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A circular shield with a round boss in the center (often mistaken for a potter's wheel)
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Celestial Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Time)
Portfolio Defence and safekeeping, Patriotism, Courage, Resistance, Virtue
Domains Time, Law, Protection, War, Courage
Worshippers Traldar, Traladarans, Milenians
Favoured Weapon Heavy Mace

Petra is the patron Immortal of the Traldar, Traladarans, and the Milenian Empire.


In legend, Petra was a simple potter who was visited by the Immortals, who taught her how to use the bow, the potter's wheel, the loom, how to make flax, and medicine. She, along with Halav and Zirchev, went to the village of Lavv, and showed them their crafts, leading them to being ridiculed. When Halav killed the king and took the crown, he took Petra as his queen. As the news of the invading beastmen army came, Petra helped organize the women to help their men during the war. When Halav died, she carried his corpse back to the village with Zirchev, and was spirited away by the Immortals.

In reality, Petra was a cleric, and the queen of the city of Krakatos. When the gnolls invaded, her husband was one the victims of the early raids. She joined with Halav when he started uniting the Traldar, and aided him in ruling, eventually becoming his lover. As Halav fought against the army, she lead the defensive efforts, and when he died against the gnoll-king, she brought him back to life. The three eventually went on their own ways, seeking the wisdom of the Immortals, with Petra ascending to Immortality in the Sphere of Time sponsored by Vanya.


Petra appears as a small, fair, dark-haired woman, clad in either bronze armor or sculpted leather armor, carrying a large flanged mace.


Petra is a very practical, no-nonsense Immortal. She has no time for people who feel sorry for themselves, or can't find the courage in themselves to accomplish their goals. On the other hand, she has interest in people who overcome their weaknesses, and pities those who live in besieged cities. She is still Halav's lover, and a close friend of Zirchev. Her only real enemy is her sponsor Vanya, who despises the Milenians culture.

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