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It's like Russian Vostroyan roulette every time you shoot. You survive, you're awesome. You die, well, shit happens.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, beyond gas. It is a sea of ions, or charged particles exposed to so much energy, such as nuclear fusion or lightning, that the bind between electrons and protons become weakened and the electrons freely flow through the plasma as a current just like through a metal. Plasma emits truly heroic amounts of energy, both as heat and light, because the free electrons within the mass are frequently caught in the attractive pull of the nuclei, resulting in circular motion around the nuclei, which decelerates the electron, causing it to emit a photon in order to maintain conservation of energy (Bremsstrahlung emission). This means plasma is incredibly hot and incandescent, though unless it is optically dense (thick enough to reabsorb the vast majority of emitted photons), it cools rapidly. Seeing as it is a mass of charged particles, it is also highly susceptible to influence from electromagnetic fields. Plasma is the most common state of (regular) matter in the universe; this is because intergalactic space consists mostly of low-density plasma, and stars are giant balls of high-density plasma. Nuclear fusion requires hydrogen gas to be heated to the plasma state to overcome the Coulomb barrier between nuclei.

Plasma is produced by applying a very strong electromagnetic field to a gas, such as hydrogen. The plasma is then contained within an electromagnetic field, keeping it out of contact with the weapon's components which it would almost certainly damage. The tokamak, a prototype fusion reactor, exploits this by accelerating plasma in an intense electromagnetic torus until it becomes so pressurized, hot and fast enough that fusion is achieved, although the cost of power outweighed the possible electrical production benefits. In fantasy sci-fi, "plasma" weapons fire insubstantial ammunition that imparts extreme heat on impact, or just as with gauss weapons, plasma guns can be anything that sounds cool. Hard sci-fi plasma weapons come in types: "flamethrowers" or cannons that expel stored plasma, Fusion cannons, melta weapons where so much energy is expelled from a weapon that it turns the air outside into plasma, lightning guns such as Tesla coils, with a large pulse of energy sending a huge electrical charge that produces plasma conduits across the air, or Ion Cannon like the ones that GDI uses as its signature superweapon.

In the grim, dark, dark, horrible, grim, dark grimdark future of Warhammer 40,000, plasma weapons are a type of heavy weapon used by the Imperium, Chaos forces, the Tyranids, and the Tau. A few variants are also used by the Eldar and Dark Eldar. They operate by firing a bolt of superheated energy that's hot enough to melt virtually anything in proportion to its size (pistols and guns can take out heavies while cannons can take out super-heavies and titans), with its primary drawback being the massive amount of heat generated per shot. Imperial and Chaos players like to use plasma weaponry for its raw, balls-out power and point efficiency.

Plasma is the answer.png

Plasma technology is relatively rare in the Imperium as it is incredibly hard to produce and maintain properly in large quantities, and is thus scarce in both Imperial and Chaos forces. However, its power means that these forces use it every chance they get. The Tau are so advanced, their basic weapons are plasma-based. Because of their high firepower, plasma weapons are the go-to choice of most players when dealing with heavily-armored infantry such as Terminators or Tyranid Warriors.

There is also "blood plasma," which may be of interest to Vampire players, but the idea of a blood-plasma rifle is kinda gross, but can be made exceptionally awesome if done right such as sucking the life force of an individual. Pus-rifles on the other hand? Ew.

Imperial/Chaos Plasma Weapons[edit]

Imperial and Chaos plasma weapons are powerful and point-efficient. They are easily capable of taking out light and medium tanks without the need to flank and target rear armour, can go through any infantry armor and are rapid-firing. However, Imperial/Chaos players aren't terribly fond of plasma weapons due to the "Gets Hot" rule. The overheating issue is probably caused by unreliable electromagnetic field generators failing to properly contain the plasma, or perhaps that the plasma is several thousand kelvin and can easily melt the operator's face off in the event the weapon needs to vent excess heat.

According to the fluff, Imperial plasma weapons are extremely rare and most are at least a few centuries old. This is due to the difficulty in mass-producing plasma weapons on any forgeworld other than Ryza, whose hat is that they plasma the shit out of everything, and the difficulty in properly maintaining/using the plasma weapon in light of the massive amounts of heat it gives off.

