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Phaulkon symbol.png
Winged human silhouette
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise)
Portfolio Air, archery, birds, clouds, wind
Domains Air, Animal, Chaos, Good, Sky, War
Home Plane Arvandor (Arborea)
Worshippers Rangers, druids
Favoured Weapon Longbow

Phaulkon is the suloise god of air, wind, clouds, birds, and archery. He's the son of Lendor, brother to Wee Jas and Norebo, and the father of Kord.


Phaulkon is depicted as a clean-shaven, bare-chested, winged man with a bow.


Phaulkon's clerics are wanderers, living under the open sky, fighting evil and monsters wherever their found, and following rumors of evil artifacts to either destroy them or at least prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Because of this, his clerics often work together with followers of gods allied with Phaulkon, like Jascar, Murlynd, or Aerdrie Faenya. His clerics also look at the clouds and the sky for any omens, work to protect nesting places of flying animals, teach archery and hunting to the common folk and soldiers, and the differences between seed-eating birds, and the birds that hunt them.


Victory in battle depends upon archery. The sky is the dome over creation, and creatures of the sky are blessed for freeing themselves from the soil. Take the fight to the enemy; do not wait for the encroach of evil. The ancient devices of war are best left alone, as their use involves great danger.

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