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The Planescape Creature Codex is a netbook for the Planescape setting of Dungeons & Dragons, created by fans in the 90s during the era of the Mimir fansite, one of several Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fansites now all but lost to the dust of internets past. As the name implies, the Planescape Creature Codex is a collective of fanmade planar monsters to spice up your AD&D campaigns.

Monsters from A-Z=[edit]

Abyssal Slug: A variant of the Giant Slug native to the Abyss. Starts its life as a small, black slug that is commonly eaten as a snack by demons and those who interact with them, but grows into a massive, blood-red predator if it survives to adulthood.

Abyssal Fisher: A wandering Abyssal predator that uses its towering frame to snatch up prey from above.

Aefanryll: Militant celestials that have become so consumed with the Blood War they have mutated into vampire-like creatures that nourish themselves on the life-force of fiends.

Fire Angel: An elemental that looks like a handsome humanoid male with fiery wings. Distinguished by being weirdly fascinated with humanoid societies.

Astral Spider: A Giant Spider variant that has begun appearing in the Astral Plane, essentially a nastier Phase Spider.

Astral Gryph: An Astral Plane equivalent to the griffon, which looks like a translucent griffon with a tail that burns with a strange blue flame. Spawned from the dreams of dead deities, and hates clerics of living ones.

Astral Phantom: A unique Ghost created when somebody perishes due to their silver cord being cut when they were projecting through the Astral Plane.

Avaga: A planar dinosaur trained as a mount, native to the layer of Pelion in Arborea.

Bantei: A magical butterfly native to Elysium with the ability to use a variety of light-based spells.

Barinith: A new family of lesser fiends that are spread across the Lower Planes, but primarily concentrated in Gehenna, Hades and Carceri.

  • Ba-Rykue: The Lesser Barinith, a gargoyle-like ambush hunter.
  • Centimere: A Greater Barinith, an insectoid fiend that resembles an attempt to mimic a centaur by a centipede, with three stacked humanoid torsos linking an insectile head and the body of a giant centipede. They enforce law and order amongst their race.
  • Corin'sey: The Least Barinith, a failure transformed into a hulking melee-focused brute and considered a social untouchable. Lives only to die valiantly in hope it will be recreated as a higher Barinith.
  • Grozu: A Medial Barinith, resembling a bizarre, vaguely humanoid insect with big, staring, buggy eyes.
  • Jehorra: A Greater Barinith, a tauric insectoid based on a preying mantis. The huntmasters of the Barinith and the trainers of the lesser breeds.

Barzu: A Lesser Baatezu created when a greater baatezu seduces a bariaur doe. Basically a bariaur cambion.

Bhinaur: An extraplanar rhinoceros found in plains and open savannah across the Outer Planes, which can transform itself into a powerful force energy bolt when it charges.

Black Bird: An Abyssal parrot distinguished by its razor-sharp beak and pitch black feathers. Possesses telepathy and the ability to instinctively detect the location of demonic treasure caches.

Brabbib: Nasty-spirited, foul-smelling frog-like scavengers found in urban environments across the planes.

Brahmal: A Guardinal with the appearance of a brahma bull. This strain serves as the priests and druids of the Guardinal race.

Bulldog: A strange hybrid of cow and dog native to the Outlands, with strong protective instincts towards regular cattle.

Bylar: Predatory hunting beasts that resemble a cross between a 90s Compsognathus and a praying mantis, found in tropical swamps.

Cadaver: A corporeal undead created when a powerful (10th level+) non-religious necromancer with great knowledge of how the netherworlds work is killed whilst on the plane where their soul would have gone to upon death. Extremely weak physically and magically, they desperately seek to consume life energy to evolve into a higher form.

  • Atros: The dead end of the Cadaver's evolution; a Corpus that fails to become a Senex by flubbing one or more of its metamorphosis Wisdom checks instead becomes a Chaotic Evil berserker obsessed with multiversal destruction - an Atros.
  • Corpus: A Cadaver's evolved form, having shaken off the initial weaknesses of its initial Cadaver state.
  • Posteritat: The final form of the Corpus, this undead necromancer can broadcast its soul into the mortal world to infiltrate the wombs of the living, allowing it to experience life as a mortal over and over again by effectively controlling and manipulating its own reincarnation cycle. Created when a Senex survives 1000 years and then passes the arduous mental test to link its soul to its plane without being subsumed, which involves spending 27 days buried in their home layer.
  • Senex: The evolvled form of Corpus; after gaining 12 levels, if a Corpus buries itself in the soil of its home plane and passes three Wisdom checks, it rises as this creature.