However, since ALL Space Marine Chapters, many Imperial Guard Regiments, and even underhive gangs seem to have access to them, this admonition comes across a little flat. They might just be extremely expensive and the Adeptus Mechanicus just says that they are "relics" so people will take better care of them. The official reason seems to be they're "rare" in terms of numbers, a million Plasma guns being made per year would be "small" compared to billions of lasguns made per year. Fact: the Adeptus Mechanicus does have plasma weapon patterns that don't overheat but boggarts them as usual with the good shit. Seriously, even their Skitarii forces have to deal with Gets Hot. Then again, given how frequent Imperial forces turn traitor from Marine chapters to Imperial regiments, taking whatever post-heresy tech they had with them; the Mechanicus is understandably paranoid about how and what they share tech like this with their allies (or more specifically, how they refuse to share) since their allies are notoriously unreliable and volatile and their main enemy is a malevolent bunch of crazies who're more than happy to reverse-engineer and mass-produce their venerable machines with reckless abandon.

Note that before 3rd Edition 40k there was a split between good guy/bad guy plasma technology, with the Imperium having safer MkII plasma weapons that required recharging between firing, but Chaos having the older MkI plasma weapons: bulkier and covered in pipes, able to spit out up to three shots per turn compared with the MkII's one every other turn, but with the chance of overloading and leading you to roll on a random table to see whether it just get hot, vents plasma over the bearer or blows up and takes out everyone in the squad. Even Dreadnoughts were not immune to this, with the MkI Heavy Plasma gun able to spit out three smaller (coin sized) blast markers but run the risk of the weapon taking out the arm and possibly the entire vehicle. When the ludicrous amounts of bookkeeping were scrubbed for 3rd Edition, the recharging mechanic was removed along with the stacks of counters, and all plasma weapons developed the Gets Hot rule as below, playing into that edition's general theme of larger armies with more expendable and easy to kill models.

Plasma Gun[edit]

The standard, rifle-sized plasma weapon, capable of a range and rate of fire similar to boltguns and Lasguns, with a Strength value of 7 and an AP of 2.

Stats: S7|AP2|24"|Rapid fire

Plasma Pistol[edit]

The smallest weapon in the family, retaining the incredible power of the Plasma gun, but with a decreased range and rate of fire. As a pistol it also counts as a Close-combat weapon.

Stats: S7|AP2|12"|Pistol

Logically speaking the plasma pistol should be the safest of the bunch since the gun is held away from your body when firing instead of held up to your face while you look down the sights. Even if the gun melted down your likely to lose your hand but unless it explosively ruptured with the force of a grenade it is unlikely for you to lose something critical.

Plasma Blaster[edit]

Preheresy relic plasma weapon, that looks like a double barreled plasma gun. In 30K it was used as terminator and dreadnought weapon, but in 40k it only could be found on extremely rare Contemptor pattern dreadnoughts, and now the relic Tartaros terminators.

Stats: S7|AP2|18"|Assault 2

Plasma Caliver[edit]

An enhanced version of a standard Imperial plasma gun with a backpack power supply, the Plasma Caliver trades range and reliability for an increased rate of fire. These are exclusively used by the expendable Skitarii of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This is fitting, as this gun has a 21% chance of killing you every time you pull the trigger. This risk is somewhat mitigated when these weapons are used under the care of an Alpha Primus or whilst using a Doctrina Imperative to bump BS up above 5, and more reliable versions are often seen in a Mechanicus War Convocation.

Stats: S7|AP2|18"|Assault 3

Phased Plasma Fusil[edit]

The 30k Mechanicum's favorite weapon in a 40 watt range, the Phased Plasma Fusil is tremendously effective against Marines as you might expect. One of the few plasma weapons that don't Get Hot at all, it's typically treated as an Assault 3 weapon because most troops equipped with this one are Relentless for some reason or other. Extremely solid choice to increase the fire rate of Thallaxii or to make a death star of Myrmidons roll up in a Triaros and start tearing into Marines with 2 of these fusils each.

Stats: S6|AP3|24"|Salvo 2/3

Plasma Cannon[edit]

The largest man-portable plasma weapon, only used among infantry by Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, and available as sponson mounts for the Leman Russ Battle Tank. Again, is exactly the same power and armour penetration as the Plasma Gun, AND a lower rate of fire, but rather than firing quick 'pulses' of plasma, fires a charged bolt that, on contact with a solid surface, explodes with a blast of searing deadly plasma. Deathwing Terminators get to take up to two of them per squad. Which is a way smarter idea then just giving them to Space Marines in Power armor.

Stats: S7|AP2|36"|Heavy 1, Blast

Plasma Destroyer[edit]

This weapon is only seen on the 'Executioner' variants of the Leman Russ Battle Tank and Predator Tank, and like the Plasma Cannon, it fires explosive bolts, but in bursts of three at a time thanks to larger capacitors and cooling systems. Unless you go by Dawn of War II: Retribution, then the Executioner fires a lot, very quickly. It's also sometimes referred to as simply the 'Executioner Plasma Cannon'.

