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Before the age of Titus, this was the only time Ultramarines were even remotely cool.

Power weapons are a type of weapon in Warhammer 40,000. Power weapons look just like normal melee weapons , but what makes them actually useful is that they are sheathed with an energy field surrounding the blade. This energy field can in turn slice through even the toughest of armor. Some fluff writers call them disrupter fields or disruption weapons, which is at least a bit less generic sounding.

For one reason or another, the glorious Daemon Weapons of Chaos operate like power weapons (even if more recent rules reflect their peculiarity with added bonuses). Probably for the same reason that allows cheap guardsmen bayonets to be exactly as deadly as chainswords in melee combat.

8th edition changed this by making chainswords add one to the models attacks with that weapon, which makes logical sense.


Imperial Power Weapons[edit]

Power Blade[edit]

Power Blade

The little brother of the Power Knife and possibly the smallest known Power Weapon.

Power Blades are small dagger-like Power Weapons used by Imperial forces. They are easily concealable and often used on infiltration missions by assassins and stealth operatives. The Vindicare models are known to carry one, despite having no rules for it. Power Blades rely on the strength of their built-in power field to maintain the integrity of the thin blade upon a strike.

Due to the fact that Power Knives are meant for Astartes or Custodes hands whilst the Power Blade is known to be usable by regular human forces, it would make sense for the Power Blade to be smaller and concealable. This is not to say that Astartes can't use these little things, the Blood Angels during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy had a variant called the Equinox Power Blade used by the Dawnbreakers.

Power Knife[edit]

Power Knife (Misericordia)

Weapons that were crafted as a convenient off-hand carver to compliment a larger power weapon, these weapons were used almost exclusively by the Alpha Legion. They lack the strength and cutting power of a Power Sword, but do have Rending. More importantly, they are relatively cheap and have the Specialist weapon quality, allowing them to be paired with bulkier melee weapons and still grant an extra attack.

More recently, Power Knives are now also wielded by the Adeptus Custodes and House Van Saar. Though they appear to be mundane pieces of wargear, each Power Knife has been masterfully crafted and is able to pierce the thickest armor, all the way to its hilt. These Knives are called the Misericordias, more can be read below.


The Misericordia ("blade of mercy") is a weapon usually in the form of a long dagger or short sword carried by the Legio Custodes, and later Adeptus Custodes, as a symbol of the Magisterium Lex Ultima which places them above all law except the direct authority of the Emperor of Mankind. Designed to deliver a single killing thrust, they may be used to carry out a death sentence or to euthanise a grievously wounded warrior. Therefore, it is more of a ceremonial weapon than it is a weapon of war.

The Misericordias resembles a knife that are filigreed with gold and theldrite, their hilts molded to the owner's unique grip and their blades imbued with micromolecular dissonator spirits that allow them to slice through the thickest armor as though it is just sheet of paper.

It is said that before the Unification Wars Misericordias were the weapon of Tyrants of old Terra, but after their fall transfered to symbol of arbiters of humanity, the Emperor's judgement itself. After the Horus Heresy Misericordias gain a new meaning - becoming the vengeance for Emperor's demise. Bullshitters states that every time a Misericordia pierced a traitor's heart, a minuscule measure of revenge is exacted on behalf of the Emperor himself. Custodians are wise enough not to believe such weaponized Derp, although they do like to use them against Traitors symbolically at least.

Power Stake[edit]

Power Stake

Yeah, you heard that right. There's a stake that's considered a power weapon. Anyways, a Power Stake is a weapon carried by some Inquisitors, which immolates on contact with psykers. Physically it is a long iron rod but is charged as a Power Weapon and as such is effective against non-psychic foes. So it is the quintessential stabbity stab stab.

On the tabletop the Power Stake was only usable by the Witch Hunters, counting as a two handed Power Weapon (ignoring armour saves) while also wounding Psykers on a 2+. It still rarely saw use, as Blessed Weapons and Force Weapons just offered better benefits 90% of the time.

Power Pick[edit]

Power Pick

A mining equipment that has been turned into a improvised weapon.

The Power Pick is a type of construction and mining equipment used by the Imperium meant to shatter diamond-hard boulders into sizable chunks. The power field enveloping the the point of the Power Pick is sharp enough to poke deep holes into armored vehicles.

Yes, you read that correctly. The rare and venerated power weapons are used as menial labor equipment. And they don't require a power cable, unlike the "new" power weapons given to unimportant people like Imperial Guard whoever. Don't you just love the Imperium?

Due to its hard sharp points the Power Pick has been utilized as a weapon by rebel factions, most notably by Genestealer Cults. Aberrants use these simple weapons, which are capable of piercing ceramite when struck hard enough.

On tabletop it is a makeshift Power Axe. You get the D3 damage and AP-2, but you don't get the bonus point of Strength and they're a colossal 16 points each (now only 10 with Chapter Approved). Interestingly enough also a choice for the Neophyte Leader, although with only S3 and 2A it's an utter waste of points and efficiency compared to the cheaper (4 point) power maul, or the free chainsword/cultist knife.

However, it is now updated to allow a free Rending Claw attack for each attack made with the Power Pick.

Power Hammer[edit]

Power Hammer

The little brother of the Thunderhammer....or the more utilitarian and civilian-friendly version of the Thunderhammer. The Power Hammer is a type of construction and mining equipment used by the Imperium. However it can also be utilized as a weapon, most notably by Genestealer Cults.

Yes, another mundane civilian menial tool that uses more advanced technology than the power swords Imperial officers might sometimes be allowed to use. And unlike those, it doesn't require a power cable. Just when you thought the poor Guardsmen couldn't get more cheated, and that's without remembering the powered exoskeletons used by Hive gangers...and menial laborers.

Aberrants use these weapons on those they can catch, each swing crushing torsos and breaking spines in a burst of disruptive energy. Like their bigger brothers, Power Hammers function by containing most of the disruptive power until the point of impact, unleashing the full blast all at once to ensure whatever material being struck by would shatter from the sheer explosive force.

On tabletop, the Power Hammer is the Aberrants' weapon upgrade choice. 8 (6 more now) more points than the already expensive Pick they start with, but it might be worth it for Power Fists that always roll a 3 for damage. Now that aberrants have been reduced in price using these has actually become a good idea, hammer time has come at last.

Neural Whip[edit]

Neural Whip

The very kinky Neural Whip is a Power Weapon utilized by the Sisters of Battle, particularly Repentia Mistresses. The flailing, psycho-conductive neural whips are as much symbols of the rank of Repentia Mistress as they are vicious weapons that lash out at the enemy of the Emperor before they are able to strike back. Of course like all whips, it is very difficult and unwieldy to utilize.

In 8th Edition, the Neural Whip got a modernized makeover and it actually looks like it could whip worth a damn.

On 7th edition. Neural Whips are a melee weapon with Str User and AP3 with Shred on non-vehicle units with leadership 8 or less. Mob Rule? Fuck that noise. Only Mistress of Repentances get these. (Basic Sisters have LD 8...coincidence?)



The more confused cousin of the Neural Whip.

No, despite the name, they have very little in relation to an Arc Weapon. Why GW like to keep on using names that are CLEARLY inaccurate of the weapon's nature is unknown. These flails have short reach, but as they strike in devastating masses of hits they can be extremely effective at incapacitating a foe.

Anyways, instead of being a true Arc Weapon, Electro-Flails are a type of Power Weapon consisting of a whip-like weapon with multiple lashes charged with electrical energy. So yeah, they are power weapons that use their energy field to produce electricity....what? Yeah its kind of weird; instead of using the power of lightning itself, it uses some other indirect source to produce the same effect. Guess we have another Lightning Gun in our hands here. Although, if the whip used the power field instead of derping electricity, it'd be pretty incredibly OP. Just twirl it once and a tank could fall apart.

Electro-Flails can be wielded by a normal human, but it is most found on the Arco-Flagellants.

Null Rod[edit]

Null Rod

The complete opposite of a Force Rod.

A Null Rod is a type of Power weapon used by members of the Ordo Malleus's Daemonhunters. These obsidian rods constantly crackle with anti-psychic power which nullifies the powers of the Warp. However, this device also prevents the wielders themselves from making use of any psychic power.

In 8th Edition, Null Rods could only be wielded by the Chainsword-armed Canoness only for the Bolter Bitches and by the Inquisition. For the Sisters of Battle, the Canoness can't be affected by psychic powers, with a -1 to psychic tests while the Psyker's within 18" of a rod. For the Inquisition, the Null Rod is a SU AP-2, D1, D1d3 against psykers, and the cost the same as a Power Sword. Hard pass - reliably worse than a Power Sword, which you should also be avoiding.

Crozius Arcanum[edit]

Crozius Arcanum

The signature weapon of Chaplains, the Crozius Arcanum is a mace encased in energy that serves as both a symbol of office and a weapon. Counts exactly as a Power Maul in 7th ed. The Crozius Arcanum itself is a staff of medium length, topped with the Imperial Aquila or symbols, such as winged skeletons or skulls. A few versions use iconography from the Chapter they belong to. The Salamanders, for instance, use the smith's hammer or a dragon's head. Ortan Cassius, Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines, has fashioned his Crozius Arcanum after a Tyranid head, in remembrance of the Battle for Macragge.

Although it is a bludgeoning weapon, certain 40k authors and artists sometimes forget about that, and simply turned the Arcanum into a slicing weapon. Enjoy envisioning a giant club bisecting people in two. Sometimes (through the power of shitty writing) it gains the ability to project a weak stasis field as if it's some sort of stasis flamer. In the words of an aggressively British loremaster the Crozius Arcanum is 'It's a very fancy beating stick, but it's still just a beating stick.' A case could be made that the Arcanum was used as a conduit or focus of the Emperor's power to burn away heretic's since it was carried by a Chaplain but these were Ultramarines. Nowhere near pious enough for such miracles like the Black Templars, much less the Sister of Battle.

A Shock Mace is an older-model power weapon favored by the traitor legions. It is functionally a Crozius Arcanum, but without the status symbol.

For the more cooler and one-of-a-kind cousin, you can read up on the Crozius Arkanos page.

Power Sword[edit]

Power Sword

In a nutshell, the power sword is an example of power weapon technology applied to a sword. It's easily the most common power weapon (the Space Marine video game only said otherwise so as not to make players feel cheated by the DLC they just bought not anymore since the 10th Anniversity Edition came on 9/23/21, the DLC is free for all users, rendering the earlier point moot), and is used not only by the Space Marines, but by the Commissariat, Inquisition, Sisters of Battle, and Imperial Guard, who, likewise, often issue it to Sergeants and Officers. Can be made from literally any type of sword out there, Longsword, Shortsword, Katana, Cutlass, etc. You get the idea. The fluff even shows examples of insanely rare models of power sword that are entirely composed of the energy field projected out of a hilt, lightsaber style. In a twist, they're actually not viewed very highly as they drain power much quicker, the lack of balance makes fighting risky for the user and unlike a regular power sword, has no utility at all without the field on.

The Emperor of Mankind and most of the Primarchs who had swords used Power Swords. As of 6th edition, Power Swords are now AP3, screwing over many units and characters who have swords modeled on, such as Mephiston, resulting in Terminators becoming absurdly hard to kill in assaults. Now, with armour modifiers, power swords will be pretty useful against Terminators again since AP-3 brings their save down to a 5+. As of 9th Edition, they now give +1 strength as well.

Heavenfall Blade[edit]

A Heavenfall Blade, this one is in particular is Azrael's Sword of Secrets

As you can see from the page, the Dark Angels really like power weapons and swords in particular. Unlike their other unique swords, Heavenfall Blades don't originate from the Terrain Unification Wars or their homeworld of Caliban. Instead they are created from a meteor that struck The Rock. With the exception of Osmium, Ruthenium, and Rhodium, meteors, comets and asteroids contain elements that are easily attained on Earth and other rocky planets. Since these elements tend to sink into a planet's core during formation. Therefore, we can guess Heavenfall Blades are probably made out of those instead.

The First most likely found more of these space objects. As every officer of the Inner Circle seems to have a Heavenfall Blade as their badge of office across dozens to nearly one hundred chapters. So there must be between hundreds to thousands of these things in use. Unlike the power swords of other chapters, Heavenfall Blades don't really stand out that much either.

On the tabletop Azrael, Belial and Sammael have their own versions with different states. While Belial can swap his for Lightning Claws or a Thunder Hammer. The Relic that can be given to characters has S+2 AP-4 D2 and an extra attack like a Chainsword. So its best given to Masters (aka DA captains) or the Ravenwing Talonmaster. It can replace a Power Sword, master crafted Power Sword, Relic Blade, or Executioner's relic blade.

Relic Blade[edit]

Relic Blade

A Relic Blade is a large Power Weapon often resembling a sword or axe surrounded by a power field for shearing through armour. Due to their size and weight these weapons must be wielded two-handed, but are of immense importance to the Space Marines who carry them. Many have their origins in the dark days of the Horus Heresy, while others were created many centuries later as tribute to other momentous events.

A two-handed power sword, which on the tabletop results in +2S (so S+2 AP3) and two-handed (can't benefit from a second weapon, although curiously there is no ban on taking two items that both do this, which currently only means you can wield a relic blade and a storm shield). For some reason this also applies to officers in Terminator armor. Despite the fluff stating that they can use weapons that other Astartes can't.

Don't bother with Relic Blade upgrades for Captains and Chapter Master if a melee based Chapter Relic has better stats. Which they usually will. It is a decent upgrade if the Chapter Relic replaces a ranged weapon, armor or Storm Shield. Honor Guards and Vanguard Sergeants can also use them. Though it is a huge waste on the latter if he doesn't have a Storm Shield.

Glaive Encarmine[edit]

Glaive Encarmine

The Glaive Encarmine is a two handed master-crafted power weapon that the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard use to accompany their Angelus Bolters. They do not have the luxury of choosing the weapons they will enter into battle with, as the weapons they wield are traditional to their rank, and have been for the last ten thousand years.

The Blood Angels Sanguinor is also equipped with a Glaive Encarmine, but considering that the original Sanguinor was a member of the Sanguinary Guard called Aratron, before Askaellon entombed his face in his armour, this is not surprising.

Crafted long ago using forgotten methods and techniques, few weapons in the Blood Angels armories approach the elegance and mastery of manufacture embodied in the Glaive Encarmine. In battle, a skilled Battle-Brother can wield such a weapon as easily as he might a combat knife.

