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This pretty Princess isn't captured by Dragons, HE RIDES THEM!

"If you want to conquer the world, you best have dragons."

– George R. R. Martin

Prince Imrik is a High Elf Prince in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Also known as The Dragonlord, he is the representative for the High Elf kingdom of Caledor, a Kingdom known for being the home to Dragons, Volcanoes, and assholes who are so arrogant and up their own ass that even other High Elves have a hard time tolerating them.

He is the last in the line of Caledor the Dragontamer, Which has given him a high amount of privilege and a massive ego.


Imrik's story starts where most High Elf princes' stories end, unconscious in the middle of a field after getting his ass whooped by Dark Elves. Fortunately for him, before the Druchii could get to work doing god knows what to his anus, they heard the roar of a massive Star Dragon who came flying down the mountainside to rescue Imrik. The Dark Elves who were stupid enough to stay behind to fight the death lizard were torn to pieces, and The dragon was able to get Imrik to safety. This was Minaithnir, the most powerful of the still living dragons on Ulthuan, who decided he would fight alongside Imrik from now on. Why did he decide this guy who just got his ass whooped would be a worthy partner? Who knows.

Since then Imrik and his new dragon buddy have been travelling all over the Warhammer world, kicking ass and taking names. Not so much in the name of Ulthuan, but to stroke an ego so large that even most other High Elves find it annoying. He sent aid to the Bretonnians against a massive Beastmen horde purely to protect a waystone, then bitched when the Bretonnian king got more kills then him. He always held jealousy over Tyrion and Teclis for being more popular than him, and feels like Caledor is doing all the heavy lifting for Ulthuan despite the fact all he really does is go fighting to satisfy his own quests for glory (and that the dragons, not the elves, are the ones doing all that heavy lifting).

He is considered one of the greatest heroes in Ulthuan, but in terms of the lore he is honestly one of the least explored, interesting and flushed out character the High Elves have. He's a haughty royal douche-bag, which is about as generic a personality you can give a High Elf in Warhammer, especially one from Caledor. The only difference is he's willing to get off his ass and do something. Even on the tabletop he was mainly just "A prince on a star dragon but better." Compare him to many other High Elf characters, who are exceptions to the normal rules of the High Elves rather than the norm:

  • While most High Elves avoid conflict if necessary due to their dwindling numbers, Tyrion is obsessed with war and conflict as it's the only thing he's good at, along with having anger management problems. Also, despite being super-popular there's only a few people he's close to.
  • Teclis is a cripple who actually wants to support the other races to fight against Chaos, and actually considers their wants and needs, while most High Elves view them barely better than apes.
  • Alarielle is pretty much the only Everqueen who actually goes out fighting instead of dealing with more cultural and religious practices.
  • While most High Elves find no fault in themselves and think that only Dark Elves and Chaos are a threat, Eltharion is more cynical to his people and realizes there are other races that can be a threat to Ulthuan.
  • Alith Anar is the completely opposite of Eltharion with the same cynicism to his kingdom of Nagarythe. Focus mainly on Dark Elves and their leaders and anyone that trespasses his land. Also a completely edgy loner among the High Elves and the last of his bloodline.

Imrik is the norm, not an exception which makes it hard for him to stand out, and is probably why he hasn't been playable on the table top since 6th edition. He does have two redeemable traits, one being he actually forces the other Princes of Caledor to stop jerking off to photos of their infinitely more bad ass ancestors and do something, and he will uphold his oaths no matter what. This makes him bro tier to an extent, but is still a bit of a dick.

End Times[edit]

Imrik was such a big dick that he tried to blackmail his way into becoming Phoenix King by refusing to lend anyone in Ulthuan the aid of the dragons unless they crown him (which the dragons were apparently okay with despite their disregard for non-dragon politics), and all this during a major daemonic invasion of Ulthuan.

Tyrion finally had enough of his bullshit and said in front of an assembly of nobles that he and Caledor need to get their fucking act together and get their heads out of their asses, threatening to embargo the kingdom if they didn't. Imrik responded by ceding Caledor from the Phoenix Throne and declaring them independent. When Tyrion later tried to reconcile so they could fight off the daemons, Imrik threw the offer back in his face and decided to join Malekith after the latter gave back some dragon eggs(every single dragon egg stolen by the Druchii since the sundering, hence the future of dragons of Ulthuan).

He did accomplish a notable feat of breaching the armor of Aenarion with his lance when Tyrion went full Khaine, something that no-one - including Greater Daemons - had been able to do before or since. He survived the destruction of Ulthuan due to his dragon flying them to Athel Loren. After that the writers seemed to have forgot about him and he presumably died along with the rest of the World that Was. And no, his ego has not allowed him to come to Age of Sigmar... as far as we know.

Total War Warhammer 2[edit]

Imrik has been released for the game in the form of a Free-LC to accompany the Warden & The Paunch DLC. With the ability to recruit unique dragons, loads of hilarious bonuses to dragons and Dragon Princes, making his own army nearly immune to fire so you can use fire damage spells and breath attacks without restraint while also making enemies more flammable with another skill and giving his entire faction flaming attacks with a rite, and the ability to get himself dragons early-on via the Pokémon method (e.g. regularly meeting them spawning from events and defeating them in battle), players joked pretty quickly about how Imrik overshadowed the upcoming actually-paid DLC. The only complaint people have is the weird thousand-yard stare he's sporting on his poster for some reason.

The aforementioned summary however turned out to fail to portray how much of an absolute cockgrinder Imrik's Mortal Empires start position actually is - far east of almost everything else in the game save for Deathmaster Snikch who momentarily will be trying to drown you in rats while stabbing you in the face and then Malus Darkblade, then probably having to crack through a strategically-big Grimgor Ironhide after them, and to add insult to injury Imrik'll probably be unable to get to trade agreements with any other factions because of his capitol's placement too. You're going to have to earn your stack of 19 dragons and the starting Fire Mage Mikela will probably have to torch at least roughly half of your enemies' forces through many of your battles - playing Imrik in Mortal Empires on Legendary difficulty is ill-advised save for those who are especially interested in bragging rights, like to cheese the game so hard it becomes a dairy factory, think the only fun part of XCOM is the early-game, or are just masochists.

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