Stats: S7|AP2|36"|Heavy 3, Blast

Plasma Blastgun[edit]

The first super-heavy Plasma weapon, found as a Primary weapon on the 'Stormblade' class super-heavy battle tank, and an arm-mounted weapon on the Warhound Scout Titan. Featured as a carapace weapon on Reaver, Warlord and Imperator Battle Titans. An even smaller Omega variant is mounted on the Macharius Heavy Tank for those times when you need to flash-fry entire enemy platoons but can't be bothered to field a Titan. This Plasma weapon features two different firing options: the first is a charged shot with an enormous blast range and apocalyptic power, while the second is a burst of several shots that bathes a slightly smaller, but more flexible area in less powerful (though still devastating) plasma.

Stats: (Charged) S10|AP2|120"|Ordnance 1, 10" Blast
Stats: (Rapid) S8|AP2|96"|Ordnance 2, 7" Blast

Plasma Destructor[edit]

The middle child of the super-heavy Plasma weapons, it is most commonly found on the Warlord Battle Titan. Like its brothers it has two firing modes, the Rapid mode that lays down several smaller blast templates or the Charged mode that has longer range, deals more damage and uses the larger templates.

Stats (Charged) S10|AP2|96"|Ordnance 2, 10" blast
Stats (Rapid) S8|AP2|72"|Ordnance3, 7" blast

Plasma Annihilator[edit]

The largest land based plasma weapon in existence, only seen on the arm mounts of the terrifying walking cathedrals that are the 'Imperator' Battle Titans. Capable of wiping out entire armies in a single salvo, the Plasma Annihilator has 2 different firing modes, which are essentially the same as the Plasma Blastgun, but at a tripled (!) rate of fire.

Stats (Charged) S10|AP2|120"|Ordnance 3, 10" Blast
Stats (Rapid) S8|AP2|96"|Ordnance 6, 7" Blast

Plasma Obliterator[edit]

This weapon is only seen on the Plasma Obliterator fortification, being a new tool in the marine killer's box. The vengeance weapons battery can't take building upgrades despite this, indicating once again that games workshop can't write but will charge 35-50$ despite having a cheap editor. Regardless, the turn it does get to fire will ruin the day of any transports, walkers, and infantry. Can also be trolled if firing automatically by standing close to the enemy or the fortification.

Stats: S7|AP2|72"|Primary 1, Massive Blast

A Small Notice to all Devou/tg/uardsmen on Plasma Weaponry[edit]

Due to a recent modeling discrepancy with man-portable Imperial plasma weaponry (and GW making the errors canon), two things need to be said:

First, the Plasma Pistol, Gun, and Cannon only have one barrel. The bottom "barrel" is actually the access port to the main accelerator coil of the weapon. The accelerator coil is a ferromagnetic electromagnet, and thus loses magnetic potency as its molecules shift due to the powerful charges and pulses it experiences. This means it wears out with frequency, and needs to be replaced every so often, or at least often enough for the designers to add an access hatch.

Second, handheld plasma weaponry has a very small opening for the plasma to escape from. The large space that everybody seems so fond of drilling out to make an enormous-caliber barrel is in fact a magnetic plate shaped like a parabolic dish. The actual barrel hole, inside that plate, is small enough to get drilled with an in-universe pin vice(!) so you can see why no one tries to mould it (soft sci-fi weaponry is SRS BZNESS!) This is because the plasma, when it is being charged, is compressed to what is almost a dense gas in order to increase heat retention. The tiny plasma reactor within the weapon is breached for a quick moment, and the spill is immediately drawn along the length and through a narrow tube in a large, ferrometalic block. The block is supercooled to avoid catastrophic burnout, but it is mainly a focusing and directing mechanism. Through the tiny pinhole runs the plasma charge, but it does not touch the sides due to the block's strong magnetic field. When it reaches the muzzle, it is going so fast and is under so much pressure that the parabolic disk shape is necessary in order to focus the plasma as it nearly explodes out of the barrel. The disk face is also magnetized to avoid touching the plasma. The one exception to this is the latest Pattern of Plasma Cannon, which borrows design elements heavily from the Mars-pattern Plasma Destroyer mounted upon the Leman Russ Executioner. It should be noted that all Mars Pattern vehicle-mounted plasma weapons use the "newer" huge-caliber devices, while Ryza Patterns use the pinhole-barrel devices. This can be seen in the Mars-pattern Plasma Blastguns, and conversely on the Ryza-pattern Plasma Annihilator mounted on the Emperor-class Titan. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Ryza plasma technology does not overheat nearly as easily as Mars-pattern plasma tech?

