Plague Drones

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What's worse than a really pissed off fly? A swarm of really pissed off flies.

Plague Drones are daemonic aerial steeds of Nurgle and are ridden by high-ranking Plaguebearers of the Lord of Decay's Legions who are given a putrid Rot Fly to make their steed. Acting as Nurgle's overseers, these warriors also ride upon their Rot Flies for assaults upon the Materium. Plague Drone squadrons specialize in spreading disease and havoc in the Plague God's name.

In a collection of 'shit your bricks' creations, it takes something especially hideous such as the Plague Drones of Nurgle to catch the eye. For each Plague Drone, a Plaguebearer sits atop an enormous Rot Fly, which features two pairs of large, ragged wings, as well as lumps and boils across its body. There are also exposed innards here and there, and in one of the creature's bulbous abdomen are the horrific, contorted faces of some poor, partially digested foe. Each of Rot Fly is unique, varying in features such as possessing a Plague Proboscis which can spread the various pathogens and toxins of the Lord of Decay to the flesh of any victim the Rot Fly sinks it deep into, mandibles and stinger. The Plaguebearers also feature an array of disturbing gifts of Nurgle, from their boils and open sores to their exposed entrails to rusting swords dipped in the contagion of diseases and boils.

Plague Drones are an absolute nightmare to face as they're tough to kill, extremely fast and deadly cavalry is enough to make almost every non-Nurglite vomit from the Cheese and stench of these overgrown flies of death.

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