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Ponyfinder is an adaptation of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules to use the characters and challenges seen in the "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" television show.

The Ponyfinder setting proper is now a fully-fledged indie spin-off to Pathfinder, with a corebook out and capable of being bought as a legitimate hardcover book, an announced Griffons racial sourcebook, and some odds and ends as PDFs on DriveThruRPG. Thus proving the close kinship between bronies and furries.


The default setting of Ponyfinder is a world called "Everglow". Styled after the MLP homeland of Equestria, it is described as a world particularly close to the elemental planes, resulting in an abundance of fey races - all of the "not!Equestrian" races are Fey. The assumption is that the players will adventure during "the Present", when ponies rule the known world under the reign of the first Alcorn (and possible Greater Daemon of Slaanesh), Queen Iliana, with regular humanoid races existing more on the margins. Notes are also provided for pre-Empire, dying Empire and post-Empire play as well.


Obviously, the big race of the setting is "Ponykind", which takes full advantage of Pathfinder's system for racial variants to allow for a variety of tribes and sub-tribes(Like Gem or Sea Ponies). Other races include "Cloven"(Goats), Griffons, "Sun Cats" (arrogant sun-worshipping lions), "Phoenix Wolves" (redeemed-to-Neutral former hellhounds), "Purrsians" (winged cats who are all greedy, gem- and- treasure-obsessed jerks, most commonly merchants), Flutterponies, "Steelhearts" (basically Warforged in Pony shape and the laziest idea in the whole corebook) and Pony Satyrs (from a web-splat; monstergirl-style human/pony halfbreeds born from... well, a human fucking a pony(or a cat)).


The gods of the setting are pretty much what you'd expect; expies of Princesses Celestia/Luna/Twilight Sparkle, a Discord expy, a Nightmare Moon expy, a Queen Chrysalis expy, a Lauren Faust shout-out, and a "Nightmare Sun" goddess. A web-splat added two setting-unique gods, the Love Goddess Lashtada and the Death Goddess Soft Whisper.'

Racial Pages[edit]

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Earth Ponies racial traits (missing page)
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Villain Conversion[edit]

There was an idea to convert the villains from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into D&D-analogous villains. This is a temporary location for this fluff, it may be moved to a separate page later.


An all-consuming swarm that can only be defeated by playing a complicated song. A bard and multiple musical instruments are required, but the only bard available in town may need convincing, and the musical instruments may require finding.

Princess Luna[edit]

A temporally-displaced Lawful Neutral sorceress who led a nation to glory by means of blood, sweat, and tears. She rode out into battle one day and never returned, but her legacy lived on. A thousand years later, her name has passed into forgotten myth, and her contemporaries have risen into godhood or legend.

She returns a thousand years later to find her queendom is in a pitiably weak state. She seeks about to rebuild it, but much has changed in that time: the methods that served her well in the chaos of the past are now reserved for the villainous. Would be Mary Sue, but then the archaicsm kicks in.