Gets Hot[edit]

This is basically the ONE downside of plasma weapons. They have a chance to overheat to the point where it explodes in the user's face. If any of a plasma weapon's shooting dice come up 1, the model has to make a save (armor or invulnerable) or take a wound. To multi-wound models, this is a noticeable dent, and to most models, which only have one wound, it's potentially deadly. Vehicles were immune to this rule until 6th Edition; with the advent of Hull Points, they now lose one Hull Point unless they save on a 4+.

Still, a lot of players aren't really concerned with this because of the simple fact that plasma is one of the most easily-accessible anti-armor weapons there is to IG, SM, and CSM players. Besides, it's not like you're rolling a 1 every turn, right? In any event, if your plasma gunner(s) are power armored, you won't care. If they are guardsmen, you have reserves so, again, you won't care.

It's a common belief that when a plasma weapon gets hot it always explodes and like many common beliefs, it's totally wrong. What happens most of the time is that gun becomes too hot to hold and, if not dropped, burns the skin of the soldier's hands and potentially boils the hands themselves if the soldier in question is too brave/stubborn/stupid/scared to continue holding it. Remember, a "casualty" just means you can't fight anymore, not that you're dead. Sometimes, a blast of steam might burst from the weapon's cooling coils, melting the soldier's face and burning his throat and lungs. A capacitor or two might melt, launching a pretty deadly lightning bolt into the closest conductor (the weapon's wielder, most of the time). And really, really, rarely, the gun will literally explode, but this mostly happens if the weapon is damaged in combat or still firing despite numerous overheats. In the case of Space Marines, whose resilience and armor allow them to mostly ignore the "usual" overheats) - that kind of overheat is actually very deadly and is pretty much guaranteed to vaporize a Marine AND cripple/kill his nearest buddies, although it's not represented on the table top.

Weapons of the Imperium of Man
Sidearms: Autopistol - Bolt Pistol - Hand Flamer - Grav-pistol - Hellpistol
Inferno Pistol - Laspistol - Plasma Pistol - Stub Pistol - Volkite Serpenta
Basic Weapons: Autogun - Bolter - Hellgun - Lasgun - Shotgun - Storm Bolter - Stubber
Special Weapons: Combi-weapon - Conversion Beamer - Flamer - Grav-gun
Grenade Launcher - Meltagun - Plasma Gun - Sniper Rifle - Volkite Charger
Heavy Weapons: Autocannon - Grav-cannon - Heavy Bolter - Heavy Flamer
Heavy Stubber - Lascannon - Missile Launcher - Mortar - Multi-Melta
Multi-laser - Plasma Cannon - Volkite Caliver - Volkite Culverin
Battle Cannon - Baneblade Cannon - Conqueror Cannon - Demolisher Cannon
Hellhammer Cannon - Hydra Autocannon - Magma Cannon - Nova Cannon
Punisher Gatling Cannon - Quake Cannon - Stormshard Mortar - Stormsword Cannon
Tremor Cannon - Vanquisher Cannon - Volcano Cannon - Volkite Carronade
Artillery: Colossus Siege Mortar - Deathstrike Missile - Earthshaker Cannon
Griffon Heavy Mortar - Manticore Missile - Medusa Siege Cannon
Apocalypse Missile Launcher - Doomstrike Missile Launcher - Gatling Blaster
Hellstorm Cannon - Inferno Gun - Laser Blaster - Macro Cannon - Melta Cannon
Plasma Annihilator - Plasma Blastgun - Plasma Destructor - Plasma Obliterator
Turbo-Laser Destructor - Vengeance Cannon - Vortex Missile - Vulcan Mega-Bolter
Melee Weapons Chainweapons - Power Weapons - Force Weapons

Tau Plasma Weapons[edit]

The Tau make extensive use of Plasma technology. In fact, almost all of their weapons are plasma-based in one form or another.

Plasma Weapons[edit]

Tau plasma weapons generally shoot the same globes of magnetically- shielded overheated plasma as imperial ones, but do not suffer from the "Gets Hot" rule as they are less powerful than Imperial models and are somewhat lighter. Unlike imperial plasma weapons Tau ones only rely on energy to fire, rather than a combination of energy supply and chemical fuel.

Plasma Rifle[edit]

This is the good stuff. Has exactly the same stats as an Imperial Plasma Gun (minus one Strength point) but doesn't Get Hot. Battlesuits are the only things that can take these, although the Earth caste recently sent some experimental plasma-wielding Pirahnas to field testing on Taros.

