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Mycelium Basket Holding a Crystal Vial
Aliases The Great Fungus, Lord of the Myconids, the Spore Lord
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Great Wheel: Intermediate God
World Axis: (Possibly Dead) Archfey
Pantheon Underdark
Portfolio Fungus, Community, Healing, Philosophy, Myconids
Domains 2E: All, Astral, Creation, Divination, Elemental earth, Elemental water, Guardian, Healing, Law, Necromantic, Numbers, Protection, Thought, Wards
3E: (speculative) Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Community, Dream, Cavern
Home Plane Mycelia (Mechanus)
Worshippers Myconids
Favoured Weapon None

Psilofyr is the enigmatic father-god of the Myconid race. Often envisioned by his followers as a fungal analogue to a world-tree, with mycelia reaching out from his domain in Mechanus to all the communities of myconids across the multiverse, he appears as a gigantic levitating myconid with a vast mycelium complex drifting behind him as he floats along. Whilst capable of changing color to match his environment or mood, he is typically blue-gray in color.

Little is known about Psilofyr, given how reclusive his children are. He is viewed as a benevolent meditator-deity, a teacher-god who remains in constant telepathic communion with myconid priest-kings and otherwise spends his time pursuing self-perfection through meditation... except for when danger threatens his beloved children. It is believed he taught the myconids how to distil potions from their fungal growths through direct revelation.

Generally, Psilofyr is only called upon when a circle of myconids is meditating, or wishes to choose a new king. He will also designate 1 in 20 of these kings to double as his priests, and may send an avatar to commune with a myconid king whose community is under great threat by enemies, disease or similar disaster.


This enormous and sapient mass of fungus from the Underdark of the Forgotten Realms lies in the Upper Northdark, beneath the drow citiees of Menzoberranzan and Ched Nasad, below the High Forest of the surface. It is believed by many to be a possible avatar of Psilofyr, but this has never been confirmed.

World Axis[edit]

In the World Axis setting, Psilofyr is an Archfey who created the myconid race and set them to populating the Feywild Underdark. It is believed he once held court in the Feydark locale known as the Living Grotto, as the centerpiece of that region is the Great Cathedral of Psilofyr - the petrified remains of a 600ft tall mushroom with a 400ft diameter cap, which is generally held to be the physical remains of Psilofyr.

The fate of Psilofyr is unknown; his name has not been spoken in the Feydark for ages, and many myconid rotpriests no longer even remember his name. Those who do remember sometimes believe he died - either slain by a Primordial of rot or having allowed himself to slip into nonexistence once it seemed his children no longer needed him. Others argue that he is still alive, but has slipped into a deep meditative trance, preparing to undergo a grand metamorphosis.

The Living Grotto is now under the command of a myconid king-priest of unparalleled power called Amasutelob, who claims to be The Last Spore of Psilofyr, and thus the true king over all sapient plants and fungi of the Feydark. It's possible that it's telling the truth... but equally possible it's just insane.

The Archfey known as the Carrion King is sometimes believed to be either an heir, reincarnation or remnant of Psilofyr.

Publication History[edit]

Psilofyr first debuted in Monster Mythology, where very little information beyond his basic stats was presented. He warranted a mention in the Planescape splatbook "On Hallowed Ground", and in the Forgotten Realms splatbooks "Drizzt Do'urden's Guide to the Underdark" for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

He made no appearances of note within Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, although Araumycos, first mentioned in Drizzt's Guide, did appear in the 3e Forgotten Realms splatbook "Underdark".

The World Axis version of Psilofyr was mentioned in the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition splatbook confusingly titled "Underdark". The Carrion King was detailed in a Court of Stars article in Dragon Magazine #420.

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