Black Sword[edit]

Black Sword

The Black Sword is an absolutely fuck awesome onyx-black power sword used by everyone's favorite canon Angry Marines. These massive, two-handed power swords are wielded by the Emperor's Champion and is often seen as a gift and an honour to be bestowed to wield one of these.

Blessed by the chapter Chaplains and paired with the Armour of Faith, the first of these weapons was given to Sigismund during the battle for the Imperial Palace, who then almost immediately used it to kill a pretty swell guy. What is unique to the Black Sword other than the fact it can skullfuck xenos and heretics is that it can also considerably increase the strength of the Black Templar who wields it. How this is done, we have no idea.

Executioner Blade[edit]

Executioner Blade

A weapon that is choppy enough to make an Ork orgasm.

The Executioner Blade is a large and badass relic sword wielded primarily by the Primaris Judiciar as a means to give a free 'crew cut' to anyone caught disturbing the Chapter Master's nap time.

These giant power swords are unique in design, due to having a flat-ended tip rather than the more conventional point of most swords. This makes the sword poor at piercing through armor, but excellent at chopping shit up like a giant machete. Seeing as how the whole point of the Executioner Blade is to lob off heads, it does its job quite well.

Sentinel Blade[edit]

Sentinel Blade

A super special power weapon for those Special golden boys.

Sentinel Blades are power swords with weirdly broad but kinda stubby blades (though so massive they're still long), that are wielded by the Adeptus Custodes and are of such daunting size, that their hilts are flanked with Bolt Casters of exceptionally fine craftsmanship. It is a testament to the sheer strength of the Custodes, that they can wield these mighty swords with the same ease a lesser man might swing a cavalry sabre.

As its name implied, Sentinel Guards are the primary users of these weapons.

On tabletop it is a Strength User weapon, AP-3, D3 damage; not as killy as the Spear, but your only option if you take a Storm Shield. A good option if you want to outfit a unit to hunt T4 units, since they will wound just as well as the spear but also get 2 pistol shots each in melee.

Power Axe[edit]

Power Axe

Power Axes are single or double-bladed axes with their edges sheathed in energy. Power Axes are especially favored by the Space Wolves, Chaos Lords and Techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Raven Guard occaisonally made use of power tomahawks, a marginally lighter variant that could be thrown.

On the tabletop, Power Axes are AP2, +1S and Unwieldy, making your unit strike at I1. This is probably going to be your only way to cheaply kill Terminators in assault, if they haven't overwatched your guys to death or happen to be using Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields.

In 8th Edition, they're the opposite to Power Mauls by being +1S, AP-2 (making MEQ armour saves from 3+ to 5+ and TEQs 2+ to 4+) and, most important, they're no longer unwieldy! Pretty cheap too, being 1 more point than Power Swords and Mauls! 9th Edition further buffed them by making them +2S in addition to the AP -2.

Frost Axe[edit]

Frost Axe

A very special Power Axe unlike any other. A Frost Axe is a master-crafted melee weapon, used exclusively by the warriors of the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines, and is similar in many ways to more common Power Weapons of similar design (doesn't stop Lexicanum for putting it in the Chain weapon category....for some reason).

Each Frost Axe is considered among some of the most prized weapons of the Chapter, and each is crafted by a master Iron Priest. The cutting edge of Frost Axes are often made from energised diamond, giving them the appearance of blades forged from purest ice. Other times, for those with the courage and skill to slay a mighty miles-long Kraken from the vast oceans depths of Fenris, the edge may be instead studded with the beast's diamond-hard teeth. No idea what happens to the rest. Regardless of what the details of their design, all Frost Axes are power weapons of consummate lethality.

Now if only they could freeze enemies like its name implies....

Omnissian Axe[edit]

Omnisian Axe

A holy icon of the Cult Mechanicus, the Omnissian Axe or glaive is granted to adepts who have shown their faith to the Machine God in battle. These fearsome weapons have no equal amongst power weapons and are only gifted to tech-priests by their superiors.

Saw, or perhaps cog-ed, toothed and marked with sacred equations they are forged with the finest materials and use secrets of tempering and field generation. To the followers of the Machine God, the bearer of an Omnissian glaive is a most blessed figure, a furious incarnation of the Machine God's power in war.

On tabletop, the Omnissian Axe is like a Force Axe but with a flat D2 instead of D1d3, for Domini and Enginseers.

Power Maul[edit]

Power Maul

Power Mauls are whatever form of bashin' stick or stave a Space Marine, human or xenos supreme race's can get their hands on and turn into a relatively hi-tech weapon. If you can conceivably clobber someone over the head with it, it doesn't look heavy enough to be a Thunder Hammer, and it has room to tape a disruption field generator on somewhere along the haft, it's probably a Power Maul.

Crunch-wise, Power Mauls are AP4, +2 Str and Concussive. This means they bounce off MEQs (but wound on a 2+, at least), and when wielded by aforementioned MEQs turn any variety of Spess Pansy or Humie not wearing power armor into meat slurry, multiple wounds be damned. Great for challenges against the aforementioned T3 squishies.

This edition still keeps their 2+ Str but their AP-1 (opposite stats to the Power Axe), making em able to wound most things (Read: Toughness 4 models) on a 3+ and reducing their armour saves (so MEQ have their armour saves on a 4+). Ideal for tackling squishy models! 9th Edition reworked Power Mauls to give the most strength of any power weapon short of a Power Fist or Thunder Hammer with +3S, at the cost of their armor penetration with only -1 AP.

Hallowed Mace[edit]

Hallowed Mace

The Hallowed Mace are a type of Power Mauls, that are wielded by the Adepta Sororitas' Celestian Sacresants.

It is considered the standard-issue close-combat weapon of these bolter bitches. They are essentially normal Power Mauls with a Sororitas-flavored tinge and works well in conjunction with their Sacresant Shields.

Crunchwise, it is your typical power maul with a S+2, AP-1 and D2 statline. Rather, it is a weapon meant to complement the shields as Celestian Sacresants are used as a slow-moving line-breaker to bonk the heads of anyone dumb enough to charge a shield wall that is not super-heavy in category.

Mace of the Righteous[edit]

Mace of the Righteous

The Mace of the Righteous is the standard equipment and weapon wielded by the Dogmata.

This Power Mace is most often seen as the mark of office and just as much as a weapon as it is quite capable of bowling over man and monster alike.

Tabletop wise, it is a standard power mace slightly stronger than the Hallowed Mace at S+2, AP-2 and D2. As aforementioned, it is more like a symbol of office than an actual weapon of war, even if it still does its job well. A Dogmata is a support unit after all.

It should NOT be confused with the other Mace of the Righteous used by the Novitiate Preceptor which is a completely different close combat weapon. Yes we know, it is more of GW's incompetence.

Mace of Absolution[edit]

Mace of Absolution

The Maces of Absolution are specialized weapons used by the Deathwing Knights of the Unforgiven. Glowing with power, these ominous weapons have their power amplified in the presence of the most accursed of heretics.

A Mace of Absolution is similar in function to a Power Maul, but possesses the ability to be used in a "smite mode," where the power field of the weapon is greatly strengthened and augmented to the point that the weapon will cleave apart even the most heavily armoured vehicles and enemies with ease, this is ignoring the fact that maces are meant to bludgeon enemies to death, not turn them into chop-suey.

On tabletop, these are some scary weapons when considering an average Deathwing team hosts these as standard-issue; striking at S8 AP-2 and doing THREE damage each, with no drawbacks to accuracy, basically rendering Thunder Hammers pointless.

Executioner's Greatblade[edit]

Executioner's Greatblade (Raptor Blade)

Think the Relic Blade on growth pills (and then factor in how big a Relic Blade is in the first place).

Executioner Greatblades (or simply Execution Blades) were two-handed Power Swords that are ECKS BAWKS HUEG, that were used by the Sisters of Silence and were wonders of the swordsmith's art. Each Greatblade was perfectly weighted for the martial style of its wielder and once the Sisters were schooled in their use, they could strike with the speed of a duellist combined with the killing might of a veteran executioner.

The blades were edged with diamond-hard silica glass, enabling a skilled strike to pierce the finest armour. It is by far one of the largest types of Power Sword within the Imperium, big enough that it needs to be two-handed to be effective.

Paragon Blade[edit]

Paragon Blade

The Relic Blades of the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.

Paragon Blades (Not to be confused with the Paragon weapons wielded by the Nuns on Stilts) are ancient weapons forged during the Dark Age of Technology. Now, what makes them different from say...a conventional power sword, we have no idea. Possibly better materials and improved cutting generators for the molecular power fields. These blades were few in number even in the early days of the Horus Heresy and took a number of forms. Nevertheless, despite their rarity in the fluff, it seems they were common enough in the crunch to be standard-issue for any and all Praetors, even god damned normies from the Solar Auxilia Tactical Command Squad get to wield one. 'Rare' my ass.

The most common are two-handed Power Weapons of extraordinary balance and durability like that of a greatsword. Although a few did resemble Chain Weapons, albeit in the Chainfist combo-format, whilst others resemble a night-black sickle-sword.

They were considered prized possessions by the Space Marine warriors who wielded them.

Since Paragon Blades are nothing more than master-crafted power swords, the weapon is actually very interchangeable, as any unique-looking power swords can count as a Paragon Blade.

Terranic Greatsword[edit]

Terranic Greatsword

The Terranic Greatswords were a type of ECKS BAWKS HUEG power swords, used by the Dark Angels Legion.

They were specifically wielded by the the Deathwing Companions and Knights Cenobium; each one of them are prolific in its usage. Judging by its scale, these swords would be around 8-9ft long. Greatsword indeed. Judging by its name, it may or may not be constructed from Holy Terra itself. From what the name implies, it seems to have been in their armory sense the days of Unification Wars.

These things are absolute rapemachines on the Horus Heresy tabletop, combined with the Companions' high base attack and you are carving up Terminators like Guardsmen. It is also available to Inner Circle Cenobites as their standard Power Weapon (besides Thunder Hammers), while Praetors, Centurions, and Consuls with Power Fists can exchange them at no cost.



Think of this thing as the Sentinel Blade's bigger cousin.

The Vaultsword are a type of power sword that is used by the Adeptus Custodes, more specifically, the Blade Champions who are renown for their multiple fighting styles that can be used with them, such as the Hurricanis for example.

These giant, two-handed powerswords are used to pulverize the asscheeks of any enemy commander or leader before having a good ol' head-chopping. Fortunately for the enemy commander, the way a Blade Champion goes around is literally publically taunting the leader in a duel...which is fucking stupid in the context of war, so the chances of any enemy commander with an IQ higher than a potato wanting to get a Viking crewcut is quite low. Now Chaos on the other hand...

On the tabletop, the Vaultsword allows the Blade Champion to have a unique attack set, as he can use in one of three different styles tailor-made to kill whomever he faces as listed below:

  • Behemor: S+2(7) AP-4 D2, auto-wounds monsters and vehicles on 4+ to hit.
  • Hurricanis: Ax2 SU(5) AP-1 D1.
  • Victus: S+1(6) AP-4 D3, re-rolls wounds against characters.

Power Scythes[edit]

Power Scythe

A form of Power Weapon shaped like a scythe. Power Scythes were generally unwieldy and never caught on with the Imperial military outside the Legiones Astartes, and even then they were only popular with the Death Guard, who used a massive type of Power Scythe known as Manreapers. Even in that particular case, they were only used by their Primarch Mortarion, some officers (like First Captain Calas Typhon), and the Deathshroud Terminators.

Crunch wise they're power axes with reaping blow instead of unwieldy, giving the wielder +1 attack provided there is an enemy in base contact at the cost -1 I. As such, they're nice since they hit before other AP2 weapons. Because of its association with the Death Guard, it should surprise no one that the Departmento Munitorum cancelled all orders for Power Scythes in M34 due to their complete lack of popularity, although some chapters still managed to get them.

Power Fist[edit]

Power Fist

Also known as big-metal-death-fists-of-doom, and one of the most iconic weapons of 40k, Power Fists are massive gauntlets which are encased within an energy field that breaks down molecular bonds when activated. They are intended to be worn with Terminator armour, but frequently you find people wearing Power Armour, or even NOT wearing Power Anything, wielding Power Fists. The Emperor of Mankind had a power fist on his left hand, which he used to famously put Leman Russ in his place. Russ later said that the subsequent headache was from the drinking contest they had.

They are commonly used as an anti-armor weapon. Yes, you heard correctly. Brave bastards (even unarmored, normal humans) will punch tanks until they explode. That's how fucking badass this universe is.

Orks, in their looting tendencies, have taken to mimicking Power Fists as Power Klaws, which are like Power Fists except that they usually have 2-4 digits, and have massive grabbing blade-claws instead of articulated fingers. Commissar Yarrick famously killed an Ork and used his Power Klaw to replace his severed forearm. Why the Commissariat has not censured him for using xenos weapons is not entirely clear , but they probably let it slide because he's such a badass (That, and the battle-trophy claimed from the foul Xenos has been reconsecrated by servants of the Omnissiah prior to being turned in a prothestic). Still, one must wonder how he goes to sleep, takes a shower, or masturbates with that thing on. (Hint: it's detachable at the shoulder.)

Some variants of Power Fist are called Power Claws, which are basically Power Fists with the digits ending in razor-sharp claws. You more frequently see them among Chaos Space Marines, but occasionally the Raven Guard or Space Wolves use them. The infamous Talon of Horus, used by Horus Lupercal to kill Sanguinius and critically injure the Emperor, and later looted by Ezekyle Abaddon, is a Power Claw with an infamous history. Most of these, however, would technically be considered a form of Lightning Claws (see below).

On the tabletop, Power Fists/Klaws double the user's strength, but makes him strike at I1. A popular tactic was to use it to instagib enemy ICs in assault by hiding the Fister behind other expendable troops, allocating wounds onto them instead. However, with 6th edition, this tactic is mostly rendered moot as now ICs and characters can issue challenges, so the Power Fister will most likely fall in battle should the opponent strike and kill him first or see that both get killed off. New wound allocation rules also make the Fister more likely to have a wound allocated to him, but that is slightly mitigated by the Look Out Sir! rule. Dreadnoughts have no such penalty to initiative or benefit of LOS! as they are walking death machines crewed by a crippled vet, yet are strangely not characters.

