Prosecutor Cadre

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Bitches will hit you where you least expect.
Upgraded Prosecutors. We Akimbo now.

Prosecutor Cadres are members of the Sisters of Silence and among those Sisters most commonly seen publicly by the general populace and plebians of the Imperium with their identifiable Vratine Armour, forming the foot soldiers and guards of the paramilitary organisation of the League of the Black Ships, and as strike infantry well suited to combat missions outside of their silent halls.

It is believed that the normal Sisters of Silence Squad differ from Prosecutor Cadres in terms of experience, public exposure and tactical importance. Whilst normal Null Maidens provide a flexible and balanced unit (They start of with Bolters but can later be upgraded with Flamers or Executioner Greatblades as well as a Sister Superior), Prosecutors seem to be based upon exclusively on ranged combat and hit and run (Can upgrade their standard Bolters with two Bolt Pistols, Hand Flamers, Needle Pistols and Plasma Pistols). However they can still be equipped with a Power weapon or a Charnabal Sabre for deterrence, although that is restricted to leaders. Or to put it in another perspective, it could be argued that a Sisters of Silence Squad is a combination of both a Prosecutor, Seeker and a Vigilator to create a fine and balanced unit.

In field operations Prosecutors specialize in open engagement of massed targets, favoring a modified variant of the Terran boltgun more commonly seen in the hands of the Legiones Astartes for its flexibility, stopping power and high rate of fire. Prosecutor Cadres usually come with four Prosecutors and one Prosecutor Mistress.

Forces of the Sisters of Silence
Command: Excruciatus Cadre - Oblivion Knight-Centura
Troops: Null Maiden Cadre - Oblivion Knight Cadre
Prosecutor Cadre - Pursuer Cadre
Seeker Cadre - Vigilator Cadre
Vehicles: Grav-Rhino - Kharon Pattern Acquistor
Null-Maiden Rhino
Flyers: Valkyrie
Titans: Warlord-Sinister Pattern Battle Psi-Titan
Spacecraft: Black Ship
Auxiliaries: Adeptus Custodes