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Primordial Evolution Game is a series of Evolution Games taking place on the planet Borgas IV. Over time, the series has also produced tribal building games and two quests. To date, it is the longest running evogame in thread count, currently at 33 threads over the course of four years, not including setting discussions and tribal installments. Having such a long run, Primordial is full of in jokes. These will be detailed in a special section. As soon as we make one...

Primordial takes place in the same galaxy as Essari, Ezfrous, and Fortune evolution games.

Borgas System[edit]

Discovered and named by astronomers of the second Great Bord Empire, the Borgas System is a solar system of seven planets orbiting a smaller yellow main-sequence star.

The following descriptions are subject to change.

Borgas I[edit]

The first planet from the sun is what is known as a hot Jupiter, or a gas giant located in the inner solar system. It is unknown whether or not it drifted inward during planetary formation, or if the planet began as a second protostar, but never became massive enough to begin fusion.

Borgas II[edit]

A rocky planet with little or no atmosphere. Whatever it may have had in the past was lost due to being blasted away by the solar wind and flares. cf. Mercury

Borgas III[edit]

This planet is another rocky one. Unlike Borgas II, Borgas III has a thick atmosphere comprised of methane (19%), carbon-dioxide (29%), water vapor (47%), and various other gasses (5%). The mixture gives the planet an intense greenhouse effect. cf. Venus

Borgas IV[edit]


The world of Borgas IV is the fourth planet out from the system's sun, and the only one in the star's habitable zone. The atmosphere is similar to that of Earth, with the main difference being that the oxygen content is much higher. Temperatures are also higher on average. The surface is mostly covered in water with the exception of four continents and a large island chain. The eastern hemisphere of the planet exhibits high levels of seismic activity, which have played part in the relatively rapid formation of large fissures and rift valleys. Two moons orbit the planet. Because of this, tides are lower except in times where the two satalites are nearly aligned. Life on Borgas IV is carbon based and uses DNA for genetic coding. Due to the the super-predators and poisonous traits of creatures, the planet can be considered to be a mild death world.

Borgas V[edit]

Gas giant?

Borgas VI[edit]

Gas or ice giant?

Borgas VII[edit]

Ice giant?


Beginning of Life[edit]

Main Article: Ocean

Life springs forth in the sea. From three small creatures comes an ocean of diversity. In this page you will read about the evolution of the Sluck, Worem, and Fus, which produced the Frowg, Wesck, Glund, Stalck, Flouz, and Pluup. Creatures of special note are the Blade Worem which became the super predator of the sea in its time, the Shield Worem which had an extremely successful population, and the Colony Fus which was the first example of inter-species cooperation.

Depths of the Abyss[edit]

Main Article: Abyss

Odd and frightening forms of life develop in the first return to Borgas IV's oceans. Most notably are the races of the depths, Seek'kre and Cruelbs.

Sandbar Islands[edit]

Main Article: Sandbar Islands

On a small chain of islands somewhere between Central and South, unique forms of life flourish. In particular are the variety of Bords which inhabit them.

Tropical Reefs[edit]

Main Article: Tropical reefs

Arctic Ocean[edit]

Main Article: Arctic Ocean

Volcanic Islands[edit]

Main Article: Volcanic Islands

Western Continent[edit]


Amphibious And First Land Creatures[edit]

Main Article: First Land

Life begins again. The creatures from the Ocean thread dragged themselves onto dry Land. In this thread we see the first example of a complete ecosystem. The Evola become floating platforms to host the loyal Frowg and the less-than-loyal Stalck. And Wesck are marauders in the Sky. Flouz became very adaptable, having more mutations than the other species. The hostile Yantar learn to welcome Glund into their roots, creating an effective nesting structure. During the first Land thread, a new form of life crashes into the plant, the jelly LemUy.

Islands Archipelago[edit]

Main Article: Islands Archipelago

Sapients of the West[edit]

General biology goes here.