In 7th Edition, challenges can only be issued to models in combat (in attacking distance), and both sides get 3" pile in at their initiative step. Thusly, if you plan carefully you can have the powerfister 6" away from the combat, have the enemy close in and unable to challenge, and then pile in onto combat at initiative step 1.

In 8th Edition, much like the Power Axe, they've lost the Unwieldy rule and still get their Str x 2 bonus; however, they're now AP-3 and D3, they also now subtract hits by -1 (so on a Space Marine Sgt, they hit on 4+).

In 9th Edition, Power Fists largely work the same, although they're now 2 damage flat.

There has been some speculation on how successful it would be to incorporate Power Fists into truly epic highfives and brofists, but the AdMech has made it perfectly clear that to do so would be tech-heresy.


For information on the combi-weapon version of the Power Fist, see Chainfist.

Power Fist Subweapons[edit]

Around the end of the 41st Millennium. The Space Marines started to realize that there is enough space on their Power Fists to put a secondary weapon. Other than a Chainsword or modifying it into a clawed gauntlet. Nassir Amit had the same idea centuries earlier. Who mounted Storm Bolters on his Chainfists. The more cynical could say that Games Workshop's Codex creators were stealing ideas from their own Black Library writers. Though at the pace GW works, gaming groups have to house rule them until official versions are released. You'd think they'd be one step ahead after shuttering their publishing deal with FFG. Another famous example are the Gauntlets of Ultramar used by Marneus Calgar, which are themselves similar to Roboute Guilliman's Hand of Dominion. They tend to be depicted as Master Crafted Storm Bolter Power Fists.

The most common variant is the Power Fist with Auxiliary Meltagun. Allowing Deathwatch Terminators to destroy vehicles and hulk-smash the survivors. Nor does it require them to exchange their other ranged weapons for a Meltagun. A typical load out is a Deathwatch Termi with either an Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher/Storm Bolter combo or Combi-Bolter paired with a Meltagun. It makes more sense than attaching a Storm Bolter to it. As Boltguns require a machinegun chainlink to feed Bolts into the weapon. No real need for a Thunder Hammer or Lightning Claws when you can Overwatch them to death than sucker punch the survivors.

The second variant is a Space Marine Terminator Captain with a wrist-mounted Grenade Launcher. Because they want to turn half the enemy squad into paste before charging in. It's best paired with a ranged relic weapon or a Combi-Plasma Bolter for maximum dakka.

Primaris Marines in Gravis Armour get in on the fun with their own versions. Courtesy of Cawl. The Boltstorm Gauntlet coming in semi and full auto flavors. The latter appropriately called Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets. Though only Aggressors get access to the automatic versions. There are also the Flamestorm Gauntlets. Because these guys really hate hordes and over sized bastards with multiple wounds.

Lightning Claw[edit]

Lightning Claw

Lightning Claws are a quartet of razor-sharp claws affixed to a gauntlet, each blade of which is a small power weapon. The claws had different designs pre- and post-Heresy, but they mostly function the same.

The pre-heresy design of the Lightning claws is that instead of blades being placed on the dorsal palm, the fingers on the glove are turned into power blades, giving the user a rather terrifying look. This is the wide-spread model that Chaos marines use since it's what they had on hand (literally) when they fell back to the Eye of Terror.

The current design of Lightning claws are 3-4 smaller power blades that are placed above the weapon's dorsal palm plating, akin to X-men's Wolverine. This design, although considered totally uncool when compared to the old Power Talons, gives the user the advantage of still having articulated fingers, albeit with digits that are still powerfist-sized, though some bad ass imperial guard commanders have been seen with lightning claws for no fluff-explained reason. Possibly just an oversight that got grandfathered into the later games but it still looks awesome so we'll let it slide. Though two of those guys are from the same regiment (Cadian 412th) so maybe it's just a quirky tradition of that one regiment.

And then there are some gems like Lugft Huron's which have both dorsal and finger claws.

They are normally used in pairs. Favored by Terminators and Chaos Raptors, Lightning Claws are a bit unwieldy, but are much more likely to land a damaging hit on a target when used by a trained user (in tabletop, this translates to re-rolling failed to-wound rolls). They are also AP3, so it is now pointless to use them against Terminators, but they will mince up MEQs and blobs. The Raven Guard in particular often employ Lightning Claws. Always remember to say "snikt" when using them and incessantly refer to your enemies as "bub" and to take them off before attempting to masturbate or pick your nose. Or don't.

Solerite Power Gauntlet[edit]

Solerite Power Gauntlet

The golden fist for our golden boys.

A Solerite Power Gauntlet is a unique Power Weapon that takes the form of a massive master-crafted Power Fist utilized exclusively by the Legio Custodes, the elite bodyguard of the Emperor of Mankind. First fashioned in the pattern of ancient relics to arm the elite of the Thunder Warriors, the Solerite Power Gauntlets and their raptor-taloned variants are potent weapons.

They differ from the standard Power Fists and claws utilized by the Adeptus Astartes in both the near-irreplaceable artifact power coils which energize their disruption field generators and the nigh-indestructible materials their casings and blades are fashioned from, forged as they are in furnaces recovered from the ancient Tempest Galleries near Terra's molten core by the nascent XVIII Legion (the then-unnamed Salamanders Legion).

The Imperial Fists also gained access to a much smaller variant, but with the same effects. 'Solerate' weapons are used by the Custodes, although that's just Forgeworld's proofreading at work, since they have the same thing description, stats, and the 40k version has been corrected to be 'Solerite' weapons.

Power Spear[edit]

Power Spear

There was eventually bound to have a Power Spear somewhere in the Imperium's armory.

Throughout history, the spear has consistently proven itself a deadly and efficient weapon, and the Imperium of Mankind honors its legacy of bloodshed through various creations such as the explosive-tipped hunting lance and the power spear.

Officers in certain Imperial Guard Rough Rider regiments prefer to wield power spears over weapons like cavalry sabres, or even wield them as a secondary weapon for use after a hunting lance charge. This is a one-handed melee weapon in contrast to the normally two-handed Power Lance.

They are also used by Custodes on Gyrfalcon Jetbikes during the Great Crusade... for some odd reason seeing as how they're outright inferior to every other weapon the Custodes use and even the vast majority of weapons the Space Marines used. Thankfully by the 42nd millennium they ditched that piece of shit they were using for interceptor lances. One of these old spears, the Lance of Illumination, was gifted to Morvenn Vahl for some reason.

The Lamenters also have a special Power Spear called Victory's Price. Because these are the Lamenters, it also has a case of bad luck. It's been wielded in many victories, but the wielders generally die in claiming that victory. Unsurprisingly, Lamenters who wield the spear are... CONCERNED when chosen to wield it, but resolve to ensure that their death will be in service to great victory.

Power Lance[edit]

Power Lance

A weapon used almost exclusively by the White Scars, Power Lances are energy-sheathed lances which the White Scars use in charging their opponents on their bikes. You can imagine the results.

Tabletop-wise, Power Lances are AP3 +1S on the charge but become AP4 and default strength in following assault phases. Since few box sets come with Power Lance bits, a lot of converting is to be done if you want to kit out your models with Power Lances. They're pretty awful in the hands of anything without Hit And Run. Honestly, they're pretty awful even in the hands of anything with Hit and Run. If you want the +1S, use a power axe. If you want AP3, use a power sword. If you want high strength and don't care about the AP, use a power maul. The only round Power Lances are better than the others is the charging round, so only take them if you think you can win a fight in the first round. If not then stick to the other choices.

8 edition turned them into a powermaul crunchwise.

Power Halberd[edit]

Power Halberd

A large power weapon in the shape of a glaive. Though a functional weapon, Power Halberds are largely ceremonial weapons used by Space Marine Honour Guards when on sentry duty, although the White Scars will use them in combat.

The Custodes also used power halberds with attached bolters, but those weapons are to regular power halberds what Custodes are to regular marines. Not wanting to get left behind, CM Asterion Moloc "acquired" one of those and slapped a freaking lascannon onto it. The only way to use it is if you play Dark Angels and take a Deathwing Champion, as they're the only ones with a proper Halberd. Since it gets bonus attacks when fighting a unit with five or more models. Pair him with Deathwing Knights or TH/SS Deathwing Termis.

Anointed Halberd[edit]

Anointed Halberd

The Anointed Halberd are heavy Power Halberds, that are wielded by the Adepta Sororitas' Celestian Sacresants.

These very long power weapons are, as their name suggests, anointed with holy oils and sacred texts etched onto the blade to skewer the unclean and the tainted a new, rose-smelling asshole.

On the tabletop, Anointed Halberds are an okay close-combat weapon. Its stats are S+3, AP-3 with D1. While it has disappointing damage especially for a weapon of such size, its long reach and a high chance of hitting GEQs and MEQs make it a pretty decent poker in close combat.

Guardian Spear[edit]

Guardian Spear

The iconic weapon of the Custodian Guard.

Guardian Spears are halberd-like power weapons so heavy that it would take several ordinary men to lift it and incorporating a ranged weapon at its tip. The weapon's powerful ranged and close combat duality complemented the fighting style of this bodyguard force, giving them good capabilities in both close combat and at a distance. In battle, Custodes spin these weapons in great arcs, slaying enemies with each strike be it in melee combat or from afar.

Almost all Guardian Spears comes equipped with a built-in Guardian Bolter. However, other weapons can also be mounted on the spear. These variants include the Adrasite Spear which obviously features an Adrathic Destructor, and the Pyrithite Spear which includes a melta beam.

As symbol of their roles as sentinel, Deathwatch Watch Masters are also given Guardian Spears.

The bigger version of the Guardian Spear is the Dreadspear.

The weird-looking Cawdor polearm are crafted as imitations of the Guardian Spears, because apparently they caught wind of the custodians and their holy weapons.

Castellan Axe[edit]

Castellan Axe

The Guardian Spear's more gritty cousin.

A Castellan Axe is variant of the Guardian Spear, the signature weapon of the Adeptus Custodes, that incorporates a heavier, axe-like blade rather than a speartip. These weapons lend themselves to an elegant and brutal combat style that sees the wielder use their exceptional transhuman strength in conjunction with their axe's momentum, launching thunderous sweeps that switch direction with breathtaking suddenness to cleave through their victims' guard and hack off heads and limbs.

The wielder can also fire concentrated volleys of Bolter fire from the hafts of their weapons, scything down those who attempt to stay out of their blades' devastating reach. These deadly weapons are typically wielded by veteran Custodian Wardens, elite Allarus Custodians or Shield-Captains.

Thunder Hammer[edit]

Thunder Hammer

Big war hammers (40k) that smash anything they touch, and popularly paired with Storm Shields. Unlike other power weapons, Thunder Hammers only activate their energy fields upon contact with a target. This works like a flash capacitor, and utterly explodes whatever Thunder Hammers hit - in editions long past this meant they always scored a wound whenever they hit, no roll was needed. Comes in one-handed and two-handed varieties, but both functionally are the same weapon stat-wise. Particularly common among Terminators, although the Salamanders love it (going with Vulkan's training as a blacksmith and the artificer themes of the Promethean Creed).

Gameplay wise, they're basically the same as Powerfists, except when attacking vehicles they will at a minimum get a "Crew Shaken" if they glance or penetrate, in addition to whatever else they roll on vehicle destruction. From 6th ed onwards, the special effect was changed to the "Concussive" rule; any target that takes a wound (but survives) is reduced to Initiative 1 till the end of the next assault phase, simulating disorientation from the explosive impact, making it very effective even against big gribblies that are tough enough to avoid Instant Death.

Fun fact: Captains could not use thunder hammers without wearing terminator until Dawn of War proved how awesome it looked. 8th edition removed the concussive rule and the low Initiative, replacing them with minus 1 to hit 2x str AP3 and 3 damage flat. 9th Edition reworked Thunder Hammers to make them less of an autopick over Power Fists, sacrificing armor penetration in exchange for more damage.

Power Sledgehammer[edit]

Power Sledgehammer

The Power Hammer's more beefier cousin and one big enough that it can rival a Heavy Thunder Hammer in sheer power. Like the Power Hammers, Power Sledgehammers are actually civilian mining equipment used to shatter large boulders into refined chunks, however they are just as likely to shatter the side armor of a Leman Russ Tank as any normal Thunder Hammer would...which is something a Genestealer Cult would pick up from.

Power Sledgehammers are the primary weapon of the Genestealer Abominants and these guys combine the strength of their gains to the natural concussive power of the oversized Sledgehammer. The result? they hit with the force of a fucking Lascannon.

In 8th Edition, Power Sledgehammer is a Sx2, AP -3, D6 monster of a melee weapon with the trait to turn all damage roles of 1 and 2 to 3's. GW's said that the sledge would give him an effective Strength of 12 so should mean he is rocking a strength of 6. This guy was made to turn characters and TEQ's into red stains, bust Chimeras in two, and turn Russes into swiss cheese. Not even Imperial Knights are safe from this wrecking ball.

Heavy Thunder Hammer[edit]

Heavy Thunder Hammer

These monstrosities are used by the Deathwatch for when a regular thunder hammer won't do the job. Being two-handed, you sacrifice the ability to wield a shield for the chance to one-shot most high-value targets.

These weapons are equipped with two heads, each swathed in a powerful disruptor field. Heavy Thunder Hammers are extremely powerful weapons, able to smash the midsection of a Carnifex in twain and turn tanks into crumpled metal.

Equip your Deathwatch with one of these and he would be happy playing galactic whack-a-mole. The only difference besides requiring two hands is that it does damage on a D6. Doing twice as much as a normal Thunder Hammer if the player rolls a 6+. Because of the RNG involved a normal TH is better most of the time. One would think they could be given to Deathwatch Terminators for use as one handed weapons. However GW doesn't do things that make sense to the rest of us.

Venatari Lance[edit]

Venatari Lance

The more assault variant of the Guardian Spear (Yes, it is pretty absurd that there would be a more assault version of a spear, but here we are). Venatari Lances are two-handed power spears, that are wielded by the Adeptus Custodes' Custodian Venatari. Like the Guardian Spears, the Venatari Lance contains a built in range weapon, in this case, instead of a Bolter it house a single-barrel Archaeotech repeaters.

On tabletop, these Venatari Lances are a 12" Assault 2 S6 AP-2 D2 weapon. Slight overkill on GEQs thanks to the D2 but can also do good work against MEQs and Primaris Marines. Great if you want your Venatari to be more killy in close quarters.

