Phoenix Armour

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Jain Zar's new and spiffy Phoenix Armour.

The Auramite Armour of Eldar armours.

The Phoenix Armours are an advanced and legendary Eldar Aspect Armours worn by the Phoenix Lords. Containing the soul of the Phoenix Lord inside, this allows the warrior's soul to be reincarnated into any new wearer. Sort of like Exarch Armour but far more sophisticated. The legendary armour is so finely wrought that it can protect against almost any weapon and even when breached or destroyed, it somehow comes back in one piece.

Seeing as how Exarch Armour is a feat of psychic engineering. Phoenix Armour could be seen as an even more elaborate form of these armours. This makes sense as the weird soul-transference hijinks works pretty much the same way with these two armour systems. Of course, they differ in that, whilst the Exarch Armour gives the wearer the combined skills of all the souls of their previous wearer, the original soul of the Phoenix Armour is so intense, that it outrights overrides the wearer. This means that the wearer loses all awareness of their previous self and they sort of get possessed per se...sort of, another good comparison is that the Phoenix Armour has essentially become some sort of Wraith construct with the whole 'ghostly suit' shlick. It's kind of weird like that, but ridiculously tough due to this.

Unlike other bearers of Phoenix Armours, Baharroth and Maugan Ra are counted among the living. So we assume that their armour doesn't have be to sprayed out with a hose or whatever sci-fi device Eldar use to remove the guts and stench of the previous owner.

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