Portal Starter Sets

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A series of sets intended to introduce new players to Magic. Cards which were deemed to complex for beginners (instants, enchantments and artifacts) were omitted.


A basic-level set dating back to Magic's Basic/Advanced/Expert level sets meant to teach people the basics and give people an entrypoint for the game.

Portal Second Age[edit]

The same as the above, but with story! Set on the island of Caliman on the plane of Dominaria, it is mostly the same as its better-selling cousin, except there are firearms.

Portal Three Kingdoms[edit]

A set created to appeal to Asians. It featured the historical figures/characters of the incredibly popular novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and was mainly released in China, Korea and Japan as well as Australia, New Zealand and had a minor printing in other regions. Because the China of the 2nd-3rd century did not have access to flying technology (as far as we know of) and that a good 80% of the creatures in the set are humans, the Flying ability has been replaced with Horsemanship. Functionally the same, Horsemanship carries the bonus of not being covered by things like Reach. It also means that you DO NOT PURSUE LU BU unless you have Horsemanship yourself.

This set barely saw an English print run, and is quite scarce as a result. Among Portal sets, cards from the Three Kingdoms set are by far the most powerful: There are functional reprints of powerful cards and legendary creatures that are (effectively) unblockable with unique effects. These two combined mean the cards can command quite high prices.

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