Interceptor Lance[edit]

Interceptor Lance

Interceptor Lances are Power Weapons that are wielded by the Adeptus Custodes' Vertus Praetor Dawneagle jetbike riders. These lances are the metaphorical Dick of the Emprah's Will meant to ruthlessly penetrate the rear end of the enemies of man. With the Dawneagle's great speed and the skilled hands of the Praetors', the Interceptor Lance becomes a brutally effective weapon in battle.

On tabletop, these Lances are the standard issue for your Jetbikes; same stat-wise as a Guardian Spear, but without any shooting and it allows you to re-roll wounds on the charge. Furthermore, since these Jetbikes have the Fly Keyword, it means they can charge and attack flyers in melee. Just think about that. Additionally, they aren't too bad against vehicles, making them an all-round flexible weapon.

Battle-Automata Power Blade[edit]

Battle-Automata Power Blade

Not to be confused with the Power Blade or the Powerblade.

The Power Blade of the Legio Cybernetica is not like the small dagger-like Power Blades utilized by Imperium assassins, nor are they the lightning fast and hard-to-parry Powerblades used by Eldar Warp Spiders. These blades resemble a chakram that has been revved-up and function like a power saw.

A common close range weapon used by various types of Battle-Automata, these circular saw-like bladed weapons deploy molecular disruption fields that are super-charged with power from the Battle-Automata's own engine core. These blades are usually used in pairs. A Castellax-class Battle-Automata armed with Power Blades loses the ability to carry its built-in Bolters.

The Horus Heresy tabletop list these as AP2 Rending weapons. Being MCs, Battle Automata melee attacks are already AP2, so the main use for them is the extra attack (because they are counted as a weapon) and, with some good fortune from the dice gods, some armor penetration due to Smash getting worse in 7th Ed.

Paragon War Mace[edit]

Paragon War Mace

The Paragon War Mace is a giant powermaul wielded by the derpy looking Paragon Warsuit.

It is considered as one of the two standard-issue close-combat weapon for the Warsuit, with the other being the Paragon War Blade.

On the tabletop, the Paragon War Mace is a powerful S+4, AP-2 with D3. It is capable of pummeling GEQs and MEQs like pancakes due to its higher base strength and damage, although its low AP makes it less suitable against TEQs like the War Blade. It has an ability that allows the weapon to subtract 1 from that attack's hit roll.

Paragon War Blade[edit]

Paragon War Blade

The Paragon War Blade is a giant powersword wielded by the derpy looking Paragon Warsuit.

It is considered as one of the two standard-issue close-combat weapon for the Warsuit, with the other being the Paragon War Mace.

Crunchwise, it is a S+1, AP-3 and D2 weapon. Pretty good at carving up MEQs and even TEQs like a roasted turkey. Its special ability allows the War Blade to make one additional attack every time the Warsuit fights, making it quite dangerous in close combat.

Dreadnought Power Fist[edit]

Mark V Dreadnought Power Fist

A Power Fist suited specifically for Dreadnought needs. Dreadnought Power Fists comes in all shapes and sizes but they all do one thing, fucking shit up.

The most common pattern is the Dreadnought Mark V Power Fist. The weapon takes the form of a massive metal gauntlet and features four clamp-like fingers that can open and close. The fist can be used to smash enemy units and vehicles and grab enemy units with its clamps. The Mark V Dreadnought Power Fist can be armed with an underslung Storm Bolter or Heavy Flamer.

Another variant is the Venerable Dreadnought Power Fist. These Master Crafted Weapons are markedly more advanced than their basic counterparts, and feature four fully articulated and jointed fingers, allowing a greater range of movement than the clamps or bladed fingers of other Castraferrum Dreadnoughts, in a sense, it is essentially the Contemptor Dreadnought Power Fist in all but name. The next variant is the Ironclad Dreadnought Power Fist. These Power Fists feature larger "finger" clamps and thicker armor. The Ironclad Dreadnought Power Fist is equipped with an under-slung Storm Bolter or Heavy Flamer. Additionally there is the Blood Angels' Blood Fists which feature longer servo-manipulator "fingers" than the standard Castraferrum Dreadnought Power Fist and are designed to rip and tear through flesh, bone and armour more swiftly. The newest variant of the Dreadnought Power Fist is the NuMarines Redemptor Fist. A Redemptor Fist is a massive, articulated Dreadnought-sized Power Fist of advanced design used by Primaris Space Marine Redemptor Dreadnoughts as a primary melee weapon on one of their two weapon arms. A variation of the Redemptor Fist (presumably a Brutalis Fist given the naming convention of its other melee option) can also be mounted in pairs on a Brutalis Dreadnought.

Dreadnought Power Claw[edit]

Mark IV Dreadnought Power Claw

Similar to the Dreadnought Power Fist, the Power Claw has a lot of variants.

The weapon takes the form of a massive metal gauntlet and features four blade-like fingers that can open and close. The fist can be used to smash enemy units and vehicles and tear through enemy units with its bladed fingers.

There are simply way too many Power Claws to be considered reasonable. Seriously look at this shit. We got the typical Mark IV Power Claw you see on the right as well as the Contemptor Power Claw. There is the Blood Angels' Blood Talon (and its Contemptor versions) which closely resemble a Lightning Claw in their design, featuring four energized adamantium claws that can pincer down on an enemy target or slash through nearly an entire enemy infantry squad with ease. There's the Salamander's more roasty Dreadfire Fist with a built-in Dreadfire Heavy Flamers. The Space Wolves Great Wolf Claw which are enchanted by powerful runes to further augment their destructive potential. The Contemptor-Incaendius Dreadnought also have a unique form of Power Claw called the Talons of Perdition, similar to the aforementioned Blood Talon, but with a built-in Heavy Flamer, which can be swapped with a Meltagun or a prototype Iliastus Pattern Assault Cannon. Finally, the 'discount' Furioso that is the Brutalis Dreadnought can mount a pair of Brutalis Talons.

Tl;dr, there is way too many versions and lets not even get into Chaos or Ork territory.

Penitent Buzz-Saw[edit]

Penitent Buzz-Saw

A weapon that looks like a case in which the Ministorum Looted a Buzz Saw from an Ork Deff Dred. The Power Saw of the Penitent Engine is a savage looking piece of contraption designed to cause as much carnage as humanly possible whilst still retaining an aura of self-righteous masochism.

All Penitent Engines are armed only with this Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, which usually includes a large, circulating Saw Blade on each of the walker's arms, as the pilot is in too frantic a mental state to take his or her time to aim long-range weaponry effectively. The Penitent Engine's weapon arms are also equipped with either Flamers or Heavy Flamers, which can be fired together or separately.

With the new update, Penitents along with the Power weapons saw a massive buff, as they are by and large no longer one-shot by heavy weapons, and while they are still weaker than Dreadnoughts in CC, a roll of 4+ allows them to make their full set of attacks TWICE. That’s 8 attacks at strength 10 each dealing 3 wounds. When taking them, go big or go home. Either deploy none or at least four of them.

Fenrisian Great Axe[edit]

Fenrisian Great Axe

When the Space Wolves can't get enough Viking, they equip their Dreadnoughts with these fuckhueg Power Axes. For all intents and purposes, it is a Frost Axe scaled up to the size in which a Dreadnought could use it with its thicc, meaty powerfists.

Fenrisian Great Axes are massive Power Weapons that can only be hefted by a Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought. However, it is currently unknown whether this axe has cool frost effects like the Helfrost weapons. It would be cool if GW implements this however.

Each of these great axes are forged in the heart of the Fang by the Space Wolves' master artificers. Each is longer than a man is tall and so heavy that only a Dreadnought could ever use or even lift.

A Dreadnought, armed with such a weapon, can cleave a bloody path through many foes at once.

On tabletop, it has two killing modes: Scythe, which doubles their number of attacks that hit at S6, AP-3, D1, or Cleave, which causes -1 to their to-hit rolls, but hits at S10, AP-3, Dd6. Always taken with a Dreadnought-sized storm shield known as a blizzard shield that gives a 4+ invulnerable save, and removes all ranged options.

Galatus Warblade[edit]

Galatus Warblade

Think the Sentinel Blade on steroids or a Sentinel Blade large enough to be wielded by a Dreadnought.

The Galatus Warblade is a massive Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon used by Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnoughts. These blades are made of the highest materials and could cut the armor of superheavy vehicles with contemptuous ease.

The blade has a built-in Infernus Incinerator just in case you really want to make sure that the targeted enemy is completely and utterly neutralized.

On 9th Edition, this is a 3 Damage Power Sword that now allows your dude to do D3 additional attacks. Sounds pretty good, yeah? Now give it to a Dreadnought.

Achillus Dreadspear[edit]

Achillus Dreadspear

The Achillus Dreadspear or simply known as the Dreadspear is a Dreadnought-sized version of the Guardian Spear that was widely used by the Legio Custodes. Wielded by the fearsome Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnoughts, these massive spears were capable of devastating enemy infantry and vehicles.

The Achillus Dreadspear features an in-built Corvae Pattern Las-pulser to fire upon enemies at range, but nobody really bother with that as the Dreadnought is fast enough to charge through almost anything smaller than itself.

In 9th Edition, this golden shlong is a brutal Sx2 (14) AP-3 Dd3+3 weapon that treats all Damage rolls of 1 or 2 as 3 and also deals d3 mortal wounds on the charge. Perfect for hunting down large, single entities toughness 7 or less. Bend over and we'll make this over quick. It can also handle T8 thanks to its high strength, but if you charge a titan with it expect the Achillus to die immediately after attacking.

Cerastus Shock Lance[edit]

Cerastus Shock Lance

A very long power weapon for the Imperial Knights.

The Cerastus Shock Lance is a type of very unique Titan Power Lance wielded by Cerastus Knight Lancer walkers. This magneto-hydraulic power size of prodigious size has a disruption field which may also be projected as a powerful electromagnetic plasma blast over short ranges.

Crunch wise, the Shock Lance is a combi-melee/range weapon that gives it extra initiative when it charges into combat, its shooting mode is basically a 18" range 6-shot plasma rifle that concusses its targets. The Shock Lance is thus, very versatile and can catch unsurprising enemies (even fliers!) off guard.

Tl;dr, it is the only ranged power weapon in the entire tabletop.

Tempest Warblade[edit]

Tempest Warblade

A suped up power sword exclusive to the Castigator Knights.

The Tempest Sword is a complex relic fitted with lethal and strange energy generation systems little understood in the 41st Millennium even by the Sacristans that tend the Castigator Knights. It is capable of carving a fellow Knight with a fiery swing. Yes, that includes the shields too.

Crunchwise, the Warblade strikes at str+6 AP-3 D3, two less damage than before, BUT it now swings twice for every attack you make with it. That's 8 Attacks base before any traits or Household Traditions mind you, so combine with the Castigator bolt cannon and you have one scary ass unit against tarpitters.

Telemon Caestus[edit]

Telemon Caestus

Ya know that Solerite Power Gauntlet? Yeah imagine scaling that up to the point that the largest Dreadnought on the table is able to wear one. The ultimate golden fistboi. The Telemon Caestus is a type of large Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon used by the Adeptus Custodes. Typically mounted on the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought, it consists of a large Power Fist with built-in twin Plasma Projectors (For those who don't know, Plasma Projectors are typically found on Starships. So yes. The Custodians are rich enough to lug around Voidship-level weapons...albeit the baby versions).

Crunchwise, the Caestus is an A4 S18 cheesemongering murder machine! Ap-3 D3 re-rolling wounds rolls of 1 and you can make Imperial Knights bend over for a golden fisting. Combine this with the Plasma Projectors which is a 8” Heavy 2D6 S7 ap-3 D1 auto hitting flamer/plasma gun hybrid which hit like baby Inferno Guns and you have a CQC weapon with no equal.

Seeing as how the average Telemon carries two of these bad boys, this monster can pulverize entire mobs of Tanks, let alone squishy meatbags like Gaunts, Guardsmen and Ork Boyz. If the Telemon goes in melee range and that unit is not a Superheavy, consider that unit deader than Horus. Thank the Emprah these things cost like a truck and you are only allowed one Telemon in a battle.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thunderstrike Gauntlet[edit]

Thunderstrike Gauntlet

The middle stepchild of the power fist family.

The Thunderstrike Gauntlet is a smaller type of Titan power fist carried by nearly all Imperial Knights from the Questoris family. Crackling with destructive energies, the Thunderstrike Gauntlet allows the Knight to rip apart its enemy, even tearing limbs off of Titans.

When used as a bludgeon instrument the gauntlet releases a deafening thunderclap upon impact, so powerful it is capable of hurling Battle Tanks through the air to land amongst the enemy and crush them beneath the vehicle's weight.

On tabletop the Gauntlet is a S16/AP-4/D6. Higher strength and AP in exchange for -1 to hit and a meager +5 points. This excels at pretty much the same things the Inferno cannon does; anything T7/3+ or better. Plus, you get the lulzy spectacle of chucking a dead razorback at his warlord for extra mortal wounds.

The Reaver Power Fist is basically this but upscaled.

Titan Power Fist[edit]

Titan Power Fist

The largest Imperial Power Fists and the proverbial One Punch Weapon.

Essentially the Thunderstrike Gauntlet's bigger brother.

These giant weapons can literally do the equivalent of a power fisting on a truly Titanic scale. The most common users are Reaver Battle Titans, as they provide the best medium between speed and durability.

So far, there is no sources on whether a Warlord is able to get their equivalents. Being the biggest kids on the 'up close and personal' block (Imperators are bigger in size but they're big pussies that avoid glorious melee), Warlords gets an even better toy. See below.

On tabletop the Power Fist is a Sx2 AP-5 D10. Has a similar trick to the Knights' Thunderstrike Gauntlet, but on a much bigger scale obviously. For extra Lulz, on a 4+ you can throw whatever you killed at that unit and inflict D6 mortal wounds on them.

Titan Power Claw[edit]

Arioch Power Claw

The largest Imperial Power Claw.

Titan Power Claws are giant fuckoff weapons against other superheavies and Titans that got too close for comfort. These things can rip open fortresses like tin cans and swipe a Titan's head off in one good blow.

They come in two varieties, the Warlord Arioch Power Claws with a built-in Vulcan Mega-Bolter and the smaller Reaver Power Claws.