Tau Plasma Cannon[edit]

Forge World produces a turret for the Hammerhead Gunship that lets it mount a twin-linked Plasma Cannon instead of a railgun or ion cannon. Unlike imperial Plasma Cannons, it does not cover the small area with a plasma blast, rather fires in bursts, whuch means it's more suited for vaporizing singular big targets rather than groups of heavy infantry stupid enough to clump up.

Pulse Weapons[edit]

Most Tau plasma weapons are "pulse weapons," which shoot a particle that super heats the air in its immediate vicinity due to its extreme level of excitement. Unlike what many people think, it does not fire plasma. It shoots individual, energized particles. The same thing as a Disruptor Macrocannon except in fires a single particle instead of a shell of particles. The glow is from the particle hitting the air, effectively turning it into plasma. Pulse weapons are as much of a "basic" weapons as shuriken weapons are basic eldar guns, or bolt weapons are basic non-cannon fodder Imperium guns, but they are superior to both in terms of power and effective range, with only ballancing point being they are mounted on rather human-like Fire Warriors.

Pulse Rifle[edit]

The Pulse Rifle is the basic firearm used by Fire Warrior squads, and occasionally Gue'vesa and Kroot who earn the trust of their Tau comrades. In terms of crunch, these things have better range and power than lasguns and even regular bolters. The fluff tends to respect this too, and the first Ravenor novel mentions a Guardsman who (rightly) ditched his own weapon in favor of a scavenged pulse rifle. Whilst they can fire on automatic, they aren't good at it and users are expected to pick and choose their shots rather than fill the air with energy rounds. The increased range appears to be due in part to a built-in gyrostabilizer -- that little circle gizmo at the end of the barrel (at least, according to Fantasy Flight Games' Rogue Trader RPG).

Pulse Carbine[edit]

Basically a pulse rifle with shorter barrel, slightly higher full-auto fire range but no single shot long range mode. These usually come equipped with a photon grenade launcher to pin down enemy infantry and markerlights and are given to scouts and bodyguards, or attached to drones. You can choose to give these to your Fire Warriors for free, which is now actually not a bad choice for Devilfish squad.

Longshot Pulse Rifle[edit]

A long-barreled variant of the Pulse rifle that can be used as a sniper rifle. Fairly standard as far as sniper rifles go except they have a greater ratio of fire (read: Rapid Fire type) and usually built in the called Sniper drones.

Pulse Blaster[edit]

The newest Pulse tool for the Fire Caste to play with, it resembles nothing more than an Over-Under Shotgun Married to an Assault Rifle; with the same rate of fire as the Pulse Carbine (Assault 2) this is the Tau's answer to Close Quarters combat, acting as a Pulse Scattergun that grows more powerful the closer the target is, at its longest range it won't even put a dent in Ork or Kroot armour (S:4 AP-), while at point blank range it'll tear through a Space Marine's armour and the Space Marine inside (S:6, AP3), although currently it's only seen on the Tau Fire Caste Breacher Teams.

Pulse Pistol[edit]

Predictably, a pistol-sized pulse weapon. The only time you'll see one of these on the board is if a battlesuit equips an ejection system and the pilot bails out (5th edition) or on a Sniper Drone spotter (6th edition). Hilariously, this thing manages to retain the same shot-for-shot power as a full-sized pulse rifle.

Burst Cannon[edit]

Essentially a pulse minigun. These things are on EVERYTHING; stealthsuits, battlesuits, every single Tau vehicle, and if you include Forge World models, aircraft and drones too.

High Output Burst Cannon[edit]

Found only on the XV 8-06 Coldstar Commander Suit, this weapon is the middle step between a regular Burst Cannon & the Heavy Burst Cannon, with Assault 6 & Twin-Linked, it was obviously designed as a Strafing Weapon for the airborne suit but the number of shots it puts out wouldn't do too badly against light fliers so long as you can get their RAV.

Long Barrelled Burst Cannon[edit]

It's in the name - a Burst Cannon with longer barrels, and thusly increased effective firing range. It also has a much higher firing rate due to being mounted mostly on aircraft or tanks whose reactors can muster more energy than your average battlesuit or speeder.

Heavy Burst Cannon[edit]

The biggest and the most powerful weapon from the Burst Cannon line, it can only be found on the Riptide battlesuit so far, it fires more powerful rounds (S6 AP4) at the same rate of fire and range as the LB one, and can be overcharged with the Nova reactor to double it's firing rate and gain Rending at the cost of overheating and potentially damaging the suit.

Pulse Bomb[edit]

Created by the Pulse Bomb Generators fielded on Sun Shark Bombers.

