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Chaplain Reyes of the Primaris Marines, he is most feared for his litany of death.

"The spiritual leaders of their Chapters, Chaplains are awe-inspiring warrior priests who administer rites, preserve rituals and perform ancient ceremonies of initiation, vindications and redemption that are as important to a Space Marine Chapter as its roll of honour or skill at arms. Every company has its own Chaplain, acting as leader in both devotions and combat and second only to the company Captain in rank."

– Games Workshop

Primaris Chaplains are the Primaris version of the standard Space Marine Chaplain and their function is for all intents and purpose, the same (except for maybe looking like pimps). Of course their physique is radically different. Primaris Chaplains are noted for the fact that they look way too suspiciously like the Interrogator-Chaplains of the Dark Angels. Whilst some may spoof at the idea that Robot Gorillaman may have gotten some of the inspiration from a certain suspicious guy in a hoody that is backed by his equally suspicious posse in hoodies during the events of Gathering Storm, the matter of the fact is, with how much we don't know what happened during Rise of the Primarch, the chances that this scenario being true may be waaaaaaay too likely. Of course, the Primaris Chaplain included in the Indomitus set is of a far more traditional appearance, so one supposes that Jes Goodwin was just looking for a change of pace when he sketched the hooded version.

Primaris Chaplains are also noted for their radically different and modified Crozius Arcanum. Resembling more like a pimp cane rather then a bludgeoning weapon of righteous fury, it has led to some amusement that the Primaris Chaplain may in fact, be the 40k equivalent of pimps. Jokes on Primaris Chaplains secretly overseeing a underground brothel/whore house within a Space Marine Fortress-Monastery is bound to spawn a dozen fan-fics or two. Slaanesh Approves! BLAM! Extra Heresy!

A potential OP combo you can do with Primaris Chaplains to make them effective in combat (or any Chaplain but these guys work best because of the extra attack) with the new Space Marine Codex is as follows:

Before the game starts, make sure the Chaplain has the Benediction of Fury relic in the SM Codex and if he's your warlord, give him the Champion of Humanity (a) or The Imperium's Sword (b) Warlord traits. As well as having the Mantra of Strength chosen and have any librarians have Might of Heroes

1. Make sure the Assault Doctrine is the active Combat Doctrine (giving his absolver bolt pistol and Crovius Arcanum a further -1 AP each. 2. Then cast Mantra of Strength (giving him +1 to Attacks, Strength, and damage to melee weapons) 3. In the following Psychic Phase, have one of your librarians cast Might of Heroes on the Chaplain (granting him +1 to Strength, Toughness, and attacks) 4. In the whatever battle round, get the Chaplain to charge, get charged, or heroically intervene so Shock assault will proc (giving him +1 attack)

Now laugh in Imperial as your Chaplain absolutely destroys your opponents with ease (the following are with the previous buffs added) with a stat line rivaling the strongest of foes.

(a). With Champion of Humanity the chaplain, when procing Shock Assault, will have 8 attacks in the fight phase with a weapon at S8, AP-3, D4 Crovius Arcanum with a +1 to hit and wound rolls (with unmodified 6's deal 1 mortal wound).

(b). With The Imperium's Sword, when procing Shock assault, with re-roll fail charges, will make 8 attacks but with a S9 AP-3, D4 Crozius Arcanum (with the mortal wounds as mentioned above).

Now the problem would actually be keeping him alive until then, but imagine have a fucking mace strong enough to wound Magnus and Mortarion on a 3+ (get those lieutenants in there for those sweet re-rolls of 1).


In a similar vein as Primaris Captains and Intercessors, Primaris Chaplains seem to be worse off in equipment range than their normal counterparts. Other than the modified Crozius Arcanum and the standard-issue frag and krak grenades, the Primaris Chaplain at the very least has something that the normal Chaplain can't possess: an Absolvor Bolt Pistol, which has boosted range and the strength/AP of a Heavy Bolter.

Like most high ranking Primaris Marines, the Primaris Chaplain is adorned with an Iron Halo, further boosting his survivability.

There is also a modification that allows the Primaris Chaplain to cosplay as Reaper from Overwatch, by swapping the Crozius Arcanum with another Absolver Bolt Pistol, you can now quote Reaper's dialogue as much as you want. How GW avoided a copyright lawsuit from Blizzard of all companies is a sight of supreme irony given Blizzard's track record on Starcraft and Warcraft's blatant 'inspiration' from GeeDubs lore (Not as if Games Workshop is totally innocent in 'borrowing' ideas from certain franchises). Then again, robed individuals with skulls for faces is quite a common sight, so it could be a supreme level of coincidence.


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