On tabletop, the Arioch is a goddamn rape fist. At Sx2 (that's S18, by the way, which wounds literally everything outside of certain buildings on 2s) AP-5 D18, and has the same throwing rule as the Reaver- when you kill a MONSTER or Vehicle with it, and most will die in one hit, choose an enemy unit within 9' of the victim. They take D6 mortals. Doesn't even harm your firepower since it comes with a built-in Vulcan Mega Bolter. Yes, that means the ultimate anti tank weapon is also the ultimate anti infantry weapon. Notably, its insanely high strength makes it the only weapon capable of wounding another Warlord on a 2+. Enjoy power fingering enemy Titans in the asshole.


Dreadnought Power Fist[edit]

Dreadnought Power Claw[edit]


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Chaos Power Weapons[edit]

Chaos basically utilize Chain Weapons more than Power Weapons from the Imperium 'cause Chain Weapons look more Manly to a Khornate worshiper; does not help that GW has a boner for Khorne, so oh well.

Accursed Crozius[edit]

Accursed Crozius

The Traitor equivalent of the Crozius Arcanum, the Dark Apostle, uses a functionally identical item, though twisted by Chaos, called an Accursed Crozius. Which actually resembles a maul or a giant mace.

At the time of the Horus Heresy, most Chaplains resisted the lure of Chaos and were slaughtered by their brother Astartes. However, the Chaplains of the Word Bearers had the same fervent desire to find objects of worship as their Primarch Lorgar and so willingly turned to the dark devotion of Chaos.

To prove their dedication of faith to the Dark Gods, the Chaplains corrupted their once-sacred Crozius Arcanum, their badge of office and symbol of the Imperial faith. With such blasphemous actions, the Crozius were blessed with fell powers to show that no servant of the Emperor, even the strongest-willed, is immune to the call of Chaos. In battle, they now serve not only as both weapon and mark of rank, but also a powerful link between the bearer and the warp itself.

Bubotic Axe[edit]

Bubotic Axe

A weapon that incorporates both a power weapon, a chain weapon and a daemon weapon all at once. Although official fluff calls it a power weapon.

A Bubotic Axe is a type of Chaos Power Weapon that is blessed by the Plague God Nurgle and is a favoured melee weapon of Blightlord Terminators and other Plague Marines. Similiar to their Manreapers and normal Plague Scythes, the Death Guard like to incorporate chain teeth into their Axes. Forming something like a Chainfist in affect. Bubotic Axes may or may not be a pun reference to the word Bubonic.

in the Death Guard Codex, the Bubotic Axe is a S+1 AP-2 D1 weapon, like the standard power axe but with the Plague Weapon special rule.

Escaton Power Claw[edit]

Escaton Power Claw

An absolutely nutty and insane contraption used exclusively by the Contekars of the Night Lords legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

Extremely rare weapons. These things came about when some madlad thought about combining a powerfist with a lightning claw. Suffice to say, that inventor did not fail to impress.

They were a brutal prototype weapon combining the energy field and mass acceleration of the aforementioned powerfist with the shredding talons of a lightning claw. So think the shredding of the lightning claw with the force explosion of a powerfist. Fucking awesome.

The Escaton power claw was re-engineered from a piece of archaeotech discovered in the final years of the Great Crusade on the war-ravaged world of Elemghast. Early versions of the Escaton claw saw limited testing with all of the Legions, but the first shipment of finished, energized gauntlets was directed by Horus primarily to the armories of the Sons of Horus and Night Lords Legions.

Crunchwise, these were Powerfists with Shred and Murderous Strike (6+), that any Independent Character with a Powerfist can exchange for 10 points.

Great Plague Cleaver[edit]

Great Plague Cleaver

The Bubotic Axe's big brother.

The Great Plague Cleaver is a type of heavy Power Weapon used by Death Guard Plague Marines. Bearing more of a resemblance to an axe than an actual cleaver, this thing is so heavy and large that it requires even the strong and sturdy Plague Marines to two hand this bastard.

On tabletop, the Great Plague Cleaver counts as a Power Fist but with Plague Weapon and D6 damage. You would think that such a large weapon should have a pretty significant range right? Nonetheless, this weapon is pretty underwhelming. The main reasons not to take it are its horrendous points cost and the fact that only Plague Marines with their paltry single attack can take one. Fortunately, 9th edition came and it cut its points cost and bumped the attacks, so your marine gets with this thing to 3, making it a more attractive option.

Power Scourge[edit]

Power Scourge

A Chaos exclusive weapon.

Power Scourges are Chaos Space Marine Power Weapons. These weapons consist of a set of jointed metal arms tipped with blades that crackle with barely contained energy. In battle, the Power Scourge lashes wildly, cutting anything that gets close.

The large and unwieldy nature of these weapons means that the Power Scourge is only usable on Dreadnoughts, Helbrute, Defiler, Maulerfiend and a assortment of known and unknown Daemon Engines.

Back in the old days, normal Dreadnoughts could also get access to these weapons, but they look more dated, goofy and ridiculous than the more updated counterparts.

In a nutshell, Chaos Rape Tentacles. Appropriate for the Emperor's Children for all your Hentai needs.

Plague Claw[edit]

Plague Claw

A Death Guard exclusive weapon.

The Chaos Dreadnought Plague Claw is a massive Dreadnought Power Claw that has been mutated to include incredibly long, organic talons. Although they might look fragile, these unnatural talons can slice through flesh and metal as easily as a Power Weapon. This is unnatural due to most Nurglite weapons looking like a bloated mass of metal and flesh that can take several hits from a Battle Cannon and still be combat ready.

The Plague Claw is designed as an answer to complaints that Death Guard Dreadnoughts lack effective close combat range due to a combination of slow speed and sluggish agility. The long reach of the talons is made to compensate for this problem.

These weapons are used by Chaos Dreadnoughts that are dedicated to the Chaos God Nurgle. A Plague Claw takes up nearly the entire Dreadnought weapon arm, and as such it has no built-in weapons.

Unfortunately, despite having a model, there are no rules for the Plague Claw much to GW FAIL.

Dreadnought/Helbrute Thunder Hammer[edit]

Helbrute Thunder Hammer

Chaos saw the Imperium's Heavy Thunder Hammer and has decided to one-up them.

A massive Dreadnought-sized Thunder Hammer that takes up the entire weapon arm of the Dreadnought, either engineered this way or mutated into the Dreadnought's mechanical parts as a gift for its service to the Ruinous Powers. These weapons are used to devastating effect during close combat, battering infantry and vehicles aside as if they were mere toys. These weapons take up the near entirety of the Dreadnought's weapon arm, and as such they have no built-in weapons.

The Helbrute has a even more modernized version, and is warped into the Helbrute's weapon arm by flesh and muscle. These weapons are used to devastating effect during close combat and the natural joints of the Helbrute makes it far more flexible in performance.



The Slaughterclaw is a new weapon shown on March 24, 2022.

These things are the primary weapon for the Chaos Knights. Specifically for the smaller War Dogs such as the War Dog Knight Karnivore or the War Dog Knight Stalker, so they can use it for crushing hard targets.

The Slaughterclaw is an overly enlarged lightning claw used against opponents where even the Reaper Chaintalon just isn't good enough. They can also be used to chuck shit at enemies if needed.

Crunchwise, they are one of the new Chaos weapons given to the Karnivore and Stalker. While it lacks multiple statlines, it provides a very hefty Sx2 AP-3 D3+d3 to give it an edge over heavy tanks and knights. It's still not going to fell these enemies without support since these are still the tiny armigers, not the lumbering Questoris knights.

Defiler Power Claw[edit]

Defiler Power Claw

The quintessential crab claws for your quintessential crab tank.

The Chaos Defiler is a massive multi-legged Daemon Engine that strides upon six legs. The walker's front two legs end in massive, pincer-like Power Claws, similar to those of a Terran crab. These huge piston-driven claws can be used to grab and crush the enemy, toss vehicles aside and tear through fortifications. Defilers are armed with a pair of Defiler Power Claws for the double the crumpin'.

Defiler Claws can range from crab-like, to three fingered hydraulic claws, to even giant crushing pincers like those from an excavator.

Crunchwise, the Defiler doesn't suffer -1 to hit when he gives you d6 wounds to the face. It is gonna crumple most armor like paper, so have your Defiler go and 'soften' up some pesky Terminators.

Warpstrike Claw[edit]

Warpstrike Claw

The more Chaosy and heretical brother of the Thunderstrike Gauntlet.

The Warpstrike Claw is one of the primary close combat weapons used by the Chaos Knight Despoilers alongside their Desecrator, Rampager and even Abominant brothers. Other than having a few more extra spikes on its cestus, there really isn't that much differences really outside of cosmetic changes.

Crunchwise, it is basically the fluff; which is a more evilly-named Thunderstrike Gauntlet that has 2 profiles: Sx2 (S16) AP-3 D8 or S+2 (S10) AP-2 D3 with double the attacks. Higher strength and damage but lower AP. This excels at pretty much the same things the Inferno Cannon does, meaning anything T7/3+ or better, making it a better fit against enemy knights. Plus, you get the lulzy spectacle of chucking a dead razorback at his warlord for extra mortal wounds; keep in mind that if you do this you are required to tell your opponent that they've been thunderstruck. The choice between the two is pretty much a toss-up depending on your opponent - take the gauntlet vs. IG and the sword vs. Deldar, etc, but either one will do the job most of the time.



AKA, the Power Scourge's bigger and meaner brother.

The Electroscourge, otherwise known as the Chaos Energy Whip are a type of tentacle-like Power Weapons found on Chaos Titans such as the Chaos Warlord Titan as well as the Chaos Knight Abominants.

When in combat, these things flail around like a giant noodly appendage, crushing anything that gets too close in the process.

On the tabletop, the Electroscourge is a SU AP-2 D3 that triples your attacks. While both it and the Balemace are fairly similar in effectiveness, beware that your knight has a very low number of attacks, meaning that you're not going to get many shots without the scourge's extra swings.



The other close combat weapon of the Chaos Knight Abominants.

Now, we aren't completely sure that the Balemace is a power weapon since so little info is given, but its stats are basically identical, so for technical sakes, we put it here.

The Balemace itself is an odd weapon as the Knight Abominant suddenly had an obsession with having a tail, so by the power of Daemonic possession, it grew one.

Crunchwise, the Balemace is an SU AP-2 D2 that gives d3 extra attacks. It is often used in conjunction with the Electroscourge to compensate for the Knight's low number of attacks. So whilst they hit hard, you need to make sure each hit actually lands.

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Grenades & Explosives: Frag Grenade - Blight Grenade - Krak Grenade - Melta Bomb - Phosphex Bomb - Pox Bomb

Squat Power Weapons[edit]

The Leagues of Votann so far only has one known Power Weapon for now.

Darkstar Axe[edit]

Darkstar Axe

"Omae wa mou shindeiru!"

– What an Einhyr Champion always says before bonking someone with this axe.

The Darkstar Axe is a really cool looking dark purple power axe wielded only by a Einhyr Champion as one of his primary close combat weapons. As the only power weapon in an armoury of plasma weapons, the Darkstar Axe weighs more, but it is offset by its unique cutting capabilities due to its materials mined in the core of the galaxy.

This material in question is the aforementioned darkstar ore, which is some sort of exotic inimical material mined in the fringes of the Dead Zones, that emits a universal damping field that shuts down organic and mechanical function at contact. How the fuck that is meant to work and what GeeDubs means by 'damping field' we have no idea. It is worked into Kin weaponry with the greatest care due to how dangerous these materials are, and is wielded with equal gravitas, for the slightest touch of the weapon can end the victim's life like flipping a switch.

On the tabletop, this translates as a mutant power axe that makes 2 hit rolls for every attack, and the damage caused by this weapon can't be ignored by any rules. A strong set of abilities that would be better on almost any other melee weapon listed here, an Einhyr Champion gets this by default.

Weapons of the Leagues of Votann/Squats
Ballistics: Autoch Pattern Bolt Pistol - Bolt Revolver
Ironhead Autopistol - Ironhead Bolt Pistol
Ironhead Stub Gun
Directed-Energy: EtaCarn Plasma Pistol - Ion Pistol
Las-Beam Cutter - Plasma Torch
Stone Burner - Volkanite Disintegrator
Incendiary: Hand Flamer
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Autoch Pattern Bolter - Bolt Shotgun - Ironhead Autogun
Ironhead Boltgun - L7 Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: EtaCarn Plasma Beamer - EtaCarn Plasma Gun
HYLas Auto Rifle - Ion Blaster
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Chthonian Mole Grenade Launcher - Grenade Launcher
Magna-Rail Rifle - Mole Mortar
Gravitational: Graviton Rifle
Combi-Weapons: Autoch Pattern Combi-Bolter
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Bolt Cannon - Exo-Armour Grenade Launcher
Ironhead Heavy Stubber - Magna-Coil Autocannon
Directed-Energy: HYLas Rotary Cannon - Ion Beamer - SP Conversion Beamer
Gravitational: Graviton Blast Cannon
Vehicle-mounted Weapons:
Ballistics: Hekaton VLS - MATR Autocannon
Sagitaur Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: Cyclic Ion Cannon - HYLas Beam Cannon
Ballistics: Doomsday Cannon - Goliath Mega-Cannon - Thunderer Cannon
Thunder-Fire Cannon
Super-Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Heavy Magna-Rail Cannon
Directed-Energy: SP Heavy Conversion Beamer
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Doomstorm Missile - Macrocannon - Torpedoes
Directed-Energy: Cutting Beam - Hellfury Cannon - Lance Weapon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons Concussion Weapons - Grav Close Combat Weapons
Force Weapons - Close Combat Plasma Weapons
Miscellaneous Weapons - Squat Power Weapons
Grenades & Explosives C8 HX Charge - Gravitic Concussion Grenade

Eldar Power Weapons[edit]

The Eldar have the knowledge to create power weapons as well: theirs are of a lighter, more elegant design, and are used almost exclusively by the Howling Banshee aspect warriors.



A giant shuriken Chakram.

A Triskele is an Eldar weapon used by the Exarch of the Howling Banshees. Extremely versatile, it can be thrown ahead of a charge, dismembering many enemies before returning to its owner, or it can be used as a close range melee weapon to rip apart opponents into bloody ribbons; it is highly effective against even the heaviest armored enemies. Jain Zar is the most notable individual to use these weapons.