Cimmerian: No relation to Conan the Barbarian, but instead a mysterious race of living shadows from the Plane of Shadow (or Demiplane of Shadow, as it was known then).

Ckraken: A nightmarish mess of bestial bodily parts that can be summarized as the kraken of Limbo.

Cryshma: A race of humanoid earth/mineral elementals that pursue a tribal lifestyle of wandering and banditry.

Danavas: Powerful humanoids native to the Plane of Water, a Titan-like race related to the Vedic deities.

Dark Horse: A carnivorous undead horse created as a perverse reflection of the unicorn.

Darkat: An extraplanar great cat most characterized for its poisonous bite, being completely deaf-mute, and its preferred environment of Pandemonium.

Daub: Strange, hyperactive, possibly emotion-eating creatures native to Arborea that resemble faries with ever-changing rainbow-colored skin. Constantly strive to make other beings happy.

Detrit: A carnivorous porcupine-like rodent native to the Arborean layer of Pelion.

Meer Dragon: Stealthy dragonets that inhabit humid tropical environments; rainforests, swamps, jungles and marshes. Like the Faerie Dragon, they gain magical abilities as they age, and have been known to serve as familiars.

Orange Dragon: Short-tempered, vicious dragons native to the plains regions of the Outlands, they wield burning steam breath weapons and regard all other life as fit only to be food or slaves.

Drakon: A medium-sized (4-7' long) reptilian creature that resembles a wyvern, armed with both a fiery breath weapon and claws that inject burning chemicals into their prey.

Dream Turtle: A magical giant turtle (7-12' long) found in non-frigid rivers throughout the planes. Possesses intuitive psionics that let it subdue and kill much larger prey.


  • Sirocco: A Leser Eladrin, a variant Bralani with red hair that turns into a super-heated whirlwind. Native to the second layer of Ysgard.
  • Eladrin War Horse: The steeds ridden by the Shiere Knights of Arborea.
  • Eladrin Pony: Small, wild horses native to Arborea.
  • Laene: A Greater Eladrin that resembles a gnome or dwarf with silver eyes and the ability to become a mass of liuid silver. They are the artificers of eladrin society.

Erlkonig: A malevolent nocturnal elf-like fey native to Ysgard known for stealing children. Based on the Goethe poem by the same name.

Ethereal Moth: A native of the Ethereal Plane which eats protomatter. Largely inoffensive.

Ether Elf: An elf subrace native to the Ethereal Plane, concerned only with protecting it and destroying the xill.

Faashtha: Powerful celestials who, despite looking like stereotypical devils, actually serve as the bounty hunters of the Upper Planes.

Fara-Rararaf: Inoffensive flying monkeys who inhabit the skies of the Prime Material, Outlands, Ysgard and Limbo. Why they don't live on the Plane of Air, nobody knows.

Faunill: Also known as "Treesingers", Faunills are essentially one fan's attempt to create a D&D version of the Entwives. Tenders of nature, faunills function more as gardeners than guardians, working to optimize the variety and vitality of their woodlands. They are found in Elysium, Arvandor and the Outlands.

Frotrad: Similar to Faunills, but more humanoid, the Frotrads are denizens of Yggdrasil and the Ethereal Plane who seek to guard and protect fledgling worlds and demiplanes.

Gangren: Humans warped by torture and black magic into monstrous servitors for the priests of dark gods.

Garggin: Fiendish horses native to the abyss, appearing as sway-backed black horses with burr-and-parasite-ridden manes and tails and hooves of solid jet, typically accompanied by swarms of large, biting flies. They sometimes appear in major Prime Material cities shortly before the onset of a terrible peril.

Gaunt: Malicious, imp-like fiends native to Hades.

Gith'ilid: A hybrid of gith and illithid created by alhoons as living weapons against living mind-flayers.

G'nrt: Bizarre reptilian creatures native to the Lower Planes which can drive victims utterly mad.


  • Banner Golem: A variant Stone or Iron Golem created to serve as a bodyguard to an elite factional or military commander.
  • Slayer Golem: A human-sized Clay Golem variant created to serve as a relentless assassin.

Gralim: Planar swamp-beasts resembling giant frogs with the beaks and claws of raptors. Favored steeds of lizardfolk.

