end. You start with the rather meh Blessings of Kelemvor, which grant +2 to all defenses when you spend an AP (rendering it useless when you use Second Wind) and the less-than-stellar Doomguide's Geas granting +2 extra HP from healing (upped to +5 when undead are around), while eventually reaching Doomguide's Resolve, letting you roll one saving throw when you kill someone (or roll saves for all if you kill an undead).

Kelemvor's Circle is a big burst that hits while also healing allies by 5 HP (doubled if an undead is hit). Unsullied Heart is an immediate interrupt that adds +5 to Fortitude or Will the instant an attack targets them. Kelemvor's Sword is an attack that heals your team by 15 HP while inflicting save-ends dazed on the target (upgraded to stunned on undead).

Exorcist of the Silver Flame[edit]

This Eberron-exclusive path is for those divine classes that worship the Silver Flame. This is the next step in the fanatic zealotry that the church espouses as you become bonded with the flame and become an agent of unyielding purity. You get Bolstered by Flame, which gives you and an ally +Wis THP whenever you use a fire power, Silver Flame Action uses an AP to make your next attack deal +2d6 fire+radiant damage, and Silver Exorcism lets you re-roll a damage die of 1 or 2 when using a fire or radiant attack against a demon, devil, shapechanger, or undead foe.

Flame of Censure is a burst that blinds enemies, but demons, devils, shapechangers, and undead take doubled damage and suffer a penalty to AC equal to +Cha. Warding Flame is a sustainable ranged burst that gives friendlies inside it Resist 5 fire+radiant and +2 to all defenses, while enemies take vulnerable 5 fire+radiant and -2 to all defenses. Silver Brand is a ranged attack that save-ends blinds and dazes the target while demons, devils, shapechangers, and undead also get ongoing damage of 10 fire and radiant each.

Idol of Darkness[edit]

Hailing from the Book of Vile Darkness, this paragon path represents a paladin or a cleric who has embraced the powers of dark gods, staining their soul with the corrupting energies of evil spiritual energy until they have become an incarnate avatar of soul-shrivelling horror, an emissary for the darkest of entities. At level 11, they gain the features Unwholesome Resilience (Resist 10 Necrotic and Poison, Immune to diseases of your level or lower) and Vile Darkness Action (when you spend an action point, you emit a blinding cloud of manifest corruption; this cloud lasts until the end of your next turn and grants you partial concealment (total, if you were bloodied) against adjacent enemies and a +4 bpower bonus to damage rolls). At level 16, they gain the feature Death-Driven, which lets them shift squares equal to their Charisma modifier when a creature within 5 squares drops to 0 HP as a free action, which they can do 1/round.

Their level 11 encounter attack power is Font of Despair, a close burst 1 Strength vs. AC attack that deals 2[W]+Str modifier damage to any creatures it hits, with struck creatures taking a -2 penalty to their attack rolls and all defenses until the end of the Idol's next turn. Regardless of any successful hits, the Idol also gets their choice of either of two boons; the ability to make an immediate saving throw with a power bonus equal to enemies hit with the attack, or gaining damage resistance (equal to Str modifier) until the start of their next turn. Their level 12 utility power is the daily-use Unholy Aura, which they can activate as a minor action; it grants them an aura 1 that lasts until the encounter's end, and which enables them to push any creature which ends its turn within the aura 1 square as an opportunity action. Their level 20 daily attack power is Dark Burden; a melee attack against a chosen foe that does 5[W]+Str modifier damage on a hit and half that on a miss. Additionally, each creature adjacent to the Idol other than the initial target starts taking ongoing 10 necrotic and psychic damage (save ends). At the start of each of the Idol's turns, they can slide each creature taking this ongoing damage a number of squares equal to their Charisma modifier.


One of the better-known paths from the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, this path demands that any divine class worships Amauntor (the younger and more idealistic version of Lathander) and offers some remarkable cheese with radiant damage. You start off with Militant Dawn dealing +Cha radiant damage to one enemy when you use Channel Divinity and Unflagging Enemy using an AP to crit on an 18+, and you eventually get the fabulous Burning Radiance, inflicting vulnerable 10 radiant any time you hit with a divine power.

Pure Glow is a big burst that has the added perk of dealing extra damage to anyone who starts their turn on that area. Rising Sun gives you a sustainable aura of constant healing. Lance of Dawn is a ranged attack that deals ongoing radiant damage that amplifies with each failed save.

Oak Shield[edit]

Restricted to divine classes in service to Melora, the Oak Shield is a path that gives the feeling of a divine-primal hybrid. You start with Sheltering Boughs spending an AP to grant a burst 5 that adds +2 to AC and Fort for the turn and Weather the Storm granting resist 10 thunder+lightning while also granting 10 THP to two allies whenever you're hit by either type, while level 16 gives Deep Roots, which gives tremorsense 5 when touching the ground.

Steadfast Resolve is an attack that shoves the target back and renders you or an ally immune to forced movement that turn. Whirling Leaves is a large burst that gives everyone concealment. Renewing Vines is a burst that deals poison damage and save-ends immobilizes targets (or save-ends slows on a miss) while also granting THP and a +2 to one roll to allies inside that.


Exclusive to anyone who worships Moradin and has the Moradin's Resolve Channel Divinity power, this is the result of drawing power from Moradin's Soulforge and bringing it forth in an incredible force able to shatter anything. Reforged Action uses an AP to recharge either Channel Divinity or recharge a level 11 or lower encounter attack, Weapon of the Dwarf-Father is an at-will power that gifts a held weapon to deal fire+radiant damage and Foe Hammer combines the Weapon of the Dwarf Father with Moradin's Resolve so that the later deals +1d10 fire+radiant damage and stunning on a crit when the latter is in effect.

Forge Blast is a flexible attack that does stunning and splash damage. Tempered is an immediate interrupt that adds +4 to Fortitude and Will and +5 to the next save. Soul of the Dwarf-Father is another flexible attack that makes every attack afterward deal fire+radiant damage and makes you have an aura 1 of difficult terrain.

Zealous Demagogue[edit]

This path has some rather flexible requirements, as it requires either a Cleric or Invoker trained in either Insight or Perception. You have become the guiding beacon for those whose faith falters, warning them of the perils that will befall them if they stray. None of the passive abilities rely on any range beyond eyesight, which makes this quite powerful. captivating Presence gives you +2 to Diplomacy, Insight, and Intimidate checks while allies within eyeshot get +2 to charm and fear saves, Zealous Action uses an AP to give allies who see you THP equal to half your level and a +2 to hit for the next turn, and Martyr's Blood grants allies +1 to attack, damage, and save rolls while you're bloodied.

Fanatic Charge lets an ally charge for free. Imperiled Leader lets you pull in an ally to take a melee attack meant for you, recharging Fanatic Charge if the attack still hits. Sudden Conversion enacts an immediate save ends condition, the worst being Dominated and a -2 penalty to save against it (downgraded to Weakened (Save Ends) after a successful save), while a miss deals Dazed and Weakened (Save ends).

Martial Paragon Paths[edit]


Avenging Slayer[edit]

The Avenging Slayer is an offensively-oriented path, built upon rattling and being terrifying. Bloodied Edge adds Cha to all damage vs enemies you have combat advantage against, Slayer's Action grants Combat Advantage against an enemy for the price of an AP, and Brutal Justice gives a bonus to hit whenever you kill an enemy. Comeuppance Strike is a rattling blow that not only hits an enemy, but it also hits all nearby enemies with a penalty to all defenses. Looming Justice is your means of control, sliding a marked foe whenever they attack someone other than you, and Ruthless Outburst is a deadly burst that not only inflicts ongoing damage, but also has rattling on it to penalize any retaliation.

This path is quite effective for anyone who likes making messes out of enemy tactics and laying on the hurt while at it.

Bladestorm Duelist[edit]

Restricted to tempest fighters with proficiency in rapiers, thus turning you into a swashbuckler in your own right. To start with, Canny Defense not only adds +2 to AC and Reflex when wearing light armor and no shield, but it also adds Wis to Initiative without a feat. Precise Action allows you to re-roll one or two hits you make whenever you spend an AP on an attack. Bladestorm Technique is a very interesting benefit, as you need to wield both a rapier and an off-hand light blade in order to gain both +1 to hit and damage as well as the high crit property to your rapier. Blade Feint is an amusing double hit, with the first softening an enemy with Combat Advantage while the second penalizes their hit rolls. Nimble Step allows you to shift as a free action whenever your marked foe provokes you with their movement or hits an enemy attacks anyone else but you. Elaborate Assault is a reliable triple combo, slicing an enemy before shifting around and penalizing them in different ways with each step.

This path has a lot off fun with being flittering and fancy and screwing around with enemies, and it allows for some unique ways to score multiple hits on an enemy.

Blood-Crazed Berserker[edit]

Debuting in 4e's Book of Vile Darkness, this path is locked to only EVIL fighters who want to go further with their art of killing, which might be an issue on most campaigns as it is. You're not quite a barbarian, but you got some vicious tricks on you for more damage -- chanting Maim, Kill, Burn! is optional. Blood-Crazed Action embodies this with a boost to both charge distance and damage when you use an AP to attack. Unstoppable Killer improves saves against any of the real bad ongoing conditions (dazed, dominated, restrained, etc), and wrapping this up is Bloodied Aggression, which adds +1 to hits and increases the crit range when bloodied. Mutilating Strike is a rather basic rider, dealing double damage on an MBA while also stunning a foe. Foaming Wrath is a personal response against bloodying filled with THP and Combat Advantage against the perp for the turn, which might stack well with Dragonborn shenanigans. Maniacal Fury is a really big bad stance, doubling damage on all MBA while also forcing immediate attacks on anyone nearby you.

Really, this path abandons the concept of marking, so if you want to go to barbarian murder-kill-fuck-ville (which you might be considering this came from the 4E Book of Vile Darkness), this is up your alley.

Doomguard Marauder[edit]

Heavily offensive fighters will enjoy this path for all the ways they can hurt an ally with only a weapon. Destructive Action adds 1d12 (2d12 on Epic) to an attack's damage upon using an AP, Ruin's Reward recovers +Con HP whenever you crit, and Inevitable Doom adds +2 to hit an enemy if you missed them the previous turn. Your powers are equally nice too, with Entropic Blow dealing -2 AC on any nearby enemy, Strike of Unmaking stripping away resistances, and Arm of Dissolution slapping ongoing damage as well as the chance to improve your odds of hitting when they fail the save.

Draeven Marauder[edit]

This path requires only that you love spears and 3-square shifts enough to go here, and considering the many many people who crow on about polearm shenanigans, this seems like a good fit. Fleet Skirmisher allows for a 3-square shift after using an AP just before an action to help with mobility, Marauder Precision makes spears crit on a 19+, and and Press the Advantage turns a crit against a bloodied enemy into a free bonus attack against his closest friend (A rather specific setup that also requires you to be up against a bunch of goons circling you). Impaling Strike is a thematically fun move, giving a 3-square shift before striking and immobilizing the foe. Exultant Withdrawal shifts you 3 after killing someone. Taunting Press is an unusual control move, sliding an enemy 3 before whacking them and then giving you the chance to shift them again if you ever hit this foe every turn after.

Dread Reaper[edit]

This path is a path to pick if you choose to specialize in polearms or greatweapons, two-handed weapons which focus more upon being killy than being defensive. For starters, Impending Slaughter knocks prone any marked enemy you hit with an Opportunity Attack while Reaper's Action deals Str damage to all adjacent foes when using an AP to attack. Reaping Cleave acts in a similar fashion, dealing Str damage to one nearby enemy when using any basic attack with a two-hander while inflicting that damage to all nearby enemies when using Cleave. For attacks, you start with Reaping Lunge, which attacks with reach while also allowing for an immediate shift+MBA if they try to attack anyone besides you. Reaper's Warning is a permamark on all enemies, lasting for the encounter so you can make all sorts of shenanigans. Blood Harvest is pretty much a big dumb swing with ongoing damage which is unsavable if the enemy moves on their turn.


The dreadnought is the biggest force of unmovable tankery that can exist for the fighter, though it can also benefit anyone who uses hammers, mauls, and axes with bonus Con to damage. The start is already pretty fierce, as Dreadnought Action gives them Resist 10 all when an AP is spent on an attack. Unfailing Resolve gives extra HP as well as the ability to spend HP to end an ongoing effect. Critical Hardening also grants its own Resist 10 all whenever you score a crit. Inorexable Advance acts as a very simple double attack with a shift added in. Blood Iron just grants Resist 5 all whenever you get bloodied. Line-Breaker Assault is a mix of both powers, being a shove and stun against any enemies while also granting Resist 5 all.

Gladiator Champion[edit]

This requires either a Fighter or the Gladiator theme from Dark Sun to be available that specializes in gaining any advantage over the opposition. Halo of Destruction smacks any enemy near you after bloodying someone, Undaunted Action lets you roll twice for an attack when you use an AP while bloodied, and Whirlwind of Destruction flat-out denies any ability to move away from you. Opening Ploy lets you shove an enemy back, giving everyone Combat Advantage over the enemy and get +4 to damage against anyone near the target. Fail to Disappoint is your at-will shift-around that gives Combat Advantage, but it's only usable when you're bloodied and hit by an enemy. Finishing Strike is a reliable stance attack that immobilizes anyone near your target.

Glorious Myrmidon[edit]

Available to fighters trained in athletics, this path pushes for a new level of acrobatic flair that few can match. Battle Agility makes for an eye-popper by ignoring all penalties to chain and scale mail and Myrmidon's Action adds for both a 3-square shift and a +2 to the next attack made with an AP. Myrmidon Athleticism goes a step further by adding to speed and giving a bonus to athletics, acrobatics, and endurance checks. Charge to Glory is a rather easy-to-use power: it prones people and it can be used in a charge. Exult in Glory allows a free Second Wind and a boost to hit whenever you kill an enemy. Moment of Triumph is a seriously defensive stance, adding to defenses while also doubling the penalties marked enemies take to hit anyone besides you.

This path is an interesting one to go through if you see mobility and defense being equal priority and have no problem with waiting until you can start backflipping in scale mail.

Great Weapon Master[edit]

This path requires you to have the Weapon Talent feature for two-handed weaponry. While you still focus on the big damage, this does offer you some added utility within your role, especially in regard to marks. Infectious Dread slaps an enemy next to your target with a fear-based -2 to hit, Parrying Action has an AP to boost your AC, and Opening Seized penalizes a marked enemy missing you by adding Con to the damage for your next attack. Grim Warning serves as a reaction-based Reckless Strike that adds Str+Con to damage against whoever attacks you. Blocking Maneuver adds +4 to AC and Reflex against a marked enemy's attack on you at the cost of being unable to prolong that mark for the turn. Scattering Strike isn't very impressive damagewise. but it inflicts a save-ends weakened condition as well as shoving nearby enemies back.

Iron Vanguard[edit]

You specialise in taking a beating and being the last man standing. Enduring Warrior allows you to heal HP when you drop a foe, Ferocious Reaction has an action point boost all defenses and allows for an action before falling unconscious at 0 HP, and Trample the Fallen damages anyone you knock prone or push back. Frontline Surge is a simple strike, shoving an enemy back and allowing nearby allies to follow you in the push. Inorexable Shift just allows you to shift and shove off anyone in the way. Indomitable Strength, though, is a triple-decker: alongside some meaty damage, it also shoves, stuns, and knocks the enemy prone - AND it can also use a surge.

This path gives some degree of Controller-tier manipulation, with all the ways you can shove about enemies, so it would work best with other moves like it and moves that force enemies into bad locations.

Ironstar Mauler[edit]

Restricted to fighters with the Ironstar Student Feat (Gives +2 to Acrobatics and when using maces and flails, you force enemies granting Combat Advantage hit by your Reaping Strike to eat -2 to their next hit roll), you pick this path because you want to bust heads real hard. Ironstar Action kicks things off by granting a crit on an 18+ and the High Crit weapon property when you use an AP to use a power tied to the Ironstar Student or Ironstar Crusher feats while Ironstar Master gives +1 to hit with flails and maces. Ironstar Expertise forces an enemy hit by a mace or flail and suffering a save-ends effect to suffer -2 on their save. Devastating Smash is a rather strong attack, dazing and stunning your foe. Ironstar Stance grants THP at any turn where there is none. Crushing Fury may hit one foe and push them back, but it dazes and slows two enemies with save-ends effects.

This path works on being a bit of a controlling influence, softening up an enemy to eat other things whether or not that other thing is you.


Your basic samurai-inspired weapon master, with features revolving around getting souped-up benefits from a single specialty weapon. Kensei Control Action makes for a very handy AP feature by allowing it to re-roll any attack, damage, or skill, or any other roll that isn't a save. Kensei Weapon Focus adds +1 to hit with one single weapon with Kensei Mastery later improving the damage by 4. For attacks, you have the rather basic Masterstroke, the protective Ultimate Parry to reduce damage from one blow, and the Weaponsoul Dance to immobilize up to three different enemies in the same room.

This path is rather flat, with not much to go against it, but not much to go for it besides the weapon focus.

Knight Protector[edit]

A rather basic defensive path. Devoted Protector lets you interrupt a marked enemy's attack by shifting an ally, Protector's Action adds +5 to one ally's AC, and Knight's Focus lets you exchange the attack from Combat Challenge or an Opportunity Attack so you can add +2 to nearby allied AC. Protector's Strike slaps a marked enemy, dealing extra damage and stun if they attacked any allies. Knightly Bulwark lets an ally shift all the way towards you while also gaining +2 AC. Blood Justice counters a nearby foe who bloodies an ally, sliding them backward while then taking moving over and giving the ally +2 AC.

Kulkor Arms Master[edit]

Restricted to fighters with the Kulkor Battlearm Student feat (+2 to athletics and +2 to damage when hitting an enemy you have Combat Advantage over with an axe/hammer/versatile mace with Tide of Iron), those that select this path seek to assert combat superiority, though what this means isn't always clear. Kulkor Master turns tables by hitting an enemy with an axe/hammer/versatile mace and turning their Combat Advantage into also giving Combat Advantage towards you. Kulkor Persistence lets you re-roll an attack if it fails to hit anyone for the cost of an AP, and Smite the Fallen deals extra damage equal to 1/2 level when you knock one (and ONLY one) foe prone. Arms Master Challenge has some uses in multitasking, letting you hit two foes and then marking either your second target or a third one you didn't hit. Tempered in Blood is a handy survival move, immediately spending a second wind when you get bloodied. Subjugation of Steel is just a burst that knocks foes prone.

Pit Fighter[edit]

Specializing in surviving no matter the odds, a Pit Fighter is a blunt and brutal opponent. For features, you get increased AC bonus, super-charge your damage when you burn an action point, and a general boost to damage. For powers, you get All Bets Are Off (hit the same target twice in a row), Deadly Payback (gain a temporary bonus to attack and damage against the last person to damage you), and Lion of Battle (quadruple damage and, if you drop your target, you can potentially spook all enemies nearby).

Rakehell Duelist[edit]

A rather interesting move for a Tempest Fighter, it gives you a few components to be decent all around. Duelist's Guard adds +1 to AC against marked enemies while wearing chainmail or light armor, Main Gauche Action lets you spend an AP to attack with your off-hand weapon, and Marked Opportunity gives Combat Advantage when a nearby marked enemy shifts or attacks an ally. Sly Charge is a multipurpose charge, letting you throw a weapon before charging for Combat Advantage, charging, and hitting for Combat Advantage (though if you had it before, you just add +Dex to damage). Main Gauche Parry lets you add +4 to AC and Ref if you have an off-hand light blade on hand. Stay Mobile not only deals hefty damage, but it also lets you shift any time that target misses you for the remainder of the fight.

Rampaging Brute[edit]

Restricted to fighters with the Ogremight Student feat (+2 to intimidate and enemies hit with Brash Strike using a two-handed hammer or mace take -1 to defenses), you can expect that this path is centered on overpowering your enemies. What this path excels in, however, is in giving new and deadlier features on your charge, something better benefited by the Ogremight Bruiser feat (Two-handed hammers/maces crit on a 19+ and you can charge and attack with the following powers: Anvil of Doom, Crushing Blow, Harrowing Hammer, Indomitable Battle Strike, Mountain Breaking Blow, Reckless Strike). Brute Charge lets you knock anyone who Opportunity Attacks you during a charge prone, Rapmager's Charge adds that an AP spent during a charge can either add +2[W] damage on an attack or deal +Str damage on a miss. Trampling Rampager then adds that you can charge through enemies, meaning your charge movement will only ever be harried by terrain. Barreling Swing is a charge-and-burst that goes through enemies, smacking enemies with +Con damage if using two-handed hammers/mauls. Tumbling Trample makes for a decent dick move, moving away from an enemy and then pushing and knocking them prone. Brutal Fury might sound familiar to barbarians, as it lets you charge just after killing someone and adds Str and Con to the attacks damage.


This is an obvious choice for the Battlerager, considering that this path is locked exclusively to them. You get multiple ways to attack groups while also benefiting off the Invigorating keyword. Ravaging Action lets you spend an AP and then use your new action to make MBAs at everyone nearby, adding +Con to damage for each. Strive to Slay keeps up the momentum by adding +2 to hit whenever you kill someone. Marauding Fury lets you attack again whenever you miss while bloodied, but this is only with an MBA. Driven Before you makes for a room-clearer, letting you shove enemies within a radius back, but it locks the enemy you just hit. Blood-Soaked Fury drops your defenses by -2 whenever you get bloodied, but you get +2 to hit and you regain +Con HP whenever you kill. Marked Savagery is a reliable attack deals some ferocious ongoing damage that's worsened when they're marked: that mark means they take -2 to any saves against it.

Scale Breaker[edit]

The path meant for slaying dragons. Literally everything here is built with the explicit purpose of fucking over a dragon. Dragon Slayer's Action uses an AP to re-roll an attack or end a condition dealt by a dragon. Guardian Ally grants nearby allies +2 Shield to Reflex against Close or Area attacks, ideal for blocking breath attacks. Dragon Hammer knocks any enemy hit by you with -1 Fortitude for a turn, but it also takes -1 AC from a dragon as well. Grounding Strike can either deal neat damage or halt an enemy from flying and send them crashing down. Bear the Brunt is your martyr maneuver, taking a blow meant for a nearby friend. Scale-Shattering Strike is a reliable attack with some really vicious save-ends penalties: -4 AC and Vulnerable 5 all, both doubled on a dragon for the next turn.

While this path can work on any monster, there are enough factors dependent on punching dragons specifically that it kinda sours the neatness of this path if you don't fight that many dragons.

Shield Adept[edit]

Not all warriors are renowned for their weapons; the shield adept instead opts to make themself known by their indomitable shield. Unlike the Snapping Testudo, which goes for all the shields all the time with dual wielding, this path works with both grant some reactive attacks. Covering Action makes an impressive start by using an AP to grant superior cover against any ranged attacks, Shield Bearer's Payback is a simple boost to hit anyone that hits you, and Shielded Stamina has shields improve Fort as well. Sudden Shield Bash is a reaction that stuns any marked enemy that tries to escape or hit anyone but you. Shield Wall is a stance that grants you and all nearby allies partial cover, which can be handy. Reverberating Shield stuns and weakens an enemy with a save-ends effect if they dare miss an attack.

Shock Trooper[edit]

IF you want to specialize in swift and devastating attacks, the shock trooper works in that department in spades. Perhaps most standout with this class is Deadly Soldier, which benefits Tempest fighters by making their off-hand weapon's damage die go up a step - now you can effectively dual-wield longswords. However, Footwork Action, which lets you spend an AP for +2 to AC and Ref (as well as shifting whenever the enemy misses), and Quicker Death's ability to add +Dex to damage against an enemy you have Combat Advantage over are equally impressive. Shocking Twister lets you skid around, slicing an enemy from three angles with an endgame of dazing. The Assault Footwork Stance lets you either shift or get +1 AC whenever your enemy whiffs. Shocking Skewer is also a bit unique in that it requires you to grab your enemy and then impale them with the off-hand weapon and dealing save-ends dazing.


Another path requiring Weapon Talent that specializes on two-handers. The difference between this and Great Weapon Master is that this one focuses almost entirely on making the pain train hurt as much as possible. Bonerender adds Con to damage vs one enemy you have Combat Advantage over while Brutal Action spends an AP to add extra damage to one blow. You're Next pretty much targets your next foe, using the death of one foe to make another grant Combat Advantage to you. Bitter Strike is a Fear power that makes an enemy grant Combat Advantage against all allies. Brutal Momentum adds +2 to hit an enemy you've hit before, which is a a very easy boost to net. Shattering Blow makes the enemy suffer save-ends penalties in stunned and ongoing 10 damage, but it also prones the enemy if they granted Combat Advantage to you.

This path adds nothing to make you last longer, but with how much you do to hurt the enemy, that fear might never even be there.

Snapping Testudo[edit]

If you ever thought "Gee, I wish I knew ways to use two shields for absolutely everything!", then this path is right up your alley. It requires proficiency in shields and pretty much requires you to dual wield them to do anything. Two Shield Action starts off with adding to all defenses whenever an AP is spent, Two-Fold Defense raises AC for wielding both shields, and Behind the Shell makes you count as superior cover against ranged attacks aimed at anyone behind you. Steel Jaws is a double strike that stuns the target, though it can also clump two foes together if two enemies are hit by sliding. Shielded Aggression just improves any shoves that your powers contain or grants a slide if you do hit an enemy with a shield. Paddlewheel is a full-on whirlwind strike, hitting multiple enemies around you and possibly even flooring bystanders.

If conflicted between this path and Shield Adept, do remember how you NEED two shields to be useful here and shields aren't exactly considered weapons, while shield adept just requires one and still has a weapon to deal damage.


Your basic Swashbuckler type paragon path. Quick, agile, and an expert with light or heavy blades. Steel Defense Action gives you a bonus to AC and Reflex when you spend an action point on an attack, Steel Grace lets you use Cleave, Reaping strike, Sure Strike, or Tide of Iron when you charge, and a critical hit with a light/heavy blade triggers Steel Blitz, which restores a depleted encounter power. Precision Cut is a strike that makes for a nasty Opportunity Attack, Fantastic Flourish marks an enemy hit with any light/heavy blade, and Combat Crescendo acts as a deceptive move, while weak, it can either recover a Daily or Encounter power depending on whether or not it hits anyone in the burst.

This path is pretty simple and only requires that you want to use swords and knives while having an assurance that all your powers can always be available.

Warhound of Bane[edit]

If you want to dedicate yourself to Bane without going divine or just want some extra boosts, this path could serve well. For one, Determined Action can have an AP recover 1/2 level+Wis in HP rather than spending a needed surge. Revitalized Offensive then uses either that or a surge to give +2 to attack, and Iron Determination gives the shield's bonus to will as well. Warhound's Wrath is a simple healing attack, but when bloodied, both damage and recovery are all improved. Bane's Fortune is a stance that gives a small benefit to nearby allies while penalizing enemies, but it hinges upon never getting hit and even then, both aren't too big and won't stack on any further boosts. Triumphant Strike is a beefy as hell attack that not only permamarks an enemy and inflicts ongoing damage, but also dents the defenses, and both the ongoing damage and save dents are save-ends effects.


Avalanche Hurler[edit]

The reason you pick this path is because you went all-in on specializing with thrown weapons. Dual wielders in particular benefit from this path, since most light thrown weapons can be off-hand anyways. Throwing Action in particular gives you a free RBA with a thrown weapon when they spend an AP before making your new action. Throwing Master improves the damage die of any thrown weapon by a step, turning daggers into hurting as much as a sword. Uncanny Thrower goes a step further by negating any range penalties for throwing your weapons. Landslide Strike shifts you a bit before throwing two times, damaging with both Str and Dex. Quick Draw Trick is your at-will ability to reload multiple weapons, which is your greatest gain. Eruption of Steel is a versatile trick that's melee or ranged, giving you the chance to hit one foe before targeting up to two more.

Blade Dancer[edit]

This here is another path dedicated to running with dual-wielding and slashing things while dancing around like a prissypants. Starting off, Dancing Defense gives you a +2 to AC and Reflex if you hit with two weapons. Dual Blade Action burns your AP to make a double attack with a bonus of Wis to damage. Cutting Steps just gives +1 to attack and damage while dual wielding. Cross-Body Parry interrupts an attack with two light attacks that weaken if both hits land and add Dex to damage if both weapons are either light or heavy weapons. Misleading Bladework shifts around, dealing -2 to attack and gaining Combat Advantage against any enemies that are near that path. Blade Dance is a triple strike that can target multiple foes and deals Dex to damage when wielding light and/or heavy blades.

Battlefield Archer[edit]

The natural tie-in for archery style rangers, this paragon path is all about enhancing your ability to deal death from afar. Your Archer's Action feature lets you spend an action point to reroll a ranged attack's attack roll or damage roll, Battlefield Experience feature lets you mark multiple creatures as a quarry (and get an attack roll bonus against your quarry), and your Battle Surge feature means that taking an extra action or Archer's Action gives you +5 AC against opportunity attacks. For powers, you get Combined Fire (freely shoot a target that an ally just attacked for triple damage), Archer's Glory (gain a bonus action point once per encounter by shooting an enemy dead) and Quarry's Bane (get to make a triple-damage on hit, knock prone if miss attack against all marked enemies in range).

Beast Stalker[edit]

Another archery style exclusive path, these rangers specialize in killing beasts and magical beasts. Beast Stalker's Action means you get a +4 bonus to attack rolls vs. quarry when you spend an action point, Chosen Prey lets you select either Beast or Magical Beasts and get +2 damage to all attacks against them, and Action Shift means that after you spend an action point, you get to shift across the battlefield as a minor action for the rest of the encounter. For powers, you get Pinpointing Arrow (a double-damage ranged attack that ignores cover, concealment, total concealment and invisibility), Hunter's Grace (you can use the result of a Stealth check instead of an Initiative roll once per day) and Beast Stalker's Target (quadruple damage and mark the target).


Available to any ranger trained in dungeoneering, this is a path that specializes in sneaking around with concealment while having ways to ignoring enemies with it. Dark Action somehow uses an AP to grant +4 to all defenses. Darkstrider Edge gives you Combat Advantage over enemies that haven't acted yet on the first turn while also giving enemies you hit before their turn and enemies you hid from a damage bonus. Blindsense just grants an ability to see in any condition, including invisibility. Darkstrider Ambush is a basic attack that dazes a target you have Combat Advantage over. Cloaked In Shadow lets you hide from everyone by sneaking around some materials and you remain hidden until you fight or leave. Death in the Dark is a concealment-ignoring attack that guarantees damage, but only deals ongoing damage and blindness on a hit.

Feral Spirit[edit]

Restricted to beastmaster rangers, you really just pick this path because you want to focus more on the companion but lack the requisites for any of the other pet-paths. Fearsome Partnership at least grants some handy benefits by granting a +2 damage whenever you're around your pet. Feral Action allows for your pet to gain +4 to hit whenever you spend an AP and Spirit Link allows your pet to spend one of your healing surges rather than spend its own. Feral Diversion acts as a cutting-off maneuver as the pet shifts around to flank your enemy before pulling away. Swiftness of Spirit grants your pet either a free move or a bonus to hit an enemy. Twin Soul Strike is your double-hitter with your pet gaining Combat Advantage over your target and you gaining Combat Advantage over your pet's target if they aren't the same.

This path is best suited for those pets with higher Dex scores, as both attack powers key off a Dex, while only Twin Soul Strike adding both Str and Dex to the pet's damage.

Harrowing Swarm Archer[edit]

This path builds off the Harrowing Swarm Student feat (+2 to nature and gain Rattling on Nimble Strike) which means that you'd best specialize in archery. Sniper's Action lets you spend an AP to deal ongoing damage to a Quarry. Tormenting the Prey then works off that by gaining +2 to hit those suffering ongoing damage. Glancing Shot helps Quarry also by making that damage a constant even if you miss. Savage Sting is a pretty effective starter, dealing not only 3[W] damage but also ongoing damage. Wasp's Evasion halves damage from any attack. Deadly Swarm is impressive in that it targets up to four enemies, though the damage is lacking and all it does is stick -2 to all saves until the next turn, and even that's only on a hit.

High Forest Scout[edit]

A Forgotten Realms exclusive path for archer rangers, this path is a bit conflicting in its intentions, and a bit of a controller theme. Binding Sight uses an AP to block a target from teleporting, Plagueslayer adds +2 to hit and Wis to damage when you hit Spellplagued enemies, and Forest Walk ignores difficult terrain made by the forest. Argent Arrow is a cover-negating shot that also teleports the target one square. Unrestricted Movement negates all difficult terrain for you and all allies. Binding Arrows targets three nearby squares, slowing an enemy until a save ends them and slowing them too if they're next to a square they filled with arrows.

