Pegasus Armoured Fighting Vehicle

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If there ever was a vehicle that best represent the term 'Identity Crisis', the Pegasus/Centaur would win gold.

The Pegasus Armoured Fighting Vehicle otherwise known as the Centaur AFV is a reconnaissance vehicle of the Imperial Guard. It, along with the Testudo and Tauros are one of the few wheeled vehicles shown. It's almost certainly based on some kind of WW2 armored car but we be damned by chaos if we can figure out which one. (Probably the British Daimler Armoured Car from WWII)


When the vast Imperial Guard armies need appropriate intel on-the-go, advance reconnaissance and intelligence units must rove ahead to gather information on enemy positions and strengths. To accomplish these missions the units must combine speed and mobility with the ability to hold their own if there is an encounter with the enemy. Reconnaissance units are without a doubt the eyes and ears of the Imperial Guard army.

Modified Chimera and Leman Russ tanks were found to be too slow and unwieldy for the kind of hit and run tactics required. What was needed was a combination of the support and versatility of the Chimera and the sheer firepower of the Leman Russ. Thus the Pegasus Armoured Scout Car was born. The powerful Leman Russ engine was fitted into a shortened Chimera chassis while a four wheel drive system gave the stability and maneuverability required. The Pegasus was easily capable of outrunning most vehicles and has a produced many variants including the Pegasus Command Vehicle.

The Pegasus AFV is used to scout ahead of the main force probing the enemy battle lines for any weaknesses that may be exploited. It has a crew of one driver and two gunners.

It is armed with turret mounted Multi-Laser, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter, or Autocannon with a 360 degree of fire and a hull mounted Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer with a 90 degree field of fire.

Additionally the primary and secondary armaments can be equipped with targeters, Auto-launchers carrying Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Frag Defender rounds.

Pegasus Command Vehicle[edit]

The Pegasus Command Vehicle otherwise known as the Minotaur AFV is a reconnaissance HQ vehicle for the Imperial Guard.


The Pegasus Command Vehicle is a variant of the Pegasus that allows Imperial Guard Commanders to move with great speed to any part of a battlefield where their presence is required. This is especially important when commanding large numbers of tanks. Pegasus Command Vehicles are lightly armed and armored. It is crewed by one driver, one gunner, and one officer.

The Pegasus Command Vehicle functions in a manner akin to a mobile command HQ. It is equipped with specialized fire control and communication equipment, being able to call in artillery barrages. In addition to the comm-link the Pegasus Command Vehicle is equipped with sophisticated sensors, movement/heat detectors, and other surveillance equipment. As such, the Pegasus Command is favored to those who prefer a much more agile and nimble command vehicle rather than the slow, cumbersome and vulnerable Salamander Command Vehicle.

It is armed with a hull mounted Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer with a 90 degree field of fire. Additionally the Heavy Bolter cab be equipped with a targeter. Additions include Auto-launchers carrying Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Frag Defender rounds

Naming Confusion[edit]

The reason why you don't hear that much from the Pegasus is due to the fact that it shares the name of two other different vehicles all from the same faction. The other two Pegasus are called the Pegasus Amphibious Assault Vehicle and the aforementioned Command Vehicle variant, as such it has very little to do with the AAV. For much added Derp, in Citadel Journal #15, both the AFV and Command Vehicle was renamed the Centaur and Minotaur AFV respectively whilst the Pegasus AAV retained its name. This was later changed back to the original Pegasus to avoid further confusion with the Centaur Utility Vehicle and the Minotaur Artillery Tank, which really goes to show the absolute clusterfuck that was, early GW.

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