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And for my next trick, I will pull out a Plasma Destructor-worth of Dakka out of my ass!

Plasmancers are a sub-class of Necron Crypteks, who, as their name implies, delve in high-octane plasma. They are by far the most offensive drive and bloodthirsty of the Necron Priesthood. Whilst most Crypteks sit from behind, advising their Lords and supporting the troops, these guys say fuck that noise and goes straight in on tearing assholes a new one.


Officially called the Harbingers of Destruction, Plasmancers are masters of raw energy and can shoot devastating blasts of furious energy and pulses of light that illuminate the entire battlefield from their Eldritch Lances in battle. Their gaze of flickering witch-fire falters the onset of even the bravest attacker.

This ominous title is well earned, as it happens. A Plasmancer is also a master in the art of weaponising the hypertechnology of the Necrons, and the plasmic lance its bears – equally deadly at range as it is in melee – is a fine example of its skills given form. Floaty and frail-looking? Yes. Super deadly at every distance? Also yes.

They are supported and defended by a squad of Cryptothralls.


The variant of the Cryptek from Indomitus. This robo-wizard is the explosionmancer of the crypteks, tossing out a fair number of mortal wounds that can't be Deny-The-Witch'd. The Plasmancer now has the chance to deal a MW to all enemy units within 6" on a 4+ during the Fight phase, which can irritate. After moving, you get the chance to deal up to 3 MWs on the closest enemy unit within 24". Also, has a staff that shoots light anti-tank blasts.

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