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The usual experience of someone going into /pol/ thinking they'd find actual political discussion.

"Gas the kikes! Race war now!"

– /pol/'s battlecry

"Gentlemen, I had a vision of the future. One day because we won this war, a man called Adolf Hitler will take power and he will make a lot of people angry about the Jewry. And also romani. And also the blacks. And the non-whites. Except for the Japanese, they're honorary Aryans, I guess. Also there will be a website called 4chan.org, and there will be a board called /pol/, and it will just be about what I have described. Its kind of a one-trick-pony, except the pony is retarded."

The Fresh Sorcerer's accurate summary of /pol/

Skub's OTHER final form, and the polar opposite of SJW.

/pol/ is 4chan's "Politically Incorrect" board, nowadays mostly used for containing neo-nazis, alt-righters, ancaps, edgy contrarians, leftyfags, and other colorful characters who rant on Jews, black people, women, Marxists, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, and every variety of white depending on the time of day. This also entails dumb shit such as long passionate debates on whether Slavic or Southern European people count as white, or complaints about Jews causing everything from financial crises to World Wars to hurting your toe on a table leg (the phrase "Baton Roue" might come to mind).

If you ask /pol/, they'll claim to be the best and most enlightened board that can see through the lies of society, while everyone from the other boards will call their userbase arguably the most obnoxious and cancerous board on the whole site (aside from /mlp/ anyway).

People who frequent /pol/ usually refer to themselves as /pol/lacks, but much more terms have been used to describe them by people outside of /pol/ such as /pol/io, /pol/luters, /pol/tards, /pol/yps, tad/pol/es, /pol/esmokers, and /pol/tergeists. The recently coined-term "alt-right" has quickly become for the right what the term SJW is for the left. On that note, some SJWs and /pol/acks aren't above having similar fundamental attitudes towards both their ideology and people who don't agree with it. Additionally, QAnon started there. No, seriously.[1].

/pol/ has been behind plenty of antics, from relatively "harmless" pranks such as "taking back pepe", He Will Not Divide Us, and the CNN meme wars, to more alarming behavior such as expressing support of the Christchurch mosque shootings (its 8chan counterpart inspired that, but the ones here aren't doing anyone any favors) and making threads where they laugh at people dying.

Containment Board

Pol leaves containment.png

/pol/ is meant to contain the population of stormweenies (named for Stormfront, a website that can be considered a precursor to /pol/, and whose community still overlaps with them) on 4chan. Pretty much everyone, including both Moot and most of /pol/ itself, has acknowledged this; Global Rule #3 was once 'Keep /pol/ in /pol/'. The rule has since been changed to a more general version saying not to post flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled-for catch phrases and other things that are unhelpful to a board, but since that's what /pol/ shitposting essentially IS, the rule is still the same in spirit. Several boards have a sticky at the front page telling people to keep politics in /pol/ as well.

Though /pol/ isn't the only containment board on 4chan, the other containment boards such as /mlp/ and /soc/ are considered to have better userbases - those users (mostly) have less volatile baggage and the sense to leave it on those boards. When they venture onto another board, they stay on topic and only occasionally derail threads or start inflammatory ones (complete with /tg/ deriving entertainment from it), but overall aren't nearly as insufferable in comparison.

Most attempts to curb /pol/, on the other hand, result in them spreading to other boards, where they will try to de-rail the threads on those boards to whatever political event that is galvanizing them and spreading around conspiracy theories. Whenever they are told to fuck off and quit derailing threads, they will change the subject, gaslight, and say whatever it takes to counter any arguments to the point of self-contradiction - in short, anything but backing down or even just going on the defense. This hasn't stopped the board from being deleted twice throughout their history, mind, but the inevitable spread forced it to be brought back both times. Even to this day, you'll still get threads here and there that fall victim to politically-based derailing.

/pol/ using Warhammer 40,000 as propaganda

"Suffer not the xenos to live!"

