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Ponyfinder is a roleplaying game based in characterization and theme upon the "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" television show. Initially created as a 3rd party setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game mechanics, it slowly grew over time to include mechanical support for Starfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and in fact currently seeks to produce material that is mechanically supported by all four games simultaneously.

Amazingly, this idea proved so popular that it's now a gameline in its own right, with around a dozen different print-on-demand splatbooks and even more PDF-only ones available on DriveThruRPG. Thus proving the close kinship between bronies and furries.


The default setting of Ponyfinder is a world called "Everglow". Styled after the MLP homeland of Equestria, it is described as a world particularly close to the elemental planes, resulting in an abundance of fey races - all of the "not!Equestrian" races are Fey. The assumption is that the players will adventure during "the Present", when ponies rule the known world under the reign of the first Alcorn (and possible Greater Daemon of Slaanesh), Queen Iliana, with regular humanoid races existing more on the margins. Notes are also provided for pre-Empire, dying Empire and post-Empire play as well.


Obviously, the big race of the setting is "Ponykind", which takes full advantage of Pathfinder's system for racial variants to allow for a variety of tribes and sub-tribes(Like Gem or Sea Ponies). Other races include "Cloven"(Goats), Griffons, "Sun Cats" (arrogant sun-worshipping lions), "Phoenix Wolves" (redeemed-to-Neutral former hellhounds), "Purrsians" (winged cats who are all greedy, gem- and- treasure-obsessed jerks, most commonly merchants), Flutterponies, "Steelhearts" (basically Warforged in Pony shape and the laziest idea in the whole corebook) and Pony Satyrs (from a web-splat; monstergirl-style human/pony halfbreeds born from... well, a human fucking a pony(or a cat)).

In fact, a complete list of races-by-source consists of:

  • Pony: Your basic My Little Pony protagonist. Debuts in the corebook, with an expanded array of subraces debuting in Tribes of Everglow. Actually divides its subraces into "true" subraces - physically distinct variations - and "spiritual paths", representing micro-templates that can be applied to any of the subraces. For example, you can be a giant Antean Earth-Bound, sparking Gem Pegasus or mechanical Clockwork Unicorn.
    • Earth-Bound: Your basic Pony.
    • Unicorn: Magic-using horn-headed pony.
    • Pegasus: Winged flying pony.
    • Zebra: Stripy Earth-Bound with an affinity for alchemy.
    • Doppelganger: Shape-shifting ponies based on Changelings. One of the "Spiritual Path" strains.
    • Leatherwing: Bat-featured nocturnal versions of pegasi.
    • Tribe of Bones: An outcast clan of benevolent necromancers and ancestor-worshippers. One of the "Spiritual Path" strains.
    • Ghost Pony: Ponies who fled to the Ethereal Plane and adapted to live there, essentially a pony version of Ghost Elves.
    • Chaos Hunter: Ponies who have dedicated their lives to destroying Chaos in all its manifestations. One of the "Spiritual Path" strains.
    • Antean: Giant versions of regular ponies. No, that doesn't mean "a horse". One of the "Spiritual Path" strains.
    • Gem Pony: Crystalline-skinned ponies who have an affinity for manipulating crystals. One of the "Spiritual Path" strains.
    • Clockwork: Ponies transformed into living clockwork by a divine curse. One of the "Spiritual Path" strains.
    • Sea Horse: Amphibious ponies native to the sea.
    • Sun Pony: Desert-dwelling, heat-resistant ponies. One of the "Spiritual Path" strains.
    • Short-Leg: Tiny and adorable versions of ponies created by Lashtada, and nearly wiped out by gem gnoll slavers.
  • Pony Satyr: The result of crossbreeding between human and pony, duh. Pony Satyrs come in any of the "physical" subraces, so you can have earth-bound, unicorn, pegasus, zebra, leatherwing, ghost pony, sea horse or short-leg satyrs. It would later be established that humans can also crossbreed with purrsians, ruminants, proto-ponies and kava, which are considered part of the overarching pony satyr racial family tree, which makes a certain sense. Weirdly, ponies can also interbreed with purssians, and the resultant horse-cats are also considered a form of pony satyr, perhaps due to the purrsian's naturally bipedal stance. Introduced in Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon, with Tribes of Everglow adding further subraces, Forgotten Past adding ruminant and purrsian satyrs, and the PDFs for krava and proto-ponies featuring their pony satyr offshoots.
  • Luminous Dragon: Small and benevolent dragons who have integrated into pony society. Introduced in Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon.
  • Griffon: Flying bird-cats with a predatory streak and a complicated relationship with ponies, debuting in Griffons of Everglow. Griffon subraces are called "Aspects", and refer more to archetypes to which their avian & feline halves fall(in addition to the classic Eagle/Lion, you can have stuff like Toucan/Leopard, Owl/Tiger, or Sparrow/Housecat) into rather than distinct species like with the ponies. These Aspects consist of:
    • Predator: The typical griffon, with this representing the "base" griffon.
    • Prey: Less physically adept, but more gregarious and with a greater affinity for benevolent magic.
    • Scavenger: Physically weak even compared to Prey Aspects, but incredibly smart.
    • Cursed: Afflicted with painful crystalline growths that sap strength, but grant a natural affinity for psionics.
    • Cheetah: Renowned for their land speed, these griffons have the feline half of a cheetah.
    • Pride: Naturally gregarious and social, these griffons have the feline half of a lion.
    • Sea: Griffons adapted to hunt from the sea, having the aspects of fishing cats and birds, or even otters.
    • Snow: Griffons adapted for life in cold, snowy environments.
  • Hippogriff: The uncommon result of ponies (usually pegasai, naturally) and griffons hooking up. Obviously, these showed up in Griffons of Everglow.
  • Cloven: Sapient goats, essentially Everglow's quadrupedal fey beasty analogue to dwarfs. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • Flutterpony: The pony version of pixies, coming in Butterfly, Dragonfly, Feral and Moth subraces. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • Gem Gnoll: A subterranean-adapted strrain of the gnoll race obsessed with gemstones. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • The Impure: Donkeys who are literally characterized as the unloved and forgotten brothers of ponykind, having been used as their scapegoats throughout pony history. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • Phoenix Wolf: Redeemed hellhounds who still retain a fiery elemental nature. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • Purrsian: Winged cats with a lust for treasure and excitement. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • Steelheart: Literally Warforged, but in pony shape, and utterly pointless considering you already have the Clockwork spiritual path. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • Sun Cat: Solar-worshipping sapient lions. Featured in Races of Everglow.
  • Ruminant: Mystical deer who are the Everglow's fey-beast analogue to the Elf race. Introduced in Forgotten Past.
  • Mineralite: Pony hybrids with a species of living gems. Introduced in Beyond Everglow, the Ponyfinder equiivalent to Starfinder and Starjammer.
  • Unspoken Spawn: Ponies warped into mutated aberrations. Introduced in Beyond Everglow, the Ponyfinder equiivalent to Starfinder and Starjammer, then reprinted in Depths of Everglow.
  • Reptilin: Everglow's version of lizardfolk. Introduced in Everglow Bestiary.
  • Big Mao: A race of humanoid pandas. Introduced in Tactics of Everglow.
  • Drakhooves: Kirin-like dragon/pony hybrids. Introduced in Tactics of Everglow.
  • Vulpony: The pony version of kitsunes. Introduced in Tactics of Everglow.
  • Nedjes Sphinx: Lore-obsessed human-faced winged cats native to the Everglow's Underdark. Introduced in Depths of Everglow.
  • Deep Elf: Albino elves who have been in the Everglow's Underdark fighting a generations-long war against the aberration hordes for so long that surfacers have forgotten they exist. Introduced in Depths of Everglow.
  • Krava: Pony-like sapient cattle who have been integrated into pony civilization for so long that nopony realized they exist. Currently only exist in a PDF called "Hidden Draft".
  • Protopony: The weird amphibious "ancestral race" of ponykind, representing remnants of those first ponies to emerge from the sea and adapt to life on land. Currently only exist in a PDF called "First Steps".


