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Profit is a common Meme on 4chan, shamelessly stolen from an episode of South Park featuring Underpants Gnomes. Naturally the gnome business plan is a satire; every gnome is unaware of a vital step in a cunning plan but simply assumes another more important gnome does.

It is also Wizards of the Coast's stated primary objective for the release of Dungeons & Dragons 4E and the reason that Games Workshop does anything.

The original plan[edit]

  1. Steal underpants
  2.  ?
  3. Profit!

... the gnomes assume that they'd figure out step 2 before they finished step 1.

How to Profit[edit]

  1. Heresy!!!!!!!
  2. Kick John Fuklaw in the nuts.
  3.  ????
  4. Survive John Fuklaw kicking you in the nuts.

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