Griimbling: Peaceful, mineral-eating, apish giants native to Elysium.

Grim'alkin: A malevolent fiend in the shape of a humanoid feline, native to Baator. Not the apex hunters of that plane, but pretty close to the top.

Gro'Ottorg: Tall, powerfully built, bipedal insectoids native to Pandemonium.

Grusshum: Brutish, cruel, savage giant-like beings native to Gehenna and Carceri.

Homicidal Axe-Wielding Beast: Found throughout the Lower Planes, nobody knows where the HAWBs came from, only that you underestimate these 1ft tall beastfolk warriors with their vorpal axes and insatiable hunger for humanoid flesh at your peril.

Hobyah: An obnoxious evil trickster fey that looks something like a humanoid salamander. And we mean evil; they're not just annoying pranksters like other fairies, they eat kids.

Holly Guardian: A powerful humanoid plant created by druidic magic from the soul of an extreme violator of the woodlands to protect the realms it once despoiled. Found in temperate forests throughout Elysium, Arvandor, the Beastlands and the Outlands.

Husk: Mysterious and deadly monsters that appear similar to zombies made from extremely desiccated corpses, but much more powerful.

Iaiwi: A strange race of malevolent planar slimes. Variants are the Drone, the Slayer, the Baron, and the Keeper.

Inhuman: Humans warped into monstrous servitors of a cult by having their eyes cut out and replaced with lenses of negative energy, linking them to the dark demigod who rules them. They exist only to spread their twisted faith, pillaging other worlds and abducting new victims to be mutilated into more inhumans.

Jackalope: A magical crossbreed of jack rabbit and antelope, creating a technically giant (2-3ft long) rabbit with pronghorn deer-like antlers. Also included is the bigger, stronger Moosehare, which is so strong that a team of 6 moosehares can haul 400 pound cargo-laden sled!

Jovin Falcon: A vulture that can be found in mountainous areas throughout the planes, which prefers to find prey and then scream for other predators to come and kill it rather than hunt for itself.

Kayi Dog: Mischievous fey dogs native to Ysgard.

Kebdedogh: An elemental from the Plane of Earth that appears as a humanoid made entirely of earth and stone.


Krieg: Rangy, many-horned humanoid fiends native to Acheron, the Krieg live for war.

Laasch: A strange species of color-eating giant crab that inhabits the Border Ethereal portions of the Ethereal Plane.

Loather: A human who has struck a fiendish pact with a high-ranked yugoloth, gaining great powoers and borderline immortality in exchange for a devotion to spreading confusion, destruction and doom amongst humanity.

Lummox: A lumbering, easy-going reptilian creature favored as a mount and beast of burden in the Outlands.

Master Skeleton: Powerful fire elementals that resemble human skeletonsi with designs of conquest over mortal kind.

Mathilane: A weird illithid/imp hybrid created by Ilsensine and sent to serve evil psionicists as a kind of familiar.

Mechalin: A race of humanoid cyborgs that sprung out of Mechanus, essentially a more serious counterpart to the modrons.

Medullath: The result of an illithid trying to ceremorph a medusa.

Minotaurim: The "ur-minotaur", a formerly human man transformed into a monstrous half-bull carnivore, the progenitors of the true minotaurs seen elsewhere in the Great Wheel.

Molluscid: A benevolent, friendly and gentle race of attractive octopoids - picture an octopus-bottomed merfolk with color-changing skin and dark eyes. Native to the Beastlands, but also found in Elysium and the River Oceanus.

Mordicant: A powerful undead assassin with the ability to spew fire, created by vengeful necromancers.

Mustyr: A weird relative of the satyr found on Mechanus, in the region known as the Harmonious Trill. They look like humans with the legs of giant birds. They serve a power called Nightingale, and rely on her priestesses (or charmed Lawful women whose intelligence catches their attention) to provide them with sons to continue their race.

Nadir: Also known as Dark Valkyries, these mysterious evil fiends are natives of Ysgard.

Nep: A strange humanoid race found in the Outlands, specifically in the regions around portals to the Chaotic Planes. Possibly a mutated offshoot of the githzerai.

Nest Zombie: A powerful zombie variant created from a female humanoid's corpse. They always appear to be attractive living women and hugely pregnant, because their hollowed-out body cavities are used to conceal a nest of 2d4 Shadow Serpents.

