Primaris Captain

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My pose will lead them to victory!

"Space Marine Captains are both superlative warriors and strategically gifted commanders who lead Space Marine companies into battle. Those Primaris Captains who favour Mk X Tacticus armour are amongst the most determined and unstoppable of their ilk, and they let nothing keep them from their duty."

– Games Workshop

A Primaris Space Marine Captain serves essentially the same function commanding a company of Primaris Astartes as does his standard Astartes counterpart. The only difference beyond his physical enhancements lies in his wargear, as it does for all Primaris Space Marines. The Primaris Captain is a stoic, indomitable commander. He is as much a leader as he is a fighter, though he is still a master of both ranged and close quarters combat.

When pressed on a battle too extreme even for the martial prowess of the Primaris Captain, he will switch from standard Tacticus armor to the Juggernaut-looking variant known as Gravis Armor. This allows the Captain to extend his lifespan and shrug off weapons that would have killed even the super-superhuman physique of the Primaris Marine in a single shot.


Primaris Captains can come in four distinct flavors: the more cool and hip vanilla Primaris Captain, either with that bitchin mohawk or a laurel and more ornate Iron Halo; the notorious Primaris Captain in Gravis Armor, something so absurd looking that it resembles a Squat Hearthguard that has been stretched on a medieval torture rack, the impressively mustached Captain in Phobos Armor, and the ornate as fuck Bladeguard Captain dressed in all sorts of bones and shit.

The more normal looking Primaris Captain is armed with a Bolt Rifle which can be swapped with either a master-crafted auto bolt rifle or a master-crafted stalker bolt rifle. In the other hand, he can carry a power sword. He comes equipped with Frag and Krak grenades for some extra oomph. The other version swaps the bolt rifle and Bolt Pistol for a Plasma Pistol and a Powerfist, but he's only available on stores' birthdays and in limited quantities.

The one in the ridiculous Gravis Armor is dressed like a Terminator. He is equipped with two weapons, the Boltstorm Gauntlet (which is unusually piddly as a shooting weapon even compared to a common Termie Storm Bolter, albeit getting an extra shot in comparison) and a master-crafted power sword. This turns the Captain into a walking brick wall at the expense of a fixed loadout and a slightly slower movement speed. 9E at least provides a second option for Gravis Captains thanks to the Heavy Intercessors and instead of the fist and sword he instead gets a master-crafted heavy bolt rifle for heavy firepower. This also has the added benefit of making the egg-shaped gravis armor look less retarded with a less-massive pimp collar and blatant beer-gut. Unlike the base version, this heavy rifle cannot be exchanged for any of the other variants available to the heavy intercessors.

The Phobos-armored captain is able to snipe enemy characters from afar thanks to his master-crafted Instigator bolt carbine, and he sports a camo-cloak to make him nearly unshakeable in cover. Like other Vanguard Primaris, he can also infiltrate to start in an advantageous position, and he shares the omni-scrambler used by the Infiltrators to let him shut down deep strikes. While he's more shooty than choppy, he does have the same combat knife as the Reivers if he has to get into close combat.

Recently introduced at the start of 9E and featured in the Indomitus fiasco, the Bladeguard Captain is decked out head to toe in the finest grimdark fashions, just covered in purity seals and gold. He is armed with a master-crafted power sword, a Heavy Bolt Pistol, and a new stupidly overdone relic power shield. The shield gives him a 4+ saving roll against mortal wounds which is absolutely insane, but it doesn't have a normal invulnerable save on it so the Captain has to resort to using his Iron Halo for once. His sword is also S+1 which will make this guy an absolute rape train for factions such as Blood Angels and other melee-focused groups.

All versions of the Primaris Captain possess an Iron Halo.


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