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Look at these smug bastards

"I'm half elf, half mighty stallion, and half noble eagle, and more'n the sum of me parts."

– Overheard in the Skypit, a Serraine watering hole.

What do you get if you mix a pegasus and a centaur? Well, if you're in the Dungeons & Dragons world of Mystara, you wind up with the one creature arrogant enough to make even elves say "what a fucking show-off".

Pegataurs are, as their name suggests, centaur-like creatures who consist of an elven upper torso replacing the head and neck of a winged horse. Many commonly believe them to be the result of a mad Shraekian wizard bonding a pegasus with an elf, whilst others, typically members of the elven family tree, like faenare, insist they have to be the creation of some unknown Immortal.

We'll never know, because literally the only fluff one can find on the damn things - Creature Catalog PC2: Top Ballista - consists of a faenare gushing about how magnificent they are. Their Advanced Dungeons & Dragons appearance in the Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix devotes very little word-space to anything substantial about them that isn't crunch-related.

Pegataurs live in "rehirs", massively carved cavern-complexes within high mountain peaks, or in lightly wooded hill-country. They are a clannish, tribal society, with great emphasis on individual discipline and dedication.

They're known to be very friendly with both pegasi and elves, and in fact selling trained pegasi is one of their primary interactions with "groundlings". The other is pursuing an existence as mercenaries.

Pegataurs are a race-class combo, like many other Basic D&D monsters. They're quite a powerful breed, with many of the abilities of both D&D fighters and elves, including both innate spells (ala elves) and the ability to take dedicated spellcaster classes, in the form of the Shaman and the Wicca.


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