In 8th edition, the Triskele is an interesting weapon. Basically, for 9 points you trade your Power Sword for a weapon with 1 less AP, but it can be thrown as an Assault 3 shooting attack instead of firing a pistol. You would think that a thrown weapon would be the one replacing the pistol rather than the sword. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the Triskele ends up unfortunately less effective overall.

Ends up faring a lot worse than the sword, obviously, since you've paid 5 points overall to reduce your AP by 1, but does roughly triple the damage of the pistol against most targets. Really a terrible idea. Hard pass.



The Elfdar analogue of the Imperium's Relic Sword.

A Power Sword with a twist used by an Exarch of the Dire Avengers. In addition to being a power weapon, a Diresword is also a spirit stone, housing a great Exarch of the past. When connecting with the target, the Eldar soul within will attempt to destroy the opponent's mind.

All Direswords are modeled after the legendary Sword of Asur, the first of its kind, carried by the first Phoenix Lord; Asurmen.

On 8th Edition, Dire Avenger Exarchs could get a power sword equivalent that's AP-2, but slaps a mortal wound in addition to any damage dealt on a wound roll of 6. Since your Exarch is naturally S3 and would've needed to roll a 5 or 6 just to wound most MEQ units anyways.

Eldar Power Sword[edit]

Eldar Power Sword

The Eldar's analogue of the regular Power Sword.

Used by the Howling Banshees, these weapons are of a more elegant design than their Imperial counterparts: they have a single edge and have a curve at the tip of the blade. It is a single-bladed sword that is great for slicing and carving flesh and bone alike.

Though being lighter, these weapons have more metal at the tip, allowing them to strike just as hard as an Imperial power weapon.

Unfortunately, in 8th Edition, while these swords have decent AP, the weak ass Strength 3 of the Howling Banshees means that, without a Warlock or Farseer doing the heavy lifting, you would only be chopping up GEQ targets fifty percent of the time. How GW fucked that up, we have no idea. You'll rarely, if ever see the Exarch leading these ladies use one in lieu of the stronger Executioner or more accurate Mirrorswords.



Basically an Eldar Force Falchion.

Somewhat smaller than, but otherwise identical to the regular power swords, these blades are used in pairs by the Exarchs of the Howling Banshees. The style that they are used in allows the wielder to deliver a far higher amount of blows on a target than with regular power swords.

They are part of an ambidextrous sword-art using paired blades.

In 8th Edition, these replace a Howling Banshee Exarch's power sword and shuriken pistol for no extra point cost. While this causes her AP to drop to -2 as well, it does allow her to re-roll all failed hit rolls in melee combat. Against squishier infantry such as Guardsmen or T'au, these are probably the best choice out of the bunch for the exarch. They have great synergy with the Whirling Blades exarch power thanks to the extra attacks granted to the mirrorswords.



A glaive, this power weapon greatly enhances the power behind the user's blows, allowing the warrior to slice its enemies in half with ease. Exarchs of the Dire Avengers aspect use a similar, but lighter weapon for superior range over their enemies.

The Executioner is not standardized and thus, it takes many forms - that of a heavy spear, a rune-encrusted sword or a great black scythe. Whatever its form, it is one of the most deadly hand to hand power weapons.

In 7th Edition, these weapons have quite the nasty stat lines of S5 AP2. In 8th Edition, it is a S+2, AP-3, D3 weapon for just 3 extra points. This is pretty much the only weapon in the entire Banshee arsenal that can actually reliably carve through MEQ/TEQ targets without dedicated psychic support. Unfortunately, this also means that against said MEQ opponents, the Banshee Exarch wielding this is going to be the only one actually contributing to the fight.

Star Glaive[edit]

Star Glaive

A cousin of the Executioner.

The Star Glaive is a type of Power Weapon used exclusively by Eldar Autarchs. They have a much larger blade than the Executioner, allowing for a greater striking force at the expanse of encumbering the user.

In 9th Edition, the Star Glaive is exclusive to the footslogging Autarch in the codex, essentially a Scorpion's Claw (Sx2, AP-3, Dd3) and god-awful in comparison. At S3, making you a mediocre S6 with this, and hitting on a 3+ due to the unwieldy rule it seriously pales in comparison and restricts you to fighting infantry and light vehicles, compared to the power fist of marines giving you the flexibility to hit tanks with some success.



Not to be confused with the Imperium's Power Blade (Seriously GW, fix your god damn names).

Attached to the user's forearms, these weapons grant the wielder the advantages of a power weapon while allowing the user to keep his hands free. Used mainly by Exarchs of the Warp Spiders aspect.

In earlier editions powerblades could be wielded by Exarchs of other Aspects - most notably by the Dark Reapers, who wielded them in conjunction with their heavy weapons to give them both ranged and close-quarters abilities.

Scorpion's Claw[edit]

Scorpion's Claw

Scorpion's Claw is an Eldar version of a power fist, except it doesn't slow its wielder (in game terms it doesn't have the Unwieldy or Special Weapon rules). Exarchs of the Striking Scorpions wear this on one hand while holding a chainsword in the other. It's a big claw with a shuriken pistol inside.

Basically, it is far more utilitarian and versatile than any other races Power Fists or Power Claws.

On tabletop, it is a Sx2 (S6) AP-3 claw that carves away D3 wounds per smack, complemented by a built-in Shuriken Catapult that isn't named that. It also will cost the Exarch his Shuriken Pistol, so he won't be able to contribute any ranged firepower if he's tied up in melee.

Eldar Power Lance[edit]

Eldar Power Lance

The Eldar have their own Power Spears in the form of Lances.

They essentially function the same in all retrospects. Power Lances, especially for the Craftworlder varieties, are often the standard issue CCW for Autarchs. They have obviously a longer reach and works better two handed than one handed. They were best seen in Dawn of War 2 as the primary weapon of the bitchy Autarch. It handed rather okay for a support unit, unfortunately that did not translate well on the tabletop.

On the tabletop, other than its reach, it is pretty meh. Seriously, there are much better weapons to replace the Power Lance, it is that mediocre. On 8th Edition, the Power Lance has been removed all together, showing how redundant the weapon has become.

Both the Craftworld Eldar and Dark Eldar utilize Power Lances. The DEldar is obviously more edgier looking.



The Ghostaxe is a large Eldar Power Weapon that is a cousin to the Ghostsword. These weapons are often preferred by Wraithblade constructs. Like Ghostweapons, it guides the wielder's blow into the target's weak spot.

9th Edition Ghostaxes hit harder than the Ghostswords at S7, but outside of T6/T7 targets you will not notice the difference. They also have one fewer attack than the Ghostswords and have a -1 to hit malus for the Wraithblade swinging it. So why bring them? They do come with a complimentary scattershield for a 4++ invulnerable save. This makes them the tankiest infantry units the Craftworlders can field by far, especially if supplemented by the Protect power. Additionally, though they are slightly less accurate and have fewer attacks, each swing deals d3 damage. Considering Spiritseers are often in tow, the accuracy drop isn't as big of an issue as it might seem.



The Ghostsword is a large melee Power Weapon used by Eldar Wraithblades. They are the smaller version of Ghostglaives. Usually wielded in pairs, they leave glowing traces in the air as they are swung. Like all Ghostweapons, they guide the wielder's blows into the target's weak spot.

In the 8th edition Eldar Codex, the default Ghostswords have 4 Attacks on the charge hitting at WS 3+, S6, AP -3 and Damage 1. This is the one you want to use against lightly armoured units that rely on toughness to shrug off hits. Given they will always be in a Wave Serpent they don’t need much in the way of support but they do appreciate Psyker support or an Autarch Bubble.

Become absolute nightmares if any Iyanden characters bring the Psytronome of Iyanden as they get the option to double the attack characteristic a Wraith unit has at the cost of the Wraith unit taking d3 Mortal Wounds. 6 Attacks per Wraithblade at S6 and AP-3 is going to turn anything short of a superheavy into a fine mist. Toss in Enhance from a Spiritseer nearby and even Conscript Blobs are suffering critical existence failure. Don't forget to give them Fortune from a Farseer as well to mitigate the mortal wounds afterwards.

Wraithbone Power Fist[edit]

Wraithbone Power Fist

Like the Imperium's Dreadnought Power Fist, the Elfdar have their own equivalents on their walkers.

The fists found on Eldar Wraithlords and Wraithseers are capable of being used in the same manner as the more common Power Fist, such as punching enemy vehicles or picking up and crushing enemy infantry. In contrast to the more bulky Imperium equivalent, these power fists are much more proportioned, allowing the wraith constructs to manipulate an object with ample dexterity without outright turning it into spam. These weapons can be outfitted with wrist-mounted Shuriken Catapults or Flamers.

However, despite being a Power Fist, there are much better options for the Wraithlord and Wraithseer such as the Ghostglaive for example, which has far longer range than the conventional Power Fist.



Imagine a Singing Spear scaled to a Wraithlord chassis.

Ghostspears are massive, rune-etched spears made of Wraithbone (like virtually everything the Eldar make). These weapons are carried into combat by the rare Wraithseer ghost warriors used by the Eldar. These weapons contain a rudimentary sentience within their Spirit Stone core that empowers the blade and guides its wielder's blows toward the most vital points of their foe.

Aside being used to help channel the Wraithseer's psychic prowess, the Ghostspear shares a statline nearly identical to the more standard Ghostglaive used by their Wraithlord cousins: S+2 AP-4 d6 damage, with the added bonus of re-rolling wound rolls against vehicles (for some reason).



The Ghostglaive is a heavy Eldar melee weapon mounted on Wraithknights and on Wraithlords. These great blades can even engage Daemon Lords in single combat. They are the big daddies of the Ghostweapons and are able to slice their contemporaries into pieces.

In the 8th edition Eldar Codex, the Ghostglaive is a S+2, AP-4 D6 weapon exclusive to the Wraithlord. Between the high AP, four attacks and effective S9 of the Wraithlord swinging this around, virtually everything in the game smaller than a full-fledged titan without an invuln save is vulnerable to this weapon. The only thing holding back its otherwise unrivaled killing potential is the limited number of swings the Wraithlord can make against blobs and the generally inconsistent d6 rolls potentially dealing underwhelming damage against hardier single targets.

Oh and it gets even worse on a Wraithknight. On a Wraithknight, the Ghostglaive is grown to truly titanic sizes and is now a Sx2, AP-4 weapon with a standard damage of 6. Oh yes, its a fucking Strength 16 weapon, its gonna go through most superheavies like a hot knife through butter. Prepare your anus indeed.

Phantom Power Glaive[edit]

Phantom Power Glaive

A giant Power Weapon for the Eldar to combat enemy Titans.

Known also as the Ashuna-Valcry'le, roughly translated as 'Sleepless Harbinger of Destruction', the Phantom Power Glaive is one of the less-common weapons wielded by an Eldar Phantom Titan and could slice superheavy machines into sizable chunks. In addition to its deadly close combat blades the weapon also mounts two Starcannons.

On 8th edition, these monsters are the quintessential Eldar anti-titan melee option, this Sx2 (S18) AP-5 armblade does a straight 9 damage a cleave, producing additional attacks on hit rolls of a 6. Since this will bypass Void Shields, it's honestly the most reliable anti-titan weapon you can give to the Phantom. Additionally, while not exactly amazing, it does have a built in Starcannon/Bright Lance to help contribute a smidge more firepower to compensate for the loss of other ranged options.

One must wonder why the Imperium never thought of creating a Titan-scale Power Sword.



Weapons of the Eldar
Ballistics: Shuriken Pistol - Harlequin's Embrace - Harlequin's Kiss
Directed-Energy: Fusion Pistol - Mandiblaster
Sonic: Banshee Mask
Warpcraft: Neuro-Disruptor
Other: Neural Shredder
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Avenger Shuriken Catapult - Death Spinner - Gatekeepers Bastion
Reaper Launcher - Shuriken Catapult - Shuriken Rifle
Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack
Directed-Energy: Cloudsweeper - Fusion Gun - Lasblaster
Laser Lance - Prism Rifle - Ranger Long Rifle
Incendiary: Eldar Flamer
Exarch Weapons:
Ballistics: Spinneret Rifle - Tempest Launcher
Directed-Energy: Fire Pike - Hawk's Talon - Prism Blaster - Star Lance - Sunrifle
Incendiary: Dragon's Breath Flamer
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Eldar Missile Launcher - Pack Grenade Launcher - Mirage Launcher - Shadow Weaver
Shrieker Cannon - Shuriken Cannon - Torrent Reaper Launcher
Directed-Energy: Bright Lance - Scatter Laser - Starcannon
Haywire Cannon - Firestorm Scatter Laser
Sonic: Vibro Cannon
Warpcraft: Wraithcannon - D-Scythe
Vehicle Weapons:
Ballistics: Doom Weaver - Phoenix Missile Launcher
Directed-Energy: Prism Cannon - Pulse Laser - Prismatic Cannon
Warpcraft: D-Cannon - D-Flail
Super Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Deathshroud Cannon - Phantom Missile Launcher
Revenant Missile Launcher - Void Spinner Array
Directed-Energy: Inferno Lance - Pulsar - Suncannon
Sonic: Sonic Lance
Warpcraft: Psychic Lance
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Naval Lascannon - Phantom Lance - Pulsar Lance
Shadow Lance - Heavy Starcannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Eldar Chain Weapons - Eldar Power Weapons
Eldar Force Weapons - Miscellaneous Weapons
Grenades & Explosives Plasma Grenade - Haywire Grenade - Hallucinogen Grenade

Dark Eldar Power Weapons[edit]

While many of the Dark Eldar's weapons have only cosmetic differences to those of Eldar design, there are a few that are more unique



Baby Klaives essentially.

Demiklaves are small Dark Eldar melee weapons. Some Incubi sects prefer demiklaives over the Klaive. Demiklaives are two power swords which can be wielded as two close combat swords or as one mighty weapon. Changing from one weapon into two is so easy for Klaivex that they can do it in the midst of battle.

Perhaps the best known Dark Eldar wielding demiklaives is Drazhar, the Master of Blades.

On tabletop, its stats is similiar to its bigger brother, just now with a D2 on each profile of the blades. May not sound like much, but take in context that this is Drazhar we are talking about. Damage stack up is gonna rise to lethal in a single round.



These massive two-handed swords are the staple weapon of the Incubus and are regarded by them as "The ultimate weapon". Every Klaive is a masterpiece of a weapon. They are perfectly balanced and in the right hands they are also extreme instruments of death. Klaives are also power weapons on their own and because of that can even cleave through Space Marine power armor.