Horizon Walker[edit]

This Ranger path doesn't really give much of a preference for fighting style, but it instead gives various planar-themed powers, a case that might not always show up in a campaign. Shadowfell Sight gives Darksight but also gives you +5 to perception when inside the Shadowfell. Wanderer's Action uses an AP to grant a free move at any point. Astral Infusion grants Wis to death saves and the Surge value; in addition, you can't die whenever you fail all saves in the Astral Sea. Worldly Strike is a pretty simple attack that deals bonus damage and dazes any enemy that isn't of natural origin. Fey Strider gives a teleport with a bonus to distance while in the Feywild and allows your pet to teleport to you if you own one. Elemental Chaos Smite deals damage of near any type and deals ongoing damage on a hit, which doubles when in the Elemental Chaos.


This path requires the Hunting Spear Student feat (+2 to athletics, and slows when you hit using Fading Strike with a spear), requiring just about any specialization that isn't archery. Picking this path means specializing in any sort of way to lock down the enemy. Huntsmaster's Action uses an AP to add 1/2 level to the quarry damage. Intrepid Hunter gives you a +2 to hit your Quarry while also gaining +5 to track the enemy. Wary Hunter just denies any surprise. Crimson Spear Strike is a reach attack that immobilizes your foe, Brace for the Charge gives you an immediate interrupt to hit anyone who gets near you with an MBA that insta-crits, Transfixing Spear immobilizes your Quarry and allows you to reuse the power again.

Impiluritan Demonslayer[edit]

Like the High Forest Scout, this is also a Forgotten Realms exclusive path for Rangers, only this one is for two-blade rangers who hate demons extra hard and want them to die extra fast. Demonslayer Blade adds +1d6 to Quarry damage if you target a demon and you get +5 to Arcana to ID demons. Demonslayer's Wrath uses an AP to drop all nearby enemy AC by 1, with demons eating double. Demon's Misfortune lets you strip a demon's resistances on a hit while critting strips any creature of their resistances. Demonslayer's Hindrance is a simple double strike that slows an enemy, while demons eat double the damage and get immobilized. Demonward grants a turn-long resistance to one damage type. Demonbane Flurry is another double-hitter that deals save-ends ongoing damage, with demons permanently losing all resistances and dealing ongoing damage to all nearby enemies every turn they suffer it.

Lone Wolf[edit]

In the event that you have a ranger that just has no friends and doesn't want to, you can pick this path and revel in your friendlessness by specializing on one-on-one smackings. Focused Hunter gives you a +2 to hit your Quarry the moment you're totally alone. Overwhelming Action adds on your Quarry by weakening them whenever you hit them. Vanishing Chase then gives you both a shift the moment you hit your Quarry. Single Combat Assault is strange, being Str-based but ranged (so thrown weapons?) that dazes a fool and then yanks them to you if they're close enough. Escape the Trap is your at-will minor shift to bail you out of a gangbang. Disperse the Horde is a burst that does bonus damage to your Quarry but knocks back anyone else on their asses.

Pack Runner[edit]

Another beastmastery-exclusive path, only now it requires a wolf pet. This path really doubles down upon the teamwork aspect on the class, though it offers little besides hitting and a few means to set up flanking for hitting (the one thing the wolf can call its specialty). All Pack Chase does is grant a +1 to hit whenever you and your dog move more than 2 squares, which is at least easy to achieve. Runner's Action gives you a free shift at half-speed at any point before or after your AP-using bonus action. Canine's Cunning lets you spend a minor to let both you and your pet shift a square if you're within range and need to set up a flank. Pack Runner's Assault is your basic team-up attack where hitting gives your pet Combat Advantage for their attack that knocks the target prone. Wolfskin has more out-of-combat utility with +5 to stealth and perception, though the +2 to speed that lasts a whole hour does sound tempting. Neck Bite Pounce is a full pet attack that knocks an enemy down and inflicts save-ends ongoing damage, while missing just slows an enemy and deals ongoing damage with a save ending both


Restricted to two-weapon style rangers, this paragon path is kind of a muddle about what it's supposed to be, with the fluff talking about how it's a scout, but not really supporting that in crunch. For features, you get Battlehoned (+2 healing surges), Pathfinder's Action (gain an extra move action when you burn an action point), and Cruel Recovery (gain temporary hit points when you hit a marked enemy). For powers, you get Wrong Step (punish an adjacent enemy for moving/shifting with an attack that damages + immobilizes), Act Together (gain a temporary action point if an ally burns one), and Slasher's Mark (you can spend a healing surge and then chop down two enemies, marking them both).

Reaving Axe Savant[edit]

This path requires the Reaving Axe Student feat (+2 to athletics and the ability to deal damage equal to Con when you hit an enemy that moves more than 2 squares with Marauder's Rush). Raider's Action uses an AP to make a free MBA to hit an enemy that's prone, slowed, immobilized, or restrained. Unfair Advantage gives Combat Advantage vs slowed and immobilized enemies as well as a +2 bonus vs prone enemies. Turn the Tables gives you Combat Advantage vs your Quarry whenever you make a save. Raider's War Cry lets you prone an enemy, even when you charge. Dread Quarry lets you mark your nearest foe as Quarry while also letting you deal an extra die of damage for as long as the Quarry's alive. Cheap Shot is a big whack, dealing save-ends weakened and dazed conditions (missing just dazes if you have Combat Advantage).

Ruthless Punisher[edit]

Sometimes, you might think that killing animals is a bit played out. Sometimes, you think that the real menaces walk on two legs and use tools. At those times, this path sounds like a good idea. Most Dangerous Prey emphasizes this right out by adding Wis to your Quarry damage if you're targeting a humanoid. Ruthless Action then has you burn your AP for a chance to re-roll a missed hit against this Quarry and not something like a new attack or second wind. Ongoing Punishment then adds Wis to any ongoing damage you cause and gives you Combat Advantage against those sorry chumps suffering constantly. Crippling Shot looks rather weak, being effectively an MBA that also slows, but it also weakens humanoids, softening them up for any further pain. Named Dread is a rather vast AoE, penalizing any foolish humies who heard you from attacking you while also giving you Combat Advantage if you're trained in intimidate. Bleed Away is also rather weak, granting a shift for both parties - however, there is a catch: if the target wants, they can deny the move and instead eat 10 ongoing damage per square they rejected.

This path can be really handy in an intrigue-themed campaign which makes you a bounty hunter or one where you only focus on a particular mundane foe like an orc-massacring campaign.


In the event that you want to use crossbows or like firing more than firing accurately, you can consider this a potential path. Opportunity Fire starts decent with the chance to make an RBA as an Opportunity Attack with no chance for provoking anything, Rapid Fire Action has you spend an AP for a free RBA before making another action, and Seeking Arrow gives you the ability to ignore partial concealment when firing at your Quarry. Stab and Shoot makes for a rather fun trick, stabbing one fucker with an arrow and dazing them before shooting someone else a little further away. Perfect Aim gives you Wis to your next attack and damage roll, but demands that you stand still for that to work. Escalating Barrage is a flurry of shots, each with increasing lethality.

Snow Tiger[edit]

This is another dual-wielding path, though this one focuses particularly on lighter weapons: the dagger, the kukri, and the katar (Which Claw Fighter gives a +2 to damage with, scaled to +4 when in Epic). Snow Tiger Action gives a free MBA when you spend the AP. Tundra Strider is a bigger boost, giving 2 surges on top of Resist 10 cold and immunity to difficult terrain based upon cold. Tiger Jump is a charge-friendly attack that hits once and then lets you drop prone to hit again and daze. Iron Resolve responds to an attack by either spending a surge to heal or making a save with a +2 bonus. Slashing Frenzy is a burst that penalizes every enemy's next attack by how many people you hit.


Restricted to two-weapon style rangers, this paragon path is simple and elegant: chop shit to pieces. Enjoy. Stormwarden requires you have a melee weapon and be capable of making an opportunity attack, but if you are, then you can automatically cut an adjacent enemy. Stormstep Action lets you teleport a short distance after you spend an action point. Twin-Blade Storm is basically the same as Stormwarden, but lets you zap two adjacent enemies for lightning damage instead. For powers, you get Clearing the Ground (close burst of damage and push all enemies), Throw Caution To The Wind (once per encounter, enter a stance that trades -2 Defences for +2 to attack rolls) and Cold Steel Hurricane (shift, deal two attacks to all enemies in a close burst, regain a spent second wind).

Tharashk Wayfinder[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path, this path only demands the Hunter's Quarry feature (mandatory to practically all rangers) and the Mark of Finding feat (You can shift whenever an enemy you had Combat Advantage over shifts and you can use some rituals). Quarry's Arrest spends your Quarry to slow an enemy and block off their shifting. Wayfinder Action uses an AP to shift at your speed after attacking your Quarry. Wayfinder's Quarry then lets Quarry grant Combat Advantage to you. Path of Least Resistance is a really versatile power, usable either in melee or at range, and targeting the weakest NAD while also knocking that defense down by -2 as well. Distant Quarry just permits you to mark any enemy you see as your Quarry. Path of Destruction is another versatile attack, giving two attacks that render their opponents with a permanent Vulnerable 1 all (or Vulnerable 2 all if one enemy got hit twice).

This path works incredibly well as a lockdown path, dealing ways to deny opponents and hitting your Quarry.

Vadalis Griffonmaster[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path, this requires that you have both the Beast Mastery style and the Mark of Handling feat (Allows use of mount powers, +1 to AC and +2 to the speed of any mount or companion, and some rituals). For picking this path, you get the kickass Vadalis Griffon (Your only flying mount with a badass attack) while Griffonmaster Action allows this griffon to either move or strike an ally with extra damage after you spend an AP. Vadalis Rituals grants you two extra rituals: Commune with Nature and Phantom Steed. Griffon's Pull makes for a decent isolation move, giving you both an opportunity to strike and the chance to move an enemy away. Invigorating Dive is effectively a free Surge spent when you make a charge. Griffon's Snatch is an interesting power in that it always does the full damage as listed, but hitting also makes the griffon grab your target and drag them without having to make any checks.

The Beastmaster subclass is fraught with its own difficulties from having to manage two different characters with one never being quite as good as the other, but this path does grant you a badass mount worthy of your troubles.

Wildcat Stalker[edit]

Available only to beastmasters with pet cats, rangers choosing this path find a bit of concealment to be useful while also getting a few tricks for their kitty. Neck Seeker gives both you and the cat +1 to hit and damage any bloodied quarry. Prowling Action uses an AP to gain concealment for the turn, allowing for some tricks. Cat's Quarry requires that the cat kills anyone, but gains the power to mark Quarry as a free action that turn. Cat-Eyed Strike, while weak and not requiring your cat, at least is as versatile to loadout and deals extra damage if you had Combat Advantage vs the target. Lurk Unseen requires you and your pet to have concealment and be right next to each other (difficult circumstances outside of combat), but doing so grants total concealment for the turn. Panther Pounce is a pet attack, dealing 1[B] bonus damage if the pet was hidden before striking, and giving the cat a free full-speed shift before and after hitting.


Arcane Trickster[edit]

This is for any rogue with training in arcana so there's no need to go multiclassing if it you don't want to, but it does give you extra mileage from your dagger. The centerpiece of this whole deal is Arcane Larceny, which allows you to treat daggers as implements and substitute arcana for athletics, while Fading Action lets you spend an AP to turn invisible to one enemy you attack, and Dagger Spell lets you treat ranged spells as being melee spells when using your dagger as the implement.

Blinding Flare is a small burst that lets you blind everyone before backing out. Cat Burglar's Veil summons a wall that blocks your enemies from reaching you but your enemies still get Line of Sight. Confounding Teleport teleports you to an enemy you hit and gain Combat Advantage over, giving you a teleport speed for the encounter as well as getting Combat Advantage over anyone you teleport near.

Cat Burglar[edit]

This is your basic acrobatics-focused rogue, excelling at moving and dodging hits. Naturally, it specializes in light blades, so focus on wielding them. For features, you get Acrobatic Action to gain a bonus move action after you burn an action point, Body Control so you can reduce the distance you are moved when you get targeted by a push, pull or slide by -1 square, and Athletic Master to re-roll athletics checks.

For powers, you got Cat Burglar's Gambit (shift to a target, strike for triple damage, then shift to any square adjacent to target), Instant Escape (once per encounter, automatically end immobilized, restrained or slowed effect and then shift 2 squares) and Redirected Death (if an enemy hits you, but there's another enemy in its reach, make that attack hit the second enemy instead and shift 1 square).

Cloaked Sniper[edit]

As one could guess from the title, this path requires two pieces: Training in stealth (a necessity for rogues) and a love for the crossbow and it's means of killing without getting your hands dirty. Crossbow Savant gives you the most potent features, giving a bonus to the ranges of any crossbow, giving the hand crossbow the off-hand property, and letting you reload all crossbows as a free action, while Sniper Action lets you always add Sneak Attack damage to an RBA you make with an AP as well as a free shift and Versatile Combatant makes sure you don't provoke when firing your off-hand hand crossbow.

Sudden Bolt is a basic shot that dazes an enemy if you were hidden from them. Unseen Shot gives you the at-will means to keep hidden and moving whenever you miss your shot. Bolt From Nowhere gives you a shot with a follow-up for anyone around the target with the Fear keyword that deals -2 to any attacks they make and grants Combat Advantage over the targets.


In case you didn't figure it out, this path is all about being the best rogue you can be with the humble stabbing implement. So if you're not wielding a dagger, you're not much good at this path. Daggermaster's Action lets you spend an action point to reroll a dagger's damage roll, Dagger Precision lets you crit with daggers on an 18+, and Dagger Advantage means a dagger critical hit gives you combat advantage against the mook you stabbed for a turn. For powers, you get Critical Opportunity (stab the same mook you just scored a critical hit against a second time, this time dealing triple damage), Meditation of the Blade (once per day, make your dagger's damage die increase by +1 size - so from D4 to D6, D6 to D8, etc) and Deep Dagger Wound (quadruple damage and ongoing 10 (20 on a crit) damage on a hit, double damage on a miss).

Daring Acrobat[edit]

Obviously, this path requires a rogue trained in acrobatics. What you get from this is a lot of mobility and tricks whenever you charge so long as you specialize in light blades. Acrobatic Action nets you an extra move whenever you spend an AP, Tumbling Positions makes you not grant Combat Advantage when climbing, balancing, or prone, and Agile Charge grants +1 to AC and Reflex whenever you charge as well as the ability to take other actions when you charge if you have any left.

Wild Tumble Cut is a charge attack that deals decent damage and gives Combat Advantage over the target. Flawless Stunt just adds +5 to acrobatics and athletics. Dramatic Finish is an interesting charge friendly attack that adds extra damage if either you or the target is bloodied and, if it doesn't kill, permits either a double-tap MBA or a healing surge.

Flying Blade Adept[edit]

This path requires a rogue with the Quick Draw feat (+2 to initiative and you can draw and attack in the same action), with a specific preference in thrown light blades. Deadeye Blade gives you high crit on a light blade you throw, Flying Blade Action gives you a free RBA with a light blade when you spend an AP, and Armor-Piercing Blade makes your first crit with a thrown light blade deal -2 to the target's AC.

Ricochet Blade is a basic ranged attack that hurts the target and one guy near them. Nimble Deflection gives you a chance to negate the damage a ranged attack does by throwing your blade at it. Blade Fusillade gives you mass damage in a close blast 5.

Guildmaster Thief[edit]

If you're looking for a leader-like bent for the rogue, then you can consider the Guildmaster Thief your ticket onto there. Though you're not quite as powerful as a legit leader, you do give opportunities for your allies to open all sorts of doors - so long as you have a light blade, crossbow, or sling. You get Guildmaster's Action to let you steal APs from allies and vice versa, though you gain a +2 to attack when you use someone else's AP, Thieving Crew grants everyone a +2 on thievery and stealth, and Thick as Thieves lets allies who flank with you deal +Cha to damage.

Guild Beatdown allows you and an ally to hit an enemy, with the ally dealing extra damage if they have Combat Advantage. Shifty Direction allows an ally who just evaded an attack to shift around +Cha spaces for a setup. Biting Repositioning gives you a mass-movement ability, allowing your team to shift around regardless of what your attack does.

Jack of All Trades[edit]

One of the less-celebrated aspects of the rogue is their massive repertoire of available skills to train. What the Jack of All Trades does is put this skill diversity into the forefront. You get a bonus in Dabbler granting a flat +2 to all skills, Expert Assault allows you to spend an AP to add +5 to a skill check, and Advanced Dabbler trains you in three more skills, ensuring that you know how to do pretty much anything.

Your first attack is Scoundrel's Philosophy, which is a basic hit with a follow-up that attacks Will to daze. Always a Natural allows you to re-roll any skill. Every Trick in the Book is a massive deal in that it attacks EVERY DEFENSE and deals a different effect for each defense it beats. And to top it all off, you then shift away 3 spaces (adding another space for each defense you break).

Master Infiltrator[edit]

Specializing in sneaking around, rogues on this path gain the benefits of Infiltrator's Action, which gives free move action after spending an action point, Skillful Infiltrator for a +2 to all Acrobatics, Athletics and Stealth checks, and Invisible Infiltrator grants invisibility for a turn after killing or critical hitting a target of equal or higher level.

For powers, they get Distracting Wound (target an enemy granting combat advantage for double damage and to extend that advantage to all allies for a turn), Impossible To Catch (become invisible for a turn once per encounter) and Painful Puncture (triple damage and ongoing 10 damage). Both of its attacks only work for a crossbow, light blade or sling, since these are fairly "stealthy" weapons.

Master of Poisons[edit]

In the event that you've been planning on specializing in using poisons but consider the poisons available to be way too wasteful, this is a path that lets you add poison to your attacks, but do beware how common poison resistance is. You begin with Poison Maven adding bonus damage to your poison attacks equal to your Int mod (something that's bound to be dismal based on how little you need it) and gaining Combat Advantage over those under your poison effects, Venomous Action uses an AP to make your next attack deal 10 ongoing poison damage, and Acidic Poisons has you punch through poison resistance, though it falls flat before those immune to poison.

Blinding Dust is a small blast that blinds anyone you hit. Persistent Poison requires that an enemy suffers from your poison effects, but it makes sure that they need to make two saves before they can be rid of it. Insidious Poison is a flexible attack using a light blade or crossbow to fire an attack with a follow-up that deals not only 15 ongoing poison damage, but another 5 damage every time they move 2 or more spaces or attack.

Master Spy[edit]

Martial Power 1's attempt at a sneak-focused Rogue path is a lot more intricate with a particular addition of using the enemy's tools against them. Cover Action, for example, gives you concealment for an AP and lets you move any distance that turn without penalty on the stealth check to remain concealed, Deadly Bluff lets you use Bluff as a minor action against an enemy's Insight to gain Combat Advantage, and Double Agent lets you hijack an enemy's benefits as if you were one of them once per encounter.

Lingering Revelation is a flexible attack that uses a crossbow, light blade, or sling to strike and make the enemy so easy to follow that they can't hide that turn. Quick Change lets you use a bluff check against the target's insight to see if you can count as their ally for the turn. Spymaster's Edge lets you turn an enemy's failed attack against you right back at them, letting you exploit Sneak Attack and nabbing their weapon.

Raven Herald[edit]

This path is only for those rogues who worship the Raven Queen, for this path is all about ensuring the natural order of life and death is undisturbed. You specialize in hastening the transition from bloodied to dead and killing the undead. Death Rites kicks you off with the Ritual Caster feat, training in religion, and a +4 to death saves, Slaying Action lets you spend an AP to get +2 to an MBA against a bloodied or undead enemy, and Radiant Striker makes your sneak attacks deal radiant damage.

Unraveling Blow isn't much of an attack, though it adds +1[W] against bloodied or undead foes and if it triggers Sneak Attack, it adds another die. Death's Veil is an immediate reaction that renders you insubstantial and invisible when you get bloodied. Herald the End is a rather nice attack that deals save-ends dazing (or stunning if the target's undead).

Rakish Swashbuckler[edit]

This path in particular is a rather mark-heavy path, making worthwhile for any multiclassing with a defender class or just working with a defender. It also requires that you dedicate yourself entirely to light blades. Incorrigible Action uses an AP to make enemies take -2 to hit you for the turn, Vexing Foe doubles the penalties of attacking you if the enemy was marked by an ally while your marks give allies Combat Advantage, and Dastardly Opportunist lets you make a free MBA when an ally crits an enemy next to you.

Abashing Stab is an attack that marks the enemy, but while they have a -2 to hit you, they get a +5 to damage if they do hit. Mocking Footwork is a stance that lets you shift either you or an enemy every time you hit them while you have Combat Advantage over them. Cutting Assault is a double-hit, first going Charisma vs Will to save-ends weaken and slow the enemy, then the actual attack that perma-marks (with Combat Advantage if the first attack hit, but they'll be slowed if they aren't).

Red Cloak[edit]

This is a path for Rogues with the Red Cloak Student feat (+2 to acrobatics and when using Riposte Strike with a longsword, shortsword, or rapier against an enemy you have Combat Advantage over, you gain +1 to AC and Reflex for the turn), making this a path best suited for those who know how to make the most of their opportunities and knows their way around rapiers or shortswords. Crimson Brutality kicks things off by spending an AP and letting an attack benefiting from Sneak Attack deal maximized Sneak Attack damage, Roof Runner lets you shift 2 spaces every time someone misses you, and Red Cloak Reaction lets any immediate action attack that misses all targets not count as using your immediate action.

Dance of the Cloak is an immediate counterattack with reliable. Scarlet Maneuver gives you Combat Advantage over anyone who misses you in melee. Crimson Rebuttal also lets you respond to a missed attack with a reliable attack that knocks the attacker prone with no way to get up until its next turn.

Shadow Assassin[edit]

This paragon path is all about killing people quickly and efficiently, as only a rogue can. Like the Master Infiltrator, its path attack powers only work for a wielder using a crossbow, light blade or sling. For features, it grants Shadow Assassin's Action (gain +4 to attack rolls after spending an action point), Shadow Assassin's Riposte (inflict damage on an adjacent enemy that misses an attack against you) and Bloody Evisceration (increase Sneak Attack damage by +1d6 when attacking a Bloodied target). For powers, you got Killer's Eye (a double-damage attack that increases to triple damage if the target hasn't made any actions this encounter yet), Bad Idea, Friend (once per day, if an adjacent foe makes a melee attack against you, increase all defenses against that attack by +10, and double the damage of Shadow Assassin's Riposte) and Final Blow (target a Bloodied enemy for quintuple damage and shift towards it).

Strong-Arm Enforcer[edit]

This particular path is for Rogues trained in intimidate, specializing in the Rattling keyword and a few marking abilities with a light blade. Promise of Pain lets you spend an AP for your attacks gain the Rattling keyword for the turn, Vicious Courage makes any rattling attacks that hit an enemy you have Combat Advantage over give you THP equal to Cha Mod, and Strong-Arm Mark adds onto that by letting you mark that target while letting you gain +Cha to damage against this foe.

Painful Reminder is a Will attack against someone you hurt last turn that you then mark - and if you have Ruthless Ruffian, they slide a space as well. Implied Threat lets you add Str to your intimidate rolls for the encounter, which can also help as a Ruffian, but you could also do so as a Brutal Scoundrel. Callous Strike is an attack with a Cha-based follow-up that has the Fear keyword and can make them move back a space if it hits.

Verdant Stalker[edit]

Being a path exclusive to Rogues trained in stealth, this sounds like a blatant shoo-in, right? After all, if you aren't a Rogue already, there are two multiclass feats that provide training in stealth if you don't already have it. There's another catch: this path is exclusively shooting with an unusual set of tools (hand crossbow, repeating crossbow, shortbow, shuriken, or sling) which makes any dagger, longbow, or plain-crossbow-focused rogues useless. Delicate Shot gives a neat trick by letting you roll a minimum of 3 on your Sneak Attack rolls if you were shooting while hidden, Vanishing Action spends an AP to let you hide with stealth (and you get a bonus if you also spend your move action to hide), and Light Footed makes terrain a non-issue for you.

Shadow to Shadow lets you shift 3 spaces and hide before and after your shot. Forest Specter lets you turn invisible for a turn while hiding behind total concealment or superior cover. Leaves of Steel shifts you 3 spaces before firing at everyone within a ranged burst 2.


Arcane Battlemaster[edit]

This path is only available to warlords trained in arcana, which would give you some elemental powers, but the variety is stifling when compared to an alchemist and flat-out demands that you make an archer warlord. Elemental Action lets you spend an AP to deal ongoing typed damage to a target, Transmuting Strike lets you strip resistances when you use an at-will, and Energizing Inspiration lets you grant the target of your Inspiring Word bonus typed damage.

Crackling Nimbus gives a ranged burst that not only shocks enemies but gives them another jolt if they attack your allies for the turn. Transmuter's Boon lets you grant typed resistance the moment they encounter it, but it's only for a turn. Hurl the Spark is a shot that not only deals ongoing damage to the target, but also does lower ongoing damage to anyone near the initial target.

Arkhosian Blademaster[edit]

This path requires a warlord with the Arkhosian Fang Student feat (+2 to endurance and +2 to attack a bloodied enemy with Wolf Pack Tactics when using a broadsword/bastard sword/greatsword), giving you the power to uphold the glory of old Arkhosia by swinging big swords and supporting allies from the front. It requires the most from Str and Cha, making Inspiring and Resourceful warlords work the best. You get a good buff with Resilient Blade granting two extra surges and Conclusive Action using an AP to grant allies +Str to damage against bloodied enemies. Battle Recovery then gives you a recharge on your lowest-used encounter power whenever you use second wind.

Shout of Challenge handily adds +Str and +Cha to damage on top of giving allies THP and marking if the target is bloodied. Heart of Dragons is an immediate reaction that lets an ally that just got bloodied roll a save and gain THP. Inspiring Blade isn't much for an attack, being just a burst that marks, but it allows an ally (+1 per time you spent Inspiring Word) to recover an Encounter power, making it quite nice.

Arrowhead Commander[edit]

This path is open to warlords with the Adamant Arrow Student feat (+2 to perception and allows Paint the Bullseye to push 1 square when using a longbow or greatbow) and thus pretty much demands an archer Warlord, but this grants you new opportunities to control the battlefield with an arrow. Seeking Action lets you spend an AP to attack and then grant an ally the power to ignore cover/concealment on your target and No Escape lets an ally gain +2 to attack a target you move into or out of their reach, while Tactical Adept adds +2 to push distance on your ranged attacks.

Line of Fire is a basic shot that makes a target grant Combat Advantage before attacking up to two enemies covering that first target. Strike Here is a stance that lets an ally attacking someone you hit negate resistances. Follow Through is a unique power, dealing a bit of damage on enemies covering the main target, but missing either lets you keep the power (if nobody's covering the enemy) or gives a second attack that's a repeat of the first.

Battle Captain[edit]

Specializing in inspiring his party to get the best out of them, the Battle Captain path makes your warlord better at bolstering their allies with its features, whilst still capable of cracking skulls with its powers. Burn an action point to give all allies boosted attack rolls with Battle Action, Cry Havoc gives you and your allies have a bonus to attack rolls on the first turn of combat, and Battle Inspiration gives your Inspiring Word power boosts attack rolls and speed when you use it.

For powers, you can either knock a group of enemies flying with Force Retreat, restore an ally's spent encounter power with Bolt of Genius, or smack the skulls of every enemy next to you with Cunning Flurry.

Borderlands Marshal[edit]

This path is restricted to warlords who muliclassed into ranger with the Warrior of the Wild feat (Giving the Hunter's Quarry feature for one turn an encounter and training in a ranger skill), meaning that this class should work on coordinated priority removal. Grim Satisfaction lets enemies benefit off your quarry by getting +1 to hit them, Reinforcing Action lets you spend an AP to give an ally +4 to their lowest defense, and Open Quarry lets you or any ally make any enemy their quarry rather than the closest one.

Tag Quarry is a decent move that requires you to either swing at them or use a heavy thrown weapon to hit and mark them as quarry. Pack Hunter Stance lets you or any ally shift whenever you hit your quarry. New Victim is a means of keeping up the momentum by using the death of your quarry to strike the next one (either in melee or with a heavy thrown weapon) and make them the new quarry.

Captain of Fortune[edit]

This path is a support-focused one, dedicated to granting all sorts of re-rolls to your party and to yourself. Know Your Strength is evidence of the latter, making all damage die you roll have a minimum result of 3, Seize the Day lets you spend an AP to attack and either grant yourself or your your allies THP based on whether your attack roll was odd or even, and Presence of Greatness allows you to use two APs per fight, which is silly considering you won't get another without some feat shenanigans.

Lady Luck Smiles is a basic and flexible attack that lets any ally within range re-roll their damage rolls. Favored Fortune also lets damage be re-rolled, but for only one person. Strike of Foul Fate permamarks the enemy, forcing them to re-roll their hit rolls and take the lower result if they attack your allies.


Exclusive to Warlords with the Rending Chains Warmaster feat (If you're proficient with flails, your enemy takes +Wis damage if they shift after you hit them, and Bolstering Blow, Deadly Returns, Inspiring War Cry, Into the Breach!, Warlord's Doom, and Wounding Focus all can substitute for MBAs), this path already expects you to be dedicated to this style and work further as a controller with a flail. Binding Action has you spend an AP to hit someone with a flail and grab them, Hindering Grasp grants you Combat Advantage over those you grab, Warlord's Chains lets you make one power (Brash Assault, Intuitive Strike, or Wolf Pack Tactics) qualify for the Reaving Chains Student feat (+2 Intimidate and using Viper's Strike with a flail lets you pull the target 1 space closer on a hit), and Shredding Escape lets you replace the damage inflicted from the Rending Chains Warmaster feat with save-ends ongoing +Str damage.

Ensnaring Chains lets you grab an enemy and then let nearby allies use an MBA as a free action. Dance of the Flail is a stance that lets you make a free MBA whenever you forcibly move an enemy. Grab and Smash lets you snag up to two enemies and slide them 3 spaces to somewhere near you, adding +Str damage if you got both of them.

Combat Veteran[edit]

An experienced warrior who inspires through his talents at surviving whatever his enemies may throw at him, and the knowledge he can provide to those willing to listen. Shift an ally by burning an action point (Combat Veteran's Action), +1 healing surge and heal more when you spend one (Tough as Nails), and grant an ally a saving throw in addition to health when you use Inspiring Word (Battle Healer). You can daze a foe and knock them towards your ally with Skirmish Ploy, give all your allies combat advantage against an attacker who misses you with Miss Me Once, and smack an enemy whilst giving an ally an extra action point with Superior Tactics.

Dragon Marshal[edit]

Just like Fighters, Paladins, and Rangers have paths that targeted dragons, so too can warlords fight dragons with this path. While not as horribly gimped against other enemies, it's still far from the best when dragons are a some-of-the-time enemy. Dragon-Slayer's Action is the same AP to re-roll attacks on dragons or re-roll saves on effects from dragons schtick other anti-dragon paths own, Vengeance for All adds +1 to attack whoever hit you with an area attack (doubled if the target's a dragon), and Unflagging Spirit grants an ally THP when they spend an AP which turns to HP when facing a dragon.

Beast-Surrounding Maneuver lets you and an ally double-tap an enemy while shifting around for a better angle for flanking. Hit Him Where It Hurts pretty much lets an ally crit on a 19+ (16+ on a dragon). Breath-Taking Slam practically forces all of an enemy's close attacks to provoke opportunity attacks while you're nearby, penalizing the attack for dragons when any hit.

Dujun of Erathis[edit]

Despite the name, this path doesn't require you to worship Erathis by any capacity, just that you hold fast to the beliefs of community and teamwork - which is a good thing for warlords because that's their specialty. You start with Communal Aid, which lets anyone benefiting from Inspiring Word take a surge from your pool if they're out, and Organizing Action to give all allies the free action whenever you spend an AP, and Solidarity's Virtue allows your team a +1 bonus whenever they flank or aid another.

Graded Assault is a rather token attack (only Str damage), but it dazes the target and lets allies hit them with at-wills as if they rolled a 10. Unification Stance allows for allies to make saves at the end of your turns. Diplomacy of Steel is an attack that targets Will, gets a bonus to hit based on how many allies are near you, and gives you a follow-up MBA, either against the target, or at someone 2 spaces away (after gaining 10+Int THP from killing the first target).

Earthfast Brigadier[edit]

In the name of a famous dwarf general, this path gives some extra durability and dedication to axes and hammers, the traditional weapons, with +Con to damage. Earthfast Recovery starts off by gifting your team 1/2*level+Con HP whenever they spend a surge, Enduring Action lets your team make a saving throw when you spend an AP, and Dwarven Payback capitalizes on anyone failing to hit you by giving an ally +Con to hit that enemy.

Earthfast Assault is a shield-dependent attack gives your party Combat Advantage over the target if they move. Press the Advantage forces a penalty equal to Con on your target, making it an ideal follow-up to a daily. Stonechannel Strike is an ideal medic's attack by not only healing on a hit but also giving back Second Wind for everyone.

Flamebrow Commander[edit]

Exclusive to Bravura warlords, using this path is a one-way path to turning into an absolute all-out wild beast that capitalizes on the do-or-die mentality that Bravura Presence embodies. Flamebrow Revival gives you an early save by adding +Cha to any heals and death saves when dying, Relentless Action lets you benefit from your own Bravura Presence when you spend an AP, and Roaring Recovery adds +2 to attack when you heal while bloodied.