Pulse Submunition Rifle[edit]

Another "shotgun" version of the pulse rifle, this one could be found on Hazard suits, and fires what could be described as a "pulse shrapnel" shot that explodes above enemy heads, covering quite a big area with cover-ignoring pulse shots, in a way similar to railgun submunition needle packs. While it does have a decent range, and killing power, the trade of for spreading shots is it's armour-piercing capabilities, as even the IG's Flak armour has a decent chance to hold pulse submunition shots. Nonetheless it has proven to be an awesome tools for clearing trenches and buildings from infantry, and wiping out tightly packed Ork and Tyranid hordes.

Pulse Submunition Cannon[edit]

Naturally, a bigger, badder SPR, found on R'Varna battlesuit, it fires considerably more powerful shot at considerably larger range, with a cluster effect, which means the bigger the target is, the harder it gets hit. While rifle's role is anti-infantry, the cannon's primary purpose is killing light to medium vehicles and monstrous creatures, and it's ridiculously good at it, especially against Tyranids, who tend to deploy their monsters in squads, where they can suffer from both huge blast range of the cannon and it's cluster effect.

Pulse Driver Cannon[edit]

XBAWXHUEG cannon, mounted on Stormsurge battlesuit, it goes way overboard with its firepower launching S10 AP2 pieplates with enough range to hit anywhere on the board, lest you play Apocalypse. And on top of that, as it's mounted on the top of a very high platform, meaning it would always have the high ground advantage.

Pulse Blastcannon[edit]

Pulse Blaster in a cannon form, only slightly smaller than the Driver, it shares the short range, rapid rate of fire and "goes stronger the closer the target is" shtick with it's smaller cousin, just turned up to eleven, with the "weakest" long range mode being S9, AP5 large blast, and the "strongest" being the almighty D.

Pulse Ordnance Multi-Driver[edit]

A set of three extra-long Pulse Drivers mounted on the back of the Ta'Unar supremacy armour. It can either fire in volleys that will reduce entire city blocks to dust with a ridiculously accurate bombardment, or concentrate the fire of all three Drivers into one ridiculously powerful titan-killing shot. Because no kill is better than overkill.

Ion Weapons[edit]

Ion weapons are not specifically called plasma guns, but seeing as how they shoot a stream of ions at their targets, they meet the scientific definition of "plasma". Fluff says it doesn't so much fire Plasma, but shoots a stream of Ionising particles that reduce what ever the stream hits to Plasma, kinda horrific if you think about it. Original Ion weapon technology they came from one of the Tau Empire member race known as Demiurge, but then Earth caste tinkered with it for a bit, and replaced the power source with a more compact one, that could be "overcharged" by removing it's radiation shielding - this results in weapon firing single powerful blast shots instead of a torrent of weaker ones, but also runs the risk of wounding the weapon operator or damaging his suit/vehicle with a burst of ionizing radiation from the power source. Opposite to pulse weapon, which started as small arms and then evolved in to bigger and bigger weapons, ion weapons started from the biggest of the big (spaceship cannons, analogues to imperial lances), and then went the way of minimizing down to vehicle weapons, to battlesuit weapons, and finally to compact rifles.

Ion Rifle[edit]

The aforementioned new power source allowed Earth caste engineers to create a tau-portable ion weapon. The resulting weapon combines the size of a pulse rifle and the firepower of an Imperial autocannon in one deadly package. Like it's big brother, the Ion Rifle can be overcharged for an S8 AР4 small blast, but in order to do so a soldier must expose the rifle's power source to air. This is not a good idea, considering said power source is highly radioactive. As a result, pathfinders, equipped with this weapon usually die from cancer, unless they get killed in action before (and considering the high risk of their job, there is a good chance they will).

Quad Ion Turret[edit]

Little more than four Ion Rifles duct-taped together, it is the main weapon of the Razorshark Strike Fighter. While it lacks the range and armour-piercing capability of the Ion Cannon, mounted on the Barracuda, it packs pretty much the same power per shot and even slightly higher rate of fire, and due to it's rather compact size it could be mounted on a 360° turret, making Razorshark an excellent AtG craft as opposed to more of a dogfighter of a Barrcacuda, which can only lay hate on groundpounders in strafing runs.