These enormous cleavers are AP2 and +1S while letting you strike at full I. Some squad leaders get the even deadlier Demi-Klaives. They grant an additional S normally, but you can choose to use them as +0S and +2A.



THE BDSM weapon.

A weapon befitting its name, this deadly whip drives the senses of the victim haywire with pain. It is not standardized and therefore, come in many forms, such as whips or gauntlets, but they are designed to attach themselves to the victim's nervous system, take control of it and inflict immense pain which can disable or kill the victim. Should in no way be confused with the Electrocorrosive Whip, another Dark Eldar whip of a different kind.

The size of the creature doesn't matter and often the larger the creature, the greater the potential for pain-infliction. Agonisers have the ability to harm vehicles as well, potentially disabling the crew or disrupting the vehicle's systems. It grants AP3 and wounds the enemies on a 4+, regardless of toughness.



A very weird weapon. Possibly one of the weirdest weapons in the DEldar armory and that's saying something. This is the stock standard CCW for Dark Eldar Archons.

Carved from Desiccator bone, this horrid saber drains the moisture out of its victims in a fraction of a second, leaving nothing behind but a shriveled corpse. How this blade sucks the moisture of its victims despite being a sharpened bone I have no idea. Shit is so goddamned weird.

It grants AP3 and Instant Death. On 8th Edition, it is a Strength +1, AP-2 and D3 Damage weapon, making it excellent for murderfucking characters and swarms due to its multi-wound attacks. Now known as the Suckblade.

Djin Blade[edit]

Djin Blade

A blade that looks annoyingly similiar to the Husk Blade although descriptions of it is somewhat different (its described as taking the form of polished crystal with a scowling bestial face upon its hilt).

Only available to the most elite of nobles such as Archons, a Djin blade houses the soul of a fallen Eldar and therefore, is considered a relic weapon. This grants AP3 and +2A, but on a roll of doubles on the extra attacks the soul rebels and the attacks target the user, which usually means rolling a D6 and taking 1 mortal wound.

The blade however, truly shines when given to an Archon with the Soul Thirst ability, which allows that fucker to heal that mortal wound and negate that con from the weapon. Or, if you're feeling lazy, just get a Sslyth to wield one, as that snakeboi could absorb 2+ wounds from the blade just fine.



A Dark Eldar Power Halberd and used by Dark Eldar Incubi. It is large and unwieldy but incorporates a shock field generator which is beyond the ability of the Imperium to replicate. They are often easily alterable to suit the user with an extendable shaft and a monomolecular blade attached to deliver the shock.

In practice it counts as a two-handed power weapon that also gives +1 Strength, although the two-handed part doesn't matter since Incubi who use it also fight with a Tormentor Helm which counts as a splinter pistol both in and out of combat, effectively giving the Incubi an extra attack anyway since they shoot it through thought alone.

Archite Glaive[edit]

Archite Glaive

These Power Glaives are exquisitely crafted pole-arms employed to lethal effect by Succubi in both the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh and the battlefields of realspace. They can be wielded with both hands, to bisect a foe with ease, or used in combination with another weapon to cut through a host of victims.

On a curious side note, they look like a Chinese Guandao, which was basically a giant sabre/cleaver on a pole-arms. Could easily chop people in half as it is, beheading horses.

On tabletop, these weapons are S+2, AP-3. Sounds like a dream right? Nope, you also take a -1 penalty to your Hit rolls and only have Damage 1 for your troubles. That said, your Succubus has a WS of 2+ anyway so don't worry about the penalty too much, and she can functionally ignore the penalty entirely if you give her Serpentin or from Turn 3 onwards with PFP.

Weapons of the Dark Eldar
Ballistics: Splinter Pistol - Stinger Pistol - Terrorfex
Directed-Energy: Drukhari Blast Pistol - Fusion Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Shardcarbine - Shredder - Splinter Rifle
Directed-Energy: Blaster
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Tormentor Helm - Splinter Pods
Chemical: Destructor - Liquifier Gun
Warpcraft: Eyeburst - Tormentor
Other: Hexrifle - Ossefactor
Heavy Weapons:
Ballistics: Phantasm Grenade Launcher - Splinter Cannon
Directed-Energy: Dark Lance - Haywire Blaster - Heat Lance
Vehicle Weapons:
Ballistics: Horrorfex - Implosion Missile - Cluster Caltrop Pod
Directed-Energy: Disintegrator Cannon - Monoscythe Missile - Pulse-Disintegrator
Storm Vortex Projector - Void Lance - Dark Scythe
Chemical: Necrotoxin Missile
Other: Shatterfield Missile - Spirit Vortex - Stinger Pod
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Scythe Missile Launcher - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Phantom Lance - Heavy Starcannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons Dark Eldar Combat Weapons - Dark Eldar Power Weapons
Grenades & Explosives Plasma Grenade - Haywire Grenade - Void Mine

Harlequin Power Weapons[edit]

In addition to the below weapons, the Harlequins also have access to the Eldar Power Sword mentioned above.

Harlequin's Caress[edit]

Harlequin's Caress

The Harlequin's Caress is a bracer that generates a power field around the user's hand, resulting in what essentially is an extremely lightweight Power Fist. A Harlequin armed with a Caress is easily capable of reaching into his opponent's chest and plucking out his heart.

On tabletop, the Harlequin's Caress is the middle child of the three primary Harlequin close combat weapons, which costs 7 points and grants +2S and AP-2. While there are certain unit types against which it is the better choice (this is explored more below), in practice it is never so much better than its cost is justified over the Embrace.



The Zephyrglaive is a power polearm used by Harlequin Skyweavers. Each Zephyrglaive is perfectly weighted and individually balanced to its wielder. Its blade enveloped by a molecular dissonanse field and it is indeed a lethal weapon for the aerial murder.

Crunch-wise. It is a 1S AP-2 weapon with 2 Damage. Combined with the extremely high speed of Skyweavers, it's a useful weapon for backfield assaults against 2W models, letting them quickly wipe out skulking units of Hellblasters and the like.

Ork Power Weapons[edit]

Power Stabba[edit]

Power Stabba

An Ork power shiv.

The Power Stabba is an Orky Power Sword, resembling an electric Carving Knife that replaces the Ork's hand as part of a Bionik Arm - presumably, the unstable power field encompassing the blade makes it buck like nobody's business without any extra weight like the Power Klaw has behind it, and they need Cybork bitz just to keep the recoil manageable? Whatever is the case, this weapons is more compact, making it act as a smaller but faster power weapon than the Power Klaw.

Just like the Carving Knife, the Power Stabba excels at slicing through flesh with its AP-2, and they're often used by Nobz who need to deal with medium armour that doesn't require any additional strength to go into the blow, like Space Marines.




A extremely light-weight version of the conventional Ork Power Klaw.

Snagga-Klaws are a type of interesting looking Ork Power Klaw that is almost Steampunk-esque in design. A piston-driven weapon, what makes the Snagga-Klaw distinct is that it is equipped with a barbed harpoon cannon with heavy chain attached...which makes it pretty much the Ork's version of Scorpion's Chain-Stinger Kunai from Mortal Kombat. When fired, the Snagga-Klaw allows its wielder to pierce an enemy and reel them in, or simply let them drag behind their Deffkilla Wartrike.

On tabletop, these are essentially a S+2 AP-2 Dd3 CCW, which you can re-roll to wound. A kind of Power Klaw with the downside that can not be swapped for the new "Da Killa Klaw".

Power Snappa[edit]

Power Snappa

In-between the Snagga-Klaw and the Power Klaw, the Power Snappa is a medium-sized power weapon used mainly by a Painboss to easily amputate and snip off unnecessary limbs if need be during an operation.

However, he can just as easily snip a bitch in two when the going gets tough. They are the Painboss' only known weapon, let alone a close-combat weapon, as he is mainly there for support. Still, despite being overall underarmed, this is still a power weapon you are facing here, best not to fuck with it.

Power Snappas kind of resemble a scaled-down Kan Klaw or Dread Klaw. So yes, if you want to, you can technically create an army of crab people.

Crunchwise, these are one of the Beast Snagga's alternative to the Power Klaw. It doesn't boost the user's strength as much (S+2 to Sx2), but it won't suffer the penalty to hit. Combined with the Beast Snagga's improved strength and you're pretty much getting an equivalent experience to the Power Klaw.

Beast Snagga Klaw[edit]

Beast Snagga Klaw

Not to be confused with the regular Snagga-Klaw.

The Beast Snagga Klaw is the Conan variety of the regular Ork Power Klaw. Made and fashioned from the skull of a large beast slain by a Beastboss, the Beast Snagga Klaw is made of relatively simple technology even by Ork standards, as Beast Snaggas are basically a bunch of hyperviolent mushroom Amish that live off the land and must make-do with whatever materials they find.

On tabletop, these are the Beastboss' answer to the Power Klaw. It's effectively the same (S+4 on S6 still equals S10, but not as hobbled by any debuffs) but only deals D2. Again, quite a dangerous tool to have, and the weapon of choice for most enemies.

Power Klaw[edit]

Power Klaw

The Orks saw the umies and their power claws and they answered with their own.

It is similar in characteristics to an Imperial Power Fist, being an armored, powered gauntlet, strapped to an Ork's arm with a piston-driven pincer comprising two to three snapping blades. These are sheathed in energy the same way a Power Fist is, and so can effortlessly rip through any armor, tearing any enemy into bloody paste. It is particularly effective against vehicles.

These weapons are amongst the biggest and choppiest an Ork can possess and often serve as symbol of status as well as a weapon. As such, many of them are owned by Warbosses or by particularly brutish Nobs, in which hands Power Klaws become even more effective, due to their skill and strength. Orks often amputate their own arms, taking the weapon as an augmentic implant. Power Klaws are most often found incorporated into Mega Armour.

Kan Klaw[edit]

Kan Klaw

Sometimes called as Power Shears. A up sized Power Klaw suited directly for the Killa Kan's. Resembling oversized hedge trimmers, the Kan Klaw is a large Ork Power Weapon meant to snip enemies in half. These weapons are the standard issue weapon and is built-in the walker, with the weapon being powered through the Killa Kan's own engines.

On tabletop, the Kan Klaw is a fine weapon that increases your Killa Kanz Strength by 3 (to S8) instead of doubling it with no extra attacks. You can equip your Killa Kan with another Klaw for double the slash, making it remarkable against hordes of MEQs and TEQs.

Dread Klaw[edit]

Dread Klaw

The Dread Klaw AKA Dred Klaw or Power Shears is the big brother of the Kan Klaw.

Analogous to the Imperium's Dreadnought Power Claw, the Dread Klaw is wielded by the equally large Deff Dred and is used to rip open vehicles like oversized tin cans and turn infantry into salami. Similar to the Kan Klaw, the Dread Klaw draws its power from the Deff Dred's own engine as a reliable power source.

On tabletop, like the Kan Klaw or your standard Power Klaw, the Dread Klaw always does 3 damage and doesn't impose a hit roll penalty. Each extra one increases a Deff Dred's Attack output by adding one extra attack, at expense of losing the option to take shooting weapons. If you want to turn your Deff Dred into a Khornate Dreadnought, you can equip both arms with Dread Klaws.

Klaw of Gork[edit]

Klaw of Gork (or possibly Mork)

The Klaw of Gork and Klaw of Mork are massive Power Klaws mounted on Gorkanaut and Morkanaut heavy walkers. They are the ultimate weapons of RIP AND TEAR and can rip open the rear ends of any armored vehicle in its way.

These gargantuan Power Klaws are meant to go toe-to-toe with Imperial Knights and win. The Klaws of Gork/Mork throws away the cutting ability with sheer balls-out crushing power. Thus, it functions more like a power fist than a power claw. The main downsides is that these things are large and cumbersome, meaning that it is extremely hard to hit small and nimble opponents and must square up against similarly-sized enemies to be effective. These things are not to be messed with.

On the tabletop, they are a huge Power Klaw for your Gorkanaut and Morkanaut. It comes with two distinct attack profiles. The first is Crush, which is a Sx2 AP-4 D6 Dmg and likewise, hits like a tonne of bricks. The second is Smash, which although it doesn't boost the Naut's strength and only having an AP of -2, it does cause 2 guaranteed wounds per hit. Which is handy, since it lets you make 3 hit rolls for each base Attack, tripling your Attack output.

Weapons of the Orks
Da Basik Poppas:
Ballistics: Grot Blasta - Grot Grappling Hook - Sluggas
Six-Shoota - Pokkit Rokkit Launcha
Directed-Energy: Kustom Mega Slugga
Warpcraft: Shokka Pistol
Other: Squig Blasta
Trusty Shootas:
Ballistics: Gretchin Blunderbuss - Shootas - Shoota Kannon - Ork Blunderbuss
Incendiary: Burnas
Spechul Dakka:
Ballistics: Dakka Shoota - Stikkbomb Launcha - Stikkbomb Chukka - Thump Gun
Directed-Energy: Kustom Mega-Blasta
Incendiary: Splash Burna - Burna Exhaust
Sonic: Rokker Shoota
Warpcraft: Shokk Attack Gun - Tellyport Blasta
Kombi-Weapons: Kombi-Rokkit Launcha - Kombi-Skorcha - Twin-Linked Shoota - Kopta Rokkits
Other: Squig Launcha
'eavy Gear:
Ballistics: 'Eavy Lobba - Supa Shoota - Dakkaguns - Kannon - Lobba
Mek Speshul - Rattler Kannon - Rokkit Launcha - Big Shootas
Snazzgun - Boomstikk - Rivet Kannon - Stikka Kannon
Directed-Energy: Zzap Gun - Kustom Mega-Kannon
Incendiary: Skorcha
Gravitational: Smasha Gun - Traktor Kannon
Warpcraft: Kustom Shokk Rifle
Other: Bubblechukka - Deffguns - Heavy Squig Launcha
Da Big Stuff:
Ballistics: Big Lobba - Flakka-Dakka Gun - Supa-Lobba - Killkannon - Supa-Kannon
Krusha Kannon - Bursta Kannon - Skulhamma Kannon - Seacannon
Grotzooka - Boom Gun - Rokkit Kannon
Directed-Energy: Big Zzappa
Incendiary: Supa-Skorcha - Skorcha Missile
Gravitational: Magna-Kannon - Shunta
Warpcraft: Wurrtower
Other: Mek Gunz
Bloody'Uge Exploshunz!:
Ballistics: Belly Gun - Cluster Buster - Deffstorm Mega-Shoota - Deth Kannon - Gigashoota
Grot Bomms - Gut Buster Mega-Kannon - Soopagun - Supa-Gatler - Supa-Rokkits
Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon - Krooz Missiles
Directed-Energy: Snapper - Soopa Zzap Gun - Gaze of Mork
Incendiary: Flamebelcha - Splasha Attack Gun
Gravitational: Lifta-Droppa - Supa-Lifta-Droppa
Other: Pulsa Rokkit
Planet-Zoggin Krackars!:
Ballistics: Ship Gunz - Heavy Ship Gunz - Mega-Kannon - Torpedo
Directed-Energy: Zzap Kannon
Choppy Bitz: Choppa - Ork Chain Weapons - Ork Power Weapons - Runtherd Equipment
Ork Force Weapons - Miscellaneous Klose Kombat Weapons
Bangas and Boom!: Stikkbomb - Burna Bottle - Tankbusta Bomb - Bigbomm - Bomm - Burna Bomb
Boom Bomb - Repulsor Mine - Mega Bomb - 'Gantbuster Bomb

Tau Power Weapons[edit]

Honour Blade[edit]

Honour Blade

A Honour Blade is a weapon carried by Tau Ethereals and Ethereal Guards for a number of uses. It's mainly used as a symbols of their office, ceremonial weapons, and in self-defense. Of course, with how shit-tier Tau are in close combat, they might as well be plastic kids toys used for decoration. While each weapon is custom-made, they all feature a broad blade fitted to a long, lightweight metallic staff.