Tribal and Civilization[edit]

Main Articles:

Western Tribes

West in the Metal Age

The outline and summary of the tribes that inhabit the Western Continent. There were many Frowgmen and Lem tribes that survived the North Tundra along the Kunaba Mountain Range. The Tribal Hoppas settled the South River delta. The West tribes developed in relative peace for many years, needing weapons only for defending against the local dangerous creatures. Then came The Vyrii Invasion that marked the end of the Tribal Age.

The West tribes created their own legends and heroes as they survived the ages. These legends are collected here: Legends of the Western Continent

Central Continent[edit]

Evolution Games[edit]


Main Article: Central Desert ((pics and rest of Wespar come later something about dual parasitism becoming symbiosis


Main Article: Central North

Plains and Jungle[edit]

Main Article: Central South

Sapients of Central[edit]

General biology goes here.







Central Civilizations[edit]

Main Article: Central Civilizations

The outline and summary of the tribes inhabiting the Central Continent, including the largest desert of the planet. The end of which is not currently recorded in these tomes. A reserved Suzumou tribe that struggled to thrive after several disasters. A Koburrog tribe defied fate to propser in the North. The Desert became the seat of a multi-tribe alliance. The Hitangan called the desert and its people together during the The Swarm War.

The Central tribes created their own legends and heroes as they survived the ages. These legends are collected here: Legends of the Central Continent

Central Revisited[edit]

Main Article: Central Tribes The outline and summary of the Civilization Progress after the Swarm War

East Continent[edit]


Main Article: East Continent

Sapients of East[edit]

General biology goes here.





Eastern Tribes[edit]

Main Article: East Tribes

Ca'rethil: Joord tribe with a culture inspired by ancient China, ancient Scandinavia, and feudal Japan.

Friggan: Joorod tribe in the hills and mountains to the southwest. Traders and sailors.

Gwiliak: A superstitious Govkar tribe inhabiting the swamps.

Kaze: Skulk tribe of explorers. Subsumed into Mohu'awane

Kharum: Nomadic Govkar tribe. Subsumed into Gwiliak

Mohu'awane: Gantu tribe living on the southern coastline.

Sama'Guchy: Skulk tribe

Silith: Moon-worshipping blacksmiths; Govkar.

Za'zas'iel: Exiled Skulk tribe of refugees.

Riklun: a Govkar tribe known for their bureaucrats and martial prowess, making their base in the Nula river valley.

Hillish: a displaced Govkar tribe starting anew in the plains.

South Continent[edit]


Main Article: South Continent

Sapients of South[edit]

General biology goes here.






South Continent Tribes[edit]

Main Article: South Tribes

Korobushka: Alpine Shwirm tribe. Ruled over by a semi-theocracy and divided into clans.

Staatgreich: Island-based Shwirm tribe. Germanic influences.

Tra'Kah: Log'ead tribe of the Eastern Siwari Plain. Used to be the Tra, they absorbed a wandering desert tribe of Log'eadz, the Kah. They migrated south after scattering a Blung Horde, settled down and joined with the Oamenii to form the Tanacs Azseg.

Iminye: Tribe of Eleni, live south of the river delta.

Lufae: Tribe of geists that live on the eastern slopes of the mountain/in the hills. Blind biotech engineers.

Rufuya: Puruus, Live in a lub forest in the Delta. Have a mutation that makes them pink.

Urupuruu: Puruus that live at the base of the mountains where the river begins flowing.

Vierachè: Tribe of Geists that live in the western mountains, primarily around hot springs. Very laid back attitude

Yapap: Tribe of Puruus living in the northern jungle.

Altume: Tribe of Eleni.

Oamenii:Tribe of Shwirms that grew into a small empire. Joined with the Tra'Kah to form the Tanacs Azseg

Katumoiset: Tribe of Shwirms. Run a slavery-based empire.

The Bord[edit]

How the mighty have fallen.

We know relatively little of the Bord beyond when they crashed onto the planet. Scattered hints tell of a mighty and vainglorious people, one that has technology take care of their every need, leaving the average citizen weak and helpless with their machine-servants to cater to their every whim, but there is little concrete information at this time.

The Bord are an avian species of sentient aliens that rule a vast interstellar empire beyond the world on which Primordial takes place. They're technologically advanced, militarily capable, and we have no idea where they come from. All their vehicles look like effigies of themselves, and there's a possibility they might be fascistic.