Flamebrow Assault lets your ally make an MBA with +Cha to hit before you attack, adding +/- 2 to your attack depending on if they hit or not. Rallying Lure is a stance that gains Combat Advantage to everyone and heals +Cha HP to bloodied allies, but it only lasts as long as there are bloodied allies. Renewal Smite is a reliable attack that lets an ally recover one encounter.

Freedom Fighter[edit]

This path is open to Warlords, but it's also for anyone who has the Escaped Slave theme that is very reactive/defense based. Comrade's Help lets you use Aid Another as a move action while also giving double bonuses when using it on something involving liberating people. Fight For Your Freedom uses an AP to either let everyone attack to break any marks/grapples or just give an ally a basic attack if the former can't be done. Freedom Requires Vigilance adds +2 to Initiative, Perception, and Insight for you and anyone within 3 spaces, which is useful for anyone except Warlords, who already get this for at least one of these instances and now just get it for all of them and are locked to a small area.

Self-Sacrificing Strike is a rather dramatic if not flexible immediate interrupt, diving in to shove an ally out of the way and then striking back while also becoming the target of the very attack. Inspiring Example lets you roll a free save and, if successful, let everyone else roll a save. Vicious Guardian has you hit up to two foes and perma-mark them, attacking any time they don't fight you.

Infernal Strategist[edit]

The exclusive path to Resourceful warlords, this has you follow the teachings of one of Bael Turath's most powerful generals - and it's damned good. Like holy shit, take this path. Felling Action lets you spend an AP and let an ally re-roll an attack, Infernal Pincer grants you and any ally you flank with +Int/Cha to damage for the attack, and Pliable Command allows you to use a second Commanding Presence (you know, those subclasses for Warlords which benefit allies who spend an AP?), but restricts you to use one per AP.

Deceiver's Ploy is a basic attack that deals -2 to the target's attack, but using a shield gives you Combat Advantage on the attack. Flexible Authority gives you several options to offer when an ally spends an AP: Heal them by +1/2xlevel+Cha, add +1/2*Int to the next hit or damage roll, or give them a free attack or move while giving Combat Advantage to all allies. Smite of Devil's Luck is a reliable attack with the most incredible of powers: granting a spare freaking AP for the fight.

Knight Commander[edit]

Specializing in leading from the front, the Knight Commander is all about leading the charge and getting up close and personal, requiring that you have proficiency with Heavy Armor to take it. Adjacent allies get an attack roll boost (Honor and Glory), burn an action point to give higher defenses to all your allies (Knight Commander's Action), and increase the damage your allies do when making opportunity attacks whilst close to you (Press of Arms). You can use Slash and Press to hit a foe for triple damage and then knock all foes adjacent to you back, use Break Their Nerve to mark an enemy, or Control the Field to hit a foe and inflict marking + ongoing damage on all enemies close by.

Longarm Marshal[edit]

This is the path that centers everything around using the spear. Its features all key off Int, so Skirmishing or Tactical warlords are best suited for this. Your spear gets +1 to hit with Accurate Thrust, Longarm Action adds +1 to your reach with a spear for an AP, and Bristling Reach lets you spend an Opportunity Attack to deal guaranteed +Int damage whenever an enemy walks out of your reach or shoots with an RBA.

Driving Spear's a flexible attack that lets you push an enemy back +Int spaces. Whirling Spear is a stance that adds +1 to AC when using a spear (+2 when two-handing). Vital Rend is another flexible attack that deals 5+Int ongoing damage and keeps doing that damage whenever someone hits them until they save.

Pack Master[edit]

This particular path is exclusive to good warlords, which is helpful because it has some really helpful features for support. These warlords seek to drive their allies onward in their hunt for evil wherever it hides. You gain Maldeen's Hunt, which lets you shift for free whenever within 2 spaces of an enemy as well as a few fluff bits (+4 to track and a slightly faster overland speed), and Pack Master's Action, which lets you spend an AP to give an ally a free action, while Beacon for the Pack lets an ally who uses an action given by an AP either move 3 spaces or shift as a free action.

Manticore-and-Wyvern is a circumstantial yet fun power that moves one enemy to hit another while letting an ally hit the target as well. Casting Ripples gives you a means to push allies forward or push them aside from a threat. Straw Soldiers is an attack that has the sustainable side-effect of giving the team concealment, which has ways of being very ridiculous.

Platinum Warlord[edit]

While this path only requires a warlord to be of good/lawful good alignment, the details around this path make it pretty clear that this path is meant to those who plan to dedicate themselves to Bahamut. The path's purpose, however, is a bit confused between bolstering defenses and offering healing like a pseudo-paladin. Platinum Scales also confuses things by granting proficiency to scale armor, Protector's Action gives allies +1 to all defenses when you spend an AP (+2 when they're bloodied), and Righteous Inspiration makes Inspiring Word a bit of a bomb by hitting and marking enemies near your target.

Platinum Blood Smite is a basic attack that lets an ally use second wind when you're bloodied. Bahamut's Liberation only ends an ally's ongoing damage, doing nothing for any other condition or spreading the love to anyone. Exemplar's Talon requires you to be bloodied, but if successful it heals every bloodied ally by your armor bonus + cha, making its usefulness a bit suspect.

Prince of Knaves[edit]

This path requires warlords trained in stealth, so the natural conclusion would be that this path tries in a way to emulate the sneakiness better seen in rogues, right? tries, but it's not making you a rogue anytime soon. You get Distracting Action, letting allies shift their speed and hide whenever you spend an AP, Generous Flanker lets any enemy you flank grant Combat Advantage to the party, while Lord of Scoundrels makes nearby allies immune to flanking.

Clever Maneuver is an attack that slides the target and opens them up to a free MBA by an ally right next to them. Run for It lets you and an ally move and then hide. Kneel to the Prince also shoves the enemy, but it also leaves them save-ends prone with no hope of getting up (missing just knocks them prone).

Shadow Captain[edit]

This particular path grants you the assistance of ghosts and other spooky things, while you yourself don't gain much in those powers. Shadow Captain's Action lets you and an ally deal some necrotic damage (1d6 on paragon, 2d6 on epic), Shadow's Reconnoitering gives +2 to perception and insight, and Inspiring the Invisible Legion makes anyone you crit grant Combat Advantage to the party.

Underworld Gambit is an MBA that gives a follow-up attack that's Cha dependent and deals +Cha necrotic damage on top of weakening them. Shadow Guardians summons +Int shadowy figures that you sustain and who act as cover and save-ends immobilizes anyone who walks through them. Shadow Turncoat lets you summon a shadowy doppelganger of your target who fights just like them and is always summoned every time you hit your target, though it dies like nothing.

Sword Marshal[edit]

Focused on carving through the ranks of enemies, this path requires proficiency with the Heavy Blade category of weapons, and all of its powers and features key off of your using one. Disciplined Blade lets you get a damage boost against targets you initially missed, Sword Marshal's Action says you can spend an action point to regain a spent encounter power, Skewer the Weak means that scoring a critical hit grants you and your allies combat advantage against the enemy you hit.

For powers, you can strike at two foes with Blade Flurry, use Sword Marshal's Boon to share a power that normally only affects allies, and by using Diamond Blade of Victory, you gain bonus damage based on how many allies you have nearby.

Twiceborn Leader[edit]

This is a peculiar path that lends itself to connecting with other members of the party and rousing those who used their Second Wind, with a special preference towards fighting aberrant enemies. You start off with Assault Action giving all allies +2 to attack whenever you spend an AP and Twiceborn Recovery letting you use Healing Word on two allies at once (though it costs any extra healing the power would normally give), while Twofold Defense lets allies who use Second Wind gain +4 to all defenses instead of +2.

Reminiscent Assault starts off as a basic attack, then letting one member of the team make a basic attack if this kills the target - if the target's an aberrant, gives everyone a +4 to hit the target. Twinning Ploy is a stance that lets you and one ally re-roll an attack each turn so long as you remain within 5 spaces of each other. Seconded Smite is an attack that has a bonus to hit based on how many allies used Second Wind and then lets one of those allies shift +Cha spaces and attack.

White Raven[edit]

The focus of this path is on pack tactics, as each of your powers depends on having everyone packed as close as possible to maximize this path's effectiveness. Of course, this isn't always as easy or as convenient as it sounds, but with your new abilities and some planning, you can pull this off. Loyal Support lets whoever you heal or grant THP gain extra health based on how many people are around you, White Raven Tactics gives a bonus to attack based on how many allies are near you when you spend an AP, and 'Bold Company gives you extra damage based on how many allies are near you.

Inspirational Assault gives you a swing and then gives an ally a bonus on their next attack based on how many are near you. Order from Chaos gives your whole party a full-speed shift and Combat Advantage over everyone. White Raven's Gambit lets you and an ally swing, giving your ally +Wis to damage, which would only be useful to resourceful warlords.

Zephyr Warchief[edit]

This is exclusive to warlords with the Desert Moon Student feat (requires proficiency with a heavy blade with the high crit property, gives +2 to acrobatics and lets you shift 2 spaces after hitting Viper's Strike with such a weapon) and grants your party several maneuverability options. You start with Desert Wind giving +2 to allied run or charge speeds when they're within range, Warchief's Favor lets you spend an AP and have an ally shift their speed and make a free MBA, and Nomad's Blessing eventually lets you shift an extra space.

Scouring Strike is a charge-friendly attack that lets you and your allies near the target shift 2 spaces. Desert Glide lets you and allies around you move at full speed +2 as a free action. One Thousand Cuts is a charge-friendly attack that always deals 10 ongoing damage, though hitting makes it so that the target has a -2 to saving whenever an ally hits.


Arena Champion[edit]

Available to any martial trained in Intimidate and with an [Arena Fighting] feat, this is a rather rounded-out path for anyone who wants to prove themselves in combat and has a really good basic attack. Study Foe gives a use to the oft-neglected Total Defense action by letting the next attack after using this add 1/2 your Wis/Cha to hit, Awing Action penalizes the attacks of anyone you hit when spending an AP.

Seize Opening lets you hit someone as part of using bluff to gain Combat Advantage, which makes having that skill trained is also very handy. Taxing Strike rides off a basic attack and weakens the target. Hidden Reserves is your rescue card, spending a surge just as you hit 0 HP. Bloodletting Strike triples the damage of a basic attack and then slaps save-ends ongoing damage and -2 to all defenses, which is only made better by being a reliable attack.

Battle Champion[edit]

This particular path requires a multiclass between fighter and warlord, resulting in a playstyle that blends being an inspirational figure with being a gritty warrior who can take the worst anyone dishes out. Champion's Presence doesn't do anything for you, interestingly enough, but it does let an ally who spends an AP to re-roll their attack and crit on a 19+. Defensive Word lets anyone benefiting from Inspiring Word gain +2 to defenses until they attack, while Veteran Action lets a nearby ally make an MBA when you spend an AP and attack.

End This is a handy one-two that shoves an enemy over to a waiting ally's clutches, then enabling that ally to make an MBA with Combat Advantage. Vigilant Defense gives a small aura that lets allies gain +Int to Opportunity Attacks (hereby demanding Resourceful, Skirmisher, or Tactical Warlords for max benefit), which is situational at times. Decisive Stratagem lets all allies slide a space before and after you attack while also letting them either gain THP or make an MBA.

Oman Giantkiller[edit]

This path requires a mix between fighter and a class with Hunter's Quarry (read: ranger) and the Moonshae Isles regional benefit, with some need to be flexible between throwing and swinging in order to take down greater adversaries. In the Thick of the Action lets you spend an AP for +2 speed and +4 damage on larger enemies, Northlander's Persistence lets you spend 2 surges when you use Second Wind, and One More Time lets you mark a target when you designate them as your quarry for the first time.

Toss and Close has you throw a weapon before moving to the enemy and making a free MBA with a (potential) second weapon. Focused Assault lets you mark and quarry one enemy for the turn. Coordinated Devastation has you use both weapons on a target letting allies crit on an 18+ against the target (17+ for a larger enemy) when both hits land.

Sword Coast Corsair[edit]

A Forgotten Realms path built upon being a pirate who lives in his boat and enjoys being scary. Expert Mariner is your fluff-boost of multiple sorts: +2 to initiative while on a ship, Training or a +2 bonus on any skills involved with a ship's management, and the ability to share this with everyone. Sea Legs uses an AP to let you ignore terrain and +2 speed, and Bold Attacker gives +2 to Will when you hit in melee.

Strike Terror is a Str-or-Dex reliant Fear attack that pushes back a shocking 5 squares. Nerves of Steel gives you a free save, adding +5 if you're under a Fear effect. Keelhaul whacks someone and then has you haul them three squares.

Primal Paragon Paths[edit]


Ancestral Weapon[edit]

This path is allowed for only PHB2 barbarians, whom possess Rampage (That extra attack whenever you crit), though Cha-focused barbarians would benefit most. What differentiates this path is its dedication to marks, a feature mostly seen on defenders. Starting off is Battle Spirit's Touch, which allows for a healing surge when an AP is spent on an attack that hits, and Strong Spirit to add Cha to healing surges. Lethal Rampage adds to the Rampage feature by allowing you to use any at-will after critting rather than just using a MBA. Blood-Splattered Fury marks an enemy while also making you and the enemy deal bonus damage. Ancestor's Presence adds Cha to damage for a turn and permamarks an enemy. Ancestral Weapon's Rage is a beefy rage that marks an enemy while also stacking extra damage on all marked enemies.

Bear Warrior[edit]

You pick this path because you wanna be beefy. You wanna be STRONK LIKE RUSSIAN BEAR. It's pretty much listed with Bear Form, granting a +1 bonus to AC and free-action Second Winds whenever you rage while also allowing both a surge and action be used on the same AP with Bear's Toughness. Wild Push just pushes an enemy Str squares away whenever you crit while raging. Your attacks also emulate aspects of the bear, with Mauling Bear proning an enemy and then granting an opportunity attack whenever they attempt to get up, Bestial Vigor granting THP and a save, and Rampaging Bear not only attacks two foes and shoving them back on their asses, but it also has a rage that grants regen and drops all forced movement by one.

This is a decent choice for any barbarian who likes to be a meatsponge while also being a beatstick.

Building Thunder[edit]

This path requires Thunderborn Wrath and, as the name implies, has you mastering the powers of lightning and thunder in the way angry dudes who smack folks with improbably huge swords do. Thunder Rolls In uses an AP to turn a Thunder power's range from Blast 3 to Blast 5 for tons of coverage. Thunderous Echo deals Con to damage against the first enemy hit whenever you trigger a Thunder power. Lightning Flash finally allows your Thunder powers to deal Thunder + Lightning damage, possibly subverting immunities. Finishing Thunder is a basic hit with a blast that does some cruel damage to bloodied enemies within it. Storm Gathering could make for a decent end-of-day damage as it adds the number of surges you spent that day as additional damage for one turn. Storm Dragon Rage is another hit-with-blast that stuns the guys you didn't whack at first while also entering a rage that grants a fly speed and makes all at-wills deal AoE damage so you can mess up hordes harder.

Calm Fury[edit]

Restricted to PHB2 barbarians with Rage Strike (That one daily that can blow other Rages while raging for a big blow). Unlike most barbarians, you decided that being always angry all the time might not always be the best life strategy. Certain Savagery pretty much turns the Rage Strike into any other attack, dropping the rage prerequisite, allowing it to be used again if it doesn't hit anyone at the cost of removing the half-damage clause. Strength in Action heals up 1/2 level + Str HP, which would always be quite a deal. Relentless Pace makes Rage Strike usable 3/day while also adding an additional 1[W] damage to each attack. Furious Calm is a strong healing attack that enables surges, Deliberate Rampage replaces the MBA usually used when following up a crit with Furious Calm even when it was used, and Lethal Ancestor Rage is a basic attack, but it also boosts hit rolls for at-wills and rage strike while also giving THP if those moves hit.

This path is a survivor's path, granting ways to heal up after taking blows, but it doesn't offer much to survive any more than you normally would.

Death's Thane[edit]

This particular Thunderborn-exclusive path fuses you with the power of death, so you can now effectively shout things to death or shout loud enough to rouse yourself from dying, making sure that the killings always continue. Death Shout does the former by making anyone shoved by your War Cry eat necrotic damage. Death's Right Hand is a bit complicated in that it uses an AP and if you kill one enemy, you gain a +2 to hit and +Con to damage with your next attack. Inevitability of Death then allows you to roll death saves earlier and hurt anyone near you when you flub a death save. Death Cry makes for a rather poor attack, but it does have a big blast that weakens anyone inside it. Killing Ground is an instantaneous AoE that triggers when you kill a dude, now gaining +! to hit and +4 to damage anyone in the AoE. Reaper's Rage then wraps it up with a blast that save-ends immobilizes anyone caught while also giving you the ability to shift right next to an enemy withing range.

Fearbringer Thane[edit]

While sounding like a Thaneborn Barbarian-only path, this one is actually quite open to all, offering a few leader-like tricks to the beatstick chassis. Inspire Ferocity certainly makes it sound like that by giving nearby allies a damage boost if they hit an enemy with an MBA. Staggering Fury penalizes enemies hit with an AP-built attack while raging. Dominating Presence then makes crits grant allies a bonus to hit that enemy. Screaming Hawk Strike makes an enemy easier to hit while also gaining a regen chance if used during a rage. Fearbringer Stance just boosts defenses, which is unusual but gives a helpful asset. Tide of Battle is a leader-style hit and heal an ally by letting them spend a surge.

Frenzied Berserker[edit]

This acts as the basic Barbarian path, dedicated to raw damage above all else, including their well-being. Frenzied Blood guarantees that an AP spent on an attack will at least do half damage on a miss if it doesn't already, Warpath deals extra damage while raging, but demands that you hit the nearest enemy or else be stunned (a major turn-off), and Unfeeling Rage gives Resist 5 all when bloodied and raging. Persistent Frenzy is another burst attack, though this one can be recovered if used during a rage. Deathless Frenzy allows you to keep fighting even below 0 HP, but you still suffer from death saves. Final Confrontation is a messy as hell attack, ending a potentially lifesaving mark so they can hit you, so you can hit them with a horrific 7[W] damage, so they can hit you, so they can hit them, and so on and so on. Really only useful on BBEGs or bit tanky bastards that could possibly kill anyone else.

Though it does have merits, the fact that it can cost you turns if you try to be strategic with your foes and an attack that just acts as death or glory does make it less appealing than it should.

Stonefire Rager[edit]

While Winter Fury was an ice path, this path makes you more akin to a volcano, building before exploding in fiery rage. Calm Before the Flame uses an AP to add fire damage equal to Con to an attack as well as knocking them prone. Resilience of Stone adds a 50-50 chance to ignore a crit. Fire's Wrath makes bloodying a bad idea, granting both Resist 10 fire and +2 to hit. Pyroclastic Tide smashes one enemy while also adding burst damage. Serenity of Stone gives Resist 10 all until you rage, giving some reason to hold off on a rage. Volcanic Rage is a new rage power that gives a burning AoE effect centered on you and a +2 to hit back anyone who hurt you.

Twinclaw Slayer[edit]

Available only to Whirling Slayer barbarians, this path gives many ways to benefit dual wielding while not sacrificing the raw damage output a barbarian is known for. Close Destruction spends an AP to add a bonus equal to all adjacent enemies to the next attack roll, making it ideal to any bursts. Threshing Mists gives a shift whenever an attack using both weapons hits. Bloody Price grants a re-roll to one Opportunity Attack. Twinclaw Rend is an MBA-replacing power that does two attacks as well as adding +2 to hit the target for a turn. Dangerous Blur makes a hit on you turn into more damage as your next hit deals damage equal to your offhand weapon. Twinclaw Berserker Range doesn't only deal double damage, but it also gives a free offhand weapon burst at the top of each turn.


Restricted to barbarians trained in nature, this path is a mobile barbarian's calling, granting new ways to move about the field. Hunter's Fury allows for a Str-square shift after using an AP to attack, Wildrunner's Swiftness boosts speed with that boost doubling while raging, and Wild Resilience boosts saves while raging. Shifting Wilds Strike makes for a decent hit-and-run affair by being able to shift 3 after hitting and being rechargeable if used while raging. Press the Kill gives you a shift after killing someone. Wildrunner's Rage hits and immobilizes two targets while also granting you several other bonuses: +2 to AC and Reflex, ignoring difficult terrain, and the ability to shift 2 squares rather than just one. Yeah, that's neat.

Winter Fury[edit]

If you like dealing cold damage but feel like you need to spend your cash on things besides frost weapons, then this path can back you up. Ice Heart Reaper may just give you +1 to hit and +2 to damage immobilized targets, but Surging Ice uses an AP action to immobilize the first person hit by the new attack and everyone nearby. Frost Reaver is the real deal by granting both Resist 10 cold and the ability to turn your typeless damage into cold damage attacks. Clutch of Winter is another means to trigger Ice Heart by immobilizing an enemy and Armor of Glaciers is a temporary Resist 20 all that drops by 5 for each hit taken and melts entirely if hit by fire. World's End Rage is the most powerful of them though, not only imposing a save-ends restraining condition on the target but also making all at-will attacks immobilize enemies.


Deadly Berserker[edit]

The berserker's exclusive path, this is simply an advancement upon the core tenets of being killy and tanky. You have Berserker's Action dealing +1d12 damage to all attacks when you use an AP, Reaping Fury adds +Str to damage for your next attack if you miss an at-will or encounter, and Supreme Stamina gives you THP whenever you kill non-minion enemies.

A Thousand Ways to Die is simply a rider off any MBA or at-will that adds damage and inflicts the enemy with either immobilize or prone. Surge of Strength gives you THP equal to your surge value while also letting you roll twice for an attack if you're under Berserker Fury (that thing that requires you to use any barbarian power to cancel your aura and gain new benefits to attacks). Slake the Rage is another rider off an MBA or at-will that adds +2[W] damage and inflicts either 10 ongoing damage or save-ends dazed and slowed.



The undead-style path, this gives you a focus on necrotic damage, gaining ways to deal it at all costs and ways to resist it. Blight Action in particular uses an AP to force anyone to either back up or eat ongoing necrotic damage. Blighted Wild Shape acts as both your fluff to look undead-ish, but it also gives your beast form Resist 5 necrotic (Upped to 10 in Epic) as well as adding necrotic damage equal to Con whenever you use a beast form attack. Blightborn then negates all necrotic resistances while also making those not resistant gain Vulnerable 5 necrotic for the turn. Blighted Agony acts as a standard attack that slides a target and dazes them. Maggot Form is a handy movement trick, giving you a potentially sizable boost in movement that ignores all the movement penalties and halves any incoming damage for the turn. Blight Locus is a death-curse that not only deals ongoing damage and shifts a target, but it also makes anyone near the target eat necrotic damage.

Guardian druids are the best picks for this path because of their focus on Con, which means that they'll have that much more ways to shove enemies around and curse them with damage.

Blood Moon Stalker[edit]

This path is a very striker-themed power, meant for those who use their wild shape with abandon and little else. Blood Moon Action, for example, uses an AP to grant a free MBA while in beast form. Blood Moon Hunger allows you to use Second Wind as a free action whenever you kill an enemy up close. Frenzied Claws then just gets your beast powers to crit on a 19+. Blood Moon Frenzy is a basic burst, hurting bloodied enemies harder. Feral Accuracy allows for a re-roll on any beast powers. Nature's Grave requires either you or an enemy to be bloodied, but in return you get a gruesome amount of damage.

Coiled Serpent[edit]

This is a path you pick because you think it's awesome to become a snake and use poison damage. Serpent Form immediately gives you +5 to stealth and Resist 15 poison (20 in Epic) whenever you go beast mode. Snake Fang Action uses an AP to afflict every target of your new attack with ongoing poison damage. Serpent's Poison adds +2d6 poison damage to your wild shaped melee attacks, making you even deadlier. Constricting Coils has you wrapping around the target, grabbing them and gaining +5 to all defenses for the turn if successful. If anyone tries to hit you and fails, they'll instead hit your victim. Serpent's Dash is a free bit of mobility, shifting three squares and then gaining concealment. Fazing Fangs is a bust power that dazes and deals ongoing poison damage whenever they attack until they make a save.

This makes the path rather effective for wild-shape exclusive druids who specialize in poison, though it does make you feel a bit useless the moment the enemy comes up with resistance or immunity to poison.

Formless Predator[edit]

Despite not explicitly being for druids, it does require the Wild Shape ability, meaning you either have to be a PHB2 druid, be a Sentinel with the Beastwalker Circle feat (Gaining Wild Shape and the ability to sacrifice a use of Summon Nature's Ally to gain normal Druid powers), or be multiclassed in Druid. This path focuses on granting some unusual properties with a few features for any build. Aberrant From is just flavouring, turning your Wild Shape to look aberrant, Jagged Metamorphosis adds +4 to damage the first time you hit with a beast power, and Reinstating Action uses an AP to end a single ongoing effect while also shifting for free. Fluid Form allows you to use one at-will whenever you're in normal form or beast form, which finally permits your beast form to get some at-will ranged combat. Confounding Pseudopod gives an interesting bit of mobility alongside dazing an enemy. Amorphous Return immediately ends one petrifying or polymorph effect while also gaining 10 THP. Touch of Dissolution dumps an enemy with blinded and an ongoing damage condition that worsens with each turn that it persists.

Guardian of the Living Gate[edit]

This path acts as a control-based path, granting you several different ways to ensure your allies' survival against any conditions or attack one enemy while affecting others. Entwining Evocation allows you to gain Combat Advantage whenever you fight an enemy with nobody next to them, granting you some solo usage. Guardian Action uses an AP to give you or an ally +5 to a saving throw and Enduring Spirit allows any ally to make a save whenever you fail yours. First Ward of the Living Gate is a pretty decent ranged attack that gives you a +2 to hit with any primal attacks you make at the same target or anyone around them. Second Ward of the Living Gate grants everyone a +4 to saves against conditions caused by one target. Third Ward of the Living Gate is a long-ranged attack that inflicts ongoing damage (halved if you miss) that knocks the target down if they take the damage and deals damage to those nearby.

Keeper of the Hidden Flame[edit]

This path taps into the Hidden Flame, that predatory instinct that drives all creatures to combat, and uses it to hamper enemies and aid allies. Fury of the Hidden Flame adds +1 to hit with any attack targeting the nearest foe. Keeper's Action uses an AP and allows a re-roll for the next attack if it misses. Leap into the Fray is a stranger feature, allowing you and any nearby allies to shift when one ally makes a charge. Summon the Beast makes for a silly power, yanking an enemy forward 5 and proning and dazing them as well. Spark of Fury grants you and all allies +1 to hit and +2 damage. Spirit of the Beast makes a rather dicey proposition, inflicting a massive list of issues with the save-ends tag: Combat Advantage to all, restriction to only MBAs, and the need to hit the nearest foe. However, it can't save if someone whacks on them. Missing with this power just grants Combat Advantage against the target, still with save-ends. Really, this path is meant to ruin archers or artillery or casters who can't punch worth a shit, as any melee fighter worth their salt won't care as much about being locked into MBAs.

Luminescent Swarm[edit]

One of two Primal Swarm paths, this path turns you into a bunch of fireflies that glow hard enough to deal radiant damage. Luminescent Lantern gives you the basic glowing aura that adds +2 to saves for anyone inside it. Radiant Swarm Action has you spend an AP to add +1/2 level to an attack's damage as radiant. Blaze of Light adds a bit of incentive to turn from swarm to man as you can inflict a -2 to hit you on a nearby enemy when you wild shape. Mystifying Lights has you smash and slide each enemy caught in the blast while also shifting for each hit. Light of Clarity is a beast-friendly sustainable aura that denies concealment. Brilliant Swarm is really remarkable, attacking several enemies on every NAD, dealing a separate effect for each defense you break through on top of the damage.

Pack Lord[edit]

One of two summoning-centric paths, this one offers you more supporting ways to help your pets. Natural Pack Member gives you +1 to attack and all defenses at any time you have a pet summoned while Pack Intensity uses an AP to give you a free minor to command your pet or waste to provoke an Instinctive Action. Natural Vitality gives pets that get bloodied a regen value. Great Summoning acts in place of your Level 20 power, granting another level 19 summoning power. Alpha's Command lets you punch an enemy while also giving a pet (or an ally's basic attack if you roll high enough) a chance to punch too. Full Pack lets you spend a minor to order a pet to attack for the encounter, which can give some serious boosts in damage if given to the right pet.

Primal Summoner[edit]

This path is focused on summoning, giving ways to support them as well as a unique summon, though it loses out in the mass damage potential. Feral Ways makes triggering an Instinctual Action heal the pet and give +2 to any involved attacks. Primal Summoner Action uses an AP to grant a free attack for a pet, but nothing else. Move as One grants you the ability to move a pet at the same time as you. Redfang Prophecy shoots a fool while also giving any pets bonus damage vs the target. Tightened Control is a stance that adds +2 to attack and damage for any ordered attacks. Summon Primal Slayer gives you a beast that can either be a big digger or a medium flyer. Either way, you get to attack at any time, even if you let an Instinctual Action take effect.

Sky Hunter[edit]

While most druids just settle for being some sort of land animal, you decided to go more avian with your wild shape, resulting in this path. Master of Wings grants +2 to hit flying enemies, Sky Hunter's Action grants a free move when you spend an AP. Beast Senses is less astounding, using a Beast Form daily to gain +5 to Perception. Blinding Talons turns you into an eagle who flies at double speed and blinds one enemy before they could ever get an Opportunity Attack. Soaring Falcon gives you a third wild shape: a tiny falcon with a fly speed, +5 perception, and +4 AC vs opportunity attacks but an inability to do anything else. This form's really useful for mobility's sake. Primal Eagle is a fly-and-burst, slowing enemies with a save-ends effect and granting you the eagle's flight 1/turn for the remainder of the encounter.

Though far from the ideal of flying all the time, it does offer some unique ways to go about the battlefield in a hit-and-fade sense.

Spiral Wind's Ally[edit]

The druids who pick this path are those who prefer to stay normal and support your allies with more healing and ways to control enemies. Healing Spiral makes bloodied allies who use a surge while within range of you outside of wild shape gain Wis in additional HP. Spiral Wind Action then spends an AP outside of beast form to give an ally the ability to use a surge. Allied Winds is the only bit that doesn't assist anyone, as it only grants you a free 2-square shift whenever you use a Surge. Spiral Gust makes for a decent blast that also heals any allies near the enemies in range. Releasing Breath makes for a mild booster that makes one ally that spent a surge the centerpoint and gives everyone within range of that ally concealment. Three Shifting Winds gives you variable damage in a blast dealing damage regardless of type - Cold damage deals save-ends slowing, Radiant heals any allies in the blast, and Thunder dazes one foe in the area.

While the Path only keys off Wisdom, thus making any subclass viable, the reliance on remaining normal-shaped does make Primal Swarm less than effective while Guardian and Predator have functionalities that never suffer because of mode. Sentinels also benefit from this path, as they never get Wild Shape naturally.

Storm Speaker[edit]

This is your basic lightning-and-thunder class, giving a few perks on top of that. Storm Speaker's Action has you spend an AP for a free 8-space fly with no provoking. Storm Touched gives you the requisite Resist 5 Lightning & Thunder with an added bonus of +5 THP and +1 to hit whenever you get hit by lightning or thunder. Dancing Tempest just gives you a free shift whenever you hit with a lightning or thunder power. Storm Beast is your one beast attack and it's a big blast that dives you +2 to hit anyone caught inside that blast. Shield of Gales is a wind-shield that gives +2 to all defenses and the ability to shift any enemy next to you. Storm Child is an attack that triggers a transformation that's in effect for the whole fight and opens a new at-will that can be used in any mode, though it'll lack any tricks your normal at-wills possess.

Vermin Lord[edit]

Predictably, being an evil druid in the Book of Vile Darkness makes you able to pick this path full of pest-themed powers. Vermin Action makes an AP deal immediate poison damage to nearby enemies and a +2 to defenses for nearby allies. Vermin Friend grants Resist 10 (15 on Epic) poison. Wings of the Swarm gives you a fly speed whenever you expend a primal encounter or daily. Maggots to Flies adds a bunch of sick things to anyone hit by it: damage, a slide for enemies, Combat Advantage, and Vulnerable 5 all. Hive Mind makes for a very unique leader-like power by granting allies instant telepathy, immunity to flanking, and the ability to shift an ally around instead of taking a move. From One to Many turns you into a literal swarm, gaining all the benefits as well as a new attack, inflicting 20 ongoing poison damage while also shifting around.

Honestly, this path is a rather incredible grab, hampered only by alignment since otherwise everyone would want it.

