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A tribe branching off of the Hitagan. Survived in the desert near the Karnak Oasis.

History and Legends[edit]

A SIGN FROM THE GODS! The old ones send gifts from their dark abyss, a small group go and investigate the meteor. The shaman has gone into a prophetic trance, his eyes have turned a cloudy white. Karnak sends for another hunting party Ahhh shit, the meteor landed near the crops the tribe were cultivating, ruining a few. It shall have to be investigated further. The shaman is muttering gibberish and is unresponsive. The hunting continues, the tribe needs more food or they shall perish.

Well the meteor is nothing special, just some dark metal, but it might be useful. Electricity crackles from the shamans hands, the meteor is a great omen from the Old Ones indeed. He has visions of greatness for his tribe, especially Karnak. More food is found and the tribe's numbers can be sustained. Well nothing new on the metalwork front, but one youngling has the idea of folding the molten metal on itself over and over. Tribe expansion goes horribly wrong and a few members are killed by supersonic wespar. Karnak decides to hold a great tribal war-game to choose his alpha's and to honour the gods. Karnak is pleased by the games, and the three victors are deemed his Alpha's.

He loses a hand in the smelting process and one side of his face gets ruined, this spurs him into a depressive spiral, he can no longer grow to be an alpha, he will be a lowly weaponsmith for ever.

Simidan Smith.png

He manages to survive (pic related) , and his strange schemes and ideas have brought him a revelation. Using some of the meteor and his theoretical methods, he begins crafting a sword. The tribe learn quickly, and although are not as proficient as the Alpha's, they soon learn the ways of the spear and shield. The Smith has an offering for Karnak, a great sword forged like nothing the Gorrirogs have seen before. As Karnak grasps its hilt the blade crackles with electricity. A feeling of immense power builds inside him, and as he turns to face his tribe he thrusts the sword high into the air, letting loose a deafening roar. His Alpha's follow suit with their spears, soon the whole tribe joins the roar and is crackling with electricity. "The gods smile upon us!".

Hunting party time again. The shaman's visions are of the old tribe, the Hitangan. The Hitangan receive the scouting Simidan group, but alas they do not have an abundance of food to spare. They give the scouts many herbs and meats and send them on their way. They hope this will strengthen relations with their kin. The weary scouts return with blessings from the Hitangan tribe. The Simidan will remember this, they are a prideful race, and we shall one day return the kindness.

One of the last notable things of the tribes legends was The Simidan Learn a Secret of Thick Blood