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Jackal head with human eyes
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Eternal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Hutaakan, Nithia, Magic, Magical Knowledge
Domains Energy, Magic, Knowledge, Protection
Worshippers Hollow World Hutaakan and Nithians
Favoured Weapon Khopesh

Pflarr, the Jackal-Head, is the patron Immortal of Nithia, and the creator of the hutaakan.


Pflarr was created by a powerful wizard, who belonged to what would one day become the Nithian culture, to act as his bodyguard. He wasn't an entirely succesful bodyguard, as his creator was killed by a rival, whom he promptly disposed of. Now with access to two different libraries of magical knowledge, he begun intensely studying magic. By the time the Nithian Empire was getting of the ground, Pflarr had begun the Path of the Paragon, under the sponsorship of Rathanos. By the time Nithia had become a proper empire, he had ascended to Immortality in the Sphere of Energy.

Pflarr became the patron of magical knowledge in Nithia, but he cared little for his worshipper, focusing on gaining more knowledge. He also created the hutaakan as a servant race, giving them land in the mountians south of Nithia, where they would become the tutors of the Traldar people. Once Thanatos' corruption of the Nithians ruling class came apparent, he participated in the casting of the Spell of Oblivion, which destroyed the empire, turned the land into a barren desert, and caused everyone to forget the empire ever existed in the first place, though before that, he instructed, then mortal, Minroth to take a bunch colonists away with him to what would become the Minrothad Guilds. After Nithia's destruction, Pflarr largely turned his attention away from the surface world and now exclusively focuses on the Hollow World Nithians and hutaakan.


Pflarr appears as a 7 foot tall, jackal-headed humanoid, covered in brown fur, and dressed in a white, cotton robe of Nithian style.


Pflarr is very inhuman in his outlook, believing that his follower should be loyal to him and not vice-versa. Should his followers disappoint him or turn away from his teachings, he gives time and opportunity for them to realize their mistake and return to the "correct path". Should they not return, he simply abandons them, going elsewhere with a new set of followers. Should they fail him, he's content to let them perish. Those who stay loyal to him however, will find that he gives them his protection, and guides studious magic-users. He's also very vain, as if the fact he created a race that looks like him wasn't evidence.

His only ally is his patron Rathanos, and he despises Ranivorus, for having played a part in corrupting the rulers of his empire, and for a having a part creating the gnolls, which Pflarr, correctly, assumes are a mockery of his own hutaakan.

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