Whirling Samara[edit]

This is the second exclusive path for swarm druids, though this one works upon giving new uses for the swarm shape. Parting Swarm starts swarm by making your swarm form immune to any sort of forced movement. Shed Bulk for Speed lets you spend an AP to gain two re-rolls for your next two attacks, but using one deals a rather decent amount of damage. Spinning Wings gives you a flight speed on the turn you Wild Shape into swarm form. Protective Spiral is a beast attack that attacks two enemies while also giving allies within range some THP. Dark Wings doubles with your flying feature by giving your swarm form insubstantial and the ability to move through occupied spaces. Great Winged Samara is your great big blast, putting in a save-ends blind on anyone and adding two new powers while in swarm form: a minor to shift 2 and a new dose of save-ends blinding when you crit.


Inner Circle Initiate[edit]

This is the exclusive path for protectors, those druids who gave up wildshaping to make terrain and summon monsters, who now get a few pieces of ranged crowd management. Initiate's Action lets you spend an AP to deal extra damage equal to how many targets for the attack (ideal for large bursts or blasts), Sheltering Growth grants one ally near your Nature's Growth power THP equal to their healing surge value, and Fury of the Raging Storm gives security in dealing constant damage to anyone near you each turn.

Thorny Vines gives a ranged burst that grants Combat Advantage to anyone inside it. Speak with Animals and Plants gives you a rather cosmetic ability to talk to wildlife and a less-cosmetic +5 to perception and inability to become surprised. Call Cyclone is another ranged burst that you don't need to sustain and can move whenever you need it to hurt someone.


Crimson Hunter[edit]

This is probably the seeker equivalent to the Kensei, mostly because it gives the most upfront benefits ever: Accurate Arrow (+1 to RBA), Keen Missile (RBAs crit on 19+), and Crimson Hunter's Action (+1 to speed when you spend an AP).

Ravaging Shot is an RBA-alike that deals Vulnerable 5 all for a turn, Hunter's Mobility gives you a half-speed shift whenever an enemy is bloodied, and Bloody Despair slaps a bloodied creature with a save-ends weakened and a turn-long -5 to saves in case someone else hit them with something big.

Death Arrow[edit]

Restricted to Bloodbond seekers, it gives you a couple new ways to hurt, but not much to redeem the class it comes from. Brutal Arrows lets you spend an AP to re-roll 1s or 2s for damage rolls, Rattling Arrows is an oddly specific setup requiring that you be hidden before attacking and all for a -2 for their allies to hit (Which is all subject to fear immunity on top of not being put on the actual target itself) and to trigger Death Arrows, which crits anyone subject to that effect on an 18+.

Savage Archery is a ranged burst that slaps -2 to Fort and AC, which makes for an okay setup. Binding Aim is a 1/encounter +6 to shoot, which is nice, but nothing else. Cloud of Doom is a larger burst that not only pins any flyers, but also makes that area an AoE that deals 5 damage to anyone inside it.

Moonrise Stalker[edit]

If you're looking for a path that actually deals decent control and has mobility options, then you've got this path. Entangling Moonlight slows enemies you teleport, Sly as Twilight uses an AP to exchange any forced movement to teleporting at half the distance, which is a bit less convenient but still useful, and Anchoring Spotlight denies any teleportation when you hit a target with an RBA.

Lunar Transposition is an RBA-alike that lets you swap places with an enemy 10 spaces away, so you can make an escape button or set up a beatdown. Moonbeam Step teleports you 5 spaces and has places an aura that puts -2 to all enemy attacks. Distant Echo does some really lackluster damage, but it splashes onto enemies and lets you switch places with an enemy you hit, dazing them in the process.

Seven Fates Archer[edit]

This path is something of a protecting path, but as with most things about the Seeker it doesn't really compare to the actual Defenders. Guarding Shot lets you take -2 to hit to add +2 to the AC of an ally hitting them, which is...iffy and demands that the ally be punching someone. Pinning Action spends an AP to slap on Immobilize and Combat Advantage on the target, which is pretty awesome. Opportunity Shot lets you shoot for an Opportunity Attack without provoking again, which honestly should have been available as by default or as a feat.

Spirit Shackles targets in a burst and slows anyone inside it while also adding a bit of extra damage. Intercepting Shot lets you make a shot the instant someone hits a nearby ally, letting you shoot at -2 for the chance to add +5 to all defenses and halving damage if it still hits, but it demands that the hit be at range. Storm of the Five Spirits also hits in a ranged burst, but it also summons a bunch of ghosts who immediately slap a nearby foe while also penalizing enemy attacks.

Swift Strider[edit]

Restricted to Spiritbond seekers, this path adds to your mobility. Defensive Shift adds +2 to AC and Ref whenever you shift, which can be practically all the time considering you can shift as a minor, Escaping Action uses an AP to permit you to shift as a minor as compensation for not going Bloodbond, and Swift Stride Assault adds +Str to damage on thrown weapons, though it demands that you move at least 3 spaces.

Blurring Offensive is a pretty flexible move, usable either in melee or at range and ending any marks before shifting, then giving you a shift and a slide on the target (whom now gives Combat Advantage) once you hit. Swift Vengeance gives you a response to enemies by shifting once you get hit, then gaining Combat Advantage and the ability to crit on a 19+ on this enemy. Striding Barrage is your other flexible move, letting you shift around and hit up to three enemies, though each hit is harder and all it does is save-ends slowing.

All in all, while this path gives some decent mobility options, you get very little in terms of actual controlling power. It just adds to the question on whether or not the Seeker was really supposed to be a Controller.


Steadfast Sentinel[edit]

This is your exclusive path for the Sentinel variant, giving various sorts of perks that could be useful for a friend or for your pet. Landwalker lets you ignore terrain, Improved Combined Attack adds yet another charge to your exclusive Combined Attack, and Sentinel's Action lets you spend an AP so an ally can shift around without regard to terrain. Bounty of Spring lets you and one ally gain Regen 5 when bloodied, which they can end at any time to use a surge and gain +Wis additional HP. A Thousand Faces is unusual as it's a level 16 utility power (where most usually get another feature), but the use is pretty familiar - you can shapeshift into any other person with a +3 to bluff added on. Verdant Harmony gives you an aura 2 that lets allies ignore terrain and add +5 to surges while enemies get 10 necrotic damage each turn.


Animus Predator[edit]

The Animus Predator acts as the last word in the matter of debuffing. Every ability you possess is meant to shut down something your enemy holds dear. Breaching Spirit negates insubstantial and regeneration when enemies near your spirit, Predator Action slaps an enemy with vulnerable 5 all when you spend an AP to attack, and Spiritual Piercing lets you and anyone near your spirit ignore 10 points of resistance to one type and count immunity as resist 20 - and this type can change each long rest!

Exposing Spirit is a spirit attack that inflicts vulnerable 5 to one damage type for the turn. Symbiotic Spirits is a spirit-centered zone that grants allies inside it resist 10 to any types one enemy has resistance/immunity to. Animus Strike is another spirit attack that deals ongoing damage of any type as well as dealing a sliver of extra damage whenever the target hits anyone else.

Disciple of Winds[edit]

This is another control-based path, focused on moving people around to get them in the right place at the right time. For example, Disciple of the Winds Action lets you move all allies within range 3 spaces whenever you spend an AP, Wind Shroud shifts an ally you healed with your powers a space, and Wind's Resilience lets you shift an ally after they got moved by an enemy.

Snatching Winds is a spirit attack that snaps up two enemies and then lets allies move through their spots without triggering anything. Shielding Winds allows one ally to shift the instant an enemy gets close to them. Hurricane's Fury is a blast that slides all enemies and save-ends dazes enemies. The fact that allies get slid a little further means that they can move up and smash faster.

Disciple of the World Serpent[edit]

This path empowers you with two things: poison and lockdown, but mostly the latter. Grasping Spirit already starts off well by making enemies near your spirit count as in difficult terrain, Spirit Shaman's Bounty lets allies near your spirit spend a surge when you use an AP, and Spirit Venom deals 10 poison damage whenever an enemy makes a save against your daily powers.

Serpent's Rebuke immobilizes an enemy while hitting anyone who gets close to them. Seal of the Serpent kicks ass by enabling one person to negate cover, concealment, and line of sight on one ranged attack. Crush of the Serpent works well by doing save-ends immobilize and ongoing damage, with the only difference between hitting and missing being the amount of damage and immobilize becoming slowed.

Everflame Guardian[edit]

Your elemental focus here is on fire, though you aren't the one that starts the fire - you just make sure that it catches on faster and without opposition. Everflame Action in particular embodies this by granting allies a bit of health while also stripping away any enemy's fire resistance or immunity and instead replacing it with vulnerable 5 fire, Guardian of the Flame stacks you with a small Resist 5 fire, and Renewing Flames burns someone next to an ally you just healed.

Spark of Life gives you a ranged burst that burns the ally while giving a small heal to bloodied allies caught in it. Guardian's Shield is a burst that's best for first-turn protection with resist 5 all and the power to burn anyone attacking your team. Elder Flame lets you summon a little asset that grants nearby allies extra fire damage and can also explode on enemies.

Ghost Panther[edit]

If you want a path that focuses on going on the offense, then you'll find plenty to like with this path. You start with Ghost Panther Action giving Combat Advantage over anyone near your spirit whenever you spend an AP and Ghost Panther's Wisdom giving +5 to stealth whenever near the spirit, and then you get Panther's Ancestors to add Wis to acrobatics, athletics, and stealth.

Predator Spirit slaps enemies and then makes bloodied enemies near your spirit also weakened, which works handily with Panther or Eagle shamans. Great Cat's Dodge merely gives you a 3-space-shift whenever you get missed, which might make for a handy escape button. Ghost Panther Spiral is a big burst that opens a lasting AoE that allows any allies inside it to teleport towards enemies also trapped inside.

Great Bear Shaman[edit]

In the event that you wanted to dedicate towards being more of a defender alongside being a leader, the Great Bear Shaman offers quite a bit to protect your lot. You start with Great Bear's Action to spend an AP for someone else to use an MBA and Great Protector's Prowess lets allies gain +2 to damage against marked enemies near your spirit, while Looming Presence lets allies near your spirit add +5 to hit with Opportunity Attacks.

Bear Fang Defense makes for a useful attack that marks an enemy and knocks them prone if they stay near the spirit and attack. Galvanizing Bellow lets all allies shift 2 spaces. Call to the Great Bear is a devastating spirit attack that deals a save-ends penalty to attack and extra damage if the target does hit.

Great Elder[edit]

Exclusive to World Speaker shamans, this is a very spirit-focused path that works by enabling mass-benefits. This main instrument is through Elder Presence, the ability to spend a minor to make your spirit to grow to large with all the benefits that implies, while Great Elder's Action gives everyone near your spirit a +2 to defenses when you spend an AP and Elder Counsel lets anyone near your spirit take your buffed up Will instead of theirs if someone attacks their Will defense.

Great Reaching Spirit lets you slap two enemies with your spirit (gaining reach if it's big) while letting nearby allies gain +2 to defenses. Great Hymn of Nature requires you to test Nature and let an ally use the result of your test as a substitute for their defenses when nearby your spirit. An End to Tolerance gives a big blast with save-ends dazing that then makes your spirit a debuff beacon that either dazes or harms enemies with no means of saving.

Keen Eagle[edit]

Available only to Watcher shamans, this path's big draw is making all your team's ranged attacks be even better. Eagle Summons the Fire kicks things off by letting your ranged and area powers start from the spirit rather than you, Keen Eagle Action lets you summon a second spirit that lasts a turn for an AP, and Eagle's Reach does the insane by making any ranged powers with a reach below 20 go to range 20. This pretty much means that you can sit back and shoot everything without ever leaving your seat.

Winged Spirit Strike is pretty awesome in that it lets an ally crit the target on a 16+. Hunting Eagle lets your spirit move to an enemy your ally's about to shoot and give them +2 to hit for anyone near the spirit. Flurry of Spirit Talons always makes allies crit enemies in range of your spirit on an 18+ so long as it lives while also giving a burst that hits and save-ends dazes on a crit.

Phrenic Master[edit]

This path requires the Summon Spirit Companion power, which essentially means that you need to be a shaman or be multiclassed into shaman. Selecting this path gives a bundle of features to improve your spirit's usefulness.Enervating Action lets you spend an AP to deal -2 to any attacks your target makes and also making them grant Combat Advantage, Spiteful Retaliation dazes anyone who kills your spirit, and Twin-Souled Projection lets you use your spirit as the origin point for any ranged or area powers without provoking.

Intellect Pummel gives you a blast that can be used by your spirit that shoves and dazes anyone inside. Minion's Shield requires your spirit to be near you, letting it take the blow for one attack. Total Subjugation is a spirit attack that gives either save-ends dominated or save-ends dazed, both enabling your spirit to shove the target around.

Scarred Healer[edit]

As noted by the name, this particular path is meant for shamans who want to maximize their healing prowess - a matter that's already pretty handy by Healing Spirit. You start with Scar's Gift, which lets an ally near your spirit gain +Con HP whenever you use a healing power, and Scarred Healer Action, which uses an AP to let an ally near your spirit gain 1/2 x level +Wis THP, while Healing Paths gives you and your spirit an aura 5 that lets allies spending a surge for HP gain +Wis HP.

Sharing the Kill is a spirit attack that heals anyone near it. Spirit's Touch lets your spirit grant an ally THP and +2 to any saves they'd have to take. The Burning Dance is a spirit-centered burst that deals ongoing fire and radiant damage, which your allies can benefit from by healing 10 HP whenever an enemy fails their save.

Soul Igniter[edit]

This is another fire-focused path, but unlike the Everflame Guardian, this path's focus is upon energizing your allies as it focuses upon one power: Soulfire, which lets any ally who crits gain +2 Speed, +2 Reflex, and +Wis fire damage on any further attacks. Soulfire Action then lets you trigger this power with an AP and benefit yourself and two other allies, while Fiery Spirit makes your spirit explode upon death, dealing 1d6+Wis fire damage to anyone nearby.

Soul Flare is a ranged burst that lets you trigger Soulfire on one ally in the burst. Soul Furnace makes it so that anyone who gets near your friends while they're under Soulfire gets a burn. Spirit Detonation is a spirit burst that doesn't deal much, but slightly improves if you have an ally using Soulfire within the burst.

Spirit Tempest[edit]

This is another path that capitalizes upon the usefulness of your spirit. Spirit Guides maximizes Healing Spirit by also letting it heal anyone near your zones or summons, Spirit Wind Action lets allies teleport 2 spaces when they're near your spirit, and Spirit Combatant gives you instant Combat Advantage for any at-wills with the Spirit keyword.

Spirit Tide is a spirit attack that deals splash damage to a rather wide area from the target. Spirit Flow lets you swap the positions of an an ally and your spirit as a saving move. Spirit Storm is a ranged burst 2 hitting one target but it summons a zone that gives allies +1 to attack and damage while also letting them swap places with each other.

Voice for the Ravaged[edit]

This Dark Sun path is not only available to Shamans, but also to anyone with the Primal Guardian theme. Considering the shithole that Athas is, it's little surprise that you get corrupted by their anger as well and become more destructive through giving the spirits fleshy prisoners to ride about and crash. Spirit Ride enables you to gift an ally with Resist 10 to a type of elemental damage as well as +1 to attacks dealing that same type, Wrathful Action deals multiple types of damage to nearby foes when you use an AP, and Bountiful Returns enables you to shift around and grant allies THP whenever you use a Daily.

You can manipulate enemies with Hateful Binding, forcing them to whack another enemy once you hit them. Restorative Wind gives everyone a free heal as if they used a Surge and +2 to defenses. World's Vengeance is especially nasty, dealing save-ends stunned for the first turn and upgrades to dominated once the save fails. The issue is that this domination isn't explicitly save-ends in itself (or at least the wording could be better edited), which does kick in the teeth.

Warrior of Spring[edit]

Unlike the more direct Scarred Healer, this path offers plenty of ways to help your allies, but not through direct heals. You get Revitalizing Presence to add +1d6 HP to any healing you give, Warrior of Spring Action enables a bloodied ally to spend a surge whenever you spend an AP, and Spring's Vigor allows an ally to spend an AP whenever you let them spend a surge, which can have some good setups.

Spring's Dawning is a spirit burst that lets allies make saves with a +2 bonus if this is the first time you hit them with this power. Hope Beyond Death is an instant save for an ally, letting them turn a failure into a nat 20. Spring's Resurgence is a ranged burst centered on an enemy that dies and summons a zone that heals bloodied allies and heals everyone when another enemy dies inside it.


Bloodwrath Guardian[edit]

This is a quite basic assault-centric path with a few extra tricks laid in, but nothing truly standout. Bloodwrath Stride adds +2 to movement when you're in a guardian form, Furious Action adds a rather mundane +Wis to attack, and Bloodwrath Fury adds +2 damage when you hit an enemy you marked.

Bloodwrath Strike's your generic attack, Warding Frenzy is a stance that marks anyone near you, and Form of the Primal Beast adds reach to your attacks and has a special Encounter power that deals ongoing damage.

Breach Warden[edit]

Essentially what happens when a warden is corrupted by the primordial energies of the elemental chaos. The key feature of this path is the Elemental Breach which makes you deal one type of elemental damage (picked each long rest) equal to your Con mod to all marked enemies when you crit; Elemental Action just lets you do the same thing for an AP without needing a crit and Elemental Wind makes nearby enemies vulnerable to whatever type you picked. Your powers similarly depend on what type you pick.

Venting Breach is a big burst that lets you deal typed damage and teleport away. Recall the Breach adds extra damage to a Guardian Form attack while also entering a stance that lets you deal back Con/Wis elemental damage to anyone who hits you in melee. Form of the Living Breach is your big transformation, adding +2 to all defenses and letting you pull and slow enemies within range plus access to the exclusive Living Breach Attack, a burst that deals ongoing elemental damage that makes victims like little bombs every time they fail a save.

Child of the North Wind[edit]

This particular path is a protective Warden, probably best matched with the Stormsoul's movement-based benefits. North Wind Action uses an AP to let your next attack either deal +5 extra damage or knock an enemy prone, North Wind Vortex lets you shift marked enemies by a space whenever you kill someone, and Staggering Critical lets you knock enemies prone when you crit with a melee attack.

Call the Wind is a swing that pushes the target 2 spaces while also marking them and anyone next to them. North Wind's Embrace lets you summon a little sustainable whirlwind you can get on an Ally to add +2 to all defenses and Resist 10 all. Form of the Northern Whirlwind also gives you Resist 10 all, but it also adds +1 to all forced movement distances you make and doubles the reach of Nature's Wrath for marking- and this is before mentioning Form of the Northern Whirlwind Attack, which lets you slide every marked enemy in range and then teleport right next to one of them.

Earth Shaker[edit]

If you just wanna be a big brute who likes knocking bitches around like stacks of cans, you can't go wrong here. Full Impact in particular is really strong by adding +1 to all attacks against Fortitude, which you have a bunch of. Surging Earth lets you knock an enemy prone when you spend an AP while in a Guardian Form and hit, and Certain Gravity makes that first feature even stronger by making your at-wills target Fortitude, and thus qualify for that +1.

Shake the Earth is a rather big burst that ignores cover and shifts around burrowing creatures. Tread Earth gives a ridiculous double-speed burrowing speed that also grants Combat Advantage over whoever you end up near. Form of the Primeval Bullette makes you the biggest tank who ever tanked by granting +3 Fort, a burrow speed, and +20 extra HP whenever you spend a surge alongside the exclusive attack that lets you burrow before smacking fools and knocking them prone (or doing ongoing damage if they're prone).

Earthstrength probably synergizes best with this path, especially since using a surge means gaining an obscene lot of HP and extra armor.

Emerald Guardian[edit]

This path makes you a capable leader, probably best to work with Lifespirit Wardens. Distracting Action lets you spend an AP to allow an ally to shift around at full speed, Primal Blessing gifts an ally with a +2 to their next save when you make a save, and Emerald Fury has you shove an enemy 3 spaces with Warden's Fury while letting an ally next to that enemy gain 10 THP.

Defiler's Doom is a decent lockdown attack that teleports an enemy right into your next attack if they try leaving. Preservation of the Wild just ruins all conjurations, zones, and necrotic damage you encounter. Form of the Life-Giver makes you large, gives Resist 20 necrotic, and gives allies free HP while also having a special power that always deals save-ends stunning (while letting allies spend a surge if the save fails) and knocks the bitch prone if it hits.

First Hunter[edit]

First Hunter is a very conflicted path, being dedicated to the warden, but specializing entirely on the spear as both a melee and thrown weapon (yeah, remember how many ranged attacks the warden has? Yeah, I though as much) and requires teamwork of a certain sort to be useful. What results is honestly hard to recommend to anyone. Maybe if you multiclassed into warden, but even then there could be better for you. First Hunter Action lets you spend an AP to give an ally Combat Advantage over whoever you hit, Spear's Master lets you throw any one-handed weapon while adding Con to damage and gaining +2 to hit when an ally's with the target, and Hunters Together lets you give an ally shooting your target +Con to damage.

First Hunter's Spear makes you chuck your spear and give an ally Combat Advantage over your target. Marked Prey has you and an ally shift over to a fleeing marked foe at half-speed. Form of the First Hunter gives you +2 to saves and slows marked enemies (confusing combo) while also having a special power that's flexible with range and gives Combat Advantage over the target while letting allies add +Con to damage against them.

Guardian of Two Worlds[edit]

A Guardian of Two Worlds is a warden who seeks to cross over the purity of nature with the ingenuity and spirit of civilization. This results in giving a sort of mix between support and defense. Guardian Trick lets you spend an AP to re-use a guardian form's attack if you're in guardian form, Tangling Wild slows any marked enemies next to you as a guardian form, and The Warden of Two Worlds lets you roll a saving throw when you hit a marked enemy.

Strike of the Sentinel hits one and immobilizes any marked enemy next to you. Stand of the Protector is a stance that lets nearby allies roll a save when you trigger Font of Life (your early save roll). Form of the Stag Knight only gives you reach on your marking, but it has a special attack that interrupts an enemy hitting an ally for beefy damage and gives the ally +4 to the targeted defense - something well worth the AP to restore.

Horned Champion[edit]

The Horned Champion makes for a more defensive-focused power with means to lock down enemies while also keeping up the offense. You have Fervent Pursuit to slow down anyone you hit with Opportunity Attacks (Essentially the Sudden Roots feat, lookie there at that free feat), Vicious Action spends an AP to re-roll an attack, and Blessing of Spring lets you use a Healing Surge whenever you spend a Polymorph Power.

Zealous Strike is a pretty decent double attack that prones enemies with a minor boost on bloodied foes. Impetuous Stride is an intentional fire-target, throwing damage at those who throw Opportunity Attacks. Your daily is the crazy Form of Leaping Stag, which boosts your movement by +4, mark anyone you run over, and add +2 to AC vs Opportunity Attacks when you move - and this is on top of the special Encounter power that stuns after moving towards them.

Icewrought Sentinel[edit]

This is another frost-centric path, similar to the Barbarian's Winter Fury. Cold Snap Action gives a handy start by using an AP to deal cold damage to marked or nearby enemies while also giving a +1 to cold attacks, Frigid Embrace' grants scaling resistance to cold damage, and Winter's Winds slides enemies you hit with cold powers.

Rime Shackles lets you freeze your target for a turn, giving you an extra chance to keep the freeze up a turn longer if you hit with another cold power. Icewrought Armor gives you or an ally a +2 to all defenses that can break upon getting hit and freeze the attacker. Form of the Icewrought Sentinel gives an aura of difficult terrain/no-running on top of +2 to AC and Fort with a special attack that save-ends blinds the target.

Radiant Serpent[edit]

Taking inspiration from the Couatl, the Radiant Serpent has you specializing in radiant damage and attracting attention from others. You start with Radiant Glow, which gives quite a lot of crap (scaling resistance to radiant damage, +2 to saves vs immobilized or restrained, extra radiant damage when hit by radiant damage), Radiant Serpent Action gives you insubstantial, phasing, and flying when you spend an AP in a guardian form, and Mark of Sacrifice forces anyone you crit to attack you next turn.

Radiant Coils gives you an attack and an equivalent of the paladin's divine challenge (marking and if the target tries move, they eat extra damage). Shining Pass lets you walk through an ally and sacrifice a healing surge so they can heal up instead. Form of the Radiant Couatl is a guardian form that grants a fly speed and a hefty save towards anything trying to steal your movement, with a special ranged burst lets an ally caught inside to spend a surge.

Scion of the All-Spirit[edit]

This path offers a few tricks here and there, but lacks a unifying theme aside from a devotion to the All-Spirit, a super-primal entity. All-Spirit Action grants insubstantial and phasing for an AP, All-Spirit Strike negates any resistance and insubstantial on a crit (but nothing about immunities, sorry), and Share the All-Spirit lets you grant an ally a saving throw with a +Con bonus when you spend a healing surge.

Voice of the All Spirit is a burst with a few effects, knocking them prone, marking them, and deafening them. All-Spirit Step lets you mark any enemies near you and then lets you shift around to get out of a sticky situation while still in range of a mark. Form of the All-Spirit is a guardian form that grants Resist 5 all, +1 to all defenses, and a special attack that lets you teleport to an enemy and then save-ends dominate them.

Storm Sentinel[edit]

A rather basic path that themes itself upon thunder and lightning and all that stuff. Critical Jolt just adds +Str lightning damage whenever you crit, Invigorating Action conveniently lets you spend an AP for both a surge and an attack, and Undying Wind adds +Con to Surge recoveries, thereby making Stormheart and Earthstrength Wardens even more impossible to kill.

You have Thunder Smash to be your basic burst that knocks foes prone, Storm Step to turn insubstantial and fly, and Form of Storm's Wrath, which marks and hits anyone nearby while also hitting someone else slightly harder before your turn starts.

Tribal Champion[edit]

The Tribal Champion is a power that builds around what the warden already has, but doesn't try to do anything different with them. Allied Champions lets you deal damage to marked enemies when you spend a second wind, Tribal Champion Action lets you spend an AP to enter a guardian form for a turn but unable to use the special power, and Ferocious Defender lets you add +1 to hit when a nearby ally is bloodied.

Fell the Mighty is an attack that depends on how much stronger your enemy is; normally it's just a plain attack, but if they have more HP than you, the power crits on a 19+ and knocks the target prone. Pure Power just adds +2[W] to a guardian form's attack power. Form of the Tribal Champion nets you +1 to all defenses and doubles the penalties of marking, while the special attack doubles those penalties over again and guarantees that nobody wins when you mark.

Verdant Lord[edit]

This path takes on a more plantlike vibe, with ways to grow and make roots that mess with people. Reaching Action spends an AP to grant you reach (decent, but limiting) while Writhing Roots makes all nearby spaces difficult terrain while also giving allies +1 to AC in this area when using a Guardian Form and Iron Boughs just adds a basic +2 to damage when you hit a marked enemy.

You have a basic strike prone with Falling Tree Strike. Awaken the Forest is a big AoE that makes cover for allies and difficult terrain for enemies, which is handy. Form of the Verdant Lord grants reach, heals allies, makes breaking shit easier, and has a sorta-passable power that save-ends immobilizes.


Gatekeeper Mystagogue[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path to all primal characters allied with the Gatekeepers, you become aware of the terrors residing in Khyber, especially the daelkyr, and are now dedicated to sealing them away for good. You get Aberrant Bane to crit bloodied aberrants on a 19+, Resolute Action, which uses an AP to grant you resist 20 psychic and allow anyone near you to roll a save against psychic effects, and Aberrant Disruption to stun aberrants you crit.

Nature's Balance is a single-target attack that inflicts the target and anyone near them with vulnerable 5 all. Gate Seal is a large AoE that denies teleportation and gives allies a +2 to speed. Nature's Purge is a burst that save-ends dazes and stuns enemies while also stacking aberrants with a condition that makes them take damage when they use a psychic power.


This particular primal-exclusive path isn't a very direct one. It works by messing around with phasing and shadows. Nightstrider starts you off by making you phasing during a charge, Nocturnal Frenzy lets you charge after using an AP to make a melee at-will and hitting, and Hunter of Two Worlds lets you sacrifice a standard for a move and spend a surge to gain phasing for the move.

Savor the Black Blood rides off a melee attack, dealing +10 extra damage and gaining an equal amount of THP. Summon the Shadow Pack is a sustainable summon that gives you 5 immaterial pets to flank with. Tainted Predator makes your melee attacks deal 5 ongoing necrotic+poison damage, doubling on crits.

Primal Mapper[edit]

This primal-exclusive path gives you a few mobility-related bits and an interest in controlling terrain - matters better tied to druid and shamans than wardens and barabrians. Rerouted Action lets you move or shift at half-speed when you spend an AP while Revitalizing Run gives the same when you use Second Wind and Lay of the Land lets you flat-out ignore terrain.

Pale Wolf's Lure rides off an at-will, dealing more damage and placing a pale wolf that injures anyone leaving its reach. Allied Terrain gives a sustainable aura that lets allies ignore terrain while enemies suffer difficult terrain. Lugos' Hunt also rides off an at-will and deals bigger damage, but it also lets you ignore any concealment for the rest of the fight.

Psionic Paragon Paths[edit]


Anarchic Adept[edit]

Here be another random-chance benefits path, though it never seems to actively harm you. You get your default +2 Paragon Power Points, Anarchic Surge improves your Ardent Surge by a 50/50 shot of either teleporting or healing an ally, Chaotic Action uses an AP and gives an ally a random benefit, and Clarity in Confusion denies Combat Advantage when you're dazed or stunned while also gaining a minor for use when stunned. Anarchic Strike hits an enemy and slides them over to hit another enemy with an Augment 2 to improve the damage and movement. Chaos Unbound is a sustainable AoE that forces anyone who rolls to roll a 1d4, adding on evens and subtracting on odds. Chaos Breach can save-ends immobilize an enemy and then let you teleport them around for priority control.

Argent Soul[edit]

This is the path you select if you want to dedicate on healing by giving many opportunities for recovery. +2 Paragon Power Points are there as always, Restoring Critical gives an ally a chance to spend a surge if you crit, Vitalizing Action spends an AP to give you and anyone in range some THP, and Argent Devastation makes your powers crit on a 19+. Argent Strike has plenty of utility, giving you and an ally a shot at either a Surge or 10 THP on top of a free shift; the Augment 2 just gives this benefit to more allies while upping the damage. Burgeoning Reserves is your resurrect ability, permitting the ally to burn a surge to stop dying while also gaining regeneration 5 so long as you sustain it until they're no longer bloodied. Argent Flood is your big hitter while also giving your allies either a chance to use a surge or gain THP equal to a surge.

Awakened Visionary[edit]

If you need to add a few more marks for your party and help set up some punishment through teleports, you can pick this path for some decent support. Alongside your +2 Paragon Power Points, you get Dimensional Action to teleport whenever you spend an AP to attack, Unnerving Vision to mark whenever you hit an enemy with an unaugmented at-will power, and Instant Adjustment to teleport a marked enemy nearby you to a slightly more advantageous position. Yawning Portals doesn't just mark an enemy, but it also lets you teleport them when they move and the Augment 2 increases the damage and the teleport distance. Clear Horizon swaps places with an ally while also gaining Combat Advantage against anyone near the ally for a decent escape button. Warping Landscape is a bit confusing, first swapping places with an ally so you can target a nearby enemy and permamark them, then you can swap the ally and target if you hit, making for some complex working.


Selecting this particular path turns you into a pseudo-warlord, gaining abilities that let you smack enemies with allies or just make allies better. You get Adaptive Expertise to gain training in any skill once per long rest, Goading Action has you spend an AP to follow your attack with one nearby ally shifting and another one making a basic attack, your default +2 Paragon Power Points, and Erupting Critical to boost allied damage whenever you crit. Violent Impulse lets you use up to three allies to smack someone, but if you use less than three, you gain bonus damage and an Augment 2 to make everyone deal extra damage. Serene Mind gives an ally Resist 10 psychic, +2 to untrained skills, +2 to Opportunity Attacks, and the chance to spend a minor and the power for a Healing Surge. Unleash the Power Within also boosts an ally with +2 to speed, Opportunity Attacks, and defenses while also letting them end it to add extra damage and save-ends dazing on an unaugmented at-will attack.

Contemplative Ardent[edit]

Telepathic Control's the name of the game here, as everything in this path focuses mostly on either getting things to your allies just when they need it or denying enemies their mobility. In addition to your mandatory +2 Paragon Power Points, you get Telepathic Mind to get telepathy 5 as well as giving your allies a +2 bonus to hit if you drop, Contemplative Action to add a bonus to hit equal to the amount of bloodied creatures around whenever you spend an AP, and Inverted Corona to pull up to two allies two spaces whenever you spend a surge. Thought Harvest rides off an unaugmented at-will attack, dealing additional damage (Doubled with Augment 2), denying them shifting and penalizing any attack or defense against allies you can contact telepathically. Sleeper Awakens is a stance that adds +5 to Insight and makes you immune to flanking while also gaining a reaction to shift whenever you or a nearby ally gets hit. Open the Floodgates is a blast that slams enemies with ongoing damage and save-ends weakening while also gaining a free shift to close the gap with your victims.

