Poor Unfortunate Foals

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Maybe they were looking to find a cutie mark in exploring, orienteering, botany, archaeology, being lost, monster hunting or something similar, but for whatever reason, the handful of colts and fillies in your chapter of the Cutie Mark Crusaders got the idea into their heads that the Everfree Forest is the perfect place for an adventure to find their cutie marks.

But the Everfree Forest is far from perfect. There are things in there. Creatures that live off the essence of trapped innocents, wrap themselves in the skins of missing ponies to walk among us, or revere ancient and unspeakable gods. Deep in the forest can be found ruins of forgotten civilisations, which creep deeper into the earth than any living pony has ventured.

And not far from the forest are the gates of the prison realm of Tartarus. Who knows what kind of ancient evils have escaped their chains and taken refuge in the darkness of those trees?

Even the forest itself is wrong somehow- plants and trees grow without the love and care of earth pony gardeners. Sweet Celestia, how horrifying. And that's not even mentioning the rumours of strange lights and noises coming from the forest at night. The talk of cults, witches, monsters and less describable things that dwell among the trees.

Of course, that won’t stop a band of brave (and foolish) young ponies from wandering off into the undergrowth looking for adventure destiny. But that far from the comforting candy-coloured houses, perfectly uniform apple orchards, and pegasus-regulated weather patterns, It's altogether unlikely that what they find instead will let them ever find their way home again.


Poor Unfortunate Foals, or Little Lost Fillies is a work-in-progress rules-lite horror RPG taking place in a slightly darker re-imagining of the world of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic," a popular cartoon of 2011 using the My Little Pony franchise on the Hub cartoon channel. It is being gradually developed by the My Little Pony /tg/-related General- a disorganised band of like-minded fa/tg/uys and /mlp/edophiles discussing ponies in RPGs on /mlp/, in order to avoid the shitstorms and bans that occur when discussing such things on /tg/.

Published editions of the game are available here.

The up-to-date but rough working version is free to read on the PUF official Google Doc.

Character Creation[edit]

All characters start with a name, three ‘skills’, and one ‘weakness’. Skills are things like ‘runs very fast’, ‘good at lying’ or ‘experienced with orienteering’. Weaknesses are things like ‘afraid of the dark’, ‘not very perceptive’ or ‘flammable’.

At character creation, players can purchase more skills at the cost of taking on more weaknesses, on a 1:1 basis. During play, there will be the opportunity to turn a skill into a Cutie Mark, should the player accept. This officially marks the transition of a filly into a pony (at least as far as these rules are concerned), and will empower that single skill even further, though will also permit sanity mechanics to start having an effect on that character. With experience and maturity comes clarity and understanding of the terrible things going on around them.


Dice sizes are liable to change, for balance reasons

When a PC tries to do something that could have consequences for failure, roll 2d6. You’re trying to beat a challenge rating for the action the GM already knows in his head (that devious fucker). Or, if you’re going up against something living (or unliving), then you’ll be trying to beat the number the GM has rolled for that creature's action (which probably involves your horrible demise). Maybe the antagonist will fail miserably and trip up on her own coat made from severed cutie marks. But probably not.

If the action you’re attempting falls under one of your skills (and the GM agrees that it does), you get to roll one extra d6. Sweet, right? However, if you’re attempting an action which may be affected by one of your weaknesses, you may only roll a single d6, because you’re a useless little filly with no parents who nobody likes. In the unlikely event that both your weakness and skill come into play at the same time, treat it as a normal (2d6) roll.

But, surprisingly, there is also an upside to running around the Everfree Forest being hunted by ancient forces of evil. If you roll the 3d6 for an action affected by your skill, and the dice ALL come up as sixes, not ONLY do you succeed the roll (unless you’re up against something almost truly unbeatable, in which case, what the fuck are you doing?!), but you can choose to find your cutie mark in that talent. If you accept, then from that point on when rolling for that skill, you can add ANOTHER DICE. That’s FOUR BUCKING DICE, MOTHERBUCKER. HOLY BITS, YOU ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FRIENDSHIP MACHINE.

Possible Antagonists[edit]

It's still early days, but the MLP/tg/ have already put forward several suggestions for the kind of horrible things that your hapless ponies can stumble across while lost in the Everfree Forest.

  • Hideous, Lovecraftian seaponies who kidnap land ponies to breed with and produce blasphemous offspring (IA IA SHOO SHOO BEE DOO IA IA CTHULHU FTAGHN).
  • The defeated but gradually recovering Changeling army, kidnapping ponies to increase their own numbers, while leaving doppelgänger imposters in their place.
  • The Cult of Discord (who will happily snatch up lost fillies and colts to sacrifice to their god, to free him from his stone prison).
  • The Cult of the Nightmare. Even with Princess Luna returned to normal, the same enigmatic entity that corrupted her and made her Nightmare Moon waits patiently for a new vessel to be offered up to it by it's devotees.
  • Diamond Dogs, who are known to make excursions to search for wayward ponies to capture, blind, and put to work in their gem mines. Or to feed to the ancient monstrosity known only as 'the Burrower Beneath'.
  • Grogar, goat lich from a forgotten age of My Little Pony, who waits imprisoned in the Shadow Realm for someone to chime the bell that will set him free once more.
  • Parasprite swarms (It's all love and cuddles, until they get a taste for succulent pony flesh).
  • Some of the Mane 6, can be used as Antagonists. Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie come to mind, as both star in fanficton known as Rainbow Factory, and Cupcakes. Rainbow Factory is more appropriate, as it's basically grinding up filly and colt pegasi into Rainbows. Though, Cupcakes is for those with more loose objectives, as it basically involves Pinkie Pie going insane and torturing ponies via dismemberment and flaying them alive before turning them into cupcakes....and wearing a portion their skin.