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A trident, or a spouting whale
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Eternal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Time)
Portfolio Seas, sea-dwelling races
Domains Time, Water, Animal, Travel, Sea
Worshippers Sailors, fishermen, sea-dwelling races (merfolk, tritons, etc.)
Favoured Weapon Trident

Protius, also called Old Man of the Sea, Manwara, or The Spuming Nooga, is the patron Immortal of the seas and sea-dwelling races.


Protius was born long before humans, elves, dwarves, or other races were born. He was the last, and most intelligent, member of a primitive species of porpoise-like mammals. He used his abilities as a wizard to travel far into the future where met Khoronus, who sponsored him to Immortality in the Sphere of Time, and sent him back in time to his time. Since then he has been content remaining the master of the seas, in all of its aspects.


Protius has multiple forms he takes. Commonly he appears as a man, or merman, dripping with seawater, with seaweed green hair, moustache, and beard. He's sometimes naked, sometimes covered by seaweed, carrying a trident in one arm, with face that mercurially shifts between emotions. Other times he appears as a large, intelligent dolphin, or as a massive whale.


Protius is uncaring towards the surface-dwelling races, only occasionally listening to their prayers, unless they perform great acts of appereciation to the seas, or use the waters to perform great deeds. He cares much more about the sea-dwelling races and species, veritably loving them. He has no real allies, though Al-Kalim will defend and act for him when needed but he doesn't really care about him. He has no enemies, only opponents like Calitha Starbrow, whom Protius considers to be overly serious and pompous.

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