Phrenic Invader[edit]

Whereas the Contemplative Adept used telepathy to lock enemies and boost allies, this one just goes for pure mindrape. You get Opened Mind for telepathy 5, Reflexive Action to spend an AP whenever injured to make an immediate unaugmented at-will, Shared Senses to ignore blindness and deafness whilst near someone else who can see/hear, your requisite +2 Paragon Power Points, and Wary Mind to add +2 to Opportunity Attacks and immediate action attacks. Phrenic Strike hits back at an enemy who hurt you and gain Combat Advantage (or dazing on an Augment 2) for the turn. Mind's Bitter Betrayal slows you, but you get an aura 3 that gains Combat Advantage vs all enemies inside the aura and gives allies +2 to defenses. Thought Interloper is the most mindrapey, cursing the target with a save-ends condition that provokes Opportunity Attacks whenever they attack or fail their save.

Psionic Binder[edit]

Selecting this path gives you a bit of Controller potential, giving a new way to set up enemies, but little else. Alongside your +2 Paragon Power Points, Constant Jailer makes you reject any saves whenever you hit an immobilized enemy with a close or melee power, Imprisoning Action uses an AP to add a save-ends restrained condition to an attack, and Crushing Walls gives Combat Advantage against any immobilized enemies. Binding Strike gives you a turn-long immobilize while the Augment 2 just ups damage. Executioner's Summons needs you to be near an immobilized enemy and find an ally you can call over so they can smack it with your gift of +2 to hit and +Wis to damage. Perfect Prison summons an AoE that dazes and slows targets while also locking them in while the AoE exists.


Congratulations! You are now a psionic vampire! Now you can take health from enemies. You get Psychic Vampire to gain +Wis THP when you hit someone dazed, stunned, slowed, or taking persistent psychic damage with an unaugmented at-will, Torpid Action to slow enemies around you when you use an AP and hit someone, the requisite Paragon Power Points, and Draining Surge to add +Wis to your Ardent Surge heal when someone dies or gets dazed, stunned, or weakened. Insidious Distraction is your setup for other things as it dazes and slows (or dazes and immobilizes on an Augment 2). Feast of Death gives you +Cha THP, but anyone near you just gets +Wis THP. Emotion Leech is your terrifying curse, dealing save-ends slowed and weakened on top of giving you and nearby allies +Wis HP every turn you see the target.

Stygian Adept[edit]

Wanna be terrifying? The Stygian Adept does that. In addition to your mandatory +2 Paragon Power Points, Fleeing Fear lets you push anyone you hit with a Fear power, Unraveling Action slaps vulnerability to any fear power when you use an AP, and Fearsome Zone puts -2 to the attack rolls of any enemy inside the zone (unless they're immune to fear). Stygian Strike serves as an attack that shoves, while the Augment 2 lets you or an ally make an Opportunity Attack while moving that target. Haunting Shadows is a bit of a support element, being a sustainable AoE that conceals any allies against enemies inside it. Subconscious Horror is your sustainable pseudo-summon that can't attack, but everyone who notices it has to GTFO or eat damage and grant Combat Advantage.

With all the powers using Con as a rider, it's pretty easy to see that you'd be best served with a Con-secondary and powers make act more like a controller.

Talaric Strategist[edit]

The Talaric Strategist is a rather basic but effective Ardent Path, giving some all-rounding utility. Anticipatory Action lets you spend an AP to interrupt any enemy next to you with an attack, Battle Instinct gives a +2 bonus to Initiative for all allies, which can be handy alongside other perks like a Warlord, you get your +2 Paragon Power Points, and Tactician's Surge lets you slide any allies affected by Ardent Surge. Anticipation Tactics allows you to slide an ally around to attack someone attacking them while the Augment 2 gives you the chance to give another ally the same benefits while also doubling the movement range of your allies. Insightful Command gives allies a half-speed shift and +3 to all defenses. Combined Effort is your only real attack, adding to your attack roll if you have allies nearby the enemy while also save-ends dazing on a hit.


Blackstone Guardian[edit]

Once, in a bygone age, a massive edifice was built and marked with psionic seals meant to lock away the Far Realm. Somehow, you have been chosen by this edifice and now it is your duty to continue their battle. Aside from the initial +2 Paragon Power Points, you also get Blackstone Action to gain resist all 3+Wis when you use an AP, Monolithic Vision has Mind Spike slide the target 3 spaces and then slows them, and Blackstone Chains immobilizes marked enemies when you kill another enemy.

Blackstone Curse is a basic MBA that immobilizes with an Augment 2 that instead petrifies for the turn. Monolithic Action is a sustainable buff that gives tremorsense 5 and resist all 10. Aspect of the Blackstone Gaoler is a complicated bit: it's an attack that deals 10 ongoing psychic damage, with the first failed save save-ends restraining it and the second petrifying with a -2 to save. Then you transform while pushing back any nearby enemies and gain an Augment 2 to all at-wills: this gives you resist all equal to con and restrains one target of your at-will.

Eternal Blade[edit]

The Order of the Eternal Blade is a secretive group of psionic warriors whose minds have been touched by the psychic energy of the order's founders. The founders have taught you new techniques, meaning that now you too may be able to teach future descendants of these powers. You get the mandatory +2 Paragon Power Points and Blade Guide (an encounter power that gives +2 to Opportunity Attacks against the nearest creature to you and gives Combat Advantage over it if you're the only one near it. If you kill them, you recharge the power), while level 16 gives Eternal Warrior, which gives you an extra turn of activity between reaching 0 HP and falling down.

Eternal Vigilance is an MBA that makes shifting away provoke an Opportunity Attack with an Augment 2 that doubles the damage. Blade Guide's Counsel trains you in one skill until your next short rest. Guided Aggression lets you knock the target prone, recover 2 PP, and lets you use Eternal Vigilance as an at-will against the target.

Iron Guardian[edit]

This path is the absolute choice you want if you're hellbent on becoming a tank. With your mandatory Paragon Power Points are Indomitable Iron, adding +4 to AC and damage when you spend an AP, Iron Control, which slides an enemy 2 spaces after you get forcibly moved, and Impenetrable Iron, which gives a 50-50 chance of ignoring crits.

Guardian's Might might have limited damage (Though adding Con and Wis), but it also knocks the target prone, lets you slide, and grants you +2 AC with an Augment 2 that allows an extra target. Iron Defense is an at-will ability that trades your attack for a chance to either nullify damage or halve it. Aspect of the Iron Guardian is a burst that knocks enemies prone while also giving an Augment 1 to all at-wills that adds +2 to AC, deals +Con damage to prone foes, and adds +Wis to the target of the at-will.

Steel Ego[edit]

Wielder of the Way[edit]

A Dark Sun path exclusive to battleminds and those with the Wilder theme, you gain the power to empower your equipment using psionic powers and scraps of your own psyche. +2 Paragon Power Points are given as always, Fragment of the Way lets you spend 1 PP each rest to empower your weapon to deal +1[W] damage on the next hit, Wielder's Action recovers 1 PP when you spend an AP, and The Way Made Real adds +2 to saves whenever you hit with an augmented psionic weapon attack.

Impose Your Will is a basic attack that makes the target give Combat Advantage to everyone with an augment 2 that adds that their every action provokes Opportunity Attacks. Rebind Your Will lets your next weapon attack daze enemies. Subjugate the Will is a lacking attack, but it grants save-ends dominate and adds your primary stat to any attacks your mind-slave makes.

Zephyr Blade[edit]


Basilisk's Fury Adept[edit]

This path fills itself with a variety of ways to debuff with the ability to strip mobility from your enemies. Baleful Action lets you spend an AP to grant slow to all enemies within range, though anyone you hit that turn gets save-ends slowed instead, Basilisk's Boon adds +2 to saves vs slowed, immobilized, and restrained while also allowing saves vs petrification, and Basilisk's Fury gives you the kickass ability to save-ends petrify whenever you crit.

Eyes of the Basilisk is a discipline with an attack that shoves and immobilizes enemies and a move that grants extra distance and slows anyone who dares make an Opportunity Attack on you. Basilisk Nature Defense turns any stun or unconscious effect into a petrify effect that grants you +2 to any saves until you break the effect - and then you get to spend a surge afterwards. Stone-Shatter Strike is a ranged attack that save-ends immobilizes an enemy and then petrifies them if they don't make a save; then you get a second attack that's usable on a charge and knocks the target prone and inflicts save-ends prone (and extra damage if the enemy's petrified).

Falling Needle Itinerant[edit]

While the Falling Needle Itinerant offers a passable array of movement abilities with a few defensive perks, it offers little in the main role of a monk - that is, it doesn't really deal damage in a striker class. Falling Needle Training starts you off by adding +1 to any shifts made in an attack, Itinerant Action adds +4 to all defenses when you spend an AP as an immediate interrupt, Path of the Itinerant Monk adds +2 to endurance and gives a boost to overland movement, and Falling Needle Mastery adds a flat +1 to AC and Reflex.

Fallen from the Thread has an attack that lets you shift before or after attacking two blokes and a move that breaks any grab and lets you step away. Wind-Blown Pine gives you a double-speed shift that works as your instant escape key. Threading the Eye gives you an attack and then permits you to use any movement technique you have for the turn for free, even if you already spent it.

Four Winds Master[edit]

Anyone taking this path does so because they are interested in dealing elemental damage, but in truth the elemental aspects is rather absent and you instead get some more mobility options with some defenses. You have Gusting Action to grant you a shift after attacking with an AP, Mystery of the Four Winds gives you one of four benefits (all of them granting resistance to one damage type and one other benefit), and Mysteries Unveiled improves by letting all shifts count as flying and enabling two mysteries to work at once.

Four Winds Assault is a discipline that can either immobilize an enemy and shift away their friends or grant a flying speed. Breath of the Four Winds is an immediate interrupt that turns you insubstantial and gives you a free fly speed to escape the attack. Four Winds Tempest has you fly and then smack someone with a save-ends condition that deals a random damage type and another affect for every turn.


This path is keyed to a very mobile and sneaky sort of monk, the sort who wants to dart around and hurt many rather than focus on one. Ghostwalker's Action weakens an enemy granting Combat Advantage when you hurt them with an AP attack. Of Two Worlds grants you concealment against enemies granting Combat Advantage while also allowing a free shift whenever an enemy misses you while under concealment. Ride the Spirit is your move-after-kill, teleporting towards the next targets and gaining Combat Advantage against those near you when you teleport.

Tormented Spirit is a discipline with an attack that weakens and a move that teleports you and an enemy while also gaining Combat Advantage against that enemy. Soul Dance is a stance that gives concealment as well as a free teleport and Combat Advantage against an enemy if they miss. Vengeful Ghost stuns a target (Dazing if they miss) with a save-ends while also dazing them until they either hurt you or get hurt, making it best to lock up a foe for a while.

Initiate of the Dragon[edit]

If you want a kickass fire-based offensive build for your monk, then the Initiate of the Dragon works wonders. You get Dragon's Action to deal fire damage (scaling on Str, so points for Stone Fist monks) in a Blast 3 faux dragon's breath when you spend an AP, Strength of the Dragon grants resist 5 fire and gives +2 to damage if you get hit by fire, and you eventually gain Dragon's Claws, which adds +2 to Flurry of Fists and makes it ignore resistances.

Draconic Torrent is a straightforward discipline, giving either a blast 5 of fire or a fly speed. Dragon's Vengeance is a stance that deals fire damage to nearby enemies while you're bloodied (a plus on dragonborn or longtooth shifters). Draconic Avatar is a sick attack that turns you into a goddamn dragon with +2 AC, +4 to damage on all attacks, and a fly speed.

Mountain Devotee[edit]

This path is exclusive to Stone Fist monks, with those best suited being the ones who went all-in on melee damage. As proof, Inorexable Mountain's Action adds your Str again to your Flurry of Blows when you spend an AP, Shattering Fists adds +2 to the damage of your unarmed attacks and Flurry of Blows (adding +Str as well if you hit constructs), while Avalanche Flurry lets you knock down an enemy who wasn't the initial target of your Flurry of Blows.

Tumbling Boulder is a discipline that either knocks an enemy prone for a turn or gives a half-speed shift and +2 to all defenses. Root the Mountain is a stance that slows you, but it also flat-out denies any forced movement. Avalanche Throw is an immediate reaction that has you shove back the enemy (and knock them prone on a hit) and then lets you jump ahead and strike them again, dealing a save-ends daze if successful.

Radiant Fist[edit]

This path (obviously) has you focus on radiant damage, but all you need to get in is a monk with training in religion. No multiclass needed. Channel Divinity - Radiant Fist grants you both a Channel Divinity Encounter power and a Divinity feat so you don't need to worry about feats. Radiant Fist's Action not only uses an AP to heal you, but it also adds an additional amount of radiant damage equal to Wis to any attacks you make for the turn, benefiting Centered Breath monks heavily. Radiant Hammer Fists then makes your Flurry of Blows deal radiant damage as well as blinding a foe whenever you crit with a power.

Divine Sun is a discipline with an attack that deals Vulnerable 5 radiant for a turn and a move that teleports you and an ally a rather far distance. Undimmed Sun is a free surge that's used whenever bloodied, but it also grants Resist all equal to Wis. Blinding Sun Technique is a big setup, making you add +4 damage, a crit on 19+, and a save-ends blind effect on the target. Though a monk's specialty isn't in single-target damage, this does allow you to take the pressure off needing to seriously hurt one big enemy while also managing his goons.

Soaring Blade[edit]

This path only requires a monk to be trained in acrobatics, but to maximize your benefits, you'd want to have an Iron Soul monk because you use weapons a lot, though not so much for damage. Soaring Blade Style grants you +3 to acrobatics with the ability to use it in place of athletics, Soaring Blade Training gives proficiency in simple and military heavy blades while also letting them be used on any powers keyed for light blades, Focused Attack Action lets you spend an AP to attack and then get +Con to all defenses until you attack next, and Ki Blade lets you deal +Con in typed damage with a heavy blade while also adding +2d10 extra damage when you crit.

Sword Fall Leap lets you either swipe at people next to you or make a leap with some insane bonuses. Charge the Clouds grants a flying speed that can't provoke Opportunity Attacks. Storm of Raining Blades is the a ridiculous attack, having you hop back and forth to swat enemies before making a burst with fixed damage.

Tiger Claw Master[edit]

The Tiger Claw Master is another path that focuses on dealing a lot of damage using Str and being a bit of a tank, though this one is not exclusive to Stone Fist monks. You get Pouncing Action so you can spend an AP for a charge (with extra distance and Opportunity-nullification) and attack with a re-roll, you have Tiger Claw Style to act as a Power Attack analog that deals -2 to hit for +4 damage on Flurry, and Tiger's Endurance adds +Str HP and +Str to all defenses when using second wind.

Tiger Claw Rake gives you either an attack that penalizes the target's attacks on top of hurting if they move or a terrain-ignoring move that hits and marks anyone taking Opportunity Attacks. Tiger Frenzy is a stance that gives you an aura of constant damage while you're bloodied. Awaken The Celestial Tiger is a double attack (dealing more damage if both hit) that turns you into a literal tiger with immunity to fear, +2 speed and adding +Str to Flurry.

Transcendent Perfection[edit]

In case you've forgotten why the hell monks are considered psionic, this path manages to give you some interesting amounts of mindfuckery, chiefly in that this path gives you abilities that target will in a primarily melee-based class. Your most powerful feature is Enlightened Action, which uses an AP to turn you insubstantial, shift you at full speed, and grant you the ability to ignore terrain and walk on water, though you also get Riddle of Conversation to grant +2 Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, and Intimidate (plus training in one of them) as well as the ability to shift a nearby ally when you use Flurry, and Riddle of Awareness lets you see invisible things right near you and makes you require 3 enemies to be considered flanked.

Riddle of Motion gives you either an attack that can either immobilize or push or a move that either doubles your speed and adds +2 to defenses or ignores forced movement. Riddle of Health lets one ally spend a surge and roll a saving throw (+5 if the save's vs poison). Riddle of Invulnerability is a small burst that forces save-ends vulnerable 5 all to enemies you hit while you enter a stance that grants resist 5 all.

Unseen Hand[edit]

Available only to monks trained in stealth, this is a rather peculiar path that opens rogue-like tricks to give you something akin to a ninja with weapon tricks fit for an Iron Soul monk. Your most unusual feature is Arms of the Unseen Way, which grants proficiency in hand crossbows (and enables you to shoot it as part of a Flurry), while Unseen Action uses an AP to turn you invisible and Flit Through Shadows lets you add +2 to shift moves when you're concealed.

Unseen Hunter's Pounce is a discipline that either gives you invisibility upon hitting (and adding +Con to damage when using a weapon to hit) or a move that grants a full-speed shift with concealment and gives a chance to hide with stealth at the end. Unseen Scrutiny lets you turn invisible to one enemy you're hidden from until you attack them and you can shift whenever this dope moves. Unseen Ambush teleports you in to attack (with Combat Advantage when using a weapon) and dealing save ends vulnerable 5 all and then teleporting out so you can hide.



In the battle against the aberrant threats of the Far Realm, you decided to touch into that Far Realm, gazing into the abyss...and then getting messed up in a rather peculiar way. Insane Action is the most blatant of them, giving one of four different effects whenever you spend an AP (two of them bad, two of them pretty good, though you'll never get to choose which). Alien Perspective gives you a neat +1 to Will and Resist Psychic equal to half your level and you get the requisite 2 Paragon Power Points. Alien Summoning gives all summons +2 to defenses, +5 psychic damage to all attacks, but they give Combat Advantage when facing enemies immune to fear (a total downer). Far Realm's Gift turns the enemy into a horrible abomination with plenty of penalties for the turn with an Augment 2 sharing the love with a few friends. Mad Certainty has you sacrifice 2 to all defenses for a turn to gain +2 PP. Summon Far Realm Abomination has you summon a very complex fiend which can grab and suffocate enemies or just daze everyone when left to its own devices.


This path is very conflicting between intent and practicality. See, a lot of the features key off Charisma, a secondary used by Telepathy Psions, yet the fluff and powers all talk about reshaping reality and shutting down enemies. Entropic Recovery has you deal psychic+necrotic damage to those nearby when you use a surge, Eroding Action uses an AP to deal vulnerability to psychic+necrotic whenever you use an AP to hit an enemy (and that's quite specific to find), Paragon Power Points give the mandatory +2, and Abhorrent Devotee gives one of two effects if you use an at-will while out of PP: Either you +Cha deal extra necrotic damage (odd roll) or you pull the target a space (even roll). Scattered Discorporation makes the target insubstantial as part of the attack (baffling as it sounds) before shoving them away, hurting anyone in the way of the ghostly enemy while the Augment 2 just boosts the range of this throw. Magical Disruption just dispels any summons or zones (a power the Wizard gets by level 6 rather than level 12 using a specific PP) and locks the enemy into basic attacks for the turn. Oblivion Sphere is an enemy-lockdown that restrains the target while dealing ongoing damage to the target and those nearby that doubles while the target is bloodied (though the ongoing damage is lessened on a miss), but both are solved by one save.

If you decide on this path, you need to have a very specific reason to take this. None of the powers exactly stand out among the paths and the Cha focus is just confusing.

Cerulean Adept[edit]

A rather basic path with a few perks for fighting aberrants, but little else. Cerulean Action has you spend an AP to use an At-Will with Augment 1 at no cost, Cerulean Sign Focus adds +1 to Will, Paragon Power Points is your requisite +2 PP, and All-Seeing Eye lets you either crit on a 19+ with an augmented power or on an 18+ when you hit an aberrant with an unaugmented power. Cerulean Blaze is a basic attack that knocks back and prones the target with an augment 2 to turn that single target into a burst. Harden Mind gives you a response to psychic damage by giving a temporary Resist Psychic equal to 5+1/2 level. Seal the Threshold is a rather basic attack that deals some decent damage, some ongoing damage that doubles against aberrants, and a recovered PP.


Another legacy Prestige Class, this one gives a rather manic focus on fire, a matter mostly appreciated by the tiefling. Fear No Fire gives scaling fire resistance, Paragon Power Points give the +2 PP all psionic PPs give, Force and Flame lets you deal fire damage any time you deal force damage, Wildfire Action uses an AP to deal +Wis fire damage to anyone nearby and +Int fire damage to the sap who's attacked, and Fiery Nimbus has a crit deal +Wis fire damage to closeby enemies near the target while also gaining a damaging aura that gives access to a free at-will that does more fire damage. Hungry Flames summons 2 bonfires (4 when using Augment 2) that attack nearby suckers. Fire Walk gives an increased move for the turn with a trail of mildly-harmful flame behind them (a shame it can't be used more than once per encounter). Spontaneous Combustion marks (though not with a real mark like a defender) an enemy with Vulnerable 10 Fire and the chance to trigger a massive explosion that sets the target to explode and burn in flames that increase in power with each failed save against the ongoing damage inflicted.


Those who recall this path would expect to hear the ability to become immaterial and fight ghosts on their field just like the Prestige Class of yore. Well, they'd be right. Flicker Into Nothing lets you spend an AP on an attack to become insubstantial, Misty Step negates anyone attempting to use insubstantial on you, you get 2 mandatory Paragon Power Points, and Disincarnate Form gives you insubstantial whenever you spend 4 PP on a power. Phantom Hook lets you negate insubstantial on an enemy while also yanking them forward with an augment 2 to improve both the pull and damage. Shed Body gives you the advertised immaterial form, replete with fly 6, insubstantial, and +2 on AC and Will, but now can't use standard actions to negate fighting potential. Dissolve the Flesh is your basic blast of ongoing damage, adding dazed on the first failed save if you hit.


This particular path focuses almost entirely on the summoning of a proxy that you can use for a greater range for your powers. This power is Manifest Dream Form, which allows you to summon a duplicate whenever you spend PP on an augment that can see everything you can, flank enemies when you can, and use powers as if you did. The one flaw to this is that any attack that isn't from you can unmake it. Dreaming Advantage lets you spend an AP and gain Combat Advantage over anyone near your duplicate. Your 2 Paragon Power Points are next, and then there's Dreaming Manifestation which triggers when you use an area burst and lets you hit an enemy near the duplicate as if they were in the blast. Dream Blade makes for a melee attack that whacks an enemy near the copy with an Augment 2 to make it hit everyone nearby. Dream Stride just lets you swap places with the copy. True Dream Form is the true summoning spell, allowing the copy to finally do things without you doing it first as well as being able to do at-wills without you ordering it to.

Time Bender[edit]

Know what's fun about time? Getting the ability to tamper with it. This particular path gives you several ways to influence time for your own benefit, either for support or to screw with enemies. Aside from your mandatory 2 Paragon Power Points, you get Loan from the Past to gain a floating d20 to replace any roll during a fight, Time Lapse to spend an AP for +1 to hit and a teleport, and Borrow from the Future to steal a move from the next turn. Bonds of Time locks enemies into making only one move with an Augment 2 to daze enemies. Time Strider gives you a +2 to all rolls as well as adding Wis to your speed. Lost of Time knocks an enemy out of time and into a place where they eat ongoing damage until they make a save, where they take some more damage and save-ends dazing.

Shadow Paragon Paths[edit]


Gloaming Dancer[edit]

This particular path specializes in teleportation. Being mobile is the most important factor in order to get the most of this path. Dancing Action lets you teleport whenever you spend an AP, Sinister Shadows gives a +2 to Stealth and a +1 boost to any teleport distance offered by your powers. Shadow Blend requires an enemy to have at least three shrouds on them before spending two to grant you lasting Combat Advantage and concealment against the enemy until you switch targets for your shrouds. Penumbral Leap is very weak, but it weakens an enemy and permits you to spend a minor for Shadow Step. Shadow Dance is a stance that triggers whenever you use a Shadow Step and thereafter lets it only cost a minor whenever you're within 2 spaces of anyone. Flickering Shadow is the real deal, giving an AoE that obscures, lets you teleport whenever you use an assassin power so you can hide, and grants you insubstantial to attacks when hidden.

Obsidian Stalker[edit]

This path is your more about keeping close to your target while being able to always hit them where they're weakest. Stalker's Action lets an AP turn you insubstantial and phasing for a turn while Stalker's Form gives your insubstantial form +5 to defenses against Opportunity Attacks and gain phasing 1/day when you use Shade Form. Stalker's Tread makes you incredibly mobile by making you walk through opponents' spaces for immediate flanks. Blade from the Mist gives you a free full-speed shift with phasing before or after the attack, which deals bonus damage if the enemy couldn't see you. Hunter's Eye targets the last victim of Assassin's Shroud and gain +2 to hit them as well as the ability to track them practically anywhere. Grasp of the Obsidian Tomb is pretty wicked in that it stacks a save-ends immobilize and no-teleport condition on the target as well as permitting you to use up to four shrouds on their ass for super kill.


This edgy-sounding path is a little special in that it forces you to use a particular weapon that's provided to you. This Weapon of the Night is essentially a light blade that you can throw, deals appreciable damage, and has a +3 proficiency mod. Unfortunately, this shadowblade has no way of being improved, locking you into ki foci for any implements. Master of Shadows gives your shadowblade a neat little trick whenever your shadowblade kills someone: you gain a gloom shard which you can then spend on a few thematic little perks. Shadowblade Action uses an AP to grant you instant Combat Advantage for your turn as well as the ability to spend your last action that turn for a range 10 teleport in case you needed to be somewhere urgently. Eyes of the Night...just gives you darkvision, which is wasted on many of the races. Soul Reaver is a basic attack with your shadowblade that gives you an instant shard. Veil of Unsight grants you or an ally instant invisibility. Shadow Curse is an attack that could use the shadowblade if you wanted to hit Reflex rather than AC and as a result you gain the ability to spend a gloom shard each turn to inflict damage and gain Combat Advantage.

Compares to the Soul Thief, this path dedicates you not only to a mundane-ish weapon, but also to the idea of softening up enemies. While the damage is decent, your bigger advantage is your ability to run around and use shards for Combat Advantage or hiding in darkness.

Soul Thief[edit]

Compared to the Shadowblade, this path focuses more on the kill than the setup. Soul Killer may be just fluff that negates any attempts to resurrect your kills by lower-level casters, but it plays into Soul Theft which takes a kill and turns it into a gloom shard; these ones have more direct applications, stacking a new shroud, gaining +1 to any roll, or even regaining Shade Form for the cost of 3 shards. Soul Thief's Action uses an AP to give you a bonus to attack and damage equal to 2+gloom shard quantity, which could hinge to either meh to decent depending on your kills. Soul Reaper then lets any enemy who dies around you become a shard. Soul Shadow is a rather basic attack, though spending a shard allows it to maintain Shade Form in case you wanted the sneaking. Stalking Phantom is your Shade Form at-will that gives you the ability to full-speed shift and ignore enemy placement. Final Ending is a more impressive attack that curses an enemy so you can spend a shard for +2 to hit them.

This path gives you more direct ways to kill compared to the Shadowblade, though the other path does give better sneaks and gain easy Combat Advantage.

Venomed Soul[edit]

This path is a poison-centric path, which while sounding cool does pale in comparison to teleporting around or grabbing weapons of literal darkness. Poisoned Soul does at least give poison resistance and Master of Poisons gives you a chance to apply an effect (Bonus damage, immobilization, or a reduced field of vision) to your first attack after taking a rest. Venomous Action lets you spend an AP to add Con to ant attacks against those suffering ongoing damage as well as getting to use Master of Poisons again. Persistent Poison then just makes it so that the abovementioned poison power doesn't get wasted if you miss. Inescapable Venom just gives an enemy Vulnerable 5 poison while Venomous Kiss adds poison damage to your next attack. Soul Venom marks your enemy so that your next attack can deal ongoing poison damage that eats a -5 save penalty if under your shrouds.


Grim Blackguard[edit]

The only path exclusive to blackguards. Grim Blackguard's Action is an AP feature that keys itself off of your chosen vice (Domination gives a bonus to hit based on how many allies are nearby, Fury gives Combat Advantage against all foes), Vice's Strength gives +2 to all saving throws, only doubling when suffering from a fear effect, and Dark Blessing gives you a random perk whenever you kill someone: either a bonus to attack, a bonus to defense, THP, or a small heal.
Blackguards of Domination gives you features that keep the enemy suffering. Proof of Domination is an burst that weakens enemies inside it while also gaining THP. Altar of Fury has you set up a small patch of difficult terrain with an aura that gives you +2 to hit while inside it. Mortal Dread is particularly evil in that when successful, it stacks the enemy with ongoing damage that it can never make a save against while any ally is next to them.
Blackguards of Fury gives you opportunities to make more damage if you set your foes up properly. Slave to Fury seems like a trap by making you grant Combat Advantage for the turn, but if nobody hits you your next attack deals 1[W] extra damage, meanwhile doing so provokes a secondary attack that dazes the attacker. Altar of Fury has a small patch of difficult terrain make an aura that gives you a bonus to damage based on how many enemies are inside it, capping at your Cha bonus. Uncontrolled Fury inflicts a save-ends dazed condition on the target, but for every turn the condition persists, it gains a secondary effect that lasts for the turn.


Guild Executioner[edit]

The lone path open to the Executioners. Blindside gives you +4 to hit enemies who don't see you during the first turn, Devastating Assassination ups Assassin's Strike to +2d10 damage, and Executioner's Action uses an AP to ensure that your next attack never rolls below 4 on the damage die. Vital Strike makes for a nifty trick by making any at-will weapon attacks deal half-damage on a miss. Poisoner's Secrets not only nets you a new Poison as your new Daily power, but you also get the chance to prep up a second L20 poison as a free slot. Your u12 power is Daring Escape, which has you kill someone for an immediate full-speed shift, while your d20 is Wyvern Venom, which deals either 25 Necrotic+Poison damage on a weapon or 'gifts' the victim to reduce their max HP by half their bloodied value for the day.


Vampire Noble[edit]

The only paragon path exclusive to vampires, since vryloka lack any. Blood Lord gives a second usage of Blood Drinker each Encounter. The Bloodline Features for levels 11 and 16 are defined by the bloodline chosen: Beguilers gain a +2 to bluff (+3 if you want to pass off as someone of your own race) as well as the ability to spend a minor to test bluff for Combat Advantage (where you find out that you get a +3 damage bonus when you have Combat Advantage) and eventually a +2 to Stealth (doubling outside of combat or when moving under half speed) and a resistance to sunlight so it no longer hurts you and get Cha to saves caused by it. Stalkers gain a +2 to Intimidate as well as a +2 to damage with any class or path attacks with an eventual +2 to nature (doubled when calming a beast) and a resistance to sunlight's damage and Cha to saves caused by it. Vampiric Action uses an AP to grant you +4 to attack if you have THP or an excess of surges.
Aura of Grandeur grants Beguilers an aura that negates any Opportunity Attacks made by enemies and allows you to slide enemies around when inside the aura. Darkwolf Form is a burst that pushes enemies back and immobilizes them while you turn into a wolf. While this form is faster an stealthier, it only has a single attack - thankfully you can switch back and forth after using it.
Stalkers get Hunter's Frenzy, which has you bloody or kill an enemy so you can get a free full-speed shift and Combat Advantage to anyone near you once you move. Predatory Splendor is a burst that deals save-ends immobilize and Combat Advantage to all foes (downgraded to save-ends slowed and Combat Advantage on a miss) while also gaining an Aura that either harms or knocks down anyone who dares leave it.

Racial Paragon Paths[edit]



Restricted to changelings, boosts the changeling's natural talent for shapeshifting and makes even their abilities take on a new form by copying abilities from allies. Coordinating Action permits the Chameleon to spend an AP as an immediate reaction after an ally spends their own AP for a spare action. Shifting Skill allows the Chameleon to have training in a skill an ally is trained in after an extended rest, while Power Focus allows them to swap out their Imitating Strike (Their level 11 action that imitates an ally's encounter power of level 11 or lower) with another ally's Level 11 power. Imitating Strike also uses Cha for the attack/damage stat, while Perfect Mimicry has them copy a Utility power of level 12 or lower and Deadly Duplication copies a daily power of level 20 or lower. All said, this is a very strange path to pick, as there's nothing unique to it, but instead the ability to copy other powers. Especially for Implement powers (which can be an issue when the Chameleon lacks implement proficiency), it can potentially become an issue if these powers can't be used.


Ancestral Incarnate[edit]

Restricted to devas, this path focuses on tapping into and enhancing the deva's connection to its many past incarnations as resources. Resurgent Action uses an AP to recover an encounter action of a lower level and then use it immediately, while Serene Countenance gives +2 to saving throws against dazing and stuns. Past-Life Acolytes gives access to several past lives as minions for any rituals, each granting a +2 to a check or pay a healing surge if the ritual demands it, making classes with Ritual Magic as a feature a preference. For powers, it has Past-Life Guardian to summon a past life to make an attack when summoned or for an opportunity attack, Past-Life Servant to recreate Unseen Servant, and Past-Life Vanguard makes a burst attack that hits nearby enemies before restoring HP for each hit. This does make it a bit of a choice as to how to proceed with proceeding into this path considering how none of the powers have any power words but do use implements. Similarly, if rituals aren't a big thing, there's a whole feature that won't see much use.