– Battle cry of the Deathwatch

One of the greatest headaches that /tg/ in particular has with /pol/ is the misuse of the grimdarkness and xenophobic policies of the Imperium of Man by /pol/'s Trump supporters, who apparently believe that he is quite possibly a modern day incarnation of The Emperor, (even though what with COVID-19 and all, they’re most certainly Nurgle cultists) and that the Western world should really become an IRL Imperium with zero tolerance against "Xenos" and "Cultural Marxists", with lots of conspiracy theories that Trump is fighting an endless battle against the "Ruinous Powers" of Liberalism supposedly led by George Soros. It's basically yet another "Jews secretly controlling the world" episode, in case you didn't notice a theme, on top of the usual boogeyman of "The All-Powerful Powerless Left" already invoked by many of the "cuckservatives" the alt-right railed against at their inception.

Initially, they "helped" him the only way they knew how: shitposting about anime girls, getting Pepe the Frog declared a hate symbol, and Momiji Inubashiri in MAGA hats. One of their most widespread propaganda involving 40k was the complete stereotyping of all Muslims as ultraviolent savages who reproduce by the thousands and have no other instinct than to kill, maim and pillage, Mexicans being cast an all-consuming swarm migrating to America to consume all of its resources, and that every single one of them should be subject to Exterminatus.

As if that wasn't insulting to all parties real and fictional, eventually they finally "invented" a shitty forced meme where they put Donald Trump's head on images of the great God-Emperor of Mankind. While some people found them funny, most found it annoying as it forced politics into something no one wanted politics in, and the Trump buzz started to fade anyway as those not already sufficiently indoctrinated realized that he was largely more of the same (if "uber-rich American politician claiming to be the champion of the poor" sounds familiar to you, anyway) promptly ensued.

The new wave of French elections around the same time brought a more horrific wave of shitposting, with Marine le Pen being photoshopped into Sister of Battle pictures. However, Le Pen lost the French election by a 30% margin, much to the chagrin of various /pol/tards. This was possibly compounded by the fact that Le Pen's campaign partly ran off the idea of a 'Frexit', only for Le Pen to abandon the entire idea post-election.

Aside from proving for the umpteenth time that relying on any kind of political figurehead for overall validation is a universally bad idea, it marked an overall shift in the board's culture from the most wildly out-there displays of cobbled-together theory and reactionary ideology to what most of the normies out there know "nu/pol/" as now: those who fit the typical hardline MAGApede profile merged with and eventually became nigh-indistinguishable from the rest of the board and (as indicated above) may have paved the way for the rise of QAnons who have bought fully into the narrative of Emperor Trump saving the world from the grasp of a "satanic pedophilic elite". And while they ignore that their evil "call" may be coming from inside the house, other Anons - as in those Anons - are resurfacing, and have these saps on their radar.

While the old ideological makeup hasn't been completely phased out, most of this nu/pol/ lacks the "hardening" experiences that shaped the channers of old and any maturity they may have gained in the years since. The result? An ironic twist that would turn Tzeentch Nurglite-green with envy - /pol/ may steadily be turning into one of the most bitchmade, normie-infested boards on the entire site, as evidenced by the earlier defeat of Le Pen and the God-Emperor Trump meme now being put to the flames once and for all after losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden, and even earlier with r/The Donald rushing to 4chan as their alternative after their subreddit got nuked.

Given 40k had its start as a satire of dystopian fiction and a bitter, ironic reflection of right-wing 80s Britain (see also: Rogue Trader), other right-wingers latching onto 40k-memery as a vehicle for demagoguery, propaganda and appeals to emotion, and further conflating it with modern politics is perhaps a horrendous schadenfreudish circle finally come complete. Without the original context, they see nothing more than an unironic heroic fantasy that validates their beliefs - beliefs that constitute just what the series mocked.

To summarize, many in /tg/ find this specific inclusion of real-world politics in our 40k to be a sad, idiotic and pathetic phenomenon that should be punished by summary SAGE'ing, and as such expect non-sympathetic posters to react accordingly.


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