Below are the current explanation of their hypothosized history.

In-Universe History[edit]

Pre-Space Colonization[edit]

All that is known is that the Bord are descended from some sort of waterfowl-like alien. Bord legend tells of their kind viewing its own reflection in a pool of water and falling in love with it, recognizing, in Bord, true perfection of form. This marked the beginning of a long tradition of Bord vanity.

First Empire[edit]

1st empire was born when the bords achieved interstellar flight. They (presumably) utilized generation ships to colonize other solar systems. In these generation ships, the travelers lived and died, developed their own traditions and cultures. 1st empire rapidly grew and expanded, but splintered into small, warring sectors almost equally fast, due to the cultural differences between the new colonies. This age of warfare went on for an undefined age, until a new faction that managed to subdue them others emerged with their superior technology.

Second Empire[edit]

The 2nd empire was born from a faction of bords who had developed extremely potent technologies (high energy weapons, super advanced nanite systems, AI and so on.) This faction managed to conquer the other bord factions of that time, and grew supreme. During this golden age of technology, the bords expanded once more, with long distance sleeper ships which were maintained by advanced autonomous robotics and nanite systems. They formed a mighty, more unified and technologically very potent empire, that was dominant for again, and undefined time.

The 2nd empire collapsed, when the technology of the bords went full skynet against them. Their dependency on their automated systems made the bords extremely defenseless against their hostile creations. What ever caused their nanite systems to go independent, was probably very similar to the (unknown) reason that caused the first vyrii nanites to form. The 2nd empire collapsed quite fast, as the degenerate viral nanites used the unified communication network of the empire to spread themselves far too fast for any proper defense.

Third Empire[edit]

The 3rd empire rose from the ashes of the 2nd. How they survived against their former creations is anyone's guess, but they did and they managed to carve themselves an empire, that was almost as mighty as the ones that preceded them. Their whole gist is the abolishment of almost all advanced AI and nanite technologies of the 2nd empire, while they almost completely embrace the weapon technologies of the past. They are the most long lasting bord empire, and they have managed to maintain their stability and unity trough strong militarism, fascism and very potent method of control over their citizens. The 3rd empire plays into the natural behavior of the bords, who are quite lazy and self obsessed creatures. The 3rd empire provides easy living, entertainment, and pleasures for it's citizens, giving them no reason to rise against the authority. Of course, this easy life is just a cleverly disguised prison, and those few who do not fall for it are picked out by the system, and placed in fields where their abnormal behavior is of use.

In short, the 1st and 2nd empire both failed due to certain faults in their social design. 1st, for the lack of unified culture, 2nd for their complete dependency on their technology, and uncontrolled technological advancement. 3rd empire has eliminated those faults. There are basically no cultural differences between bord colonies of the 3rd empire. And while the life of a normal bord is very tied to the automated technologies, there are no true AIs behind these techs. As for technological development, the 3rd empire has a tight leash on it, in order to prevent the re-creation of the self replicating machines that ravaged the 2nd empire. Presumably, these machines still exist, and they are the main enemies of the 3rd empire.

Fourth Empire?[edit]

During the events of Primordial, it is not impossible to have yet another uprising against the authoritarian 3rd Empire, and creating a new, 4th empire -- but so far, this is just a possibility.

Origins IRL[edit]

Hooo-boy. You better sit down for this one. Basically, the Bord started as a joke, but now they're a huge part of Primordial canon. The Bord were a small, fat, pudgy species of birds native to the tundra region. Problem was that the GM couldn't figure out how to explain their presence in that region. A joke image showed the Bord emerging from a crashed spaceship, as if they had flown and landed there from another world. Players liked the idea so much, Indonesian Gentleman eventually took it and ran with it, and it was soon made canon.

The Bord later returned during the ocean reef games, where some toxic waste dumped into the world's oceans bore a familiar symbol on the side, the symbol of the Bord Empire. Cue a cutaway to Bord politicans denying any pollution of the waters of "Borgas IV", the Bord's name for the planet that comprises Primordial's setting.


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