Dark Star[edit]

Restricted to devas who want to redeem themselves for a past lifetime of evil. Several abilities benefit off using the deva racial power, with some abilities granting necrotic damage. Horrifying Action uses an AP to make a free Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes power which then locks anyone from making an opportunity attack, while Maddening Delusion makes a use of that power that makes a hit inflict -2 to attack on the target and makes them grant Combat Advantage. Vile Rebirth, meanwhile, gives the Dark Star a chance to make a death save with a +10 in exchange for their radiant resistance. Excruciating Transposition forcibly teleports an enemy that hurt them, Tangled Fate gives a d6 to add or take away from a roll on the turn after using the racial power, and Soul Scourge deals both radiant and necrotic damage.

Heavenly Deceiver[edit]

Restricted to devas who want to travel the less honorable path. All the powers focus on making illusions while moving about to confuse the enemy further. Deceitful Action spends an AP to grant invisibility for a turn, Snake-Tongued Mastery gives +2 to Bluff, and Deceitful Terrain gives a free action to shift to a nearby square. This path also grants four powers: Deceitful Image to build an illusion, Illusion-Sheathed Strike to boost an at-will attack's damage and shift the victim 3 squares, Duplicate Image to grant +5 to defenses vs Opportunity Attacks and +2 vs anything else while also allowing an enemy to re-roll a successful hit with a penalty, and Illusion of Solitude to daze and block off allies on top of the extra damage granted to the triggering at-will, with a final insult of making the enemy unable to see the Deceiver. While Controllers are a very obvious choice considering how many other ways you can screw over enemies with conditions, but the ability to shove folks around and the invisibility can also make a sorta neat theme for a rogue or assassin.


Adamant Instructor[edit]

Restricted to Dragonborn in any divine class, this grants them some support and leader-like abilities as taught by a legendary dragon who fought in the underdark. Thunderous Teachings makes Dragon Breath deal thunder damage on top of dealing bonus damage and pushing 1 square and Instructed Action makes everyone within 5 squares of the Instructor gain +2 to their next attack. Insightful Negotiator meanwhile gives +3 to Insight and allows it to be used in place of Diplomacy. Thunderous Blast is an AoE attack that gives combat advantage against all enemies that got hit, while Great Speech gives all nearby allies +2 to all defenses, and Demand Fealty can potentially dominate a victim on top of ongoing damage. This path is particularly handy for Clerics and Invokers in particular, who especially benefit from the Insight for Diplomacy on top of all the powers being Cha or Wis focused.

Argentum Alliance[edit]

This particular path signifies the player as an agent of a powerful silver dragon. This path does focus on more defender stuff, between Argent Action marking all nearby enemies for an AP and Argent Protection granting Cold resistance, while Argent Breath makes Dragon Breath deal cold damage and slow enemies. The powers are a mix between martial and cold: Argent Judgment is both and restrains an enemy, while Defend the Fallen is a martial power that makes the dragonborn rush over to a fallen ally and grant +2 to defenses, and Sephitherax's Breath restrains and possibly slows an enemy that gets hit by the cold. As mentioned, the chance for mass-marking like this can definitely be of use for a particular defender, though the ability to slow can give anyone a possible glance over.

Fear Walker[edit]

Restricted to dragonborn who have the Dragonfear ability and want to scare all the things. This path is rather frontloaded with Fear Mastery giving +2 to damage with Fear attacks, Fear Walker's Action forbidding any one enemy from hitting them upon spending an AP, and Understanding of Fear giving +2 to Insight and Intimidate while becoming immune to frightful presence. Walking with Terror just gives +2 to Fear attacks against nearby enemies. Wave of Terror is a burst that smacks enemies prone and forbids them from standing up while next to them, Aura of Fear is a stance that forces anyone nearby to flee or take damage, and Dragonfear Overwhelming deals damage, stuns, and penalizes any attacks afterwards.

With the attacks keying off Str or Cha, the options for classes is rather diverse, from Thaneborn Barbarians and Paladins rushing in and making sure everything eats the damage and terror to Bards and Clerics who want to use the path as a means for crowd control.


Restricted to dragonborn of arcane classes and an uncharacteristically cheery demeanor. Joining in gives Glib Tongue for a +3 Bluff and Diplomacy bonus and Insulting Action to spend an AP to re-roll a missed attack against an enemy granting Combat Advantage while also giving a +2 bonus to hit. Captive Audience meanwhile makes anyone nearby an enemy hit by an arcane attack grant combat advantage. Flip and Blast is a move-and-shoot power that puts a penalty to the enemy's next attack. Revealing Feint just denies granting combat advantage for a turn while the Glee-born attempts to slide out of danger, and Set a Riddle is a stunning attack based on wordplay. While all the powers are keyed off Int or Cha, the Dragonborn's innate bonus to Cha makes Bard and Sorcerer ideal options that play well with it.

Honorable Blade[edit]

Found in the Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn splatbook, the Honorable Blade is the Martial Dragonborn PP for that booklet. Backstory-wise, Honorable Blades are members of dragonborn warrior-societies that revere dragons and seek to celebrate their own "inner dragon". Through secret martial techniques, they learn to tap into the draconic magic that lies within their fundamentum, the organ that all dragons use to produce their breath weapon, and channel that energy through their limbs and weapons, letting them achieve superhuman physical feats with a distinctly draconic cast.

Membership in this PP is easy to qualify for; you just gotta be a dragonborn and belong to a Martial class - that means Fighters, Rangers, Rogues and Warlords all qualify. Flavorwise, it arguably meshes best with the Fighter, although the Warlord is also a good qualifier (and mechanically meshes better with the dragonborn's stats).

Draconic Blade turns the weapon into inflicting that damage type while Dragon Breath Action gives a free use of Dragon Breath whenever an AP is spent and Draconic Resistance boosts resistance to that damage type. Draconic Sidestep is a reaction that foils an attempt to flank and then gives them a dose of free Dragon Breath. Draconic Leap is gives a temporary fly speed, but it's more fluffed as a super-jump. Whirling Dragon is a weapon-using burst that inflicts breath-typed damage.

Inner Dragon[edit]

Restricted to dragonborn fighters who want to merge all the bloodied boons of dragonborn with the tankiness of fighters. Breath Action makes an AP spent while bloodied grant a free action breath weapon, while Improved Dragonborn Fury makes all attacks gain a +2 bonus rather than the race's +1 while bloodied. Eternal Breath, meanwhile, makes anyone hit by Dragon Breath take ongoing damage, which is kickass. Dragon Blast makes anyone nearby the chump who hurt the Dragon eat boiling blood. Ancestral Manifestation drops HP to bloodied, but whatever HP was lost returns as THP and while that THP exists, the Dragon gains Resist All equal to Con Mod. Battleragers would probably just take this to cheese off the THP and Invigoration while still enjoying the boons of being bloodied.

Mercurial Assassin[edit]

Restricted to dragonborn who are trained in Bluff or Stealth, making them prime agents to become freaky liquid-metal dragon-men. Mercurial Action lets an AP give a free move action while Quicksilver Speed gives +1 to speed and +3 to stealth. Fluid Shape forces anyone making an opportunity attack reroll the hit and take the lowest. Fluid Counterattack is an interrupt that shifts the liquid-dragon around to make a counter. Mercurial Disguise is a classic T-1000 type "Turn into someone else" trick and Streaking Mercury coats a weapon in poison to hurt one guy while blinding another guy within range. Both these attacks key off Dex, so a very obvious route is to be a rogue, who fits both without much effort, as could a bard.

Mithral Arm[edit]

Resticted to dragonborn who serve the Pentad of Five, a cabal of mithral dragons who seek to slay their evil kin. Astral Knowledge grants a bonus Encounter Power from a lesser level, while Astral Luck makes a nat 20 to attack heal the dragon-man, and Prophetic Insight makes spending an AP grant a +2 to attack. Astral Step grants a teleport speed of 2 while Commune with the Pentad gives a test with a chance to ask some questions of your bosses. Prophetic Defenses gives an interrupting boost to all defenses and the chance to teleport if the attack now misses, and Dimension Strikegives teleportation and a free use of any Encounter power. This whole path if pretty generalized in focus, with the real focus being on having teleporting everywhere.

Ninefold Master[edit]

Found in the Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn splatbook, the Ninefold Master seeks to emulate the spellcasting powers of dragon magi, learning to blend the arcane powers they draw upon from without with the draconic magic that boils and seethes in their fundamentum, allowing them greater versatility with their draconic breath as they learn how to produce uniquely sorcerous exhalations.

In addition to being a dragonborn of the Arcane classes (Artificer, Bard, Sorcerer, Swordmage, Warlock or Wizard), a character needs the feat Draconic Spellcasting (Arcane Powers you cast that have the same damage type as your Draconic Breath gain +1/+2/+3 damage) to qualify for this PP. Thematically, this works best with Draconic Sorcerers, but its powers are a good fit for almost anything except maybe the Artificer and Bard.

Breath Expertise turns Dragon Breath into an Arcane Implement power, while Dragon Breath Action recharges the racial with an AP. Draconic Resistance gives the Ninefold a boost to the resistance to the breath weapon's type. Dragon Weapon makes the breath weapon as an AoE burst, Countering Blast nullifies an attack that shares the damage type the breath weapon deals, and Dragon Tempest makes the breath weapon become an ongoing hot-zone.

Platinum Templar[edit]

Found in the Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn splatbook, the Platinum Templar is a dragonborn champion of Bahamut who strives to emulate the Platinum Dragon with such fervor that their draconic lineage literally reshapes itself, turning them into platinum dragonborn.

Naturally, this requires the Dragonborn race, a Divine class (Avenger, Cleric, Invoker, Paladin) and that you worship Bahamut to qualify for it. It arguably works best with the Paladin.

Bahamut's Warning grants +2 to defenses whenever the Templar uses Channel Divinity andFocused Action uses an AP to give an immediate Saving Throw with a Cha bonus. Polar Breath is unlike other breath-altering PP's as this makes Dragon Breath do only cold damage and slow enemies when hit. This does hurt its viability considering how other PPs give multi-typing damage. Platinum Wings also grants a temporary fly speed and an attack that pushes and Misty Breath slams an enemy with penalties and turns them immaterial while turning the blast zone into a danger zone. The only iffy power is Bahamut's Voice, which grants proficiency in Supernal and a boost in Diplomacy once per day,'s not going to see much use.

Scion of Arkhosia[edit]

Restricted to dragonborn, this power taps into their draconic might, making them increasingly dragon-like. Its Versatile Breath feature lets a dragonborn do two kinds of damage with its breath weapon, with both of its attack powers likewise augmenting the versatility of said weapon (Dragon's Wrath allowing it to spit a fireball-like ranged burst of breath weapon once per encounter, Clinging Breath allowing its breath weapon to do ongoing damage once per day) and with its action point feature, Draconic Overburst, causing all adjacent foes to take breath weapon damage when a dragonborn uses an action point to make an extra attack. Meanwhile, the Blood of Io feature gives a dragonborn an Overland Flight speed of 12, building on from its Dragon Wings (at-will short-ranged flight) utility power.

Storm Dragon[edit]

Found in the Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn splatbook, the Storm Dragon is a dragonborn devotee of the Primal Spirits who worships the spirits of the storm, thunder and lightning, through their living draconic avatars in the Blue Dragon and the Typhoon Dragon. Like the Platinum Templar, the Storm Dragon's worship fundamentally reshapes their draconic lineage, altering their magic and thusly their flesh to make them resemble their draconic totems.

Uniquely amongst the dragonborn PPs, not only does this require a Primal class (Barbarian, Druid, Shaman, Seeker, Warden), it also requires a specific breath weapon, in the form of Lightning. Although the Thunderborn Wrath Barbarian is the most obvious fit, it's not the only one; the Warden also meshes well with this.

Restricted to dragonborn of any primal class with lightning breath and a desire to become the storm. Storm Spirit grants immediate resistance 10 to thunder and lightning damage while Thundering Action makes an AP-spent attack push an enemy back by Cha squares and knock them prone (While always nice, the only class with a need for Cha would be a Thaneborn Barbarian). Soul of the Storm Dragon gives a much-needed ignoring of any resistances to thunder or lightning while Storm Dragon Wings gives a permanent overland flight speed of 8. Storm's Rebuke is a burst power that clears an escape route to fly off from. Storm Wings gives a mass flight speed to the whole part, which is awesome. Dragon Storm is the big AoE capstone with a big thunderstorm zone that can push things around. This path offers plenty to any of the primal classes (with exception to the poor seeker, and even then Spiritbond has Str as a worthwhile secondary or tertiary), with most classes wanting to exploit that speed.



Restricted to drow that find themselves in Lolth's service. Clinging Shadows amplifies Cloud of Darkness by making anyone in the area count as in difficult terrain and Darkfire Conflagration boosts Darkfire by making it hit multiple people, while Curseborn Action is the basic AP to recharge a racial power. Accursed Flames is also an amped-up Darkfire that dazes a target, denies them concealment, and makes them grant Combat Advantage. Drow Shadow Stride gives a shift and concealment. Alluring Lights is a trap-sort of power that makes anyone nearby immobilized so they can be dragged about. Controllers would probably benefit the most from these abilities, with Wizards, Sorcerers, and Devoted Clerics benefiting heavily from it.

Dread Fang[edit]

Restricted to drow rogues, it's pretty recommended that the rogue specialize in light blades and crossbows (Proficiencies granted to all drow). Dread Sneak Action makes spending an AP for an attack against an enemy granting Combat Advantage also inflict Sneak Attack damage with no regard to prior usage, while Spider Assassin gives another Sneak die to use on a Sneak Attack made against an enemy that couldn't see the attacker. Sinister Presence is for keeping the momentum, as it grants Combat Advantage against a second enemy once the first dies. Fang and Web Strike is a double attack that can be used with either crossbow or light blade (and it requires wielding both) that can split the attacks. What makes this more special is how it doesn't provoke, meaning you can point-blank unload a bolt through the head on someone. Spider Feint is meant for any point-blank fire or escape ploys by giving +5 AC against opportunity attacks from a single enemy. Venomous Sting is rather handy between being Reliable, usable with either blade or crossbow, and inflicting 2[W] damage while also giving a second attack that can deal ongoing poisonous damage.

Drow Wanderer[edit]

Restricted to drow (DUH) who are trained in Dungeoneering. This path focuses more on survival and gaining advantages over the opposition, though without any real ties to any class. Ambusher Action makes spending an AP to attack an enemy while invisible gain a +2 to hit while Stone Sense only grants +2 to Initiative, Perception, and Dungeoneering when underground. Firemotes gives +5 against enemies hit by Darkfire, meaning anyone taking Cloud of Darkness are SOL. From Out of Nowhere is a decent starting power, being not only dependent on either Str, Dex, or Con, but also stunning the target if they're granting Combat Advantage. Strength in Darkness is mega-situational (like most of this Path), granting a bonus to a Healing Surge equal to Con Mod. Darkblade as a power not only inflicts an absurd 5[W] damage, but also puts a Cloud of Darkness on the enemy, slowing them down. It's tough to really pin an ideal class to enter from, since no one class would benefit any more from this than any other. Rangers might benefit the best from this, as might Druids or Barbarians. However, there are features that require both racial powers, and it requires that the campaign spend lots of time underground to be useful. Honestly, don't pick this unless you're really dedicated to it.


Dwarven Defender[edit]

Restricted to dwarf fighters, building upon the theme of the stalwart protector, though with less focus on stones and more upon toughness. Defensive Action grants +2 to AC and Fort when an AP is spent, Stalwart Defender give adjacent allies +1 AC and the ability to reduce any forced movement by 1, and Roots of the Earth boosts the dwarf's natural resistance to forced movement to resist moves by 5.

Press Forward is a burst that knocks anyone back and then opens them to a follow-through, with the rather simple damage boosted by Con Mod if the fighter has a hammer, pick, or axe. Forge Fire Heart grants a big boost to all defenses, with allies picking up a bit of that boost. Keystone Collapse is a tough power with big damage, a shove, AND knocking them prone, with bonus damage for using certain weapons.

Earthheart Defender[edit]

Restricted to dwarf fighters and paladins, granting the dwarf the strength and durability of stone. Earthheart Determination kicks things off by making an AP spent on an action grant saves vs two effects, while Heart of Earth makes using a Second Wind while bloodied grant +2 to attack for the rest of the turn and Great Heart makes any nearby allies gain +1 to hit.

Gain Heart is not only a beefy attack but it also heals on hit (though only 1/2 level+Con Mod). Earthsight grants a turn-long +5 to Perception to see invisible things while on solid ground, which sounds a bit less than Tremorsense but at least this is an Encounter and not a Daily Utility. Earthsurge is a fierce capstone power that not only slams all enemies around the Defender, but also makes an aura that slows enemies that start a turn within it.

Fireforged Champion[edit]

This path requires the Forgeborn Heritage feat (dwarf-exclusive feat that gives resistance to fire/cold/acid/lightning and an encounter power that adds typed damage to an attack), which builds even further on the dwarf's burning fury over the unyielding tankiness. With attacks keying off Str, Con, or Wis (aka the stats dorfs get boosts to), you have a pretty hefty list of classes to use. Forged in Flame makes the fire resistance go up to half your level while letting you ignore an equivalent amount of fire resistance, Scorching Action deals splash damage to any attack you use when you spend an AP, and Fire for Blood grants you an aura of fire damage when bloodied.

Forge Strike is an attack that deals splash damage around you and then gives light concealment. Burning Recollection lets you instantly roll a 20 on a death save in case you really don't feel like making one. Form of the Forge Spirit turns you into a fiery version of you with +5 fire damage and an exclusive attack that shoves everyone back and always deals ongoing fire damage (though the amount is halved on a miss).

Firstborn of Moradin[edit]

Restricted to dwarves, this path builds on the legendary durability and determination of their kind. The obvious choices for this path are Wardens, Paladins, and Fighters, who all have some fierce defensive abilities and benefit from the simplified action economy, as do Barbarians. Stonebones gives a chance to shrug off crits like they were ordinary hits, while Strength of the Earth spares some AP economy by allowing an AP to grant both a heal and an extra action. Dwarven Resilience furthers the power of heals by making a Second Wind action also permit rolling a save vs all conditions.

Receive the Charge is a pretty neat defensive move by moving around an advancing enemy before decking them. Earthsense grants Tremorsense, which is neat. Mountain Stance Stike is a big tanky hit that not only floors the target but also makes standing up provoke Opportunity Attacks and granting the dorf +2 to AC and immunity to forced movement until they change stances.

Stone Keeper[edit]

Restricted to dwarf clerics trained in History, it's probably a good idea to say that this path sort of reminds people of of another sort of dwarf known for writing down grudges. Difference here is that the grudges are written in stone with the rest of the history, and these guys are more magical. Memorable Action makes spending an AP for an action grant +1[W] to all attacks during the turn, None So Great prones any enemies that the Keeper crits if they're bigger, and Unfailing Fortune boosts Divine Fortune's boost to +3 and grants a spare use if the attack misses.

Rancorous Smite is a late-battle strike that has a better chance to hit if allies are bloodied. Scrape the Sky not only boosts reach and speed, but it also boosts melee damage. Every Wrong Righted is a terrifying attack that not only deals major damage, but also allows everyone adjacent to heal up.


Azure Guard[edit]

Restricted to elves or eladrin who worship Corellon to fight off the enemies of all pointy ears. There's a blend of arcane and divine present, and a lot of the powers focus on teleporting. Thankfully, you also gain a boost to Initiative as part of the shindig.

Blade Banshee[edit]

Restricted to eladrin rangers, though this path prefers those who dual-wield. All the powers require use of a longsword and another weapon (though only one of them really has a chance of using those weapons), with all the features granting more damage whenever you use both weapons.

Blade of Cendriane[edit]

Restricted to eladrin rangers, serving as the last members of a lost kingdom. Though this path has less preference for what style is used, one power requires use dual wielding. This path instead focuses on teleportation, with each power either teleporting the ranger or his enemies, while spending an AP grants a teleport of its own.

Bralani Wintersoul[edit]

Restricted to eladrin with a wintry mix. Everything this path does has cold damage and other penalties to enemies. Even standing near the Wintersoul can be dangerous as enemies get slower when nearby. Combine with Frost cheese for maximum evil.

Seladrine Dedicate[edit]

Restricted to eladrin and elf clerics who can shoot bows, because now all of Arvandor can be of use. The bow can now be used as an implement. The attacks all inflict something on the enemy.

Shiere Knight[edit]

Restricted to eladrin, this path increases their inherent fae powers, and commonly signifies nobility amongst their kind. This translates into an AP-fueled teleport, a daily power that teleports the Knight out of danger as it arrives, and two attacks that mess with the opponent's head.

Spiral Tactician[edit]

Restricted to eladrin warlords with the Tactical Presence ability. Each power involved teleporting everyone where they need to be while also giving some hefty boosts to Initiative for allies. Tactical Presence also grants a bonus equal to the Tactician's Intelligence Bonus, which is neat.

Watcher of the Night[edit]

Restricted to eladrin rogues who want to strike from hiding and a preference (though not fully mandatory) for light blades. Of particular interest is the daily power that grants vulnerabilty to fire, cold, or lightning damage, which can open up some new strategies for allies or so they can exploit it later with their Encounter power which deals elemental damage.


Darkening Blade[edit]

Restricted to those with the Dusk Elf Stealth feat, (thus meaning you need either an elf, half-elf, or possibly even a revenant elf) now with some extra tricks to use all underhandedly and sneakily. The powers grant either invisibility or concealment, and one ability grants insubstantial when running or charging.

Keeper of the Past[edit]

Restricted to elf bards, shamans, or warlords who worship the Spirits of the Past for their guidance. This furthers their Leader abilities with ways to grant allies advantages while also having a way to boost themselves.

Sylvan Archer[edit]

Restricted to elf rangers who focus mostly on archery. One power or AP can ignore all cover against an attack, while two of the powers also make the target the Archer's quarry. To top this all off, the Quarry takes damage equal to Wis whenever it's hit.

Twilight Guardian[edit]

Restricted to elves, this path strengthens an elf's connection to the wilderness, building into their lore as mysterious and magical defenders of the woods. The attacks restrain enemies by means of using the forest, while


Concordant Leader[edit]

Restricted to genasi warlords, this path focuses on the elemental chaos prevalent in the genasi. The Leader now has an additional elemental manifestation and can focus on messing with the elemental resistances of others. An ally can even benefit from a manifestation and power for a battle in order to bolster a certain type of damage.

Desert's Voice[edit]

Restricted to genasi, though this path grants a new manifestation like the Concordant Leader, this one grants only a limited choice of powers and actually grants a boost based on which one you chose. The Voice also gains proficiency with Totems, which a lot of their powers use, so enjoy some good ol' AOE.

Element Unchained[edit]

Restricted to genasi who want to avoid being locked down anywhere. Each power and several abilities all focus on either teleporting, vanishing from the field, or removing effects that would hamper movement. The only real elemental abilities are level 11 attack and the ability to make all encounter and daily attacks inflict the damage type the Element resists.

Elemental Tempest[edit]

Restricted to genasi with the Extra Manifestation feat (so they can choose one of two types of damage to resist). Well, now they can resist both damage types and use either racial power, while spending an AP can turn them into yet another type. The powers granted by this path also grant a specific damage type based on the present manifestation.

Enemy of the Abyss[edit]

Restricted to genasi with corrupted manifestations (so caustic, cinder, plague, and voidsouls) who seek revenge on the abyss that corrupted them. This path gives a little bit of everything with each ability, and can hurt demons even harder by ignoring resistances.

Scion of Absence[edit]

Restricted to voidsoul genasi touching at the principle of nothingness. Enemies that miss it get hurt, Scions of Absence can banish enemies if they don't want to make the damage they inflict null and void, and they can even force those foes into a lose-lose situation.

Soul of Erosion[edit]

Restricted to genasi with watersoul and causticsoul that wish to merge the two powers together. Two of the powers involve inflicting ongoing acid damage (and one is via literally jumping into a person), while the level 16 ability grants insubstantial whenever they move.

Whirlwind Genasi[edit]

Restricted to windsoul genasi who want more wind power. There are two ways to grant fly speeds (both being encounters and one being the racial power), while the rest involves forcing enemies to move wherever by the force of a gust.

Wildfire Genasi[edit]

Restricted to firesoul genasi who want to go full pyromania. Allies can gain the firesoul's resistance via the racial power, while enemies will find themselves getting burned no matter what they do.



Restricted to githzerai who learn the skills of legendary warriors. Your features are rather good, with Psychic Resistance set to 10 (15 by epic) and Unfettered Action ending immobilize, restrain, daze, and slow effects with an AP, while Preternatural Instinct lets you re-roll initiative. Trace Chance lets you add +2 to your next at-will against a target and if it hits, it's an auto-crit. Rrathmal Pursuit is a kickass at-will that lets you always keep up with a fleeing enemy. Vengeance Shroud is a sustainable AoE that deals ongoing damage whenever an enemy tries to attack while allies can take 10 for their attacks while inside. This power also reveals a Dex or Wis dependency (Native to the race) which makes Dex- and Wis-dependent races the way to go, such as rogue.


Restricted to githzerai with a focus on enforcing order on themselves and the world around them. Rebalanced Mind lets you reduce all penalties you take by 2. Restoring Action lets you roll a save when you use an AP, and Mind Bar adds +2 to your defenses against charm, fear, and psychic attacks. Probability Travel blasts your enemies and then lets you teleport both your enemies and allies wherever you want. Wind of Reprisal interrupts any failed ranged attack against you and forces them to shoot someone else while you teleport close enough to whack the enemy next turn. Excoriating Strands is a spectacular power by both ignoring insubstantial and resistances while also stripping away resistance and immunity until they make a save.


Fey Beguiler[edit]

Restricted to gnomes, this path builds on their natural talents for illusion and misdirection, combined with their intelligence, for a truly sneaky and deceptive being. They gain a few tricks from the Rogue and Wizard, one ability allows them to vanish, and the other recharges their racial power, so all they need is to be annoying more than threatening...though that would certainly help too.

Gnome Nightcloak[edit]

Restricted to gnome paladins trained in stealth (weird combo). This path strikes a curious balance between being sneaky like a gnome is wont to do with the defensive power a paladin offers. What results is the ability to teleport around to strike enemies or make allies invisible.


Goliath Juggernaut[edit]

Restricted to goliaths who have a massive hankering for chaos. These brutes gain extra HP and defenses while also learning how to knock enemies down for the count.

Goliath Thug[edit]

Restricted to goliaths who want to be more sturdy. They are prone to gaining resistances and finding ways to make enemies scared to take the Thug on. Rogues might find good uses from these abilities.


Restricted to goliaths, this path strengthens their connection to the earth, making them more like living stone.


Half-Elf Emissary[edit]

Restricted to half-elf bards, this path works a lot with making an advantage out of every situation. Skilled Speech makes for a powerful start by making Group Diplomacy grant Cha as a bonus to all Cha-based skills. Valorous Action boosts all defenses by +2 when an AP is spent on a new attack while also recharging the Dilettante power and Heal the Besieged boosts the heals for any outnumbered foes by giving +1d6 bonus HP per adjacent enemy to the ally. Emissary's Onslaught makes for a softening hit by granting a bonus to hit a single target (though this bonus is tied to Con) with further benefits when outnumbered. Emissary's Gambit is just a boost that's best for either massive battles or to deter early flops as it boosts an ally's attack or save roll based on how many allies and enemies are around. Army of the Emissary is another attack built upon a coordinated hit, as all allies gain a boost to their next attack equal to how many allies are in the AoE.

While all bards would be down for the boosts provided, they do require that everyone be within range for any of them to be of the best use, while the two weapon attacks pretty much sell that the best Bards for the job are the Valor bards, with Cunning and Skald being behind them in use.

Half-Elf Polymath[edit]

Restricted to half-elves who make a lot of use from their dilettante ability. For starters, Dabbler's Action grants a free move whenever an AP is spent on the Dilettante power and Well-Rounded grants training in two skills, which boosts their utility. Broad Dilettante pushes it even further by granting the polymath a new at-will from any class that isn't the base class. Practiced Dilettante is pretty much a slap-on booster to the Dilettante power by adding 2[W] or 2d8 more damage, Skill Dabbler gives training in one skill for the encounter, and Infinite Reflections brings this to a head by permitting the copying of any ally's at-will power, though this depends on the party comp.

While there's not much to go wrong with a free at-will and some new skills to work with, this class truly excels whenever the team itself is built around it. This means knowing which at-wills focus on which stats and figuring out how to compensate for a mismatch (or absence thereof) of implement proficiencies.

Soaring Rake[edit]

Restricted to half-elf warlocks with the fey pact, whether main class or multiclassed, and training in Acrobatics. Rather than any sort of trickery, this class focuses on high-flying swashbuckling and less on magical powers. For starters, Fear No Heights boosts Acrobatics while also halving all falling damage and Soaring Action grants a turn-long Fly Speed whenever an AP is spent. Soaring Combatant is the only offensive feature here, and all that does is make non-flying or poor-flying enemies easier to hit. For attacks, there's Soaring Strike, which is a basic swoop-and-strike with a flying speed. Flight Burst provides an at-will fly speed, and Soaring Fellowship is a sustainable group flight plan with some damage tacked on.

With such a specific criteria for availability, it's pretty obvious that the ones who would want this are those Warlocks who make extensive use of pact blades (or Hexblades), as the two attacks at your disposal are both implement and weapon attacks.


Bloodfury Savage[edit]

Restricted to half-orcs, this path allows them to truly master and hone the savage fury and bloodlust they inherit from their orcish progenitors. Since this path relies on melee with Str or Dex, you have quite a variety of options available to get in. You start with Eager Action to add +Dex to your speed when spending an AP and Fearsome Disposition to re-roll intimidate checks, while eventually you get Savage Resilience to gain resist 10 all when using Half-Orc Resilience.

Unbound Assault is an attack that lets you shift 3 spaces before swinging and getting +4 to damage on your next attack against the target. Frothing Madness is a simple stance that only gives +2 to damage and +5 to saves, held back by it being a daily. Murderous Rage is a flexible attack that gives you a simple +1 to any future damage against the target, but adds to that bonus with every future attack you score in melee.

Lightning Blitzer[edit]

Restricted to half-orc paladins and clerics who want to go front-lining in heavy armor with remarkable speed. You start with the remarkable Armored Swiftness negating any speed penalty from heavy armor and adding +1 to Reflex while wearing it, Repositioning Action lets you shift half your speed when you spend an AP on an attack, and Thunder God's Blessing adds +Wis thunder damage as splash damage when you use Furious Assault on a divine weapon power.

Prophecy of Reprisal may be a simple attack that dazes, but it has the added perk of recharging Furious Assault when bloodied. Charging Rebuke penalizes an Opportunity Attack by -2 and then shoves them back 2 spaces, removing one obstacle from a charge or run. Catastrophic Impact is a charge-friendly hit that stacks on save-ends blinded and deafened while also giving back Furious Assault when bloodied.

Mighty Judge[edit]

Restricted to half-orc avengers with Censure of Pursuit and a serious need to utilize Furious Assault. You start with Furious Judgment letting you sacrifice Censure of Pursuit's bonus to regain Furious Assault and Refocusing Action spending an AP to make Oath of Emnity move to whoever you attack next, while you eventually get Jailer of the Gods to banish slain enemies to a prison in a deific domain and Relentless Advance to let you use Bond of Pursuit, Bond of Retribution, or Leading Strike on a charge against the oath-foe.

Overpowering Retribution is a counterattack that can negate the triggering attack's damage if you deal more damage while letting you gain +2 to the next attack if you use Furious Assault. Ameliorating Onslaught is a stance that lets an ally gain THP whenever you trigger Censure of Pursuit's damage bonus. Sentence of Banishment is an attack that banishes the target if they don't attack you for an entire turn, recharging your Oath of Emnity and adding +2 the next attack if you use Furious Assault.

Sharakim Blademaster[edit]

Exclusive to half-orc swordmages, this path gives you a balance between the defensive role of swordmages and the natural aggression of the half-orcs. You start with Flurry of Action to spend an AP to use an attack and use Furious Assault even when it was used, Sharakim Gravitas gives training in Intimidate and Diplomacy while making any success in a check with either count as 2 successes, and Expansive Aegis makes Aegis of Assault burst 5.

Blade Flows Like Water lets you shift 4 spaces and attack anyone near you, marking whoever you hit and adding +Str to the damage if you still have Furious Assault. Ghost Lion's Step is the ultimate move-protection power, negating Opportunity Attacks, ignoring terrain, and resisting Dazed, Slowed, and Immobilized. Enforced Peace has you teleport to a marked enemy that hits an ally and make a strike that targets all three NADs, inflicting conditions that last a turn (weakened, dazed, slowed) and adding +Str to damage if you still have Furious Assault.


Halfling Bounder[edit]

Restricted to halfling fighters. This path makes use of the halfling's mobility by giving ways to shift around and sticking to enemies when they least want it.

Halfling Quickblade[edit]

Restricted to halfling rogues who focus on the alpha strike. Between a Charisma boost to Initiative, a bonus to First Strike, and a power that hits two enemies, the Quickblade's goal is to soften things up early and then make themselves as annoying as possible after turn 1.

