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Prophet is an NPC class from the Ravenloft Dungeon Master's Guide published by White Wolf when Wizards of the Coast gave them the license to the setting. Like Adept it's an NPC spellcaster with decent enough rate of progression and spell list. Unlike the adept, the prophet gets saddled with a totally crippling "Mark of Prophecy", like what Pathfinder would give its Oracle but totally negative. While an Oracle's curse is mildly annoying at best and painful at worst, the two least horrible "options" for Prophet are blindness (only not terrible because an alternative to sight like a Blindfold of True Darkness can reduce the pain a good deal) and always sensing what's the ethereal plane in addition to the main plane, unable to tell what is actually "real" (this is likewise mitigated by some alternative to sight). Other options include random seizures with fortitude saves to not die, and being forced to wander like a Vistani. Prophet also stands out for getting wisdom based arcane casting, which is pretty weird. Prophet is a tier 4 or high tier 5 class, able to shut down some challenges but also being literally crippled.

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