The gods of the setting are pretty much what you'd expect; expies of Princesses Celestia/Luna/Twilight Sparkle, a Discord expy, a Nightmare Moon expy, a Queen Chrysalis expy, a Lauren Faust shout-out, and a "Nightmare Sun" goddess. A web-splat added two setting-unique gods, the Love Goddess Lashtada and the Death Goddess Soft Whisper.'

There are also three griffin gods of the Sun King (whose role is self-explanatory, but will also occasionally visit random griffin settlements). The Huntress, a goddess who has a band of hunters who follow her and is, according to the griffins, the mate of the Sun King. The White Talon, the ruler of the griffin afterlife and decides if souls are worthy (essentially if they did anything with their life, ever) if they are, they go to their eternal reward, and if they are not, they get dropped onto the spikes below her.


This thing has been going for ages, and that means that there's actually a shitload of books, ranging from setting lore splats to setting books to race books to adventure modules and even full-fledged adventure paths!

Racial Pages[edit]

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Villain Conversion[edit]

There was an idea to convert the villains from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into D&D-analogous villains. This is a temporary location for this fluff, it may be moved to a separate page later.


An all-consuming swarm that can only be defeated by playing a complicated song. A bard and multiple musical instruments are required, but the only bard available in town may need convincing, and the musical instruments may require finding.

Princess Luna[edit]

A temporally-displaced Lawful Neutral sorceress who led a nation to glory by means of blood, sweat, and tears. She rode out into battle one day and never returned, but her legacy lived on. A thousand years later, her name has passed into forgotten myth, and her contemporaries have risen into godhood or legend.

She returns a thousand years later to find her queendom is in a pitiably weak state. She seeks about to rebuild it, but much has changed in that time: the methods that served her well in the chaos of the past are now reserved for the villainous. Would be Mary Sue, but then the archaicsm kicks in.