Halfling Scoundrel[edit]

Restricted to halflings, this path enhances a halfling's ability to charm, swindle and sneak their way out of danger. Their abilities can give boosts to skill checks and attacks that distract the enemy from bigger threats.


Adroit Explorer[edit]

Restricted to humans, this path focuses on promoting a human's natural traits; ambition, courage, and sheer bloody-minded determination. Ambitious Effort starts things off with a free bonus Encounter power (which can be a re-use of one already known), Bloody Determination gives the humie +5 to hit whoever bloodied them for a turn, and Heroic Action grants anyone who uses an AP for an action Resist 10 (boosted to 20 in Epic) all while Champion of Humanity grants them a shiny new AP to gain and spend (thus meaning they'll always have two APs after any extended rest). Destined for Greatness is a re-roll for Saves with a +4 tied to a Heal, while Bloodied Greatness uses an Encounter power against an enemy who bloodies them with absolutely no cost.

This path is one of those universal paths which is pretty much a good fit for anyone, as the benefits have no dependencies and everyone can make use of a free AP and an extra Encounter. (Unless you play a Psionic class that doesn't have any Encounter power.)



Restricted to kalashtar who worship the Path of Light and wish to vanquish evil where it lives. Lightwalker Action serves as a decent start by healing one ally when an AP is spent on a power dealing radiant damage, then Walk the Bright Path grants one ally Combat Advantage vs the target of any Radiant power. Radiant Renewal, meanwhile, just grants resistance to radiant and psychic damage. Illuminate the Adversary is an attack that not only penalizes an enemy's AC and Reflex, but also serves to illuminate a room (a very fringe benefit). Path of Light serves to build an sort of platform or pathway while also granting regen to an ally who uses the path, which can serve as a neat fallback plan. Call of Light is a simple attack that heals an ally as well, with missing halving the heal.

The reliance of Wis for attacks as well as the religious prerequisite would narrow the pool of classes already, but the fact that the two attacks this path offers are also Implement attacks pretty much locks your class choices to some Clerics, Avengers, and Invokers, with Runepriest as a possible second and Paladins being left out altogether.


Beastblooded Minotaur[edit]

Restricted to minotaurs, this path emphasizes their connection to Baphomet as he gifts you with incredible strength and rage. Beastly Action starts off by letting you charge as a free action after using an AP, Bloodied Outburst lets you make a free attack the first time you get bloodied in an encounter, and Savage Apotheosis makes you bigger with reach and +2 speed.

Sweeping Gore is a charge-friendly attack that uses your horns to slide them 2 spaces. Thrashing Horns is a stance that adds +1d6 damage and a 1-space push whenever you trigger an Opportunity Attack. Giant's Sweep is a burst that shoves enemies back and knocks them prone on a hit.

Blooded Champion[edit]

Restricted to minotaurs who want to go all-in with the horns and your racial power. Aggressive Resurgence lets you replace Second Wind by recharging Goring Charge and giving +2 to hit and damage rolls, Vigorous Action lets you gain THP equal to Con score when you use an AP while bloodied, and Never Say Die makes you fall unconscious when you fail a death save rather than when you hit 0 HP.

Follow-Up Gore is two attacks in one, adding +1[W] and +2d6 horn damage while also sliding the target and knocking them prone. Bloodthirsty Shift gives you a full-speed shift whenever you kill someone. Driving Gore is a charge attack that uses your horns to shove the target back and then to the ground on a hit.

Champion of the Labyrinth[edit]

Restricted to minotaurs who want something less all-offense and want to follow the Greek myth of the minotaur more closely with surprising mobility. You start with Maze Adept Action granting you +2 AC and +5 to athletics when you spend an AP, Uncanny Mobility grants you +4 to save against slow or immobilize effects while also giving you a standard, minor, or move action on a surprise round, and Clear the Path makes Goring Charge go through occupied spaces and slide or knock down any enemies that take Opportunity Attacks.

Dead End Strike is a flexible attack that grants you a full-speed shift if the enemy moves away from you and stops their movement with 5 extra damage. Unwavering Vigilance grants +10 to spot one target. Labyrinth of Foes is a full-speed shift that lets you hit any enemy you approach, slide them back 3 spaces, and then daze those you hit.

Minotaur Kinspeaker[edit]

Restricted to minotaur leaders stuck between civility and animal savagery, this path calls upon ancient spirits to aid in the battles ahead. You start with Ancestral Allies, which makes enemies you hit with Opportunity Attacks grant Combat Advantage, and Counseled Action, which uses an AP to let all allies re-roll their skill checks and must take this new result, while eventually getting Lend Spiritual Aid to grant concealment to an ally who spends an AP.

Unleashed Beast lets an ally use a basic attack and gain resist all 10 if it hits. Ancestral Congress is a stance that conceals allies near you while sliding enemies near you. Ancestral Possession curiously is a psionic attack that save-ends dominates the target.

Scion of Leng[edit]

Exclusive to minotaurs. Leng was once a powerful city of labyrinths. However, once it descended into bloodbaths and demonic incursions, your ancestor fled that place. Now you have awoken to the truth of Leng's downfall, and your ancestor now begs you to seek the Iron Crown of Leng, the inheritance of the ruler. You begin with Ancestor's Insight granting +2 to initiative, perception, and insight, Madness of Leng has you spend an AP to make enemies within 2 spaces attack a random nearby enemy, and Relentless Bloodlust lets you shift the instant a bloodied enemy shifts away from you.

Blood Fugue is lets you full-speed shift, attacking enemies you come across for a pittance and knocking them prone, but once you're done, you're dazed for the turn. Enthroned in Blood is a stance that gives +2 to hit bloodied enemies and allowing you to spend a healing surge when an enemy is bloodied right next to you. Lost in the Labyrinth City has you banish the enemy and take 15 ongoing psychic damage and dazing them when they break out, though missing still does some damage and slides them around.


Mul Battle Slave[edit]

Restricted to muls who might be gladiators, and thus depend on being able to survive all sorts of trouble. Battle Slave Action makes for a good start, as an AP for an attack adds +4 for that attack's hit, while Pain is Weakness adds +2 to saves when bloodied. Battle Experience, meanwhile, prevents wasted moves by allowing the last Encounter power available to not count as used if it misses every target. Challenge of Blades is a a neat way to mark and slow two enemies while also relying on either Str, Con, or Wis (Stats boosted by the Mul). Sudden Strength is of dubious utility, as it boosts Str and Athletics checks while also pushing enemies it hits, which can be confusing to a crowded room unless there's some mark setups. Made of Iron is a rather neat capstone stance, not only granting Resist 5 all, but also granting an attack that will perma-mark that target until the stance ends.

Defenders are clearly the ones meant to benefit from this power, considering how two powers grant marks that would otherwise not be of use.


Avenging Haunt[edit]

Restricted to revenants, this path focuses on the unnatural durability being undead grants with little-to-no focus on any particular role. Ghostly Action is a kickass starter, using an AP to grant Phasing and Insubstantial for a turn. Death Reprisal is the first point on the not-dying focus, granting +2 to hit whoever manages to drop the spook to 0 for a turn, while Unkillable makes it impossible to fall unconscious due to HP loss. Deathly Retort is a fun revenge attack, dedicated to any stat and able to inflict all the damage it just suffered to the dealer, but this still requires that the revenant hit. Haunting Form, while awesome-looking by granting Insubstantial, Phasing, and a fly speed, suffers by requiring a Standard Action to sustain the form - therefore meaning all the spooky scary ghostie can do as a ghost is run around, pissing people off and spending Minors. Death Locus makes for a fun curse, not only harming, but also forcing a save-ends effect that makes any attacks to the haunt deal half-damage back as necrotic (with missing halving the damage and only making the curse last the turn).



Restricted to shadar-kai, this path can be better summarized as "Rattling: The PP". No, seriously, all the features and powers either have the Rattling keyword or give benefits to those that do have it. The neatest part of this path is the level 12 utility, which rolls Intimidate vs. Will to grant Combat Advantage to the Doomspeaker, and the power's regained when a crit is scored.



Restricted to shardminds with the Shard Swarm racial (meaning any of them), this path brings about a special sort of unity formed by assembling thousands of splinters of willpower into a grander being. The most blatant of these is Psychic Network, granting two new skill proficiencies, while Shard Swarm Reflex grants a free use of the racial power whenever an AP is spent on another action. Psychic Channel is a rather less-than-interesting feature, turning any at-will power that is used unaugmented into psychic damage. Saw it Coming serves as a neat retribution power, foiling an attempted flank and making a basic attack on the enemy with some extra punishment. Crystal Duplicate forms, well, a duplicate; it can walk around and interact, but it's only good for one hit before falling apart while granting the original a round of invisibility. Perfect Knowledge acts as a setup by granting an enemy Vulnerable 10 all for a turn.

When looking between this and Gatekeeper, it's easy to see this as less useful from a purely combative standpoint. A lot of the parts here require setup to work properly and there's a less clear focus on what the goal is. Ultimately, this path is probably only served for people who like the idea of more skills or the tricks it offers.


Restricted to shardminds who have pieces of the Living Gate inside them. This path is very defender-themed, as it does everything it can to make being nearby the Living Gate irritating. Dangerous Threshold inflicts Combat Advantage vs anyone who enters or exits the gate's reach, while Gatekeeper's Action uses an AP spent on an Action to turn all adjacent squares into difficult terrain. Gate Ward then ties into the Chosen Threshold power, granting a free use when bloodied and also inflicting Combat Advantage vs anyone to those near the wall. You Shall Not Pass, rather than collapsing bridges to stop fire monsters, immobilizes an enemy who dares escape the party. Chosen Threshold erects a big wall to use as a doorway, granting plenty of mobility options. Gate to Nowhere is a good way to remove a nuisance, making an attempt to flee the party into instant imprisonment in some pocket dimension until the save ends it, plopping it back somewhere else.

Unlike Shard Disciple, this path is more open to a variety of classes by having the powers key off of any mental stat. Defenders and Controllers in particular can have fun with additional ways of locking people down from escaping less than ideal situations.

Shard Disciple[edit]

Restricted to shardminds who want to be more like a swarm of crystals. Paragon Power Points and Perfect Shard Swarm start this off with 2 free PP and a boost in range and speed for the Shard Swarm racial power. Shard Swarm also halves any damage taken from direct attacks when the shard spends an AP on a new action. Constant Swarm, meanwhile, is a typical twice/day racial feature. Irruption of the Living Gate is a basic blast that has the site where it hit turn into difficult terrain, though using those two PP to not only boost the blast radius but also teleport to wherever that may be. Recrystallize is a surprising cheat-death ability, spending a surge and a teleporting, a feature most Epic Destinies would envy. Shard Storm is then left to be Racial +1, not only being a burst, but also a sustained ability that is difficult terrain to any that step within and constant damage to those who dare stay and granting the owner several perks.

Since this power depends on Int for its powers, a Wizard or Psion are the first choices to come into mind. While the Psion sounds obvious with the PP, the one power that has an Augment is already given PP by entering this path. A Swordmage, for example, might find interest in having ways to deny an enemy with all the difficult terrain.


Bloodfury Hunter[edit]

Restricted to shifter rangers with no preference to variant or class features with a predilection towards reckless savagery. Dynamic Transformation lets you shift 2 squares whenever you use your racial, Shifter's Action uses an AP to give Wis to the damage of your next attack as well as THP if you're bloodied, and Bestial Accuracy grants +2 to damage your Quarry when shifted. Blood for Blood is a tricky power in that 1) it either knocks the target prone or gives you a shift as determined by your subrace, and 2) you can inflict damage to yourself so you can deal additional damage. Unleash the Beast demands you to be bloodied so you can give everyone perma-Combat Advantage all so you can get Wis to damage. Bloodfury Ravage demands you to be shifted to use it, though being bloodied AND shifted lets it target the lowest of your target's NADs rather than just AC...and the payoff isn't that spectacular.


Restricted to shifters, this path focuses on tapping into their primordial ancestry, allowing them increased powers of shapeshifting and an eye for opportunity. Go For the Throat nets you +1d6 extra damage on any prone opponents (Upped to 2d6 in Epic), Hunter Action uses an AP to give a free shift equal to Wis before or after your new attack, and Pack Tactics gives anyone near a prone enemy Wis to damage. Call to the Moon is a weak burst, but it's got range and anyone hit by it grants Combat Advantage for the turn. Unleash the Silent Predator is a new transformation that gives you Wis to speed on top of a free shift whenever you move. Circle the Prey is a weapon attack (thereby negating any implement-centric classes like Wizard or Psion) that deals ongoing damage and knocks them prone if it hits. On top of that, you get a free shift and gain Combat Advantage vs the target.

Considering the fact that it keys off Wis so much with an attack that needs a weapon, classes like Rangers, Clerics, Sentinel Druids, and certain Monks become forefront choices for entry.


Thri-Kreen Predator[edit]

Restricted to thri-kreen who focus on attacking with any means necessary, even if it's with their own strange anatomy. Leap Into Action makes an AP not only grant a spare action, but also a free Athletics check to leap distances. Strong Claws gives the bug a natural climb speed and +2 to the racial power's damage. Entrapping Pack makes it so that any allies can flank any enemy the Predator is also nearby, which is fabulous. Grappling Claws is a grabbing attack which also includes some ongoing damage while grappling and the ability to move a bit. Insect's Spring is just a get in/out of jail free card by forcing an Athletics check to jump while being immune to provoking. Paralyzing Bite, while far from deadly as an attack, does grant not only a stunned enemy, but ongoing bonus damage to boot as well. This Path is another strange one to key into, though Rogues are a standout contender with their needs to bounce around. Any non-casting class would probably find something of use here, though it might be advised to not try going if heavy armor is part of the build.


Broken Mirror[edit]

Restricted to tieflings with the Mantle of Misfortune feat (an encounter power that makes enemies miss more often and get slid around for failing) and going the next step with a newfound non-demonic power. Additional Misfortune grants a new use for the ability, Mirror Action adds an entirely new ability to spend AP on (Shifting an enemy 2 squares or 1 and knock them prone), and Deadly Misfortune makes this feat deal damage. Turathi Assault is a rather basic rider effect, making the next at-will deal bonus damage and prone an enemy. Aura of Flawed Fortune is a sustain effect that penalizes all nearby enemies while also permitting the man-devil to shift around any enemies that dare get close. Cloud of Misfortune is a different rider for an at-will that can't stack with Turathi Assault, though it also deals damage and prones an enemy - and that's on top of the now constant curse of having you shift them around if they fail to hit.

This path is very class-agnostic, though controllers are probably the ones with the most interest in these abilities.

Hell's Keeper[edit]

Restricted to tieflings of any divine class who want to lock up all the bad things in hell while also having a restraining fetish. As in, most of the class focuses on the restrained condition. Heaven's Keys gives a swell defensive start with a +2 to saves vs dazing, stunning, immobilizing, and restraint. Jailor's Strength uses an AP used for an attack and makes the attack restrain the target rather than immobilize or slow, guaranteeing Combat Advantage. Chains of their Sins also restrains, but now it's on any crits, while also forbidding teleportation and stripping devils of their damage resistance. Yoke of Heaven is a basic restraining power that can dominate devils, Hell's Shackles is an AoE blast that counts as difficult terrain and penalizing anyone inside it (-2 to hit for anyone in it, while devils not only lose their resistances, but also gain vulnerable 10 to fire), and To Hell With You literally sends the opponent to Hell to get sodomized (Or the banisher could just fail and it just burns and immobilizes) until they make a save.

Though this path is far from bad to pick, the thing that makes it a deciding factor is how often you're planning to hit devils. If you aren't hitting devils often enough, then it's probably okay to choose something else.

Hellborn Shadow[edit]

Restricted to tiefling rangers with the Hunter's Quarry feature and a preference for dual-wielding and sneaking around. Hunter's Feast just grants 1+Con Mod THP whenever the devil kills a foe, while Immolation Action uses an AP to auto-wound an enemy with Quarry. Hellfire Caress is just a simple stripping of fire resistance, but only when hitting the Quarry. Shadowbite Strike is an interesting double strike that damages using both Str and Cha while also granting concealment and inflicting Vulnerable 5. Wings of Devilry is an encounter-based flight power that also acts as concealment. Balefire Scourge acts as the burst, inflicting both normal damage and ongoing fire damage that strips resistances to fire and grants concealment as well.

As a path, this particular one really works best if you want to be some sort of cross between Rogue and Ranger with all the concealment going on. That said, the one strangeness of using one power that keys off Cha in a Wis-dependent class is unusual.

Infernal Eye[edit]

Restricted to tieflings of any psionic class who went all Nietzsche by staring into the abyss of hell. Infernal Visions is probably the big draw, allowing them to nullify a power they spent an AP to cast in order to regain that AP and power. Mantic Eye is the big utility power, keying Intimidate, Insight, and Perception off Cha, while Paragon Power Points just grants 2 extra PP to use. Vision of Death is a basic psychic attack that can has Augment 2 to make the enemy count as bloodied. Prescient Thought allows an ally to re-roll an attack or skill roll with a bonus. Hellfire Gaze is a fabulous capstone, inflicting constant damage to any one target they wish.

Since most psionic classes can go with Cha as a key stat, any of the psionic classes can make their way in.

Lost Soul[edit]

Restricted to tieflings of any arcane class who sold their soul to the devil, acting as an all-rounder path. Infernal Retribution is a decent revenge attack, making sure that an enemy will suffer whenever they eat ongoing damage, and Secrets of Arcane Might adds Int or Cha Mod as damage to any attack made using an AP. Secrets of Arcane Mastery is the survivability booster by gaining THP whenever they kill an enemy. Hellish Escape is the bail-out switch, hitting and teleporting out of a sticky situation. Infernal Respite grants a re-roll on a save with a bonus, but failing will suck up a Surge. As a Capstone, Iron Wall of Dis is an insane piece of terrain control, not only blocking anything, but also burning anyone closeby or touching it and turning into difficult terrain if it breaks.

The diverse features of this path make it work for any class,

Redeemer of the Damned[edit]

Restricted to tieflings of any primal class who seeks redemption for their Turathi forefathers. This path kicks off with Calling Souls to Battle which uses an AP to teleport the redeemer and nearby allies to an enemy, whom they then get Combat Advantage over. Redeemer's Reward gifts the Redeemer (or an ally) with free THP whenever they kill someone. Spirit Shielding, however, just grants Resist 5+1/2 level Necrotic, which is rather meager. Your Doom Awaits is a power that's rather unclearly worded, being a Burst Power, but has an effect that only mentions a target being affected; regardless, it stuns. Spirit of Sacrifice teleports anyone that gets get hit and then granting THP. Firesoul Salvation is the big AoE attack, summoning four big spirits that not only boost any healing surges made near them, but also deal ongoing fire damage to enemies near them.

The Shaman or Druid turn up as decent first calls, what with both already being dependent on control on this level, though the Seeker might find something depending on what they want and the Barbarian might appreciate the new AoE.

Seer of Endings[edit]

Restricted to tieflings with the Gaze of Ruin racial power, but now with a dose of prophetic power so everyone can see dead people. Death-Seer's Action inflicts Vulnerable equal to Int Mod on an enemy until next turn for the cost of an AP. Weakness of the Hale is a seriously dangerous boon, granting Combat Advantage against all non-minion non-bloodied creatures. Puissant Gaze boosts the Gaze itself by upping the Vulnerable condition by Int Mod, the AC penalty by 1, and the attack penalty by 2. Deathly Glare adds either Weakened or 2d10 damage to an at-will if it hits one enemy, Foretold Death effectively grants a free Move action when a non-minion enemy dies, and Visions of Death is like Deathly Glare, only the damage (halved on a miss) and vulnerable 10 condition are both inflicted on a successful at-will.

Since the class only really has a minor focus on Int, a good bundle of classes can manage with it, from Bards to Wizards to Battleminds, anyone who wants to inflict Vulnerable for their allies can see use for it.

Tiefling Hellstalker[edit]

Restricted to tiefling rogues with a need for darkness and sneaking around. Starting off is Hell's Shadows, which grants +1 to all defenses when under concealment, and Hellstalker Action, which uses an AP to gain concealment for the turn. Gloom Wrath makes the Infernal Wrath racial power grant Combat Advantage vs any target, which makes it a set-up for any sneak shenanigans. Dimming Blow makes for a flexible set-up as well, being an attack that can hit from either at range (using crossbows or slings) or up close (with light blades) and then grant invisibility vs the target. Devil's Vision ensures that this can't be used against the stalker by granting Darkvision and the ability to see invisible things. Wrapping this up is Blackfire Wind, a burst attack that deals ongoing fire damage and grants invisibility against those nearby foes.

Fortunately, the powers of this build make it rather easy to fit into a rogue's build. Whether you plan on being a blur of darkness and hellfire or a punishing ambusher, there's not much to turn you away from this Path.

Tiefling Warfiend[edit]

Restricted to tiefling fighters with a need to use their unholy powers to make it hurt with the power of hellfire. For starters, Hellfire Retribution adds that anyone marked by the warfiend who doesn't hit him eats 3+Con Mod fire damage, Infernal Action is a basic "AP for Racial use" feature, and Infernal Opportunism ads fire damage to damage made using Combat Challenge or an OA. Hellfire Reprisal is a pretty simple power, only adding bonus damage if the target hit someone already. Infernal Resurgence gives a free Surge upon killing someone. Burning Wrath Smite is a basic attack with Reliable and ongoing fire damage.

Compared to the Hell-Kite, this path focuses more with outlasting the enemy with a few ways to deal extra damage without needing to do anything, though it lacks any big flash like Flame Blade.

Turathi Hell-Kite[edit]

Restricted to tieflings of any martial class who want to make use of their more esoteric features. Tail Sweep Action starts with some decent crowd management, making all enemies adjacent to the target of an attack made using an AP prone regardless of the base attack's result, and Turathi Tenacity not only adds Int or Cha mod to all Healing Surges, but also grants an additional Surge to use at any time. Turathi Vigor also helps with survivability by granting 10+Int/Cha Mod THP whenever Infernal Wrath is used. Hell's Ram is a simple but effective move, being an attack in a Swift action that can stun an enemy before starting an even bigger assault. Ride the Devil's Tail is a decent reaction power, shifting half-speed around an enemy that gets close. Flame Blade, however, is the big charmer, stacking Fire Damage to all attacks until the either the battle ends or the Hell-Kite decides to end it early to cash out with mega-damage.

Warlords and Rogues are probably the first to come to mind for ways into the class with their innate dependencies on Int or Cha, but the Fighter can also see a use in this class with its bonus Surge and heals.

Turathi Highborn[edit]

Restricted to tieflings, this path allows them to tap both the arrogant determination of Bael Turath and their infernal taint for greater power. Hellfire Action is a rather basic feature, making an AP-powered attack deal 2d6 fire damage, Turathi Frenzy gives additional damage to bloodied enemies, and Kneel Before the Turathi makes Infernal Wrath knock any targets prone. Bolts of Bedevilment is a sinister starting ability that manipulates enemies into hitting each other, with some versatility by using Con, Int, or Cha to hit the enemy's Will. Infernal Nova makes the highborn bleed fire on anyone nearby. Thrall of Turath is a dangerous capstone, dominating an enemy while also burning them.

While these abilities all key off either Con, Int, or Cha and not need Implements to be useful, this path is not for those who prefer to get up close and personal. Sorcerers probably benefit the most from this path, since everything can key off Cha, as would Clerics or Warlocks.


Warforged Juggernaut[edit]

Restricted to warforged who want to be the unstoppable force that crushes all underfoot. Charging Action grants +2 to speed and defenses when the juggernaut spends an AP to charge and Charging Strike deals bonus damage on a charge and shifts both the attacker and prey, while Construct Perfection adds +2 to saves and Endurance and Unstoppable makes spending an AP also give a save. Ruinous Onslaught is a charge-friendly attack that deals damage and stuns the foe, which might be fun for classes like the Barbarian or Fighter. Inorexable Momentum ignores terrain, occupied spaces, and even opportunity attacks with a +2 AC against those hits that they provoke. Crag of Steel shifts gears from unstoppable force to immovable object with Resist 5 all (ignoring additional effects if the damage is canceled), the ability to resist forced movement, and an aura of hitting against nearby foes. Pretty clearly, classes that fare well as either assaulter or tank benefit best from this tank, be they Barbarian, Paladin, or Fighter. The key thing is that they want more to do with charging or tanking blows.

Warforged Lifeseeker[edit]

Restricted to warforged leaders with a fascination with the living. Healing Action heals the bot or one of their allies if they spend an AP on an attack while Social Savant gives +1 to Wis and Cha skill checks and Empathic Healing makes sure that the 'forged heals some damage as well if they use a healing power. Verve Strike stuns while also giving one friendly unit some 5+Wis/Cha THP. Empathic Resonance gives the lifeseeker +2 to saves while also allowing allies to save as well if the seeker is successful. Unleashed Vigor is a pretty devious capstone, not only dealing ongoing damage, but also making it so that if anyone's nearby when the target takes that ongoing damage, they heal up. Not all leaders are exactly keen to follow this path, though the Warlord will almost never go wrong here. Clerics and Ardents may require some work to fit in, but the Shaman will probably suffer the most with only Int being a possible tertiary.


Nature's Avatar[edit]

Restricted to wilden who embody nature's transitory aspects by empowering each racial power. Adaptive Action costs an AP to immediately change the avatar's racial power (though if the last one was used, you need to wait for a short rest to gain use for it), Bloodied Aspect boosts each racial differently (Aspect of the Ancients adds Wis Mod to the heal when bloodied, Destroyer grants +1 to attacks when bloodied, and Hunter grants +1 to speed when bloodied), and Bloodied Vigor adds +2 to damage on a turn where a Second Wind was used. For attacks, it pays to remember which aspect was used, as these impact the path's powers. Freezing Blast, for example, deals bonus damage to an at-will as standard ability, but then the Aspects add to it (Ancients dazes the power, Destroyer makes more damage, and Hunter restrains). Nature's Rebirth, while not a real attack influenced by the Aspect, does grant a saving throw and the ability to change the Aspect immediately. Nature's Purging Flame is another attack keyed off an at-will (though not on whether it hit or not) and dealing fire damage to the enemy and every adjacent ally and another Aspect-specific effect. This path is similarly independent of any key stat, though it does require a certain interest in the racial powers and a burning need to make them more useful.


Restricted to wilden, though this one gives universal benefits to all racial abilities. Reaching for the Canopy grants all melee attacks extra reach after using the racial power, Reaching Limbs Action allows any successful melee attack made using an AP shift the target 4 squares, and Treeborn Action makes any melee attacks against enemies granting Combat Advantage crit on a 19+, which is...strange. Lashing Branches is a "shift the enemy" attack which at least is independent from a primary attack stat, though the shift distance is equal to Wis Mod. Root Sense is an epic Utility that allows the wilden to ignore most any cover or concealment (except superior cover), though it only lasts until you actually hit it. Walking Sentinel is an unimpressive capstone, only dealing big damage after shifting a bit and being a burst. Really, any melee-based class can make use of this path, as can a more offensively-minded Druid. With the powers being mostly stat-agnostic, there's no major benefit from using any class over another save for the shift distance of Lashing Branches.

Other Paragon Paths[edit]

Feat-Exclusive Paths[edit]


This path is exclusive to any defender who has the Vampire Heritage feat (Vampire typing, +2 to perception and insight against vampires and ghouls, gaain Drain Blood Power (attack a grabbed foe to spend a surge)). This path doesn't offer much in the terms of controlling, but it does grant you ways to soften up opponents more for your killing blow. Blood Calling Action lets you spend an AP and mark anyone within 2 spaces of you when you attack, Taste for Blood recharges Blood Drain when you kill a marked enemy, and Marked Blood lets you use Blood Drain on a marked for as a free action.

Bloodseeking Strike is a basic attack that grabs, ideal for setting up a Blood Drain while also giving +2 to Fortitude and Reflex against attempts to break the grapple. Mistblood Form gives you phasing while letting you deal full damage to insubstantial enemies. Dance of Blood is a stance that lets you slide an enemy 1 space closer before making an MBA as a free action each turn.

Cannith Mastermaker[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path for those with the Mark of Making feat (Gain a stronger version of the Alchemist feat and Enchant Magic Item ritual while also gaining use of a few others) who intend to use a lot of their items. The most obvious of these is Item Affinity, which allows you to use more item powers per day (3 at level 11, 5 at 21), while Mastermaker Action spends an AP on recharging an item power's use and Arcane Rechanneling lets you sacrifice a daily power to recharge an item power. Power Siphon is a basic ranged attack that lets you give your team either +2 to attack or to defenses. Item Resurgence allows an ally to use an item power without spending it. Lightning Infusion is a big burst that shoves enemies back and gives summons THP, which works wonders for a conjurer wizard or summoning alchemist (Your ideal options for entering this class since both demand Int as a primary and can summon).

Deneith Protector[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path for those with the Mark of Sentinel feat (You shift whenever an enemy provokes Opportunity Attacks and you can perform a few rituals). You get a bundle of tanky powers to keep you always moving. Defenders are the optimal choices for this path, with priority going to any that focus on Str and Int, as all attacks key off those two stats (Read: anything not named "Battlemind"). Bodyguard's Resolve starts you off with the ability to roll a save vs dazed or stunned whenever a marked enemy's about to attack an ally - saving ends it before the hit lands so you can trigger whatever interrupts you got. Sentinel Action uses your AP to mark everyone next to you and Deneith Mark just ends any marks on you the moment you mark someone.

Bodyguard's Link lets you hit an enemy and then take the brunt of that enemy's next attack if it's not hitting you. Globe of Warding is a sustainable AoE that gives you and everyone within your aura 2 a +2 bonus to all defenses against ranged and area attacks. Punish the Assailant is an immediate interrupt that has you take the place of an ally under attack and, if the attack doesn't hit you, you can use an MBA to slap them silly.

Medani Trueseer[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path for those with the Mark of Detection feat (You can re-roll perception checks and use perception for arcana when sensing magic, plus some rituals) who want to ignore all the nonsense about invisibility and surprise. The reliance on Wis or Cha and its ability to screw with cover makes it a rather handy addition to a Bard or Rogue, with chances for use on Rangers. Blindless Sight already does a lot by making you immune to blindness and granting +2 to initiative and perception, then Trueseer Action lets you spend an AP to get Combat Advantage over anyone you see, and Medani Targeting allows you to ignore cover and concealment (but not the superior versions) when attacking someone you have Combat Advantage over.

Medani True Strike is a means to ferret out invisible enemies for a turn while also hitting one guy whom gets no benefits to save his ass. Medani Foretelling lets you store a d20 roll and replace any attack roll with it. Disruptive Premonition is an immediate interrupt that lets you hit an enemy attacking your side and then gain Combat Advantage and a save-ends penalty to attack you.

Orien Swiftblade[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path for those with the Mark of Passage feat (Add +1 to the distance your powers let you shift/teleport and you can use certain rituals). Swiftblade Action lets you teleport for an AP, Vigilant Sprinter lets you run without giving Combat Advantage, and Swift Foot gives +1 speed and +1 to AC and Reflex against Opportunity Attacks. Shifting Charge lets you shift at full speed before hitting someone. Orien Unbound is remarkable for it's ability to end immobilized or marked effects and then giving a free teleport. Flurry of Teleportation lets you bounce around and hit up to three different enemies before bouncing out.

This path's reliance on Str or Int does grant some curious means to get in. One way is to be a Fighter or Spellblade, someone who already has a need to deal lots of damage and now just wants a means to improve their mobility. The other means is as a Cleric or another class that offers plenty of means to move around but now wants to mix that into their attacks.

Phiarlan Phantasmist[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path to those trained in stealth and with the Mark of Shadow feat (You aren't exposed if you fail to hit anyone while hidden/invisible and you gain a few rituals) that works more on deception than assassinating like the Thuranni Shadowblade. Mind Fire stacks -2 to any saves your enemies take against illusion, fear, or psychic powers, Phantasmist Action lets you spend an AP to turn someone invisible, and Phase-Mist Shroud gives you invisibility and +1 to hit with fear, illusion, and psychic powers when you use an illusion power. Disturbing Visions is a ranged burst that slides enemies back and penalizes their attacks. Taunting Decoy sets up a sustainable decoy that can mark enemies and doesn't break when attacked, just shoved back with their mark undone. Phantasmist Stalker is a summon that is insubstantial when moving and can deal ongoing damage when it has Combat Advantage.

The path's reliance on Int or Cha pretty much makes it clear how well Wizards or Bards fit, considering their reliance on both stats, though a particular sort of Cleric might also see use here.

Psionic Incarnate[edit]

This path requires the Elan heritage feat (Gain immortal origin, telepathy 5, Elan Resilience power (Reduce damage 1/encounter)) to access, and when you consider what feats it has access to, you'd figure your best bets would lie upon the Psion or Wilder, with the Battlemind and Monk following behind. +2 Paragon Power Points are here as always, Psionic Resilience adds resist psychic equal to 5+1/2xlevel, Repletion makes you immune to starvation or suffocation while also making you awake while asleep, Resurging Action uses an AP and your turn to recover +2 PP, and Perfect Resilience adds resist 5 all when you first get bloodied during the encounter.

