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A Primagen, see? They're pretty adorab-*BLAM*

There are a particular Furry species that have sparked my (non-heretical) interest, The Protogen and Primagen. As described by the Urban Dictionary Protogens are "Artificial beings that are tasked with a multitude of things across the Universe." They are an extra-terrestrial artificial species that are tasked with discovering and adapting to different planets. They aren't from this Galaxy and seek to find life, They are usually docile unless threatened.


Before Protogens, there were only a single species, the Primagen, they have a raptor-like appearance and a long visor. Primagens are 70% artificial and don't have a functioning digestive tract, and are usually 7-8ft tall. They get the name "Primagen" from the word "Primogenitor", even though in lore Protogens came first. Primagens are a "closed species" and can only be acquired via auctions for upwards of $1000.


After many complaints about how expensive Primagens were, the creator decided to make a new, open species, the Protogen. Protogens are smaller and don't have the raptor-like appearance of their more feral counterparts. They are less mechanical than Primagens, about 40% of their body is artificial. They have a functional digestive tract and can open their visors to eat. Protogens behave like mammals, have biological ears and have a shorter, rounded visor compared to Primagens, they are usually 6ft tall.


Both Primagens and Protogens use a super-intelligent neural AI they use in tandem with their natural brain, they both are great at problem-solving and are extremely smart. Both species became smart enough to become independent from their creators and roam the Galaxy instead of taking orders.

Visors and body[edit]

The most unique feature of both species is their Nanite visor, it displays emotions and their status. The way these visors work is shown in the gallery, but what makes the emotions so fluid is the liquid-like nanites in their visors. It is most likely that their AI controls the nanites. The artificial parts on each of the species are made of a special super-strong ultra-light alloy.

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Relationship with Sergals[edit]

Protogens and sergals don't get along with each other. Protogens mock sergals for their cheese-shaped heads while sergals claim that a protogen is just a sergal with an iPad taped to its face. They fight because each wants to be more popular with Furries than the other, even though there are tons of other species more popular than either. (Obviously Protogens are better, ps sergals do have cheese shaped heads ^^ we never said we didn't we just also said protogens have ipads taped to them and think that makes them cooler somehow kthxbai)

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