Night Serpent: A giant flying snake that can be domesticated as a mount, native to the Demiplane of Shadow.

Nightaurils: A fearsome race of highly advanced lizardfolk native to the Demiplane of Shadow.

Nimbus: A powerful warrior-woman Celestial found on Mount Celestia and across the Upper Planes. They may have been imprisoned because they were too zealous in seeking the utter destruction of evil.

N'Morian: A humanoid race that was warped from its original human stock by generations spent living on the Plane of Magma and relying on breathing apparatus to survive the toxic atmosphere.

Olio: Also known as "Souppers", a strange race that dwells in the deeper portions of Limbo.

Ooze Orc: The orc analogue of the Plane of Ooze.

Pandemonian Yeti: A singular fiend unique to Pandemonium.

pif'Chiang: The four-balled bull, a magical species of fiendish bullock reputedly created when the god Sung Chiang forced a herd of nic'Epona to mate with a couple of Baatorian Midnight Bulls. He certainly keeps them in large herds to protect his lair, but they can be found all over the Lower Planes.

Planar Tick: A tick with immense psionics and the ability to share its powers with a host.

Planegoat: Fiendish goats native to Hades.

Psionic Beholder: A hopefully unique monster, possibly created as a collaboration between Ilsensine and Gzemnid.

Q'uiir: Strange, artificial-looking beings from Arcadia who appear to be made of disarticulated crystalline body-parts that levitate along.

Rainbow Slaad: A slaad subspecies known for their physical weakness and magical power, created when a red or blue slaad egg is implanted in a Wild Mage.

Rammas: An ancient race of celestial paladins who happen to look like humanoid sheep. They live to battle evil, and the greater the crime they are battling, the stronger they become.

Razorfish: A swarm-hunting predatory fish native to Oceanus.

Ressha: A strange scalykind race whose forms combine aspect of cobra and gecko. They all bear ellongated limbs and digits, an elongated, prehensile tail, and a serpent-like head with a cobra's frill. Found in a culture that sprawls across the Planes of Conflict and has begun infiltraiting Sigil, ressha are believed to be matriarchal, but little is known about their culture, other than its division into the Neutral Good White Clans and the Neutral Evil Dark Clans.

Rijen: Resembling the really old-school Hook Horrors, these miserable flightless bird-things are the remnants of large groups of adventurers or really good friends who found their personalities sucked away by Hades.

Rockbiter Dwarf: A dwarf subrace native to the Elemental Planes of Earth and Mineral. Actually made of living stone.

Senex: A one-of-a-kind monster that considers itself a gourmet of warriors, seeking out the strongest to kill and eat.

Serrous Steed: Aggressive and carnivorous, but intelligent, beasts native to the rivers of the Upper Planes. Described as an improbable cross between a shark, a horse, a buffaloo, and possibly an octopus.

Shade Walker: Predatory fiends of liquid darkness created by an ancient sect of evil shamans.

Shadow Serpent: Magical undead serpents whose venom can transmute those they kill into undead shadows. Typically found paired with nest zombies.

Shadow Knight: An evil knight who suffered death at the hands of a Disintegrate spell or similar "utter and instant annihilation" effect, causing their spirit to linger as a powerful, semi-corporeal undead.

Shamtor: Also known as a False Gehreleth, whimsical and mischievous creatures with incredible shapeshifting powers, which they largely use to imitate (and thoroughly irritate) gehreleths.

Shator'Gor: Ankylosaur-like beasts native to Baator.

Shrana: A race of humanoid sharks who can be found hunting and trading in rivers throughout the planes.

Shraug Beetle: A giant carnivorous beetle that inhabits planar deserts.

Simulacrum: A unique construct consisting of a statue animated by an imprisoned soul, with the ability to "reproduce" by petrifying others with its touch.

Skeletal Devourer: An undead planeswalker desperate to restore itself to life.

Skeletal Valkyrie: A spell-fashioned undead in the form of a winged skeleton wielding an enchanted spear, created to fight in the Blood War.

Skin Changer: An undead infiltrator that can steal the hollowed-out skins of its victims.

Spinal Leech: Magical parasites created by the baatezu to more easily monitor and manipulate the minds of their victims.

Slink: Small, cruel, planar reptilian humanoids, the kobolds of Carceri.

Copper Spider: Magically warped giant spiders whose venom can destabilize a victim's metabolism, forcibly converting all of their bodily resources to fat and afflicting them with an insatiable hunger that can kill within a day.

