Pirate lords of 40k

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Pirate Lords of 40k is a home-brew scenario/rule set for Warhammer 40k, simplified to fit any edition, but designed with 5th/6th in mind and inspired by 4th. Pirate Lords is designed to simulate the space battles of the Warhammer universe more fully, which of course means including the parts where swords go through skulls. Ripe for use as a fluff-based scenario, this really is Warhammer 40,000 IN SPAAAAACE!!!!

More fitting of the grand scale Warhammer invokes, in Pirate Lords of 40K you can see and command several radically different levels of the battlefield; a battlefield that strangely doesn't get as much attention as you would imagine with 40k being a space opera. Pirate Lords turns Battlefleet Gothic boarding actions into 40K Kill Teams matches which are both more fun and can decide the fate of the boarded ship more fully. The scenario is built around the idea of, well, pirates, Freebooterz, raiders or otherwise small, vicious space battles taking place, where the boarders can really help swing the tide of battle, and write an epic stroyline to boot.

Pirate Lords assumes you know how to play 40k and/or Battlefleet Gothic.

Battle rules[edit]

(Requires BFG, Warhammer 40k, Kill team rules)

Kill team = bridge (your only HQ choice)

250pts worth of ships per side, the flagship has a 500pt crew + 250 pt bridge, other vessels have 300pt crew and 100pt bridge

Crew limitations:

No vehicles

No monstrous creatures

No/limited elite units, (No more than 1-2 maybe?)

Kill team is your HQ, all are independent characters

Kill team is built as per the KT rules (I think they are in the 4th ed. rulebook) with restrictions on Psykers, HQs, and multi-wound models lifted

Two Scenarios[edit]

Skirmish/boarding action recommended Table size is 4' by 2'. Experienced players are encouraged to try stranger battlefields to enhance the look and feel, and provide added challenge and tactical shift

  • "Locked" Boarding Action (For when one ship rams another): Attackers deploy up to 1' away from one of the short edges, defender deploys up to 2' away from the opposite's edge
  • "Assault" Boarding Action (For when an Assault Boat attacks a ship): Defender deploys along one of the long edges, no more than 6" from the edge. Attackers start in reserve and deploy ONLY along the opposite edge.

Defender sets up terrain, and rolls a d3 for the number of objectives. Players agree to what each objective does.

Sample objectives[edit]
  • Weapon/Lance gun: Reduces the strength of one of the ships weapons/lance batteries by 1 if destroyed
  • Engine: Ship loses 2d6 cm of movement
  • Communications: Count-as critical damage, ship may not move in any direction other than straight ahead until a 6 is rolled when repairing
  • Pub: Leadership of the crew/bridge is reduced by 1 until the end of the game. Ship's leadership reduced by 1

These are not what you are limited to, feel free to get flavorful or creative with potential objectives before the game begins

Movement modifications[edit]

Skirmish mode

A model's movement is based on the following formula: Total movement (movement phase)= base movement + armor save

A terminator, therefore can move 8" (6inch base + 2+ armor save) whilst a scout can move 10" (6 + 4+ armor save)

Armor rating "-" units move the same speed as those 6+ armor saves, but also roll two dice and pick the highest value when running