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The big cozy Horror family.
A moving mound of mouths, tentacles and eyes.

Pink shifting masses of limbs and Warp-fire. Tzeentch's foot soldiers, they are amongst some of the most contradicting Daemons as they're described as being cheerful, madly babbling, madly happy and constantly emitting noises of almost ecstatic excitement giving them two other names of Squealer and Screamer (not to be confused with another Daemon already named Screamer while serving the same god of ambition, politics and Just as planned). Just like other Daemons of Tzeentch they are capable of sorcery. Depending on the might of a Horror, this sorcery can range from the common hurling of warp flames or Bolts of Change to more exotic powers, such as the creation of arcane items from their bodies or the manipulation of mortal minds by imitating strange and exotic musical instruments. The most powerful Horrors belong to the ranks of the Daemonic Heralds, some of which ride Burning Chariots of Tzeentch.

Pink Horrors enjoy casting spells and such aggressive acts will only spur them onto to wilder behavior and greater expressions of manic excitement. Horror Packs rely heavily on their ranged sorcerous attacks but even in melee they are difficult to deal with. Although weaker than most other daemons in close combat, their magical, twisting bodies are hard to destroy; they enjoy a contradictory blessing of Tzeentch that makes their highly mutable forms resistant to change inflicted by external forces and can in fact regenerate whole limbs with ease.

Dawn of War fucked them up, making them only usable against vehicles but on the tabletop, you can infinitely troll the living shit out of your opponent with them. Just keep them out of melee range.

Blue Horror[edit]

I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa...

When Pink Horrors are destroyed, they sometimes split into two half-as-powerful versions of their parent daemon. In contrast to their manic, cheerful, mischievous "parents", Blue Horrors are sad, whiny and grumpy, but oh boy do they throw lots more doombolts.

Originally, there were extremely complex rules to account for this splitting ability on the tabletop, but Games Workshop eventually realised that this didn't work for wargames as well as it did for RPGs and so they removed the rules, explicitly for players' sanity, and made it a fluff-only matter. Well ok, semi-crunch; if a Pink Horror died, his two Blue Horrors would make one attack each and then literally derp and whine themselves into oblivion. That was until they changed their mind and put the over complicated bullshit back in the game with the Wrath of Magnus.

Notable Blue Horrors

Brimstone Horrors[edit]

Baby Horrors with a massive inferiority complex.

AKA Yellow Horrors recently added in Age of Sigmar, oddly never mentioned until now since three is a running theme for Tzeentch; when a blue horror dies they turn into a pair of angry little fire daemons.

Named for a stench so strong it offends even other Daemons, these diminutive Warp creatures may look bright and whimsical, but they are in truth spiteful and vindictive. They realize that the glories of authority and prominence are forever beyond them.

They are even weaker than Blue Horrors but they off set this by being on fire. Those that try to extinguish them or stamp them out are quickly surrounded, the Brimstone Horrors joining hands in an incandescent ring around them and singing kumbaya as they turn their victims into blazing pillars of flame. They along with their older brothers form the Lord of JUST AS PLANNED! equivalent of the Russian matryoshka dolls.

Herald of Tzeentch[edit]

Our jovial little hellspawns have all grown up. Also is that fucking Mac 2 Nite?

Basically what happens when a lesser daemon earns an upgrade by basically being the teacher's pet. Daemonic Heralds are exalted Lesser Daemons who have gained the favor of their Gods, often leading Daemonic armies into battle.

Heralds of Tzeentch are the most powerful and magically gifted Horrors. These beings are the most intelligent and independent of the Pink Horrors, capable of using their sorcery forcefully enough to blast an opponent into oblivion or weave cunning illusions. Curiously, although Heralds are often the same lurid hue as Pink Horrors, they do not morph into a pair of Blue Horrors when struck.

Such Daemons have enough consciousness to direct others of their kind without constant guidance from a Lord of Change, directing furious sorcery against Tzeentch’s enemies. The mere presence of a Herald of Tzeentch drastically increases the abilities of nearby Daemons, mutating them into new and stronger forms and empowering their warp shenanigans.

Unsurprisingly, these more evolved horrors start to resemble more like their big birds than their lesser amorphic blobs of fleshy cousins.

They often ride Discs or Burning Chariots of Tzeentch into battle. Variants include Fateskimmers, Fluxmasters, and Changecasters.



Like their Nurglite counterparts, the Poxbringers. Changecasters are the most common types of Herald of Tzeentch and are named for the mutating magics they wield. They can often be found leading packs of Horrors within a host of a Scintillating Legion, a task much akin to herding beasts, for the Horrors will likely caper off at any moment. Other Changecasters serve in more mundane and less frustrating roles, guarding sources of magical power or overseeing repairs within the Crystal Labyrinth.

Changecasters are considered as troop leaders of lieutenants of the Changer of Ways and are the closest in resemblance to their smaller and more happier Horror cousins, whereas the other Heralds look like a mixture of a Horror and a Lord of Change.

Changecasters don't get the awesome privilege on riding a Burning Chariot of even a Disc of Tzeentch. Instead they are used as elite infantry with a leadership bonus and are armed with a Ritual Dagger to do their unga bunga shit.



Fateskimmers are a type of Herald of Tzeentch, who have most likely through trickery acquired a Burning Chariot. More often than not, intentionally stealing the original owner's personal pimp mobile whilst watching their rage intensify at their shit eating grin. This is unsurprising given the 'friendly' rivalry between Horrors and Flamers, with the Flamers of Tzeentch being the primary riders of these chariots.

These Heralds will swoop and dive across the battlefield, cackling madly as they unleash fearsome sorceries from their lofty perches before smashing their bizarre contraption into the enemy lines. They will trail flames and warp-induced Bullshit, a Herald of Tzeentch streaks across the skies bringing with it fiery doom.

The most cautious and controlling of the Fateskimmers lurk upon a battle's edge, where they move along the back lines of their host and yell orders amidst the madness and change-fire. However, there have also been several instances of Fateskimmers leading entire formations of Burning Chariots to war.



Fluxmasters are a type of Herald of Tzeentch, who ride atop a Disc of Tzeentch and are so named because the great speed they fly at, reshapes reality in their wake. In the battlefield, no one is completely safe from a Fluxmaster (Except for a few specific examples) as these little daemon chickens shower the battlefield with shimmering blue flames.

Fluxmasters are often used as messengers and outriders within Tzeentch's Scintillating Legions, and will frequently use their speed to dash into cover before using their psychic powers to hurl changebolts to smite their foes. Some will lead packs of Screamers in charges on the enemy's flanks, while others take charge of groups of Horrors, using their speed and advantageous position to better augment and direct their charges or confound their foes.

Should an enemy appear vulnerable, the Herald will dash in, using its staff of change to cause horrendous mutations while the horns and teeth of the Disc deliver their own punishments.

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