Sprite, Irata: A fiendish mockery of the common sprite that like to use their appearance to lure victims close so they can kill them with their acidic sweat.

Sweeper: Also known as a Winter's Shade, these strange elementals are natives of the Empty Winter, the region of the Plane of Ash closest to the Negative Energy Plane. They sometimes show up in places with a severe build up of ash.

Petty Fairy, Tarshin: A prank-loving fairy subspecies with a great love of illusionist magic. Largely inoffensive, but with a bad tendency to piss off powerful beings.


  • Cat Hair: A Least Tanar'ri that looks like a floating strand of hair, gathering in swarms that attempt to slice victims to ribbons with their razored edges so they can sop up the blood.
  • Crusader: A Risen Tanar'ri, these are incredibly rare demons who have so devoted themselves to rejecting evil and embracing the tenets of a good-aligned deity that they have been transformed into a paladin-like celestial.
  • Echideneco: A Greater Tanar'ri possibly related to the Marilith; the differene is these girls are bigger, nastier, and their tail splits into two tips, each armed with its own poisonous sting.
  • Karaycai: A Lesser Tanar'ri that resembles a giant, one-eyed, feeler-bedecked worm. Sadistic to the core and powerful spellcasters.
  • Law Eater: Greater Tanar'ri who truly exemplify the "Chaotic" part of their Chaotic Evil nature.
  • Tanari'riaur: A Lesser Tanar'ri born to a bariaur mother, and the Tanar'ri counterpart to the Barzu. Violent, destructive and rapacious to the point even other Tanar'ri can't really tolerate them.
  • Voodracoor: An extremely rare, powerful and mysterious breed of True Tanar'ri. Infamous for their ability to use a strange ritual similar to the pop cultural Voodoo Doll to kill from afar.

Troll, Primeval: An absoloutely enormous troll subspecies found in Ysgard and the Abyss which spends its days slumbering as a stone hill and its nights feeding on anything within reach. Even in hill form, it can instinctively swallow anything that draws its attention.

Ubergeist: The restless spirit of a powerful evil being who was slain by treachery, which seeks to hunt down and slay those it blames for its death.

Vampire, Lesser: A weaker, feral version of the common vampire.

Vampire Squirrel: A carnivorous/haemovoric subspecies of squirrel that hunts in packs.

V'yrm: Rapacious, avaricious dragons who haunt the Astral Plane.

Wad: A bizarre species of riddle-obsessed planar beings that appear as a piece of free-floating paper with a single eye at the center. Natives of Limbo.

Wkurzajacy: Take everything obnoxious about the typical fairy and Chaotic Neutral type creature, then turn it up to eleven. The sprites of Limbo.

Vying Wolf: A wolf subspecies adapted eto life in the Abyss.

Wolver: Magebred wolves of unusual strength, intelligence and resilience.

Smoke Wraith: The vengeful wraith variant spawned when an evil mage perishes on the elemental planes of fire or magma due to their protective spells failing.

Wrall: A highly malevolent race who once terrorized the Astral Plane, only to be defeated by the nascent Githyanki empire and cast down into Carceri.

Xir'xixa: A bizarre race of wormy insectoid scholars seemingly native to the Ethereal Plane.

Ysgardian Vulture: A strange hybrid of phoenix and giant vulture native to Ysgard, where it is regarded as sacred.

Yurtle: A race of tranquil, peace-loving and hard-working humanoid turtles native to Bytopia.

Zephyyr: A race of beautiful but incredibly superstitious elementals native to the Plane of Air.

Zerth Freebooter: A Githzerai offshoot that has taken to Wildspace, in order to keep an eye on their Githyanki counterparts, the Pirates of Gith.

Zon'de: An aasimon raised as a vile undead parody of its former glory.

Zoomycota: A mind-controlling parasitic fungus believed to have been created by Zuggtmoy.

Zyssk: Savage reptilian humanoids native to Gehenna, where they prey on the weak, helpless, lost and wounded.

Aasimar & Tiefling Strains[edit]

Naturally, this netbook couldn't resist the urge to offer aasimars and tieflings based on the cooler celestials and fiends introduced here. Essentially, each lineage provides optional racial abilities that a planetouched PC can swap their standard abilities for, as per the rules from the Planeswalker's Handbook and Warriors ofe Heaven.

