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When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, there are two immutable facts well known amongst the fandom. The first is that Wizards have no sense of right or wrong. The second is that humans will bonk anything. The Progeny was an attempt by TSR to acknowledge these facts in the splatbook "Glantri: Kingdom of Magic", part of a series of splats updating Mystara to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

"Progeny" is the Glantrian term used to refer to humans, elves or half-elves who possess distant "monster" ancestry - which in Glantri is defined as "anything with a particularly magical nature". Whilst it can be as generic as "any shapechanged or polymorphed creature", specific examples include dragons, fey (nymphs, dryads, satyrs, sirines all specifically called out), doppelgangers, therianthropes, medusae, rakshasas, firbolgs, diaboli, hags and swanmays. The result mechanically was a kind of crude proto-template... of course, this being both an AD&D product and a Mystara product, the mechanics were kind of bullshit.

The default rules for Progeny assume that the plyer is very distantly descended from the original union, and has them roll a d100 to see just how strong their monstrous blood is... assuming you don't roll a 01-50 and thusly are faking your status as a Progeny, that is. On a 51-93, you're a thinblood; you have no powers beyond the standard Progeny attribute of increased longevity (lifespan is 1d4 times longer than normal). On a 92-95, you're a weakblood; you gain a random defect, which range from merely looking odd to actual mechanical penalties. And on a 96-100, you've got one random power... and also one random defect if you roll that 100!

All Progeny, regardless of the strength of their blood, suffer a -15% penalty to their experience growth.


01-10: Oddly colored eyes
11-15: Oddly colored skin
16-20: Oddly colored hair
21-25: Extremely hairy or furry
26-30: Hairless
31-35: Shriveled skin
36-40: Scaly skin
40-50: Warts, blotches or other markings
51-55: Extra digit on hand or foot
56-60: Causes nervousness in natural animals
61-70: -1 penalty to saving throws vs. spell
71-80: -1 penalty to saving throws vs. poison
81-90: -3 penalty to Reaction Rolls due to strange aura
91-95: -1 to random ability score
96-99: Roll twice on this table, rerolling duplicate results and disregarding results above 95.
00: DM's Choice or Special


01-05: +1 bonus to Strength
06-10: +2 bonus to Strength
11-15: +1 bonus to Constitution
16-20: +2 bonus to Constitution
21-25: +1 bonus to Dexterity
26-30: +2 bonus to Dexterity
31-40: +1 bonus to Intelligence
41-50: +1 bonus to Wisdom
51-60: +1 bonus to Charisma
61-63: +2 bonus to Charisma
64-65: +3 bonus to Charisma
66-73: Natural Armor Class of 8
74-75: +1 bonus to saving throws vs. poison
76-77: +1 bonus to saving throws vs. spell
78-80: +1 bonus to all saving throws
81-87: Roll on the Extraordinary Abilities table.
88-96: Roll twice on the Progeny Abilities table, ignoring rolls over 87 and rerolling duplicate results.
97-00: Roll thrice on the Progeny Abilities table, ignoring rolls over 87 and rerolling duplicate results.

The table in "Glantri: Kingdom of Magic" actually says that a natural AC of 8 is the result of 71 to 73... but is missing an entry for 65-71 entirely!

Extraordinary Abilities[edit]

All spell-like abilities granted by this table function as if cast by a Wizard of the Progeny's character level to determine range, duration, etc.

01-04: Levitate 1/day
05-08: Blur 1/day
09-12: Charm Person gaze attack 1/day
13-17: Endure Cold 3/day
18-22: Endure Heat 3/day
23-25: Progeny has 2 Claw attacks (1d4+1/1d4+1)
26-27: Progeny has 1 Bite attack (1d6)
28-31: ESP 1/day
32-34: Detect Invisible 1/day
35-39: Cause Fear 1/day
40-43: Clairaudience 1/day
44-47: Clairvoyance 1/day
48-51: Invisibility 1/day
52-54: Vampiric Touch 1/day
55-57: Dimension Door 1/day
58-62: Nondetection, continuous
63-66: Polymorph Self 1/day
67-72: Domination 1/day
73-76: Magic Jar 2/week
77-78: Progeny has the Breath Weapon of a chosen Dragon; it uses the stats of an Adult level dragon.
79-80: Shadow Walk 1/week
81-85: Immune to Disease
86-90: Immune to Poison
91-93: 20% Magic Resistance
94-96: Roll again and also double the resulting power's number of uses, if applicable.
97-99: Roll twice on this table, disregarding rolls above 96 and rerolling duplicate results
00: DM choice or special