Cyclic Ion Blaster[edit]

Before the Ion Rifle was invented, Earth caste tried to apply Ion weapon technology to a weapon small enough to be carried by infantry or at least battlesuits - and the result of their research was a cyclic ion blaster, which fires very quick bursts at pretty much the same power as Ion Rifle, but has a considerably smaller effective range. The original design had a static block of four barrels firing in cycles, and the modern one, which uses new power source has a rotating 3-barrel block. For quite a while it was stuck in development hell as the Earth caste constantly worked to improve it and then re-worked it with a new power source, so the number of working models available to field personnel was rather scarce, but as of recent (999M41-recent, aka five minutes till advancing the storyline) it finally made it out of experimental stage and went to mass production. As of Damocles rematch it's one of the standard weapons of Crissis suits and is even available to the newest marks of Barracuda fighter.

Cyclic Ion Raker[edit]

This fancy new Ion Weapon is found on the fancy new XV95 Ghostkeel Suit, acting as an advanced version of the Cyclic Ion Blaster (and looking like a bigger version of it) that can be mounted on Crisis suits. Featuring one of the highest rates of fire of any Ion Weapon in it's normal firing mode (R 24",S:7, AP4, Assault 6) which can over charge to a devastated explosion of Ionising Radiation (R 24", S:8, AP4, Heavy 1, Large Blast, Gets Hot!)

Phased Ion Gun[edit]

Used in pairs by XV9 Battlesuits.

Ion Cannon[edit]

The default non-railgun weapon for Hammerheads, it's basically a long-range Plasma Destroyer with AP3, and the option for a large blast (making it arguably superior to a railgun). Due to new power source it could be overcharged for single S8 AP3 pie plate with gets hot, to rape some marines even more.

Ion Accelerator[edit]

Pretty much long-barreled double-barreled version of the Ion cannon, commonly used by Riptide battlesuits as their main weapon. While it does have two barrels, it does not have double rate of fire, nor does it count as twin-linked - both fire simultaneously, combining their streams to increase weapon's armour piercing capabilities (to AP2). The Nova reactor overcharge can empower it's overcharged blast shot even more, turning it into S9 and Ordnance, meaning it could rival the almighty Railgun it it's ability to bring down heavy armor.

Ionic Discharge Cannon[edit]

Pretty much the opposite of an Accelerator, compared Ionic Discharge Cannon, found on Y'Vahra battlesuit is little more than sawn-off Ion Cannon. Due to it's stub of a barrel it have one of the lowest effective ranges amongst Ion weapons, and is unable to use overcharge blast mode, but it's shots also have EMP effect as they ionize conducting surfaces they hit, making it extremely deadly against enemy vehicles at close range.

Tri-Axis Ion Cannon[edit]

The biggest of the big, save spaceship-mounted Ion Cannons, this triple-barreled Gatling Ion Cannon, mounted on Ta'Unar Supremacy Amour can fire either the unholy barrage of standard ion cannon shots, or slightly less rapid firing torrent of powered up shots that surprisingly for Ion technology aren't blasts, but single target tankbuting coherent beams that could rival imperial lascannons in their power.

Weapons of the Tau Empire
Basic Weapons: Ion Rifle - Kroot Rifle - Kroot Gun - Longshot Pulse Rifle - Neutron Blaster
Pulse Blaster - Pulse Carbine - Pulse Pistol - Pulse Rifle - Rail Rifle
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector - Burst Cannon - Cyclic Ion Blaster - Cyclic Ion Raker
Flamer - Fusion Blaster - Fusion Cascade - Fusion Collider - Heavy Burst Cannon
Heavy Rail Rifle - High Output Burst Cannon - Missile Pod - Phased Ion Gun - Plasma Rifle
Heavy Battlesuit
Heavy Burst Cannon - High-Yield Missile Pod - Ion Accelerator
Ionic Discharge Cannon - Phased Plasma Flamer - Pulse Submunitions Cannon
Ion Cannon - Plasma Cannon - Pulse Bomb - Quad Ion Turret
Railgun - Seeker Missile - Smart Missile System
Cluster Rocket System - Destroyer Missile - Fusion Eradicator - Heavy Rail Cannon Array
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Eldar Plasma Weapons[edit]

While limited as the Eldar prefer their more stable and accurate laser-based weaponry, they still make use of a few plasma-based weapons.


The Starcannon fires plasma bursts, and does so by firing many smaller pulses as opposed to single stronger ones. Starcannons are more accurate and infinitely more stable than their Imperial counterparts, and are typically seen mounted on Falcon and Wave Serpent grav-tanks as well as weapon platforms used by Guardian squads.


The souped-up version of the Starcannon above, with more oomph. Identical in pretty much every way except that it dispenses pie plates instead of ho-hum boring-old hits. These nasties are found mounted on the extra-large Wraithknights.

