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Planescape Survival Guide is a comic series by Travers "Swiftbow" Jordan set in the Scaneplape Campaign Setting that started in 2005 and is still ongoing as of 2020, with its latest issue #261 released on the 15th of June. In itself the comic does not present any remarkable qualities, but oh boy is it something to see survive for 15 fucking years.

The copyright for the comic has ran out in 2007 but better just go and read the original. This is a free wallpaper.

Why sould you even care[edit]

Planescape Survival Guide together with its author unite the worst aspects of fantasy roleplaying to make the best examples how not to:

  • Fantasy Roleplay
  • Behave on the Internet
  • Write comics
  • Draw comics
  • Draw anything, really

The comic, it stands as one of the firmest proof that practice is not a substitute for neither theory, nor talent.

Looking at how the comic has changed over the course of 15 years the only major differences that can be noticed when comparing the older issues to the new ones are aquired proficiency in the Photoshop's liquify tool and musculature firm enough to hold the mouse properly while tracing the lines.

Should you go to harrass Travers for it?[edit]

No. Please, don't. Yes, PSG might be desecrating the Planescape canon and strike one too many nerves at once, but it is not a magnum opus on the scale of Chris-Chan.

Instead, use this experience to compare and become better yourself. Reconsider your choises. Maybe you also have no artistic training and wanted to draw your campaign in a comic series after one neckbeard commended your delightful drawthread post? Think again.

Story Oddities[edit]

It is said that after reading each page there is a 5% chance of triggerring a vacuous grimoire, so read it at your own risk.

Why not have a sword as well

While not reading the comprehensive story some fun facts about the setting can be extracted:

  • The term "Planescape" most often relates only to Outlands
  • Sigil is a city on the inside of a cyllindrical ribbon with clear view of the Spire and its surroundings
  • Edges of the Outlands can be easily seen from anywhere in Sigil
  • The Lady is interacting with somebody besiders dabus
  • The Lady talks with her mouth (heresy)
  • The Lady enters the Labyrinth to talk to people (HERESY)
  • Spoiler: The Lady gets shot and dies (you lost me)
  • Elder Gods are just a heteresexual couple
  • A black hole that leads to Earth and the innevitable intervention of 'MURICAH
  • Yes, firearms, how can there be a homebrew dumpsterfire without firearms
  • A space shuttle crashing into the streets of Sigil (since it is a ribbon and not a torus and one can just fly in or out of The Cage).

Art Oddities[edit]

In 15 years the art style and direction did not change in the slightest besides going from black and white outline only pencil drawing, to later scanned retraced and colored with a painful amount of gradient and glow effects pencil drawing.

Besides that:

  • 90% of the text bubbles are written in Comic Sans MS. The rest 10% - in the Planescape heading font
  • 100% of female characters have an hourglass body and show off tits
  • 30% of the NPCs are just shittily redrawn versions of Tony's art for Sigil faction members from Planescape Campaign Setting, most of the poses, proportions and facial expressions remain the same standing out from the rest of the characters
  • 100% dynamic poses are done by redrawing the skeleton from a different art and can be easily spotted since other authentic panels only feature characters standing half-facing the viewer
  • Every background or texture that is too bothersome to draw is replaced by a photo
  • Travers admits showing the comics to his family before posting for his father to say that it is cringe and point out typos.

Meta Oddities[edit]

The only place other than this article and a couple of online comic ratings that contain any information about PSG is a tv tropes section written (most likely) entirely by Travers himself (because there is no way anyone else would recount every single trope used in the series). Besides PSG, Travers also hosts a couple other websites of his works and hobbies almost as odd as PSG:

  • Harry Potter Comics, made with photos of Lego
  • Startrek Comics, also made with Lego, of the same quality
  • A Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs, which trailer reveals Travers' acting and roleplaying is just as good as in PSG (it is great, go watch it).
  • A Forum, containing 12 topics by Travers with a sum total of 10 replies and about 2000-4000 views each.

The latter two websites feature Swiftbow, Travers' (most likely) fursona as a mascot.

Amoung other unfinished projects lacking attention (which is quite a common theme in his work) are a Star Wars prequel rewrite project and a D20 classless roleplaying system.