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Probably the best thing to ever come out of Santa Nurgle's merry gifts and sharing.

Plaguereapers are what happens when you mix a Baneblade with Papa Nurgle's blessing and the result is fucking disgusting incarnate. Thus it is Awesome. The most distinctive pattern of the Plaguereaper is that its main cannon looks like a mutated dick suffering from a severe case of crotch rot and herpes.

Huge vats of slime are mounted on the back of the vehicle, which feeds the main weapon of the vehicle. This pus-cannon fires a biological agent that causes the unfortunate victim to erupt in boils and have their flesh eaten away from within. The weapon is connected to the corpse vats via large bulging pipes which fill the weapon will a horrendous concoction of disgusting toxic and corrosive slime. Furthermore in the advent case that the pus-cannon runs out of juice, the denizens of the Plague Lord can always use the corpse of war as new ammunition to shoot its slimy shit all over the place. Its interior is infested by Nurglings and will drown any would-be invader trying to put a Melta bomb inside of it.

  • Length: 13.5m
  • Mass: 316-319 tonnes
  • Crew: 10 crew including dozens of Nurglings
  • Max Speed: 25kph


The Plaguereaper is armed with a large turret-mounted and distinctive weapon of corruption known as a Pus Cannon in place of the Mega Battle Cannon and coaxial Autocannon used on the standard Baneblade. The Pus Cannon is connected to the vehicle's large vats of rotting and diseased corpses from which it draws its toxic ammunition. Think of the pus-cannon as the Bile Spewer on steroids.

The Plaguereaper, being a corrupted Baneblade, still has use of its other standard weapon systems, which include a hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon and a set of twin-linked Heavy Bolters, two more sets of sponson-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters, and two top sponson-mounted Lascannons. The vehicle can also be armed with a Pintle-mounted twin-linked Bolter (Combi-Bolter) or a Combi-Flamer, a Havoc Missile Launcher, a searchlight, and smoke launchers.

If a Plaguereaper is destroyed by enemy forces, the vehicle's vats of infected slime will rupture and spray their contents onto anyone nearby. If the Plaguereaper itself takes enough damage in combat, its corrupted form may explode in a catastrophic explosion, spreading its toxic and infectious gifts of Nurgle even further into the enemy forces.

All Nurgle-aligned forces and daemons caught by the attack of the Pus Cannon as it fires upon the enemy or within the radius of the tank's explosive demise will be immune to the effects and will actually enjoy bathing in the new toxins and diseases sacred to their lord.

When a Plaguereaper is deployed, it is often seen as fucking Cheese by anyone other than Grey Knights or Necrons as not only is this the perfect DISTRACTION CARNIFEX but is also a great tarpit and blob cleanser as well as fucking up vehicles just as much. Additionally if it explodes, not only would the resulting explosion fuck up any non-Nurgle armies, but it will also heal any of your allied troops for free. This has resulted in a lot of Rage and Butthurt by some players.

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