Aefanryll aasimar tend to have "rosy, dawn-tinted" skin and/or hair, which can vary from deep rose to shell-pink tinged with gold. They often have graceful, white-feathered wings (usually vestigial, unless they take the flight racial ability), and eyes that gleam with a predatory shine. They are well-known for their physical prowess, usually getting +1 Strength instead of +1 Charisma. They are distrusted amongst celestials due to their lineage, however, receiving a -2 reaction penalty. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Infuse a target with 1d4+1 points of positive energy (harms fiends and undead, heals others) 2/day.
  • Assume a dusky-pink or pale gold gaseous form (functions as Wraithform) 3/week
  • +1 hit dice at character creation.

Crusaders, despite being redeemed Tanar'ri, father aasimar children rather than tieflings. Crusader aasimars typically have an extremely pale complexion, from ivory through bone to stark white marble. Ruddy eye colors all the way up to bright ruby are also common. They are typically devoid of body hair, but sport two slender tentacles from the poll of their skull. They are usually surprisingly striking in appearance (+1 Charisma option), but fiends loathe them just as much as their parents, causing all reactions to start at Hostile. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Cast a double-strength Protection From Evil 1/day.
  • Emit Holy Light (1d6 damage to fiends ins a 5' sphere) 3/day.
  • +1 to attack and damage rolls with swords.

Faastha aasimar tend to be tall, stocky of build, with a slightly ruddy tint to their complexion, and they usually possess a pair of heavy, corrugated, ram-like horns. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Charm Person via a glance 3/week.
  • Protection from Evil 10' Radius 2/day.
  • Charge Attack (needs 15' of running space, does 2d4 damage).
  • +2 to initiative rolls.

Rammas aasimars can be mistaken for guardinal-blooded aasimars at a glance, since both descend from beastfolk angels. They always possess a pair of smooth, graceful, coiled horns, and almost always are husky and well-built (+1 Strength option). They typically possess thick, soft, storm-grey hair or even velvet-short pelt of silvery gray fur, and may have a slightly ovine cast to the face. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Detect Lie 3/day.
  • Strength (self only) 2/week.
  • Head Butt attack (requires 10' to charge, 1d10 damage).
  • Holy Fury (+1 to attack and damage when outraged by injustice).

Ba-Rykue tieflings most commonly possess grey (nearly-white to greyish black) skin, slightly glowing eyes, a stocky physicuqe, and a rather short stature. Other common traits include lightly-scale-dusted batlike wings (vestigial or functional), jagged fangs, and a higher-than-normal body temperature. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Heat/Chill Metal 2/day.
  • +1 to hit and damage with spears.
  • Immunity to nonmagical acid.

Barzu tieflings always have horns, even in the rare case of one being born to a non-bariaur. They have rough, dusky hides, snaggletoothed fangs, coarse, patchy hair (and coats, if appropriate), and malignant red eyes. They almost never possess horns, and when they do, the end result are never anything better than nubbins on the forehead. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Triple damage of an attack 1/day.

Echideneco tieflings tend to exhibit snakelike traits, such as a serpentine tail or two, a serpentine lower body, a weirdly boneless flexibility, multiple arms, or multiple tentacles sprouting from their back or shoulders. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Poison Touch (1d3 damage, save vs. poison for 1/2 damage) 3/day.
  • Acid Touch (1d3 damage, save vs. acid for 1/2 damage) 3/day.
  • Hooked tentacles that can be used as natural weapons (requires proficiency to attack with more than one at a time, 1d2+1 damage per hook).
  • Constriction attack that does 2d3 damage/round.

Jehorra tieflings are uniformly dead black in color, and may inherit deep purple eyes, chitinous skin, compound eyes, extra limbs (usually thin and insectile), an insectile face, or heavy arms which fold into wide, mantis-like blades. Their optional racial powers are:

  • +2 bonus to surprise checks.
  • Mantis arms (cause 1d4+1 damage per strike).
  • Secrete acid (1d3 damage on contact) for 1d6 rounds 1/day.
  • Hide in Shadows with a 40% chance of success.

Tanarriaur tieflings most commonly resemble a hooved individual with ruddy flesh, patchy hair (and pelt), and no horns (or branching antlelrs instead of horns), as you'd expect of the tanar'ri counterpart to the barzu tiefling. However, they often possess heavy, sloth-like claws in place of or supplementing hooves, and some even have similar claws on their hands. Their optional racial powers are:

  • Generate Fear 1/day.