Discorporate Retaliation is an immediate interrupt triggered by you taking damage and is a blast that renders you insubstantial for the rest of the turn with an uagment 2 that grows the blast's size. Elan Recovery adds a flat +5 to all saves, helped by being an encounter power. Hidden Reserves lets you use any at-will with max augments and dealing +5 damage, with missing dealing half-damage.

Sivis Truenamer[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path for those with the Mark of Scribing feat (Speak 4 new languages a, +2 to Diplomacy, and can do rituals while speeding up scroll-making) and the ability to speak Supernal. Despite sharing a name with a very controversial class, this isn't nearly as wildly imbalanced and focuses on Charms. It's reliance on Intelligence or Charisma also makes it ideal for Wizards, and certain builds of Divine Classes Supernal Linguist lets you get +2 to knowledge checks, Truenamer Action allows you to spend an AP to recharge Channel Divinity or Implement Mastery, Word of Life increases your Healing Surges by Int or Cha, and True Word Healing lets allies within range spend a surge whenever you do.

Utterance of Mockery is your first attack that makes people hit themselves. Sigil of Repulsion is a sustainable AoE that slows anyone approaching the center of the area. Utterance of Domination not only hurts the enemy again (this time not by themselves), but it also save-ends dominates, missing reducing this to a daze.

Vistani Execrator[edit]

This path requires the Vistani Heritage feat (+2 to perception/insight on other Vistani and a power that gives Combat Advantage over the target while forbidding them from approaching you) and either an arcane class or the Invoker's Covenant of Malediction, as this path focuses on cursing. Cursed Action lets you spend an AP to gain Combat Advantage over anyone you attack, Sight Beyond Sight lets you immediately roll a save vs blindness and ignore concealment within 5 spaces, and Master of the Vistani Curse lets you use your Vistani power twice per encounter.

Isolating Curse grants Combat Advantage over the target while also inflicting -4 to all defenses for anyone around them and blocks them from healing. Fumbling Curse interrupts an attack on you and places a save-ends curse that subtracts 1d6 on all attacks. Deadly Repurcussions also deals a save-ends Combat Advantage and 10 ongoing damage while also forcing them to take -1d6 on the save if they hit an ally of yours.

Thuranni Shadowkiller[edit]

An Eberron-exclusive path to those trained in stealth and with the Mark of Shadow feat (You aren't exposed if you fail to hit anyone while hidden/invisible and you gain a few rituals) so you can become a proppa assassin. Shadow-Fade Action allows you to spend an AP for a turn's worth of invisibility, Thuranni Silence allows allies around you to gain +3 to stealth if untrained, and Shadow Wound lets an attack on an enemy you have Combat Advantage over deal ongoing necrotic damage.

You get a double-whammy in Descending Shadows, which targets both Reflex and Will and can either slow or blind based on what you hit. Shadowstep builds a small sustainable zone of darkness that blocks people's vision and lets you teleport inside it. Spectral Garrote is a fun trick in that it not only attacks an enemy but you can then grab that enemy to keep on doing damage and use them as cover for any attack against AC or Reflex.

Due to how this class keys so much off Dex, it only makes sense that you build it off a Rogue or Assassin, or possibly even a Ranger who has a thing for stealth.

Theme-Exclusive Paths[edit]


Restricted to PCs with the Athasian Misntrel theme and a fancy to light/heavy blades. This particular path plays more on being the graceful performer, a dancer who deftly swings enemies about with ease moreso than the poisoner. Uncanny Grace grants you Combat Advantage whenever an enemy misses with a swing or a close attack, Skillful Action uses an AP to give +5 to any skill checks you make, and Clever Footwork lets you re-roll athletics, acrobatics, and stealth checks while also ensuring that you doing ever get a narrow failure (any result that's 5 below the DC). Elegant Blade lets you shift around after hitting an enemy, giving you the chance to interrupt the enemy if they try to hit someone or flee you and then slide both you and the enemy anywhere you want. Deadly Deflection is a Daily interrupt that redirects a melee swing to go wherever you want. Poetic Flourish triples the damage of an at-will and save-ends dazes an enemy while putting you in a stance to trigger a special Daily that gives allies a chance to re-roll damage whenever you hit.

Caravan Master[edit]

Open to anyone with the Dark Sun exclusive Dune Trader theme and decides to double down on the leadership aspect of this theme. Master's Action lets you spend an AP to either gain +2 to all defenses or grant an ally a saving throw, Road Hardened gives you and your friends +1 speed, and Sharp Customer makes you both immune to flanking and able to re-roll insight and perception checks.

Desert Skirmish is a unique ability that's both denial and enabling, giving two allies (or you and an ally) a free shift and basic attack while preventing anyone from moving around them. Merchant's Strategy lets you end a mark and give the ally (and yourself) an inability to grant Combat Advantage. Fighting Retreat gives you a basic attack that slows and a chance to evacuate your party, though you can limit it to just yourself and an ally and make one more attack.


Available to anyone non-good or anyone with the Demon-Spawn theme, this path corrupts you with demonic power to use to become even deadlier. Abyssal Action uses an AP to gain THP and +2 to attack, Demonic Bloodlust gives you Combat Advantage ovver an enemy you bloody in melee, and Vile Possession makes you uncontrollably insane with +2 to damage and the need o attack anyone who provokes an Opportunity Attack - including your friends.

Abyssal Frenzy explodes whenever you score a hit in melee and shoves everyone nearby back with 10 damage, Demonic Resilience reduces any damage you take once bloodied and then uses it to deal more melee damage. Demonic Stigmata is kinda like the Warden's guardian forms in that it shapeshifts you, giving THP, a recharge for Demonic Resilience, and a special attack that adds a second attack to your first for extra damage.


Exclusive to those with the Ironwrought theme or anyone with proficiency in scale armor and military melee weapons. Doomlord's Action allows you to spend an AP and use your action to deal 1d10+Main Stat necrotic damage to all nearby enemies while also granting them Vulnerable 5 necrotic, Entropic Surge lets you halve the healing from a surge to get +2 to hit with your next attack, and Entropic Harbinger is a u16 power that gives you an aura of healing-denial whenever you kill someone.

Entropic Strike doubles an attack's damage with necrotic and denies the target any healing for a turn. Doomlord's Advance is a escape-teleport that pushes -2 to hit and save on anyone next to where you just were. Hasten the End is another deadly attack that triples another melee attack's damage and deals ongoing necrotic damage that instakills anyone below 10 HP.

With the many means of denying heals and dependency on melee attacks, your best bets for class are really any defender or melee striker.

Dune Strider[edit]

This path is exclusive to the Dark Sun Wasteland Nomad background, this path enables a bit of durability by handicapping enemies with the power of the desert. Dune Strider Action uses an AP to give +2 to all defenses and negate terrain, Waste Walkeradds +2 to nature and endurance checks, adds your primary stat to Fort against disease, and makes overland travel slightly faster and require less resources, and then there's Shifting Sands, which gives concealment to anyone near you when you shift.

Screaming Sand Strike deals a double whammy of blindness and concealment against the target at the expense of being essentially a basic attack. Dust Storm Dance lets you swap places with up to two different enemies, gaining Combat Advantage over both of them. Bane of the Crimson Sun is another flexible attack with piddly damage, but it deals save-ends weakened with the price of failing a save being 10 fire damage and prone, while missing just weakens for a turn.

Jaszt Dancer[edit]

A Dark Sun exclusive path for anyone with the Gladiator theme, turning them into graceful and acrobatic combatants who specialize in light blades. Dancer's Grace lets you ignore rerrain while running, charging, or moving as part of an attack, while Slicing Action deals ongoing damage when you use an AP to attack with a light blade and Painful Wounds sticks -2 to any saves against the ongoing damage you inflict.

Principle of the Razor uses a light blade to daze an enemy or deal extra damage to the dazed. Arena Dancer is a stance that adds +2 to AC and Reflex while gaining Combat Advantage over anyone who misses you in melee. Dance of the Whirling Razors has you slide around, attacking up to three enemies and dealing ongoing damage and save-ends dazing to those targets you hit.

Mind General[edit]

A Dark Sun path restricted to PCs with the Noble Adept theme, meaning this path plays incredibly well with psionic classes - especially Psion and Ardent. Alongside the +2 Paragon Power Points, you get Reward Victory to slide an ally who killed someone to their next prey, Commanding Action to shift an ally and give them +2 AC/Reflex for an AP, and Telepathic Gestalt to link allies so that one suffers -2 to all NADs to gift that +2 to another ally.

Direct Order dazes an enemy, allowing a nearby ally (Augment 2 ups this to two) to either flee or attack with a +2 bonus to hit. Legion's Press lets an ally shift up to half-speed, but if you used it on turn 1 this extends to everyone within range. Unequaled Command is a big psionic burst that slides enemies and then puts you in a stance that lets you slide allies or enemies by a space.

Psionic Scholar[edit]

A Dark Sun path restricted to the Noble Adept theme by granting all sorts of debuffs for any Controller, though all the powers are keyed to psionic. Dazing Action uses an AP to daze whoever you hit, Guarded Mind grants Resist psychic, and Scholar's Analysis lets you figure out resistances and which of a target's NADs are the weakest.

Psionic Capture lets you immobilize a target and then either strip off a resistance or hit an NAD with a penalty. Mental Juxtaposition lets you interrupt an enemy's attack by penalizing both the attack roll and the defense that attack was targeting. Perfected Discipline is impressive, targeting up to three enemies and any of the three NAD's for save-ends shenanigans: Hitting Fort weakens, hitting Reflex restrains, and hitting Will deals ongoing damage.

Resurgent Wilder[edit]

This particular path depends on the Dark Sun Wilder theme, riding upon the class' inherent need to critfish. Reinvigorating Surge lets you spend a surge whenever you crit, Volatile Action uses an AP to make attacks crit on a 19+, and Volatile Surges make your psionic at-wills crit on an 18+.

Resurgent Repulsion gives you a ranged attack that slows and deals -2 to attacks against you while critting deals save-ends dazing. Critical Insight lets you target one enemy and allow any one attack you or an ally makes auto-crit. Shards of Strength is a small burst that deals ongoing damage and a save-ends condition that makes your attacks crit on an 18+.

Sand Reaver[edit]

This path requires the Dark Sun Wasteland Nomad theme to be far more up-front and offensive. Your goal here is to kill without hesitation. You get Bloodlust Action to get +2 to hit bloodied enemies whenever you spend an AP and Relentless Reaver to add your primary stat to your healing surge value, while deals -2 to attack on any bloodied creature you hit.

Reckless Fury is a burst that gives Combat Advantage to all enemies, but anyone who does approach you provokes Opportunity Attacks. Bloody Harvest is a rather minor stance that adds your primary stat to your next attack's damage after killing an enemy. Reaving Brutality is a big attack that deals save-ends inability to shift and permits a healing surge if the attack doesn't kill.

Shady Dealer[edit]

This path requires the Dark Sun Dune Trader theme, dedicating more on being the deceiver and con-master with shades of a leader. You start with the handy Swindling Action to prevent Opportunity Attacks for an AP and Well-Traveled gives extra languages and re-rolls for bluff, diplomacy, or streetwise, while level 16 nets Skilled Negotiator to ensure that minor failures on bluff, diplomacy, and streetwise are never an issue.

Your first power is Convincing Deception, a deceptive set-up that pulls an enemy in for a free attack by you and a possible ally. Convincing Deception lets you give an ally Combat Advantage over one foe while another ally slides up next to the same enemy. Unwitting Ally lets you save-ends dominate one enemy and then make them not only less likely to hit your side, but also make them count as an ally for flanking and gives you a special attack that lets them attack someone for you.

Unwelcome Guest[edit]

Restricted to PCs with the Athasian Misntrel theme who really love poisoning things. Duplicitous Nature gives you both the Alchemist feat (To craft various alchemical items and poisons) and a formula book with a few things, chiefly Blooodspike Poison, Condemning Action spends an AP to immobilize and gain Combat Advantage over enemies you hit, and Foolproof Poison just makes your poison powers from the theme and path deal acid + poison damage. Noxious Strike is a flexible attack with a deadly surprise: if the enemy moves or attacks, you get to deal damage and either deal even more damage, daze, or immobilize the enemy. Pernicious Poison is an extra rider on a melee weapon that weakens and save-ends dazes an enemy. Burning Venom is another flexible attack that deals ongoing poison damage and strips away any resistance or immunity to poisons without recovery.

Veiled Guardian[edit]

Another Dark Sun path for those with the Veiled Alliance theme and intend to be preservers and hardcore mark-reliant defenders. Alliance-Trained Mind gives a decent start with +1 Will and +2 to Insight and Perception, Veiled Guardian's Action spends an AP to curse an enemy with save-ends marking and Combat Advantage, and Marked Preservation lets you mark someone an ally hit with an arcane attack.

Soul-Veiling Strike is interesting in that it marks an enemy and forces them to only use at-wills and deny power recharging - and this is before mentioning how you can also spend a minor on this action, letting an ally near the target shift away on a hit. Guardian Dash is a sudden rush, marking one guy while also knocking anyone else in the way prone and using Resist 10 all against Opportunity Attacks. Veiled Guardian Stance is a basic burst that save-ends marks anyone you hit and just normally marks everyone else, then puts you in a stance that immediately attacks anyone leaving your presence and locking them down - spending a minor here just adds +2 to these attacks.


Avernian Knight[edit]

A path that crosses fighter and infernal warlocks, the Avernian Might puts together hellish power and martial mastery into a blend of withering hellfire and steel. You begin with Avernian Action using an AP to add +5+Con fire damage to your next attack and Melee Implement letting you use a weapon as a warlock implement by exchanging its proficiency bonus for preventing Opportunity Attacks for using it in an attack, and you eventually get Hellish Mark deals fire damage on your marks whenever they don't hit you.

Curse Strike is a set-up, making your next attack deal +2d6 damage and giving -2 to the target's attack. Avernian Challenge is a bit iffy in that it teleports you 5 spaces and then immediately marks whoever's next to you for the turn. Hellforged Blade is a burst that slaps on a bunch of things, all ended with one save: 10 ongoing fire damage, marking, and -2 to all defenses, while missing just deals 5 ongoing fire damage.

Covenant Agent[edit]

A slightly unusual path, this combines avenger and assassin so long as you have either Assassin's Shroud or Oath of Emnity. What you now need to learn is how to be the perfect killing instrument. Bleeding Defeat Action lets you spend an AP to make an attack deal ongoing radiant+necrotic damage, Shadow of the Gods has you deal -3 to any saves your target makes when you hit with a radiant or necrotic power, and Harbinger has your shroud or oath strip any radiant or necrotic resistances your target has.

Withering Onslaught allows you to deal both radiant and necrotic damage as well as put the target under your oath/shroud without caring about limits. Precision Gait is a stance that lets you shift at full-speed, which is useful for pursuing a target. Covenant of Assassination lets all your powers from either class deal radiant+necrotic damage instead of any other type.

Dragonfoe Ragespell[edit]

A strange combination of sorcerer and barbarian, you need the Tymanther background to even begin considering this path. You become a hybrid of arcane might and furious power, hellbent on destroying the wicked. It is unfortunately a bit difficult to get a good build from this, as you're required to have a sorcerer's at-will power but also have a melee weapon and implement (daggers can cut the time if you don't mind the damage being piddly). Ragespell's Action lets you add +1d10 damage against one target (+2d10 if they're large), Sorcerous Rage lets your sorcerer at-wills deal +1d6 damage and crit on a 19+ whenever you're raging, and Sorcerer's Rampage lets you use an at-will whenever you crit (replacing the barbarian's Rampage).

Sorcerer's Fury is a basic whack that shoves anyone near the target away. Resilient Denial grants you Resist 15 against one damage type whenever you're bloodied. Arcane Overload is a rather unimpressive attack that deals save-ends weakened, but it does let you attack with a sorcerer at-will whenever you hit with a weapon without worrying about provoking.

Sainted General[edit]

Now for a case of two classes who couldn't be any more fitting if they were made to: in this case, paladin and warlord. Combining both grants plenty of new supporting options while leaving opportunities to excel in combat. Sacrificial Action lets you spend an AP after hitting with a power from either class and let an ally spend a surge and gain +Str bonus HP, Sainted Challenge lets allies add +Cha to any melee damage against the target of Divine Challenge, and Inspired Revival lets anyone you heal make their attacks count as radiant damage for the turn.

Blazing Corona is a burst that either blinds anyone inside it or leaves them open to a free MBA. Heaven's Warriors grants a big aura that lets allies inside either deal extra fire+radiant damage on their next attack, add +Cha to all defenses for a turn, or spend a surge to recover +Cha HP. Radiant Crusade is a burst 5 that allows every ally to make an MBA and from then onward, everyone's attack either deals +Cha radiant damage to all melee attacks or regain +Cha HP on a miss.

Tharos Impostor[edit]

Another Forgotten Realms exclusive, this path a rogue and warlock with the infernal pact and the Impiltur regional benefit and places you as a spy within the demonic cult of the Fraternity of Tharos, using your wits and unholy knowledge to one day topple them from within. Both attacks from this path demand a light blade in your possession, you'd best be either all about using weapons or (ideally) own a Pact Blade. You start with Accomplished Liar letting you re-roll bluffs and having feints be a minor action, while Terrifying Wrath deals -2 to all saves for enemies within range when you spend an AP, and you can eventually use Hellbound Fury to gain Combat Advantage over anyone hit by Hellish Rebuke.

Hellfire Blade is a flexible attack that slows the target and ignores resistances. Ashen Compact devours one of your healing surges, but it teleports you out of harm's way and grants you fire resistance equal to your surge value. Demon-Fueled Vengeance is a dangerous and flexible attack that save-ends negates all resistances, making it a dangerous set-up.

Thay Infiltrator[edit]

You are one of the few who have ventured into the undead realm of Thay, relying only on your instincts and holy patron for protection. You're now responsible for their survival. This class requires a mix between ranger and any class with Healing Word (Meaning clerics and maybe a sentinel, though you really get nothing for the latter) with the Algarond regional benefit and a focus on ranged warfare (such as the Archery Ranger style). You begin with Blinded by the Light granting full concealment against quarry you hit with radiant damage and Sacred Stealth granting a free move ans stealth check to hide after spending an AP, while Rise and Fire lets you make a free RBA after using Healing Word to save a dying ally.

Blessed Shot is a basic ranged shot that deals radiant damage. Divine Veil gives your party an immediate use of a surge and grants them both total concealment and a chance to hide from one enemy of their choosing. Holy Barrage is a ranged burst that deals middling damage, but lets an ally pick a benefit (spend a surge, +2 to all defenses for a turn, or regen 5 for the fight).

Traveler's Harlequin[edit]

This is an Eberron path for anyone trained in bluff, has a multiclass feat, and worships The Traveler and thus acts as a vessel of multifarious trickery. Your first gift is Master of Many Paths, which lets you multiclass in multiple paths, and Traveler's Gift of Action, which uses an AP to let you re-roll an test to pick the higher but forces you to roll the next test and take the lower, then you get Traveler's Fickle Favor, which has you roll a d12 (why not a d20 is beyond us) and lets you re-roll another test where you roll this number once per day, and Traveler's Unpredictable Power has you poach the d20 power of another Paragon Path you qualify for or a d19 of your class.

Traveler's Mummery is a ranged burst that shifts anyone in the area, friend and foe alike. Shape of the Traveler is pretty much a shapeshift, letting you look like another person and get a +5 to bluff checks made to pass off as the guise.

Underchasm Darkwatcher[edit]

If you ever needed an award for "classes least likely to fit together", then here you go: a class open to warlocks and wardens with the East Rift background. You are among those who dedicate themselves to some extraplanar entities in order to protect survivors of the Great Rift collapse against the perils of the Underchasm. You start with Pierce the Darkness granting darkvision or a +2 to perception if they already have darkvision, Stoneform Curse uses an AP to mark enemies you curse, and Darkstone Tendrils grants you Combat Advantage over those you curse and mark.

Deepdark Strike is a rather abysmal Con-based melee attack that blinds its target. Cursefire Light is a stance that lets you either gain THP or a save whenever you get hit by a cursed enemy. Form of the Umber Hulk is a warden polymorph power that grants +2 to AC and Fort while also giving tremorsense and a short burrow speed; the exclusive attack is a con-or-cha-based blast that guarantees a slide on all targets and save-ends dazes those you hit.

Warpath Berserker[edit]

A rather curious yet fitting combination, this path demands some mix between barbarian and warlord - both classes whom require particular builds to maximize Str and Cha to work ideally (Thaneborn and Bravura in this instance). This leads to a combatant who can hit hard while in the thick of combat with pals and a lot of gambling. You get Awakened Wrath, which grants you Combat Advantage over everyone when you crit (Tying into the Barbarian's Rampage), Inciting Action spends an AP to make an ally charge with +Cha to attack and damage or grant Combat Advantage to everyone (Bravura Presence except that you're paying for it), and Infectious Rage lets allies get +2 to damage whenever you're raging, be it legit rage or multiclassed rage from the Berserker's Fury feat (You can add +2 to damage for an entire fight once per long rest).

Crush Them is an incredibly nifty power, letting up to two nearby allies charge - if they hit, you can use this again, if they miss, you're dazed. Test of Mettle is an interesting option, letting a nearby ally either spend a healing surge to get half the healing or make an attack to change getting double the value of your surge...oh, and they're now immune to fear for the fight. Warpath Rage shoves the target back and on the floor before entering a rage where any nearby ally can make an MBA whenever you bloody someone.


This particular path proposes to be a path for a mix of warlocks and warlords, but looking at how everything falls together, it seems that the easiest way to blend them together is a archery warlord multiclassed with warlock, with powers keyed on Str and requiring distance. Adaptable Witchery lets you fire ranged warlock powers from an ally's position as if they used it, Bewitching Action lets you slide away nearby enemies whenever you or an ally spends an AP to use an arcane power, and Arcane Presence lets anyone under your Commanding Presence teleport +Int squares.

Eldritch Missile is a ranged attack that deals +Cha splash damage to enemies near the target, while allies near you gain +Int THP. No Wasted Opportunity gives an ally who missed an Opportunity Attack a free AP, which is a rather overcompensatory gift that's always welcome. Eldritch Allies save-ends curses the target with an aura 2 that lets allies gain +Cha to damage on any enemies inside it.


Alchemist Savant[edit]

This path is one meant for those dedicated to alchemical crafting, so you need a mean to do so, be it from the Alchemist theme or Alchemist feat. This starts you off with Alchemical Action adding +Int to your next attack when using an AP, Alchemical Innovator lets you learn two new alchemical items at various levels (11, 15, 21,25), Resourceful Alchemist lets you use alchemical items as materials for making others, and Alchemy Master gives you +2 to hit with alchemical items.

Quick Admixture lets you use a minor in order to use any alchemical item without using any further actions. Secret Recipe lets you duplicate an alchemical item you use, though this copy's only good for the encounter. Spell Magnet is deploys a column with an aura 3 that deals -2 to all enemy defenses against your arcane attacks and -2 to all saves. On top of this all is a special at-will attack that's a burst 5 centered on the column that shocks, deals ongoing lightning damage, and pulls them right into the column.

Contract Killer[edit]

The Book of Vile Darkness gives you another evil-aligned path, this time for anybody trained in stealth. What do you get from this? An assassin who's really bent on killing a dude. Killer's Action lets you spend an AP to gain Combat Advantage over nearby enemies, while Killer's Aggression gives you +1d6 damage on your first attack over anyone you have Combat Advantage over (anyone for a CRB rogue thanks to First Strike) and Hidden Threat adds +1 to hit enemies you're hidden from and a second use of the path's encounter power each encounter.

That power is Fulfill Contract, a rider to any at-will that you make with Combat Advantage, adds +3 to the attack and +2d6 damage, and grants THP when you kill the target. Next to Die gives you permanent Combat Advantage over one target and lets you shift 2 spaces when they move, but you take a -2 penalty to attack anyone other than them. Certainty of Death is another rider on an at-will that you use when hidden, dealing a bunch of extra damage and gain Combat Advantage against the target...but only for the next turn, which would be wasted if you actually killed your target.

Herald of Madness[edit]

Open to barbarians, monks, and rangers, this is the path for anyone wanting to portray someone corrupted by some Lovecraftian madness. Befouled Mind lets you deal damage to anyone attacking your Will, Infectious Madness Action lets you spend an AP to force whoever you hit to attack someone else, and Recovery through Pain lets an ally re-roll a saving throw at the cost of some HP.

Disorienting Strike is a charge-friendly strike that can make an enemy (and anyone near them) provoke Opportunity Attacks, even when shifting or teleporting. Maddening Redirection is a stance that can let you distribute some damage between you and anyone near you when you get punched. Babbling Rage is a Rage power that targets Will and grants Combat Advantage to anyone nearby for the whole fight.

Phantasmagoric Scoundrel[edit]

Now here's an absolutely strange path that's only been seen in Dragon Magazine - all you need is training in arcana and either bluff or thievery and you qualify. Blinding Action makes crits on anyone you have Combat Advantage over blind when you spend an AP, Combat Illusionist lets you learn any arcan illusion powers below level 7 (which can be retrained to any power below level 13 when you reach epic), Expert Phantasmagorist lets you perform deception rituals with a 1/day waiving of any material cost aside from a focus (with Master Phantasmagorist granting a second use of this waiving), and Illusory Communication lets you use arcana in place of any bluff or thievery check.

Corner of the Eye is your u12 power that forms a small ranged burst that you can move and counts as difficult terrain for enemies and grants Combat Advantage over anyone trapped inside. Deadly Visions is a rider attack that can use implements or weapons and gives an at-will extra damage and a save-ends condition that gives Combat Advantage to everyone and forces them to either take ongoing damage or be dazed.

Ocular Adept[edit]

Available to rangers, seekers, and hunters, this is perhaps the most hardcore archery path available with a strange psionic bent. The focus of this entire path is your Spiriteye Manifestation, a transformation that makes your ranged weapon no longer use ammo or reloads, while Blasting Action lets you use an AP when you make one ranged attack to make a second, and Spiriteye Perfection makes your new weapon fire hands-free and no longer provoke Opportunity Attacks for firing.

Totem Eye Beams has your spiriteye shoot two enemies, each dealing a random effect (dazing, immobilizing, taking extra damage, or sliding) while also giving you a temporary fly speed. Soaring, All-Seeing gives you a temporary fly speed of 4 and makes flanking a non-issue. Rapid Eye Rays of Doom gives you no attack, but it's a stance that lets you make an RBA with your spiriteye as a minor while letting you shift as a free action, giving you an insane amount of utility.

Purple Dragon Knight[edit]

This title famous to the Forgotten Realms setting is open to fighters, paladins, and warlords affiliated with Cormyr. The powers all dedicate to helping allies out, but the features focus more on the user. Cormyrean Knight Training adds +1 to attack when you use second wind, Purple Dragon Focus lets you use second wind as a free action when you spend an AP, and Purple Dragon Aura gives nearby allies +2 to saves.

Rallying Attack just gives allies +2 to hit your target. Rallying Cry gives you and everyone in range +2 to speed and +1 to saves. For Cormyr may be a burst, but it harms nobody and instead guarantees a save-ends -2 to attacks, saves, and defenses with a hit only shoving enemies back while also giving allies a fixed value of HP.


This is a Forgotten Realms path is exclusive for any divine or arcane class that uses implements and worships Selune. This gives a set of divine powers and a few ways to circumvent lycanthropy. You start with Goddess of Changes rendering immune to diseases from lycanthropes and makes weapon/implement attacks count as using silvered weapons, Moonsparked uses an AP to negate concealment and invisibility within 5 spaces, Open Disciple pretty much makes all the powers key off your best mental stat and assure that arcane implements still work, and Moon Oracle lets all allies get +2 to saves when you hit.

Tears of Selune is a ranged attack that either dazes or deals hefty damage based on whether or not you're bloodied. Moonglow just gives a zone of dim light. Moonfire is a ranged attack that heals on a hit, while missing deals splash damage to bloodied enemies within a big range of 5 spaces.

Silver-Tongued Scoundrel[edit]

Available to absolutely anyone trained in bluff and diplomacy, which is easiest carried out by the bard and rogue. If you pick this path, it's not because of the combat potential, but because you want ways to mess around with enemies. Deceptive Action lets you spend an AP to gain Combat Advantage against a target that you can also crit on an 18+, Fast Talker gives an ally a +5 on bluff or diplomacy when you pass a similar test, and Deceptive challenge lets you roll bluff or diplomacy for initiative.

Diverting Taunt gives you Combat Advantage over someone the instant you roll to hit and if successful blocks the enemy from Opportunity Attacks. Master Negotiator just lets you re-roll either bluff or diplomacy for the encounter. Silver Tongue, Silver Blade is a fun screwer, making every hit including the initial attack either force -2 to any attacks from the target or to give Combat Advantage to everyone with no means of removal.

Steelsky Liberator[edit]

Restricted to dragonborn, genasi, half-orcs, and humans, who all want to slay evil dragons. Draconic Enemy gives +2 to defenses when attacked by dragons, while Steelsky Heritage gives an AP-fueled recharge of a racial ability (or +1 to the next attack for a human with a bonus At-Will) and Liberator's Resolve gives +5 to saves vs. charmed and fear effects.

Liberator's Blow is a basic ranged attack that permits an ally near a large target to shift around. Steelsky Stance weakens any dragon or elemental that gets hit, while Break the Chains is a big attack that allows a save vs a charm or fear effect immediately. While it does give some decent effects, it's kind of hard to recommend this to any particular build, especially considering how many races have access to this and how one attack does melee and the other is ranged.

Son of Mercy[edit]

This is a path open to all defenders (Wardens, Swordmages, Fighters, and Battleminds) with a dedication on nailing targets using a unique mark that sits on top of ordinary marking. This is called Lawbreaker's Doom, and it adds +Wis to damage and slowing to your attacks against one marked target as well as being reusable the moment the target dies. Your other features are Immobilizing Action, which immobilizes when you use an AP to attack the target of your Lawbreaker's Doom, and Strength of Conviction. which gives THP when you kill the target of your Lawbreaker's Doom.

Dispensed Justice is just a basic attack that deals -2 on the target's next attack, though it can work as an immediate interrupt if the target of Lawbreaker's Doom attacks anyone aside from you. Red Death is a small burst that mass marks and deals Lawbreaker's Doom to everyone. Blood Oath Fulfilled Blood Oath Fulfilled isn't much as an attack, being just a burst, but it knocks fuckers prone with save-ends and adds +Wis on the attack if you hit the target of Lawbreaker's Doom.

Soul Binder[edit]

This particular path has broad qualifications, needing arcane, divine, and shadow classes to worship Nerull, reaper of souls. Using this path requires that you use the souls of the dead as minions. Soul-Bound Action lets you use an AP to let these souls take an action, Touch of Pluton makes necrotic attacks deal radiant damage instead, and Death is the Source lets you gain THP (split between you and the soul however you like) when either you or the soul kill a non-minion foe.

Call Bound Soul is the crux of this entire path, an Encounter summon with an unremarkable attack but has insubstantial and an aura of partial concealment. Overflowing Soul is a soul-centered burst that kills the soul but gives 10 THP to all friendlies inside the burst. Grey Legionnaires summons three of the bastards, each of which must be commanded by you.

White Horn Knight[edit]

This path is open to absolutely anyone trained in heavy armor and an interest in mounted combat, which is a calling card for the paladin, especially the cavalier. This path is one of the few to grant three level 11 features, Unicorn's Action to heal one nearest you for an AP, Unicorn's Advance to ignore terrain while charging (which the mount benefit from), and Unicorn's Blood to get +2 to saves vs disease and poison (shared to the mount), while level 16 offers Graceful Serenity to add +2 to defenses during a surprise round and share it to those nearest you.

While Fierce Respite is a decent hit+heal attack keen to all paladins, your main feature is Summon Unicorn Destrier. This is your mount, your new partner, and your charge upon which your greatest benefits lie upon. It can stomp, it has the eladrin's fey step, it grants a free saving throw per encounter, and its mount power (which you need the Mounted Combat feat for) lets you charge, push, and knock the target prone. Level 20 provides Blessing of the Unicorns, a burst that knocks baddies prone and gives allies extra healing.

Paragon Multiclassing[edit]

Not exactly a paragon path, this allows a character who possesses any multiclass feat to swap out a power for one from their second class to gain a few more powers. At level 11, you swap out an at-will for one from the second class while also gaining an Encounter power of 7th level or lower from that class, level 12 gives a Utility power of 10th level or lower, and level 20 gives a Daily power of 12th level or lower.

The hangup with this 'path' (and the reason that few people if any ever use this) is that it gives away way too much for such piddly payback. You get no new abilities from this new class, no special trick with their AP, and your abilities aren't even equivalent to the way some powers of a proper class can get it. Usually, only a desperate fool picks this up because their class-exclusive paths all suck and they lack any alternatives.

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