Phil Brucato

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"Satyros" Phil Brucato, more commonly know as Goatboy, and as of more late GoatFucker, is an American writer, editor and game "designer" most famous for his work at White Wolf, which thus far includes: ruining Mage: The Ascension, his work on Changeling: The Dreaming, the infamous "Freak Legions" book for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, the Black Furies book (which claims the in-universe Judeo-Christian God was made up by the Wyrm to subjugate women - because no paganistic cult has ever in their history abused women) and Kindred of the East. He is perhaps most infamous as the main writer and developer for the Changing Breeds expansion of Werewolf: The Forsaken, whose deadly sin was looking at the self-righteous, quasi-paganistic, naturalistic-fallacy nature worshiping "furry Captain Planet" shit of Werewolf: The Apocalypse and deciding that Forsaken needed MORE of it. Also, purple prose. Lots and lots of thesaurus-abusing purple prose. Most of it fixated on the shifters and their... "animal" natures.

Also, contributing author of "Rites of Pleasure: Sexuality in Wicca and NeoPaganism". Yeah.

I'm sure you, as well as just about everyone else here, is wondering why we call him Goatboy. Well, in the 90's Phil Brucato went off to join a pagan cult, in which they partook of a number of drugs, and did god knows what else, during which he had changed his name to "Satyros" and started talking about how all RPGs are some form of "Chaos magic" and how if you played bad/evil things, it would cause you to go off and do any number of bad things in real life, hence why you were never allowed to play Nephandi - which really makes you question why he had so much incest going on in his writing. In short, he's basically every stereotype you'd expect of a White Wolf Writer™ AND a neo-pagan. As for "Goatfucker", well... have you read Changing Breeds? (No, seriously if you haven't it need to be read to be believed. Here's a rundown

As a game designer and a writer, Goatboy is know for a few things: his obsession with incest, barefooted hippie chicks, and what seems to be "drug fueled" ramblings and other madness, with large swaths of rules being incoherent, inconsistent with even themselves, and downright unplayable, as well as his consistent push for the most progressive views that he thinks people hold today (see M20: Book of secrets). Funnily enough, most of Changing Breeds in particular contained shifters based on the most hilariously racist and/or stereotypical archetypes.