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A Primagen, the direct relative of the common protogen.

There are a particular Furry species that have sparked interest in many newcomers, The Protogen and Primagen. As described by the Urban Dictionary: Protogens are "Artificial beings that are tasked with a multitude of things across the Universe.", and everyone else as "the latest furry species to rival Chakats, Sergals, and Avali. They are an extra-terrestrial bio-artificial species that are tasked with discovering and adapting to different "planets" and "environments" (aka: Fetishes). Their origin is unknown, but they seem to have originated outside of any form of reasonable worldbuilding. Their prime directive is to seek to find life, many assuming roles due to their current environment. Most protogens are usually docile unless threatened.


Before Protogens, there were only a single species, the Primagen, they have a raptor-like appearance and a long visor. Primagens are 70% artificial and don't have a functioning digestive tract, and are usually 7-8ft tall. They get the name "Primagen" from the word "Primogenitor", even though in lore Protogens came first. Primagen OCs are a "closed species" and can only be acquired via auctions for upwards of $1000, (And you thought GW was bad.) Making your own Primagen is not illegal, however your character will be placed on a blacklist of "unauthorised primagen" so all the idiots who paid $1000+ for their non-legally binding intellectual property (see: Nothing) can feel better about themselves.


After many complaints about how expensive Primagens were, the creator decided to make a new, open species, the Protogen. Protogens are smaller and don't have the raptor-like appearance of their more feral counterparts. They are less mechanical than Primagens, about 40% of their body is artificial. They have functional biological organs, including circulatory and digestive. Protogens behave like mammals, have biological ears, have a shorter, more rounded visor compared to Primagens, and they are usually 6ft tall. Plus they are very cool. :D


Both Primagens and Protogens use a super-intelligent neural AI they use in tandem with their natural brain, they both are great at problem-solving and are extremely smart. Both species became smart enough to become independent from their creators and roam the Galaxy instead of taking orders.

Of course, being your typical furry species they primarily use these hyper-advanced cyborg brains try to cuddle anything that moves. Sure, canonically they have reproductive organs, but they are sterile.

Always good to see OC writing at work


The most "unique" feature of both species is their Nanite visor, as it displays emotions and their status. The way these visors work is shown in the gallery, but what makes the emotions so fluid is the liquid-like nanites in their visors, which of course is overengineered, but nanites are cool so they have to be there. It is most likely that their AI and brain in tandem control the nanites, or that simply putting relatable emotions on a dog face is hard, so they made them emojis instead. The artificial metallic parts on each of the species are made of super-strong ultra-light metals, currently known as Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMGs). Further reading on BMGs is available here: BMG Wikipedia

Circuitry/Biological Systems[edit]

The circuitry and/or biological systems of the species are quite complex. The electronics are powered by the “blood” of the protogen, which is a liquid fluoride-thorium reactor system, contained within the breastplate of a protogen. The biological systems, on the other hand, are powered from the intake of food and oxygen. Eating can only be achieved by physically intake of calories (see Visor Mechanics). Though the species does have a rectal system, it is not needed due to the efficiency of their intake, which is 100%. Oxygen intake can be achieved in one of two ways: breathing naturally, or internal oxygen-enhanced air reserves.

Visor Mechanics[edit]

The visors of the protogens are complex and not fully understood at this time. What we do know is from manufacturing patents and leaks. A redditor, RJDaBeast11, has made a helpful diagram of the leaked and presumed mechanics. You can view the diagram here. From what we have observed, protogens, in fact, can open their visors, contrary to popular belief.

Relationship with Sergals[edit]

Protogens and sergals (the characters, not the real-life fans) don't get along with each other. Protogens mock sergals for their cheese-shaped heads while sergals claim that a protogen is just a sergal with an iPad taped to its face, which is a really good way to make a protogen mad.

On /tg/[edit]

While barely relevant since /tg/ suffers not the furry to live, occasionally attempts (serious or not) are made to stat Protogens into various systems and sci-fi settings. They invariably get derailed by fa/tg/uys soon after the thread is made. Time will tell if this continues to be the case.


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