Ethereals use the blades primarily to settle disputes, engaging in lengthy, highly stylized duels that are more coordinated co-meditation than combat. Basically, long story short, their weebfags that do interpretive dance rather than actual fighting. Basically the epitome of style over substances. God damn, even Eldar have more balls than that. Some Ethereals carry their Honour Blades on the field of battle, not expecting to have to use them, but prepared to make a last stand against their foes nonetheless, which they will always fail spectacularly. Unless your name is Aun'Shi.

Curiously enough, they are counted as Power Weapons for some reason, despite the Ethereals not using them at its full potential. On the tabletop, the Honour Blade is a S+2 and D1 weapon.



A Tau walking stick.

Equalizers are Tau ceremonial weapons typically carried in pairs by Ethereals. They are not only a badge of office, but also can be a potent weapon that contains a powerful disruption field able to shatter armor and bones just like power weapons. Of course, Tau are relatively shit fighters and the Ethereals would most likely end up bonking the heads of some Guardsmen like Old Man Henderson hitting a kid on a head with a cane stick. Except that's a shit comparison, because Old Man Henderson actually kills stuff.

On tabletop, the Equalizer is a AP-1 weapon with a bonus attack.

Onager Gauntlet[edit]

Onager Gauntlet

Basically a Tau powerfist equivalent, but can only be used by Crisis-type battlesuits. Often jokingly called "donkey punch" by a players, and sometimes modeled on a suit's legs instead of hands, since "onager" is Latin for donkey (although it was also the name of a Roman catapult).

It was designed to battle Imperial tanks after the Tau realized that those crazy Gue'la can send in so many MEHTUL BAWKSES in a single engagement that Crisis teams would exhaust their ammunition supplies and the Guard would still have tanks rolling everywhere. Despite being very successfully tested during the Damocles Crusade, where a 12-man team of Crisis suits managed to falcon punch dozens of Imperial tanks into scrap, it is still undergoing field tests and is treated as an experimental system, due to the fact that the casualty rate of trying to give tanks a proper fisting in the middle of a war was too damn high.

Of the original 12 suits who tested the weapon; only Commander Bravestorm of Farsight's battlesuit retinue survived....kind of. Although Bravestorm lived, his body was too badly wounded after his Crisis suit was critically damaged at one point that he had to be permanently entombed into his Crisis suit just to survive.

In 9th this weapon is a S12 AP-4 D3 MONSTER. It is no longer a single attack. This weapon now feels like it's fluff. Bring 'lo the enemies of the greater good with this fucking BEAST of a weapon. Pair with the new Thermoneutronic Projector for not just an adequate melee unit, but an actually good one.

Weapons of the Tau Empire
Ballistics: Kroot Pistol
Directed-Energy: Pulse Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Kroot Scattergun - Kroot Rifle - Krootbow
Directed-Energy: Pulse Blaster - Pulse Carbine - Pulse Rifle
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Accelerator Bow - Kroot Bolt Thrower - Kroot Gun
Kroot Hunting Rifle - Londaxi Tribalest - Rail Rifle
Directed-Energy: Ion Rifle - Neutron Blaster
Other: Dvorgite Skinner
Ballistics: Airbursting Fragmentation Projector - Flechette Discharger - Heavy Rail Rifle - Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Burst Cannon - Cyclic Ion Blaster - Cyclic Ion Raker - Fusion Blaster - Fusion Cascade
Fusion Collider - Heavy Burst Cannon - Phased Ion Gun - Plasma Rifle
Incendiary: Tau Flamer
Heavy Battlesuit
Ballistics: Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher - High-Yield Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Heavy Burst Cannon - Ion Accelerator - Ionic Discharge Cannon
Long-Barrelled Burst Cannon - Pulse Submunitions Cannon
Pulse Submunitions Rifle
Incendiary: Phased Plasma Flamer
Ballistics: Railgun - Seeker Missile - Smart Missile System
Directed-Energy: Ion Cannon - Tau Plasma Cannon - Pulse Bomb Generator
Quad Ion Turret - Fusion Cannon
Ballistics: Cluster Rocket System - Destroyer Missile - Heavy Rail Cannon Array
Heavy Railgun - Nexus Meteor Missile System
Directed-Energy: Ar'Ka Cannon - Fusion Eradicator - Pulse Blastcannon
Pulse Driver Cannon - Pulse Ordnance Multi-Driver
Tri-Axis Ion Cannon
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Torpedo - Starship Railgun - Heavy Starship Railgun
Gravitic Launcher - Warsphere Missile Pod
Directed-Energy: Cutting Beam - Heavy Ion Cannon
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: Bonding Knife - Equaliser - Honour Blade - Onager Gauntlet
Grenades & Explosives: EMP Grenade - Photon Grenade

Necron Power Weapons[edit]

See main page, C'tan Phase Weapons

Before 9e only the Hyperphase Sword was available. Not like that's a bad thing since the 'Crons just have much better equipment around. This is for those who want to feel the blood splash against their metallic skin. The Necrons now have several more awesome looking Power weapons also available.

Hyperphase Sword[edit]

Hyperphase Sword

A Hyperphase Sword is a Necron melee weapon whose energy blade vibrates across dimensional states and can easily slice through armor and flesh to sever the vital organs within. A Hyperphase Sword can be considered an advanced type of Power Weapon. Hyperphase Swords are found exclusively as part of the armories of Necron royals, such as Necron Overlords, Necron Lords, Necron Destroyer Lords, and their favored Lychguards. Are also found on Deathwatch Watch Sergeants, oddly enough.

On tabletop, the Hyperphase Sword is an AP-3 and D1 weapon. On a Lychguard with its S5 stats, it should be able to do some hefty damage on MEQs and GEQs, although in all honesty, it would be much better to get the superior Warscythe.

Hyperphase Thresher[edit]

Hyperphase Thresher

The Chinese cleavers of Hyperphase weapons.

The annoyingly named Hyperphase Thresher (Seriously why not just call it Thrasher? Because it's keeps with the farming theming of these weapons without being misconstrued for one of the various other things thrashers could be), is the big-boned cousin of the conventional Hyperphase Sword that could shatter bone and slice through armor like Swiss cheese.

These Hyperphase Thresher are one of the two primary weapons of the Skorpekh Destroyer. They are always wielded in pairs and are permanently attached to the Skorpekh Destroyer, so it could never be unarmed in battle.

It is so named the Thresher, because the Skorpekh Destroyer wielding it turns into a walking meat blender. Fuck subtlety and elegance, the Necrons gets shit done and if it means thrashing around these swords like a spastic ASIMO, than so be it.

On tabletop, these are AP-3 D2 meat cleavers that can throw another attack.

Hyperphase Reap-Blade[edit]

Hyperphase Reap-Blade

The Hyperphase Thresher's bigger brother.

The Hyperphase Reap-Blade closely resembles the Thresher, except on a much larger scale. The Hyperphase Reap-Blade is so big that it needs to be wielded by two hands. The Reap-Blade is one of the two primary weapons of the Skorpekh Destroyer and the Ophydian Destroyer.

Like the Thresher, the Reap-Blade is permanently attached to the Skorpekh Destroyer, so it could never be unarmed in battle. It was notable as being basically, the mascot weapon of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition and the Necrons in general, as it was famously seen being used to duke it out with a Canoness armed with a Power Sword during the 9th Edition trailer.

Crunchwise, an Ophydian Destroyer would strike 3 times with his Hyperphase Reap Blades at S6 AP-4 3d (with a 3x1/6=50% chance of making an extra attack per the weapon rules).

Hyperphase Glaive[edit]

Hyperphase Glaive

The staff cousin of the Hyperphase family.

The Hyperphase Glaive is a large and long two-handed power weapon wielded by Necron Overlords to spank a bitch if need be. It is an optional weapon and is dependent on whether the Overlord likes to go in close and dirty. If not, then he/she can opt for a Necron Staff Weapon to pew pew enemies from a distance.

Due to its sheer size, a Hyperphase Glaive could easily cleave a tank in two, moreover, it has a smaller blade on the other end, to ensure a nasty surprise if the Overlord finds him/herself in a sword-fighting stalemate.

On the tabletop, this is a Melee S+2 AP-3 D1d3 weapon, giving you the equivalent of a power axe.

Hyperphase Harvester[edit]

Hyperphase Harvester

The big chungus of Hyperphase weapons.

The Hyperphase Harvester is an enormous Hyperphase Weapon wielded by Necron Skorpekh Lords. These absolute units of a weapon is wielded single-handedly due to the sheer size of the Skorpekh Lord and is one of its primary weapons.

Like the Hyperphase Glaive, the blade of the Hyperphase Harvester could cleave tanks easily in two. Its thickness also makes the blade incredibly heavy, crushing and bending lesser swords from sheer weight alone.

Tabletop wise, these monsters are S+2 AP-4 D3 weapons with the hit penalty of a power fist. You will be fisting the rear end of tanks with this bad boy.

Weapons of the Necrons
Ballistics: Tachyon Arrow
Directed-Energy: Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol - Particle Caster - Scouring Eye
Dimensional: Transdimensional Beamer
Basic Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Gauss Flayer - Gauss Reaper - Tesla Carbine
Special Weapons:
Incendiary: Gauntlet of Fire
Other: Synaptic Disintegrator
Heavy Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Gauss Blaster - Gauss Cannon - Gauss Destructor - Heavy Gauss Cannon
Particle Beamer - Enmitic Annihilator - Enmitic Exterminator
Staff Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Arcane Conduit - Eldritch Lance - Entropic Lance
Rod of Covenant - Staff of Light - Staff of the Destroyer
Voltaic Staff
Other: Abyssal Staff - Aeonstave - Empathic Obliterator
Staff of Tomorrow - Tremorstave
Vehicle Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Death Ray - Focused Death Ray - Gauss Exterminator - Gauss Flux Arc
Heat Cannon - Heat Ray - Particle Shredder - Tesla Cannon
Tesseract Singularity Chamber - Thermal Cutting Beam
Dimensional: Exile Cannon
Superheavy Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Annihilator Beam - Doomsday Cannon - Doomsday Blaster - Gauss Annihilator
Gauss Obliterator - Particle Whip - Tesla Destructor - Tesla Sphere - Æonic Orb
Gravitational: Singularity Generator
Dimensional: Transdimensional Projector - Transdimensional Abductor
Other: Synaptic Obliterator - Atomiser Beam Lance
Ship Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Lightning Arc - Particle Whip Launcher
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Melee Weapons: C'tan Phase Weapons - Hyperphase Weapons - Miscellaneous Weapons - Voidblade
Grenades & Explosives: Countertemporal Nanomine - Death Spheres

Zoat Power Weapons[edit]

Eradicator Glove[edit]

Eradicator Glove

Eradicator Gloves are a type of pseudo-power weapon used by the Zoats.

It is a form of powerfist or powerclaw that is form-fitted over the hands of a Zoat. Power is probably drawn from the Zoat's blood, given the intensive cybernetic (borderline fetishtic) augmentations of a Zoat.

Whether they are true power weapons or not, we have no idea. Or we know is that, in terms of the rules, it is a melee weapon with a strength of X2, an armor penetration of -3, damage of 3, and a special rule where when resolving attacks made with said weapon subtract 1 from the hit roll.

However, they are technically the only Tyranid power weapon, if one were to assume that the Zoats were a creation of the Nids. They, like the Atomic Disassembler are weapons that are in a very murky category due to lack of fluff.

Of course, some may dispute this and state that it may, in fact, be a powered pneumatic claw.

Bio-Weapons of the Tyranids
Small Bio-Weapons:
Ballistics: Spike Rifle - Spinefists
Parasitics: Devourer - Fleshborer
Chemical: Blinding Venom
Other: Atomic Disassembler - Strangleweb
Medium Bio-Weapons:
Ballistics: Impaler Cannon - Shardlauncher
Incendiary: Tyranid Flamespurt Cannon
Chemical: Deathspitter - Spore Mine Launcher - Venom Cannon
Other: Barbed Strangler - Shock Cannon
Large Bio-Weapons:
Ballistics: Rupture Cannon
Directed-Energy: Bio-Plasmic Cannon - Tentaclids
Parasitics: Brainleech Devourer - Fleshborer Hive
Chemical: Acid Spray - Drool Cannon - Heavy Venom Cannon
Other: Stranglethorn Cannon
Titanic Bio-Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Bio-Plasma Battery - Bio-Torpedo
Chemical: Bio-Cannon - Seed Spore - Pyro-Acid Battery
Non-Firearm Weapons:
Inbuilt Bio-Weapons: Bio-Electric Pulse - Bio-Plasma - Cluster Spines - Flesh Hooks
Grasping Tongue - Ripper Tentacles - Spine Banks
Spore Mine Cysts - Stinger Salvo - Thorax Swarm
Toxinjector Harpoons
Melee Weapons: Tyranid Close Combat Weapons - Eradicator Glove