Plasma Grenade[edit]

Plasma grenades are basically plasma in grenade form. They're a small but deadly time-delayed explosive device that releases a plasma-based explosion after a short amount of time, much like the Imperium's frag grenades. Despite their description and obvious anti-everything application, TT-wise they allow Eldar assault forces to ignore the attack initiative their targets get when they're in cover and can be thrown/attacked with in combat like other grenades. Since units with these are generally armed with guns with ridiculously short range anyway, this could be called synergy.

Disintegrator Cannon[edit]

Plasma weapons are often described as striking with the force of a sun. Because of the pathological need of the Dark Eldar to make everything dark and edgy, their Disintegrator Cannons are powered by a particle of matter of a stolen sun. So yes, not only can they steal entire stars and proceed to weaponise them, they do so at the cost of the sheer power that the Imperial designed weapons have. The plus side is that these weapons do not overheat, fire faster than any comparable design and still strike with enough force to vaporise a Space Marine.

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Ork Plasma Weapons[edit]

The Orks have only one plasma weapon, but that's all they need. It comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Kustom Mega-Blasta[edit]

A while back, some random Mek took a plasma gun from some dead Imperial and thought to himself "We needs us sum ov dese." Today when they need something to kill all those pesky MEQs and TEQs, Mekboys can carry a S8 AP2 Assault 1 plasma slinger. It can also be mounted on Grot vehicles. Unfortunately, due to most Orks' shitty armor saves combined with Gets Hot, the second option is more common.

Kustom Mega-Blastas do not always have to fire plasma, although they are used in a tactically identical manner. Kustom Mega-Blastas could be Microwave lasers, lightning guns, linear accelerators, or even micro-wormhole generators! Modeling on a GW-produced Big Mek with Kustom Mega-Blasta (that sold like spoiled cheese) showed the Blasta in question to be a bulky pistol with an ammo feed, so a fast-firing pulse-weapon is not out of the question either. Either way, plasma is a common variant, and Orks just make and do whatever they want.

Tyranid Plasma Weapons[edit]

The Tyranids makes use of "Bio-Plasma", which they vomit out through their mouths. To do so, a Tyranid with this ability regurgitates an unstable series of chemicals from its innards, which it then spews from its mouth, ignited using electrical impulses along the Tyranid's throat - much in the same way that a Venom Cannon works. Once launched, the glob of biochemicals go off in an incandescent explosion of plasma. Because it does not burn while inside the creature it will not overheat inside its user, negating any heat related issues. It's not terribly popular as far as upgrades go since players in general prefer Venom Cannons, which are both safer and longer-ranged for their anti-armor purposes, though Bio-Plasma can prove useful against heavily-armored infantry.

The Exocrine is a Tyranid creature that comes equipped with a huge Bio-Plasma Cannon which can fire either a stream of the stuff to hit several targets or a great ball of it to cover a small area with Marine-melting goop.

A Weapon that Beats Spess Mehreens? NEVAR!![edit]

WardSymbol.pngThis article or section involves Matthew Ward, Spiritual Liege, who is universally-reviled on /tg/. Because this article or section covers Ward's copious amounts of derp and rage, fans of the 40K series are advised that if they proceed onward, they will see fluff and crunch violation of a level rarely seen.

When you have a weapon that's good at killing Marines, it's only a matter of time before you draw the ire of the spiritual liege. Infuriated that there were units in the 41st Millennium which actually had the firepower and weaponry to pop asshole units like Terminators, Matt decided it would be a lovely idea to give the Grey Knights a piece of Wargear for the Ordos Xenos inquisitor that functionally renders any unit using a Plasma weapon within 12" of that unit completely worthless, as its plasma weaponry is treated as BS1. The Ulumeathi Plasma Syphon is supposedly hindered by its short range, but in practice, /tg/ has found it quite easy to get the Inquisitor carrying it into the enemy's midst (often with allied units protecting it) in order to keep high-threat units like nests of Fire Warriors or a Leman Russ Executioner completely locked down. It's particularly nasty against Chaos (which as a rule lacks high-AP weapons except for the Vindicator's Demolisher Cannon and Plasma Weaponry) and Tau, who rely extensively on plasma weapons as described above. Apparently Ward forgot that there is a difference between fluff making Marines unstoppable juggernauts and actually making them that way on the tabletop. 6th Edition ameliorated this somewhat with the advent of the Inquisition Codex giving more Imperial Armies (and a handful of xenos armies as well) access to this broken tool and making the thing only affect Plasma weapons as described in the BRB, thus giving the Tau a fighting chance. Everyone else (Chaos as a whole, basically), though, is still right fucked.

Fuck you, Matt Ward.

But still grav-guns.